Kids Bluetooth Headphones Compared With Safe Sound Limit

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Our 10 best UK children's Bluetooth headphones have been created using the equivalent high calibre components detected in regular adult headsets, however feature integral volume limitation strategy for kids safety. Control the sound spectrum to an appropriate level - or link to MP3 player and smartphone.

01: FTSM Over-Ear Style Kids Bluetooth Headphones

Top quality sound HD stereo system over ear kids Bluetooth headphones with noise isolation ear-cups, dynamic audio and rich bass sound, high calibre and energy acoustic with extreme luxurious colour choices.

Extremely lengthy performance and unworried telephoning from Wireless Bluetooth - a prepared headset for long stand-by. Charge-up acquires merely 2.5 hours for individual time or 5 to 10 hours accepting 60 hours stand-by etc.

Kids Bluetooth Headphones In Blue And White

Sound echo cancellation as well as noise reducing that drastically contracts background sound while conversation is exactly comparable to speaking directly to someone.

Comfy and small sized folding up construction with customised fit (supra aural) cushy ear muffs, contrived and imitated to user skin consistency, guaranteeing long-lived comfort in several tough situations.
[Rating: 9/10] - £20 Get It → FTSM Over-Ear Kids Bluetooth Headphones

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02: OldShark Folding Bluetooth Kid Safe Headphones

Collapsible and elastic, expedient to carry and correct to the appropriate dimensions, the Bluetooth kid safe headphones may be used equally cabled through 3.5 mm connector lead plus Wireless.

Cracking for children, teens as well as grownups with light ear-pads that extend a long-lasting convenience you can even plug in a kids balance scooter. Estimable sound calibre and system with CVC noise easement strategy, which contracts high volume and presents crystal clear audio, allowing super tunes.

Lightweight Kid Safe Headphones With Red Band

Fingers free telephoning and integrated microphone enable clear communicating. Agreeable with the majority of Android phones and iOS multi media gadgets - for example iPhone, iPod, iPad or Samsung devices.

It incorporates a booster lead, sound cable, instructions plus 18 months guarantee.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £15 Get It → OldShark Bluetooth Kid Safe Headphones

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03: Mixcder ShareMe Toddler Headphones Microphone

Superior technology enables concurrent Wireless tunes with ShareMe outfitted toddler headphones with microphone. Folding style and comfy using the closing down flexible joint, it's modest and transportable so that you are able to fold it any time you cease utilising it.

Extends hard-wearing components but is very comfy. Additional long-play time adequate to 18 hours talking and tunes time.

Hard Wearing Toddler Headphones In Bright Blue

As much as 300 hours stand-by time you can use the headset all day long. Beautiful leather workmanship custom-made fit super indulgent ear muffs plus affected leather that's simulated to human skin consistency.

Affording you extended comfort, it's congenial with the iPhone, most Samsung Galaxy phones, other smartphones and tablet PC's.
[Rating: 9/10] - £30 Get It → Mixcder ShareMe Toddler Headphones

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04: Termichy Volume Restricted Little Girl Headphones

Super little girl headphones with 2 integral volume constraining features for diverse demands through the easily removed cable with secure moulding for kids. Enjoy listening by Wireless Bluetooth or perhaps TF card using volume level restricted 93 dB upper limit.

Including first-class acoustic calibre, the ultimate loudness is determined to 108 dB maximum. Instantaneous tunes sharing using the integrated headset splitter adapter, share port facility enabling 1 headset to be associated with another.

Over-Ear Little Girl Headphones In Pink

Light at exclusively 120g, wearing is really comfy using the indulgent ear-pads as well as ergonomic fashioned head band. A collapsible small sized construction that's appropriate for day-to-day deployment in addition to open-air journeying usage.

Assistance Wireless Bluetooth, Micro SD, MP3 music platform, FM radio and 3.5 mm lead for tunes streaming.
[Rating: 8/10] - £16 Get It → Termichy Over-Ear Little Girl Headphones

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05: GranVela Soft Muffs Children's Wireless Headphones

Collapsible stereo system soft ear muff children's Wireless headphones that delivers a stylish conception where 10 varieties of colour may be selected - simply not merely a first-class construction, however the impressive headset is effortless to carry and looks superb.

It's very comfortable to function and the ideal acquaintance for your smart phone. It features the volume level control within the headphone right side.

Kids Wireless Headphones Folding Style

On the end of the connector, you feature a regular 3.5 mm connection which possesses a short enclosure, so it's possible to plug these headsets directly in to an additional transportable music player.

