Wireless Light Bulbs That Work With Alexa, iOS And Android

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Updated 27/02/2019:
Our mood enhancing WiFi light bulbs are controlled by smartphone and set interesting LED effects in your home. The Wireless light bulbs are APP ready smart LED lights managed from distance to turn off/on from mobile phone and work with Alexa, IFTTT or Google Home.

Novostella Smart Light Bulb WiFi Compatible With Alexa

Smart Light Bulb With Black Mobile

£29   Novostella Smart Light Bulb WiFi Dimmable - Get It!  

AUSEIN Colour Dimmable WiFi APP Controlled Light Bulb

WiFi APP Controlled Light Bulb In Yellow And Orange

£13   AUSEIN WiFi APP Controlled Bulb - Get It!  

Effortlessly take control of household lights using your smartphone or perhaps Tablet PC with these LED colour transforming Wireless light bulbs which can specifically coordinate utilising any specific mobile phone.

Each and every light bulb controlled by phone can be associated with another bulb, even though many light bulbs require aggregating Wireless connections or perhaps devices prepared beforehand. It is possible to schedule timers as well as wake-up to your recommended colours etc.

A Beautiful Dimmable Impact

The multi-colour remote control light bulbs can take comprehensive control of your house lighting from iPhone or Android gadget. Create lighting adjustments following your own personal recommended thoughts together with various WiFi light characteristics for the gadget inter-connected home.

You can make a WiFi light bulb organisation for all of your smart gadgets as well as manage them all in a single instruction. A lot more than sixteen million colours are available, and every one of them is dimmable. It is possible to alter the tone to accommodate the atmosphere you would like.

Smart light bulbs specifically assist Alexa to handle your gadget through voice commands. Designate a name to every smart bulb and correspond directly by title when creating the voice instruction.

AOJA x3 Smart WiFi Mood Light Bulbs Alexa Google Home


  • Low Energy Bulb
  • Cool And Warm White


  • None..

WiFi Mood Light Bulbs With Mobile In One Hand

£41   AOJA x3 Smart WiFi Mood Light Bulbs - Get It!  

EDSUN Smart WiFi LED Light Bulb Colour Changing RGB

WiFi Light Bulb With Google Home Voice Speaker

£13   EDSUN Smart WiFi LED Light Bulb - Get It!  

Mipow Multi Colour iOS Or Android LED Light Bulb

A multi-colour LED light bulb with Bluetooth v4 and smartly lit style that can simply Wireless command the illumination toggle, luminosity, alter colour, arrangement of time-keeper as well as group manipulation ranging from your smart phone via a cost free smartphone App.

It accompanies 16 million RGB colours and it's possible to 'judder' your mobile gadget, or maybe tap the colour settings on the application to alter colours, adjust time counter, switch it on or stop - or perhaps modify colour at predetermined time periods through free App.

Smart Multi-Colour Bluetooth Bulb With Wite Mobile

You merely demand to screw it directly in to virtually any screw base and so convert it on/off just like an everyday incandescent bulb. It deploys Wireless Bluetooth 4 to accomplish it's fluent transmission system.

The PlayBulbX smartphone App is congenial with Apple gadgets functioning iOS and Android phones.
[Rating: 9/10] - £23 Get It → Mipow Multi-Colour Bulb Bluetooth

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Philips Hue Colour Changing WiFi Smart Light Bulb

The Philips hue eco-system brings together excellent colourful LED illumination with perceptive technologies and places them in the users hand.

Collectively, the light bulbs, bridge and application can change the method that you utilise light, permanently. Test out shades of white coloured light coming from stimulating blue, to comforting yellow.

Smart LED Light Bulb In Multi Coloured Room

Have fun with all of the colours in the hue selection, which can even wake you up and safeguard your house. Experience again your own much-loved recollections, even boost your disposition.

It is possible to 'link as much as 50 bulbs' or lights to your Philips colour bridge. Basically start with one of the accessible starter packages combo.
[Rating: 9/10] - £149 - Get It → Philips WiFi Smart LED Light Bulb

Buy Button Yellow

Time2 Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb Multi Colour Light

The Bluetooth light bulb enables you to moderate your household illumination without needing to push a light switch ever again.

A variety of vibrant LED light effects for your home gives your daily life a fascinating perspective for your family and friends, who will probably be envious. Alter colour in time with your favourite tunes.

Bluetooth Smart LED Bulbs In Blue, Yellow And Red

The Wireless Bluetooth LED light bulb functions approximately 64 million colours, and includes a life-time use of 10000 hours.


  • Easy Smartphone Set-Up
  • Reassuring Guarantee


  • No Downsides Here

Utilise the LED light bulbs for a selection of diverse situations to provide you with an ideal environment. Connect your music to the Wireless Bluetooth bulb out of your smart gadget for pulsating party lighting.
[Rating: 9/10] - £14 Get It → Time2 Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb

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LIFX Wireless Smart LED Bulb Colour Via Smart Phone

LIFX is a Wi-Fi facilitated, multi-coloured LED bulb that you may command together with your Apple iPhone, iPad, Google Android mobile phone or even tablet PC.

LIFX utilises a totally free application to customise your own light bulb, allowing you to remotely switch lamps off and on, dim the illumination or alter colour.

Wireless Smart LED Bulb With Black Smart Phone

This light helps you establish the atmosphere getting out of bed each morning, or perhaps enjoying a date at night-time etc. It instantly links to your wireless network, making set-up simple, although it may be used together with numerous light bulbs in a single space. This particular 'power efficient light bulb' uses between 0.2 - 17W.
[Rating: 9/10] - £47 - Get It → LIFX Wireless Smart LED Bulb

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B22 Bluetooth Speaker Smart LED Light Bulb Free App

This specific Bluetooth audio speaker bulb features an exclusive and unique 2 in one style.

