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Updated 06/02/2020:
Our best over ear headphones under £100 are crafted with soft circular pads which cover the ears properly. Often termed circumaural headsets, these cheaper over-ear headphones offer a shielded zone ideal for gaming headphones filtering back sound.

Bundled with active noise cancelling, the Wireless Bluetooth over-ear headphones supply a high standard of exterior NC surrounding the ears with comfort pads in soft leatherette finish.

Audio-Technica Special Pro Circumaural Headphones

Professional Circumaural Headphones On Equalizer

£99   Audio-Technica Pro Circumaural Headphones - Get It!  

OneAudio Active NC Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones


  • Super High Fidelity Sound
  • Crystal Clear Audio Clarity


  • None.

Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones With Blue LED

£49   OneAudio NC Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones - Get It!  

TaoTronics Small Over-Ear Headphones With Deep Bass

Small Headphones With Black Wire

£67   TaoTronics Small Over-Ear Headphones - Get It!  

Why Choose Over-Ear Headphones?

These value over-ear headphones are bigger than the majority of devices, which makes them less manageable; however, the headsets are designed to substantiate your ears flawlessly, yet may be unique from on-ear and other circumaural types.

Headsets For Your Spending Budget

In case you want to 'lose your self' in song tracks or a film, the comfortable small over-ear headphones are the approach to take. You will find a variety to fit all hearing variations and finances, and there is certainly something to suit your needs like noise-cancelling filtering external sound distractions.

Selecting The Right Headset

There are several over ear headphones with mic in-built that will be pleasant to use, sound incredible and have an excellent structure. Poor designs, on the other hand, may have sub-par acoustics, get problematic rather promptly and have a cumbersome or heavy concept.

Your Personal Listening Preferences

There are lots of specifics to consider picking out a new set of wired over-ear headphones when you can choose Wireless TV headphones, although not everything will be incredibly crucial to your personal hearing. It is smart to become familiar with the various elements of over-ear headsets to get the best.

Wireless Or Wired Over Ear Headphones?

The very first thing to reflect upon is whether you need a set of Wireless headphones. The Wireless network headphones will generally provide a bit more comfort than cabled since you can switch on and they will connect with different listening gadgets devoid of cables.

There is undoubtedly a benefit to cabled headphones as they possess a remarkable sound-quality - though Wireless technology might be considerably better. Just about all typical listeners will not have the ability to differentiate in audio quality, even though listeners with an educated ear may.

JBL Wireless Over The Ear Headphones Active NC

Wireless Headphones With Soft Black Cups

£99   JBL Wireless Over The Ear Headphones - Get It!  

Avantree Long Range Cheap Over Ear Headphones


  • RCA Or AUX Sound
  • Heaphones Support aptX


  • None

Over Ear Headphones With Comfy Dark Headband

£89   Avantree Long Range Over Ear Headphones - Get It!  

Mpow Wireless Affordable Over Ear Headphones For TV

Wireless Over Ear Headphones On Pole Stand

£45   Mpow Wireless Over Ear Headphones For TV - Get It!  

Skullcandy Wireless Over Ear Headphones With Mic

Over Ear Headphones With Fold Diagram

£74   SkullCandy Wireless Over Ear Headphones - Get It!  

Wireless Headphones Battery Life Issues

Several reasons may influence your selection concerning wired and Wireless headsets. As an example, should your headset be Wireless, you should likewise make sure they are frequently recharged so the battery pack will not deplete so quickly.

With good over-ear headphones, the amount of battery life may vary between half of the day to 32 hours or maybe more on the high-quality units. Of course, if you are not really active keeping in mind to maintain stuff recharged - that might be a significant aspect to consider.

Sound Quality And User Comfort

In the event of an option between audio quality and comfort for the typical listener, in that case, we suggest acquiring a set of wire-free headphones. You may desire the most exceptional sound quality feasible, then the set of wired earphones are the most viable option.

Closed-Back Blocking Exterior Sound

Almost all consumer headphones nowadays are closed-back, which means they are designed to maintain the tracks/tunes inside the headsets, and keep exterior sounds away for suitability of most listeners.

Open Back Headsets For Better Sound?

There exists a significant advantage to open-back Bluetooth over-ear headphones for audio superiority. The open back earphones allow for an even more natural sound using a more expansive sound stage. We advise for listening in a peaceful setting at home, you acquire open-back headsets.

Sound Quality Affected By In-Built NC

Sound cancellation is becoming significantly prevalent in the last years, as well as becoming a great deal considerably better as well. Virtually all expert headsets never include NC due to the influence on all-around sound level quality - which might not be best if looking to accomplish the best audio conceivable.

Noise Cancelling For Ambient Distractions

In case you travel around quite a lot or perhaps plan on making use of your headphones for a trip, we propose buying a set of excellent noise cancelling headsets. Even though you never intend on journeying, it may be a convenient characteristic to obtain.

Sennheiser Circumaural Pro Closed Headphones

The HD380 Pro is a fresh specialist monitoring headset that offers a prolonged frequency response, with additional sound pressure degree as much as 110dB for precise audio processing in all types of challenging utilisation scenarios like Wireless soundbar audio enjoyment.

Headphones In Black With Wire


  • Real Inspiration For Music
  • Around The Ear Circumaural


  • None..

Including, it's closed circumaural style, it supplies 'exceptional passive attenuation' of background sound, consequently rendering it well suited for checking functions.
In addition to that, the lightweight and secure fit style provides an extremely comfy hearing encounter to the audio specialist who may have to utilise them over extended periods of time.
[Rating: 9/10]   £74 Get It! → Sennheiser Circumaural Headphones

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Sony Around Ear WiFi NFC NC Headphones

You can wirelessly stream your favoured music using Wireless Bluetooth and pair your mobile phone or tablet PC with this variety of Bluetooth operated ear-pieces.

