Car GPS Sat Navigation Systems With Free Lifetime Maps

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Updated 23/09/2020:
Make challenging junctions a thing of the past with car GPS sat nav devices with live traffic, lane assistance, wide junction view and touch screens. Bluetooth GPS navigation devices to avoid speed cameras and traps with real-time traffic alerts. View our double DIN sat nav units.

Choosing The Right Sat-Nav
There is a first-rate variety of sat-nav choices currently available, and that means you may find yourself somewhat discouraged when checking. On this page, we seek to present the right answers you will need and assist you in finding out which is the best car sat-nav to buy for your criteria.

: Banavy Car Sat-Nav With Speed Camera Alerts

Car Sat-Nav With Windshield Fixing

£60   Banavy Car Sat-Nav Speed Camera - Get It!  

: AweSafe Smart Car Sat-Nav System Bluetooth

Car Sat-Nav System With Grey Border

£61   AweSafe Smart Car Sat-Nav - Get It!  

: NAVPAL Sat-Nav With Life Time Traffic Updates

Sat-Nav With Speed On Display

£69   NAVPAL Sat-Nav Traffic Updates - Get It!  

: Traffic Alerts And Lane Helpers

Utilising the latest sat-nav technology may seem just like a significant and complex expectation; nevertheless they are really very intuitive and utilised from the package. Determining arrival times, street condition alerts and lane assistance are only a couple of the features making the sat-nav's so flexible.

: Best Place To Put A Sat-Nav In Your Car

Sat-navs exist to minimise the typical trip instances and make the motoring encounter significantly less tense. Portable satellite sat-nav units are gadgets which can be installed in heads-up devices onto the windshield or fixed on the dashboard, and they may be an ordinarily less expensive GPS.

: Enter The Destination Postcode

You might use a portable car navigation system to prepare routes in several approaches as it's easy to type in a postcode, some landmark regions for the endpoint, or maybe a full residence address. It estimates the quickest easiest option from start to end and possibly transported to another car.

: Do You Need A Larger Map Screen?

Be sure to locate the right 'big screen sat-nav' version with your particular demands. Numerous kinds are accessible, providing unique road maps and bonuses. Sat-navs are designed in different dimensions from about 3.4 inches to 7 inches - the scale you select will impact how you connect with the gadget.

: Understand Legible Travel Routes

Larger sized displays are more convenient to reach and understand when travelling, and they permit you to discover broader aspects of the map. Although a car sat-nav media player screen could possibly be less expensive, you should reflect on whether you will have difficulty utilising the screen.

: Live Traffic Updates To Avoid Jams

Even the most affordable sat-navs with lifetime traffic updates will be very beneficial at the steering wheel. The live traffic revisions is an excellent feature to assist you to steer clear of lengthy demanding queues or potential issues. Speed cam notifications are helpful, all helping to prevent penalties.

: Sat-Nav Connecting To Smartphone

A variety of smart car sat-nav systems can consist of full entry to emergency help and support, plus lane assistance to help you to remain on the best path at junctions. Also, the Wireless Bluetooth concept for connecting your personal mobile phone - but a few will be extraneous.

: Dodge Those Slow Moving Routes

The car radio Bluetooth sat-nav live traffic supervision keeps you updated concerning traffic jams, incidents and various situations which might influence the trip. This provides you with sufficient notice to alter the course and decreases the chance of you becoming trapped in awful slow-moving lanes.

: Aigoss Bluetooth Sat-Nav For Car And Trucks

Bluetooth Sat-Nav With Big Black Border

£59   Aigoss Bluetooth Sat-Nav For Car - Get It!  

: Jimwey Sat Nav With Bluetooth Post Codes

Sat Nav With Bluetooth And Black Frame

£63   Jimwey Sat Nav With Bluetooth - Get It!  

: Aonerex GPS Car Navigation System 7 Inches

Car Navigation System With Motorway Map

£58   Aonerex GPS Car Nav System - Get It!  

: TomTom Start 25 3D GPS Sat Navigation

Regardless of whether you are travelling recognisable streets, or exploring anywhere completely new to you, the TomTom Start 25 provides you with a whole lot of satisfaction. It's bundled full of the most recent technologies, but nevertheless extremely simple to operate.