Plastic component style adopting a mobile folding up construction where the ear muffs partially employ some leather fabric impressions along with audio isolating etc.
[Rating: 9/10] - £17 Get It → GranVela Children's Wireless Headphones

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06: Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth Headphones For Girls

Bluetooth headphones for girls with healthy ears auditory sense secure features, volume level constraining ear safety of 85 dBA. The volume level confines in excess of 85 dBA - a level recognised to cause deafness over some time period.

These incomparable headsets safeguard your child ears, however deliver studio class acoustics. Created with 40 mm customised drivers, you reanimate the best audio you've ever discovered in any headset encounter.

Safe Headphones For Girls With White Head Band

As much as 18 hours of battery power life-span to hear tunes for the long term and simply not concern about being forced to charge up. 200 hours stand-by intends even better comfort.

Long-lasting light weight steel design expended inside the ear-cups as well as headband guarantee that the headset is going to endure much longer compared to contending merchandises constructed from budget PVC.
[Rating: 9/10] - £89 Get It → Puro Bluetooth Headphones For Girls

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07: LilGadgets Pro Bluetooth Headphones For Toddlers

High calibre Bluetooth headphones for toddlers, proportioned for kids 4+ and agreeable with just about all Wireless electronics. Proposed in six tremendous colours and direct SharePort characteristics enabling individual headsets to be linked up Wirelessly.

Other headphones can function 'daisy chained', therefore practically all hearers are entirely unbound from the gadget. These ear pads as well as head bands are addressed with a specifically fashioned soft breathable interlocking mesh structure textile.

Wireless Headphones For Toddlers In Grey And Light Blue

Orchestrating to guarantee the ear cushions will not fall away, it's modernised and examined with kids of practically all age groups to guarantee strength of the ultimate merchandise - however preserving expressive style and great comfort.

Included 12 hour battery power life including a 180 hour stand-by. A USB power boosting lead is incorporated to replenish power, and the headset accompanies a micro-fibre journey case to make moving effortless.
[Rating: 9/10] - £26 Get It → LilGadgets Headphones For Toddlers

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08: Contixo Volume Safe Bluetooth Child's Headphones

First-class safe volume Bluetooth child's headphones are configured to deliver the ideal individualised hearing encounter containing high-output acoustic, first-class frequency response curve and broad active spectrum, all however producing surroundings which by nature screens most background sound.

The child safe headset range possesses an integrated 'volume level limiter' that safeguards kids hearing through instantly restraining sound volume level to roughly 80 percent of the primary upper limit figure.

Stereo Child's Headphones With Big Ear Cushions

These headsets are secure to utilise for kids from 3+ years. It's possible to utilise the headphone to associate your computer laptop, tablet PC's, notebook computer, smart phone, MP3 music, MP4 player and just about any other sound or video recording gadget via the 3.5 mm lead.
[Rating: 9/10] - £24 Get It → Contixo Bluetooth Child's Headphones

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09: MyDoodles Wireless Kids Headphones For Smartphone

Enjoy this version Wireless kids headphones for smartphones, perfect for hearing your favoured tracks. Includes a highly comfortable fit and volume level restricting strategy to safeguard the ears as well as Wireless connection.

They are fashioned to present you superior audio in an enjoyable method. These headsets enable you to have fun with your tracks and enjoy talking simultaneously.

Wireless Kids Headphones With Funny Round Face

Volume constrictive feature forestalls the sound from becoming too blaring and preserves your ears substantially, minus dropping off acoustic calibre. Simply no cables or snarling, it safeguards your kids from getting distorted in wiring.
[Rating: 8/10] - £12 Get It → MyDoodles Wireless Kids Headphones

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10: Sanxin Wireless Over-Ear Headphones For Children

Top quality acoustics Wireless over-ear headphones for children that embrace SRS sound 'noise cancelling' strategy, eradicating white noise, presenting a more absolved and all natural sound.

High powered bass sound stereo system impact, rendering the ideal tunes encounter with broader consistency. It may be linked up with Wireless Bluetooth products, and is congenial with virtually all smartphones, for example iPhone or Galaxy, even Nokia mobiles and additional tablet PC's etc.

Hands-Free Chat Headphones For Children With White Band

Multi features that may be expended for Wireless in addition corded using a 3.5 mm sound wire. It enables you to utilise the smartphone for hands-free gossip with family members, associates, friends or fellow workers.

A versatile head beam with folding conception will save much more room and is effortless to take to different places, it's more comfy and appropriate for long term listening.
[Rating: 9/10] - £17 Get It → Sanxin Over-Ear Headphones For Children

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10 Children's Wireless Headphones Reviews - Volume Restricted Safety

Cautiously fashioned headphones for toddlers that provide grown-up's and guardians with virtually all the protection pledges they search for, although affording kids full entertainment value.

Advanced, fashionable textile headband as well as ergonomic on-ear concept that signifies entertainment persists, irrespective what kids are doing, maybe just playing while listening to music.