10 Compact Smart LED Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Lamps

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Ideal for sleeping room as night lamp or music, the 10 best light up Bluetooth speakers here are brilliant whenever sleeping, the gentle illumination secures your eyes and you are able to drift off with your tracks. They include LED lit dimming and hands-free speaker phone function.

01: Homecube MP3 Bluetooth Wireless Light Speakers

Merged with tunes and illumination components, these Wireless light speakers are simply not merely an elementary light, it's an intuitive touch modality light Bluetooth 4 audio speaker and music player. Visit our APP controlled light bulbs here.

With hands-free audio speaker phone, it is multi operative, intelligent, restrained and uncomplicated to use. Dimmable 3 stage warm white illumination settings plus simple tap on the audio speaker interlocking mesh structure will certainly alter the luminosity, or perhaps switch off the lamp.

Wireless Light Speakers With Top Control

Simple touch of the speaker modality for a couple seconds is going to alternate to colour light style. Touch the speaker mesh to modify the vividness of the lamp and whenever you are in the colourful setting, the 6th colour is RGB colour shifting.

The Aux-in connection enables you to play tunes ranging from you iPod or MP3 music players through a 3.5 mm sound lead. Likewise, it can play tracks via TF card immediately and may be strung up, or perhaps carried manually.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £18 Get It → H.Cube Bluetooth Wireless Light Speakers

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02: Homgrace Clock LED Light Bluetooth Speaker

Impressive visible consequences, this clock LED light Bluetooth speaker offers 7 lighting strategies using dissimilar lighting colours to convey you an assortment of visible fun or delight in the light dancing using the music modifier.

Powerful subwoofer and restored 3D stereo system sound impact with a quality 16 core dual magnetised audio speaker, desirable for a diversity of settings such as reading, candle flame dinner party, sleep and so forth.

LED Light Bluetooth Speaker With Chrome Base

Wireless Bluetooth connectivity with pair elementary features for quicker transmission velocity, far away transmission range, faster corresponding speed, modest electrical power usage on your mobile phone inside 10 metres.

Use tablet computer or laptop, accomplish automated connectivity and it's easy to operate.
[Rating: 9/10] - £23 Get It → Homgrace LED Light Bluetooth Speaker

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03: Morpilot Colour Alter Smart Light Bulb Speaker

Transportable Wireless Bluetooth LED colour altering smart light bulb speaker with integrated tunes audio speaker, mobile phone cost free App command through Apple iPhone or popular Android gadgets.

The intelligent bulb is commanded using your Mobile or tablet PC via Wireless Bluetooth. In excess of 16 million colours and diverse whites ranging from warming yellow up to bright blue etc.

Smart Light Bulb Speaker In White Finish

Deploy the time keeper selection to switch your smart manager on and off at virtually any time. Tunes playing through Wireless Bluetooth whenever audio speaker is expended, however you can associate the merchandise to a 220V domestic electrical power as well as link-up the Bluetooth of your smart phone.

Have fun tunes as you wish in the home as well as work place. It will additionally be comfortably corrected easily via your smart phone.
[Rating: 8/10] - £19 Get It → Morpilot Smart Light Bulb Speaker

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04: Elegiant LED Bluetooth Light Changing Speaker

An operational and rather fashionable LED Bluetooth light changing speaker that aggregates several popular gadgets directly in to an individual useful device. Simple touch button option control LED desk light, a Wireless Bluetooth audio speaker, TF card music player and alarm time clock.

Contact sensing element light using 4 stage adequate for high luminosity. The 'dimmable LED light' additionally delivers with an energetic colour modifying light strategy. The absolute, all-natural and tender warming brightness brings you directly in to bliss.

LED Light Changing Speaker In Orange And Green

Long-wearing functioning that possesses a recharging battery with expanded life-span. Enjoy uninterrupted replay across 22 hours at full volume level or perhaps 180 hours of lighting at the humblest luminosity.

It may be relocated from space to space with informality, deploy it in the household or perhaps bring it outside to journey, company trip, tenting or open-air celebration or just the front room.
[Rating: 9/10] - £26 Get It → Elegiant LED Light Changing Speaker

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05: YaFex LED Bluetooth Speaker With Light Effects

This impressive LED Bluetooth speaker with light effects provides clear as well as profound bass sound audio. Using it's modest dimensions, it can be intelligently accommodated directly in to a rucksack, travelling bag or even a journey case, but have fun with the best sounding tunes gadget any where you like.

A highly recommended touch light that is contrived with 3 contrasting warm white brightness level illuminations as well as 6 assorted types of colour light source.

Bluetooth Speaker Light With Wooden Bottom

With 15 metres long-range Wi-Fi associating, it will instantly link-up your gadget as soon as you have partnered off. 2000 mAh integral recharging Li-on battery forces the LED lit table light with the Wireless Bluetooth audio speaker adequate to 8 hours whenever at full brightness.