TomTom Start 3D Rendering GPS SatNav Motorway View

TomTom Start 25 3D Rendering GPS SatNav

Driving with increased fuel-efficient features can save you cash, in addition to lowering your effect on the environmental surroundings. Prevent getting captured by speed cameras, as well as a consequence of notifications whenever you approach speed cameras, permanent traps and typical speed inspections.
(Rating: 9/10)   £99   TomTom Start 3D GPS SatNav

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: UK EIRE Or EU Global Maps?

For anybody who is considering travelling in an overseas region for both amusement or industry, it may be useful reviewing the cheapest sat-navs with world maps and full international functionality. It will make a much less demanding encounter and forestall you from becoming trapped.

: Speed Camera Locator Sat-Nav

The speed surveillance camera locator is an exceptional capability to prevent obtaining speeding penalties and points on your own drivers' license. This excellent characteristic will tell you beforehand regarding any kind of forthcoming speed cams, letting you maintain a desirable speed etc.

: Approaching Junctions And Roundabouts

Lane suggestions notify you relating to which lane to stay in after going into junctions or roundabouts, bringing an aspect of sheer dread when travelling in new regions. Research the selection of product features like parking mode many sat nav's present, then choose the type you require.

: Multi-Choice Destination Input

Organising the trip using a GPS sat-nav is exceptionally logical. Just enter the postcode or maybe a section of the dwelling address of your choice via the touch screen. Viewable on the screen will be an option connecting you from the area that you are into the preferred position.

If unable to comprehend your path in regards to a particular location, then you can undoubtedly rely on the phone sat-nav structure to assist. You should synchronise the mobile phone addresses book for the sat-nav, which supplies you the choice to arrange channels to anyplace you want.

: Garmin Sat Nav Travel Free EU Maps

Offering lifetime European map and traffic revisions, the Garmin Nuvi satnav is prepared to supply a tension free journey. Together with a big high resolution display screen and comprehensive voice assistance, every part of your trip is going to be specified in excellent depth.

Garmin GPS NAV Showing Red Light Safety

Regarding ongoing traffic information, you can foresee jams and get around incidents with the aid of Garmin Digital Traffic. Small notifications appear at the side of your chart, maintaining your intended course clear. With Bird's Eye junction and (Active Lane Guidance) you will be self-confident of being in the correct location - even on different routes.

Free Android App For Weather And Photos

This free of charge Android application allows this satnav to obtain weather condition updates and traffic photographs. Additionally, it enables you to discover the location of your parked vehicle.

Includes electric power wire, a useful suction mount and USB wire. Battery life is approximately 2 hours and the proportions are Height 8.3 X Width 13.5 X Depth 1.9 cm.
(Rating: 9/10)   £148   Garmin (Birds Eye) GPS NAV

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: TomTom GO (Always Connected) GPS Nav

The TomTom GO 6000 continues to be entirely re-designed to place you in firm command of your commuting. Make your wisest travelling judgements by realising exactly what is happening around you - and exactly what lays ahead in the distance. Innovative lane assistance provides you with self-assurance of providing placement suggestions concerning the toughest of motorways.

TomTom GO 6000 (Always Connected) GPS Sat Nav Device Street View

With no extra costs for roaming, and 'Always Connected' is the easiest approach to obtain real-time traffic information on your gadget. Reach your location sooner with Lifetime Maps. It is possible to download 4 or more complete revisions of the map on your unit every year. You get all revisions to the road system, addresses and Points of Interest too.
(Rating: 9/10)   £289   TomTom GO GPS Sat-Nav Device

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: Garmin Nuvi 5 Inch GPS Device UK IR Maps

The Garmin Nuvi 50LM dashboard sat nav is a quick, trustworthy alternative when travelling around the local area or further. It's vibrant 5 inch screen is simple to comprehend, while a smart user interface helps make plotting trips smooth. It comes prepared with complete UK and Ireland maps, plus lifelong map revisions, which means you will have the newest details when it's needed.

Garmin Nuvi 52LM 5 Inch TouchScreen Satnav GPS Showing Motorway Speed

Garmin Nuvi 50 TouchScreen Satnav GPS

Speed restriction signs inform you of altering speed limits in the course of your trip, assisting you to drive safer. A micro SD card port enables considerably more storage space, in addition to saving street and traffic information. This device consists of power wire, suction cup and USB cord. The battery-life is around 2 hours.
(Rating: 9/10)   £119   Garmin Nuvi Satnav GPS Device

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: TomTom IQ Routes Sat Nav GPS Unit

The modern TomTom XLIQ satnav looks good in a streamlined black finish, with useful capabilities and a notable 4.3 inch touch screen display to make functioning and course-plotting much easier. This edition consists of maps for the UK and Ireland.