Headphones In Black And Blue

Digital Noise Cancelling contracts a diversity of background sound whenever hearing tunes. A microphone built inside the headphone acts with this electronic noise cancelling motor to cut off uninvited audio.

The headphones choose the best setting grounded on a well-informed study of the surroundings. Set off or inactivate noise cancelling utilising the toggle switch.
[Rating: 9/10]   £98 Get It → Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Useful Over Ear Headphone Features

If you are an audiophile that would like the very best, then it's a smart idea to steer clear of cheap over ear headphones with noise cancellation integration.

Depend On Metrics Or Your Own Ears?

The frequency range is basically the spectrum of frequencies which a set of headphones are equipped for creating. Generally, publicised frequency selection might not be a metric you must spend too much interest in. It is a much better thought to 'depend on your ears' compared to the publicised figure.

Nominal Distortion Bass Sound

Impedance effectively identifies the quantity of electric power necessary to achieve good audio. It is not necessarily a much better plan to go for decreased impedance headsets that work with new gadgets.
Superior impedance over ear headphones under £200 is usually better at creating clear audio with minimal distortion and truthful bass sound.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Drivers

There are a variety of aspects to consider picking out a new set of Bluetooth over-ear headphones, but ideally, with your newly established understanding, it will be a bit simpler to find the appropriate set.

AKG Closed In-Line Microphone Over-Ear Headphones

AKG technology enhance the headphones for a completely immersive hearing adventure. Beginning with 32 inch (50mm) driver on every ear, these reference class headphones utilise (Genuine Image Engineering) to produce an extremely authentic audio atmosphere with an accurate sense of 3 dimensional area.

Over-Ear Headphones In Grey And Silver Effect

Fashionable and easily transportable, the K550 allows you to take AKG studio quality audio along with you anywhere you go. As well as an in-line microphone, it enables you to take calls out of your iPhone.

The lightweight, comfy K550 possesses remarkable 'passive sound reduction' and intensely low sound leakage ranges - so it's possible to remain happily within your audio atmosphere for hours.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99 - Get It! AKG Closed Over-Ear Headphones

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Grado Audio Prestige Open Style Headphone

Like several of the Prestige versions, the multi-award receiving Grado SR80i is an open-back headphone on-ear style. It is light and portable, comfortable as well as constructed on the very same characteristics as the SR60i headsets.

Headphone With Black Headband


  • Open-Back On-Ear Style
  • Great Dynamic Sound Stage


  • None.

The outcome is a headset that provides a broader, much more open and powerful soundstage, however is softer within the highs and even far better managed in the bass department - offering 100 percent pure Grado.
[Rating: 9/10]   £83 - Get It! Grado Open Style Headphone

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AKG MKII Circumaural Studio Headphones

Expert circumaural Hi-Fi stereo system recording studio headphones with self-adjusting headband for maximum fit. Trademarked 'Vari Motion' audio speakers with high noise attenuation for on stage and recording studio utilisation Auto mute characteristic mutes headphones when they are removed.

Headphones In Black And Navy Colour Exterior

It is the ideal selection for virtually any application where sound bleed might lead to difficulties. Leatherette and extra velvet ear padding and single-sided, easily-removed 3 metres wire plus extra 5m coiled wire.
[Rating: 9/10]   £64 - Get It! AKG MKII Studio Headphones

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Cheaper Over Ear Headphones Circumaural Style Comparisons

It is worthwhile searching for a pair of open-back headphones by way of possibly planar magnetised or electrostatic drivers, but if you are a typical end user, get yourself a set with dynamic drivers and a large amount of cushioning for additional comfort and ease.

SMS Audio Circumaural STREET Mic On-Ear Headphones

Carry it with you in the streets and take the tunes with you in magnificent style with the special edition STREET 50 on ear colour headphones.

Headphones In Black Showing Logo


  • Oval Style Memory Foam
  • Sound Quiescent PNC


  • None

The STREET by 50 cable headphones function expertly tuned 40mm drivers, specialist recording studio top quality audio, high-end design, improved bass, soft memory foam soft cushions - as well as passive sound cancelling. Extra colours: Blue, Pink and Red. Each and every STREET headphone consists of a detachable wire along with microphone.
[Rating: 9/10]   £94 Get It! SMS Audio Circumaural Headphones

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Panasonic 100 Metres WiFi Range Headphones

These closed WiFi headphones mark every one of your checklist boxes. As much as a 'huge 100 metres' transmitting wireless, even through ceilings and walls. No more concerning yourself with switching down the volume level during the night, or pulling your own music system throughout the house using this wireless headset.

Headphones Sitting On Stand


  • 24 Hrs Continuous Play Back
  • Delivers Rich Superior Audio


  • None.

This closed wireless head phone provides good audio and luxury features. The dual headband and ear padding help to make these headphones comfortable, despite considerably lengthy utilisation.
The transmitter's holder and battery charger are incorporated. It possesses as much as 20 hours of functioning in between charges.
[Rating: 9/10]   £68 - Get It! Panasonic RP WiFi Headphones

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These good value over ear headphones under £100 here come with a fantastic sound because of smart noise isolation, nevertheless for genuinely exceptional and immersive sound processing, the over-ear circumaural is most suitable. Well known as surrounding the ear design headsets that are amongst the very best.