Easy to set-up and employ, basically screw in the LED smart light bulb, download the free application to your mobile phone, then you may benefit from the tunes and lighting when you need it.

Smart Light Bulb In White, Blue And Red

The Wireless Bluetooth audio speaker LED bulb offers a transmitting spectrum of approximately 10 metres. It offers financial savings, additional longevity, super illumination output and light colour transforming abilities.

Relevant Apple gadgets and many Google Android 2, 3 and above variations are compatible, and satisfies E27 socket base.
[Rating: 9/10] - £19 - Get It → Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb

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Leng Light RGB Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb iPhone

An excellent present for Apple iPhone and iPad users, and a thrilling strategy to illuminate your daily life. With this particular merchandise, you'll be able to switch your lighting fixtures off or on.

You can alter the brightness and even select the colour of the light - all out of your gadget or smart-phone App, which costs nothing to download.

LED Bulb In White And Chrome Effect

This can be used inside your lounge to produce low-level cinema illumination and super mood light outcomes, or utilise it in your sleeping room for a more 'relaxing and intimate' encounter.

The best thing is, the light bulb was created with an extra white coloured LED chip, so that you can make use of it everywhere a white bulb is preferred.
[Rating: 8.5/10] - £16 - Get It → Leng Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb

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MSC Smart Bluetooth Light Bulb With Remote Device

Individualise your particular personal home light programme settings using this smart Bluetooth light bulb with in excess of 16 million endorsed colours, in addition to warm plus cool white where virtually every colour is dimmable.

An integral memory functionality maintains the previous colours so you can take charge of your illumination via your mobile phone or tablet PC.

Bright Bluetooth Light Bulb With White Smartphone

The App enables you to command an individual light bulb, or perhaps grouping of bulbs to manage them collectively. The tunes synchronising colour changing light bulb operates via the application. It delivers with 20 pre-programmed colour settings, just like cross fades, strobe light and so forth to charge your celebration directly in to a success.
[Rating: 9/10] - £19 - Get It → MSC Smart Bluetooth Light Bulb

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LBulb LED Bluetooth Remote Control Light Bulb

A vibrant Bluetooth remote control light bulb that merges LED illumination with Wireless sound speaker. It can simply be expended for both playing tracks as well as illumination, however the elevated sound application presents a crystal clear audio.

The superior RGBW LED lighting resource can establish a visual impact more spectacular and light more delicate as you prefer to safeguard your eyeballs using the infra-red remote device. Integrated Wireless can effortlessly become paired with Bluetooth operated gadgets.

Bluetooth Remote Control Bulb In Grey And White

Adoptive E27 or perhaps B22 regular lamp bottom congenial, so you can just connect and deploy. An extremely easy to function multi-operative electric light bulb that can produce a loving ambiance in any home base or celebration etc.

It additionally assists you to quickly doze off at night time and the Wireless command spectrum is adequate to 10 metres or around 33 feet. Delight in the enjoyment of Wireless commanding the illumination as well as tracks replay. An integrated 3 Watts audio speaker with magnet offers pure as well as crystal clear acoustics.
[Rating: 9/10] - £10 Get It → LBulb Bluetooth Remote Control Bulb

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Miric LED Bluetooth WiFi Controlled Light Bulb

Colour exchanging audio speaker LED Bluetooth Wi-Fi controlled light bulb with multi-coloured dimmable illumination using 4 instances of brightness level and in excess of 12 lustrous refinements for your predilection.

It screens the most recent colour of illumination you expended previously. With the integrated two-channel audio speaker internally, it's possible to play your smartphone or perhaps tablet PC tunes through this excellent strategy. Perfect for relaxing on the sofa following an extended stressful working day.

Bluetooth LED Wi-Fi Bulb With Blue And Yellow Light

There is a timing alarm system and sleep assistant characteristics including clocking alert in addition to helper procedures. It's possible to arrange the light bulb on/off at the time period you designated, allow it to awaken you up by nature with 'soft illumination' in daybreak as well as begin a tremendous daytime.


  • Scanning QR
  • Stunning Colours


  • None

Effortless to set-up, just screw in the light bulb and power it on, as well as download the cost free smartphone App to your mobile phone or tablet computer, then it's possible to play your preferred tracks with the correct colour of illumination you desire.
[Rating: 9/10] - £35 Get It → Miric LED WiFi Light Bulb

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Mobile Phone Controlled WiFi Light Bulbs iOS And Android

The smart bulbs that work with Alexa provide you with complete control of your own lights using your mobile phone or perhaps voice device. You can immediately control the lights bulb just about anywhere using your Google or iOS gizmos.

You are able to schedule this kind of Wireless mood light bulb with the 24 hour timer to change on and off in a particular time frame, arrange the right time for resting or perhaps getting out of bed, which can make you drift off effortlessly with all-natural lights - as well as awaken rejuvenated.

TP-Link WiFi Light Bulb Smart APP Echo Dot Compatible

WiFi Light Bulb Smart APP Showing Dim EFFECT

£20   TP-Link WiFi Light Bulb Smart APP - Get It!  

Meross Smart Wireless Light Bulb Alexa And IFTTT APP

Wireless Light Bulb Beside Brown Table

£19   Meross Smart Wireless Light Bulb - Get It!  

Have a bright and effectively lit-up smart scheduled UK home. The smart light bulbs with WiFi and LED light parameters are unlimited, plus the APP software procedure is available with effortless set-up.

It is possible to connect the App and smart light bulb WiFi so that it may correct luminosity or colour modifying in addition to music actively playing that can encourage the App controlled light bulbs to change colours instantaneously.

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