UK, Ireland TomTom XL GPS Sat Nav With Motorway Exit View

Steer Clear Of Toll Roads And Traffic Jams

The innovative lane assistance characteristic tends to make navigating challenging or complicated junctions, bridging several lanes far less complicated and less dangerous. It provides motorists prompt vocal guidance and plainly reveals which lane or exit to consider. The display screen of the unit supplies a clear view of the street plan in advance.
(Rating: 9/10)   £89   Get It - UK Ireland TomTom GPS Sat Nav

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: OHREX In Car Sat-Nav Touch-Screen

GPS in car sat-nav is straightforward to utilise with brilliant large 7 inch broad TFT LCD monitor, simply not the compact sort. It offers preloaded mappings for undivided European nations which includes United Kingdom as well as Republic of Ireland, 48 nations maps free life revisions.

Genuine directions supply crystal clear assistance adopting identifiable constructions and landmarks as reference. Inclusive integrated closed down aerial and headset connection 3.5 mm.

GPS TFT LCD In-Car Sat Nav With Large Screen

With inclusive cost free life map revisions, it possesses high function calibre in addition to reduced electricity usage. Elementary to operate and impressive to deploy on the go. A holder is supplied in order to use inside the vehicle.

The GPS Sat-Nav is implausibly intelligent using a MediaTek central processor functioning Windows PC. It offers 128 MB of simultaneous dynamic RAM in addition to 8 GB of read-only storage. It's additionally outfitted with a touch display for convenience.
[Rating: 9/10]   £64   Get It → OHREX LCD In-Car Sat Nav

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Best Recommended Car Sat Nav Devices With Live Traffic

: Navman 5 Inch Screen LM Sat Nav GPS

The Navman SatNav offers a portable style and effortless QuickStart menu that can assist you to discover and get to locations more speedily. The EZY Wide+ is among the finest lightweight routing gadgets in it's class. The current, compact design can assist you to browse places quicker and more dependably than before.

Navman Sat Nav Showing Motorway in Paris

The 'Learn Me' function tracks and discovers your driving style, supplying you with customised routes that match your personal preferences. You will observe the development in your routes and approximated time of arrival on the display screen.

The search utility functions in the same manner as you browse online, basically enter virtually any phrase and it raises results dependant on those in order of their closeness to your present position.
(Rating: 9/10)   £108   Get It - Navman 5 Inch Car Sat Nav

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: Garmin DriveSmart 55 Nuvi Bluetooth SatNav

The sat nav includes a 5.5 inch, high resolution screen with zoom capabilities, so it's possible to rapidly get a closer look at any on-screen traffic detail. Dual orientation functions permit you to use either horizontally or vertically, modifying instantly when it is revolved etc.

Garmin Bluetooth 5 Inch SatNav Speed

Comes with Garmin's distinctive (Real Navigation). This consists of directions that guide like a companion, utilising identifiable attractions, properties and traffic lights. For instance, you might be encouraged to turn left at the library, or to turn right after the sports field etc.
(Rating: 9/10)   £139   Get It - Garmin Bluetooth 5.5 Inch SatNav

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: TomTom GO 6 Inch GPS IQ Routes Satnav

The TomTom GO is an invaluable partner for virtually any car owner. Detailed with a free of charge one year TomTom HD Traffic subscription, you will constantly make excellent time towards your desired location.

TomTom GO GPS 'IQ Routes' Satnav

The 6 inch screen is anti glare effective, with an integrated sensor instantly modifying illumination, so you will continually be capable of observing the pre-installed maps. The device can double as a hands-free package because of it's Bluetooth connection. Simply create and get calls as you commute with an easy contact of the display screen.
(Rating: 9/10)   £136   Get It - TomTom GO GPS IQ Satnav

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We sincerely hope you find the best sat-nav system here. We have rounded up the latest models and deals on GPS devices with rapid speed cam notifications, pre-installed, handy places of interest and even postcode routing features, plus much more. We also hope you find our item recommendations helpful too.