It possesses in excess of 300 recycles life-span so you've nothing to fret about. Enjoy liberal conformity with your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Galaxy Samsung, Android OS mobiles, tablet PC's, even vehicles etc.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £17 Get It → YaFex LED Bluetooth Speaker Light

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06: Besthost FM LED Mood Bluetooth Speaker Light

Smart characteristics including a touch sensor device, this LED mood Bluetooth speaker light functions with a mini SD card music player, it's small transportable and light, includes an FM radio receiver in addition to RGB colour converting.

The 'colour modifying bedside light' runs on minimal electrical power. It works with an elementary touch to alternate brightness levels as well as delicate colour tuning upon the top mesh area.

Bluetooth Speaker Light Showing LED Clock

Simple and accessible in dim surroundings with gentle white soft illuminating LED safeguarding your eyes from damage. Cool colour night lamp with RGB deepening and maximum showing of 16 million colours.

Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 smart mobile lamp that's congenial with the majority of electronic gadgets. Just right as a present because of it's impressive characteristics and fashionable looks.
[Rating: 8/10] - £20 Get It → Besthost Mood Bluetooth Speaker Light

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07: I-Dragon LED Speaker Light With Touch Command

First-rate multi functional LED speaker light with touch command element night-light plus Wireless Bluetooth 4 high fidelity audio speaker. It has an electronic alarm system clock, MP3 music player with hands free phone call function.

Linking up with Bluetooth is really easy and quick, plus it's agreeable with practically all Wireless gadgets. Assistance for pen drive, micro SD card data and auxiliary input, fantastic for playing tunes in open-air scenarios.

USB Speaker Light Touch With Dimmer Button

48 colour converting bedside lights with sleeping strategy, touch triggered and undivided command of the illumination brightness levels, plus colour and electrical power toggle.

A desk lamp with standard white construction and delicate light. The mobile smart LED lit lamp can be expended for loosening up, journeying, living space, sleeping room or reading, children's night-light and open-air tenting etc.
[Rating: 9/10] - £29 Get It → I-Dragon LED Speaker Light Touch

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08: Keynice RGB Colour Bluetooth Speaker Night Light

An impressive RGB colour Bluetooth speaker night light that comes with intelligent touch modality, hands-free speaker telephone, it's a tunes music player as well as a time clock.

Like a smart contact night light, you will find 6 brightness levels, touch the crest and the illumination strategy will alter, producing a stunning climate while playing tunes. Congenial for Wireless Bluetooth gadgets as well as support for SD.

LED Bluetooth Speaker Night-Light With Red Glow

With background RGB illumination, it's possible to select the most desirable setting to meet your demand by effortlessly touching the key on the top where all the different colours come out and interchange instantly.

It delivers with a time console LED lit display as well as an alarm system clock with sleeping strategy. It's effortless to have fun tunes and respond to your smartphone calls hands free style.
[Rating: 9/10] - £19 Get It → Keynice Bluetooth Speaker Night Light

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09: Airecho Night Light Bluetooth Speaker Lamp

A superb touch actuated desk night-light Bluetooth speaker lamp ideal for bedside reading including LED brightness levels, colour modifying as well as 4 luminosity manipulations.

The affectionate and gentle illumination safeguards your eyeballs from traumas. Bluetooth 4 speaker system is advanced and congruous with the majority of Bluetooth operated products.

Night Bluetooth Speaker Lamp With Sleeping Child

4000mAh battery operated potential for 22 hours performing tunes exclusively, or perhaps approximately 8 hours on high setting luminosity - even one hundred and fifty hours on 'micro brightness' level with 5.5 hours maximum boost.

It's additionally an alarm system time clock including LED lit screen. The alarm begins noiseless and tardily increments the sound, however you can switch off the alarm merely by a tap to the top of the light.
[Rating: 9/10] - £32 Get It → Airecho Night Bluetooth Speaker Lamp

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10: LightStory Bluetooth Bedside LED Light Speaker

Mobile touch responsive Bluetooth bedside LED light speaker with colour exchanging and hands free functionality. This production can represent a Bluetooth speaker system, a stylish touch modality night light or perhaps merely a music player.

Maximum colour display screen of 16000000 colours and agreeable with the majority of digital electronics using Wireless Bluetooth functionality.

Bluetooth Bedside Speaker With Circular Base

Like a smart simple touch button option night light, you will find 5 illuminating grades, so touch the cover and the illumination style will modify, imparting atmosphere however playing your tunes.

A Wireless Bluetooth speaker system with assistance for TF and SD card, it's available to delight in tunes but also responding to telephone calls with a smart clock adequate to 120 minutes.
[Rating: 9/10] - £26 Get It → LightStory Bluetooth Bedside Speaker

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Wireless Light Speakers With Superb Colour LED Illumination

Touch adaptable Bluetooth LED speaker lights with brightness manipulation for the lamps, just right for use as a speaker for the majority of digital products using Wireless Bluetooth.

They can easily link-up with just about any operated smartphone and tablet computer. Hear songs in the sleeping room at night time, or perhaps play tracks while browsing to light-up your life. See our kids projector lights.

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