Best 8 x 6 Football Goal Posts And Net For Gardens

Updated: 03/04/2021
Do you have a little football star in the making? An 8 x 6 football goal is perfect for small playing areas, such as the backyard. If you need the best goals for children up to 11 years old, these goals can work for you. They are used in various Premier leagues because of the high-impact UPVC and easy, fast assembly.

Kids Football Goal Types

Suppose you need a kids football goal that can get used in your garden and left out all year round. In that case, we will recommend a goal with waterproof materials and UPVC or aluminium. Some goalposts come in easy to assemble pieces and packed away after being used in games or practice.

Age Range Young Kids And Older

Ask yourself whether you want a goal that gets designed for young kids or something that will endure a rougher use. The garden football goals for kids fit perfectly within a backyard and get purposely designed for easy and compact storage.

Fun When Kids Are Practice

You will find that most kids football nets are sold as single items, but it might be all you need. Others come in pairs which make for more fun when kids are practising.

: Football Flick All Weather uPVC 8x6 Goal

All Weather uPVC 8x6 Goal In White

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The Complete Kids Football Goal Post Sets?

Kid's 8ft x 6ft football goals come in a variety of designs. They all differ in size, material, and innovation. Due to a wide selection of goals available, you can get precisely the gate to meet your needs.

Pop-Up Goals And PVC Gates

According to kid football goal testers, the game takes up the most space – especially in the backyard. These gates, for example, can get folded up if you want to mow the lawn properly or create space in the garden.
Kids' soccer goals can come in different materials. You can buy a kids football goal post set that's made from aluminium gates, pop-up gates, and PVC gates.

Two-Section Crossbar Goalposts

The best recommendation is to purchase a single-section crossbar if you plan to leave your kid's goals outside. You can also use a two-section crossbar goalpost. The portable football goal crossbar will be more rigid and straight. The fewer sections the goal has – especially with 12' comprehensive and above.

The goalposts are rugged, all-weather waterproof and heavy-duty. That is why they have a more extended guarantee than their competitors.

Why 8 ft x 6 ft Is Perfect For Kids

If you have a great small outdoor space for a goal, the 8 ft x 6 ft is perfect for your kids. Not only will it not use much room, but your children will also love it! This goal is practically maintenance-free because of the flexibility and high quality of uPVC used for the goals.

: SAMBA Portable Locking 8x6 Football Posts

Portable Locking Football Goal Posts On Grass

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Small Portable Junior Football Goals For Kids

The pop-up goal is light-weight and easy to assemble. It comes with a net, net clips, and ground anchors to secure the goal. It also features Samba's groundbreaking locking system to allow 8 x 6 football goal posts to get slotted into place. You can release the lock using an easy button mechanism.

In Your Garden Or To The Local Park

You can choose large football nets that can be 'a permanent goal' at the end of your garden, or choose a smaller, portable junior football goal set net. The portable nets are perfect for you if you intend to take them to the local park or want more space in your yard.

Train And Develop Your Skills

There are also football nets that get designed for you to practice and develop your skills. These nets include rebound nets as well as football nets with target sheets. Let's face it – practice makes perfect!

The Big Dream For Toddlers

It is a kid's dream come true to own a quality football net in their garden. Make their biggest dream a reality with a goal that they will spend hours playing and practising. You can get one of these toddler football goals for much less than what you expect!

Durability And Product Design

When you choose a goal, you must make sure that it gets constructed well and is sturdy. You should ensure that you have a guarantee that it is a year or longer.

Safety Recommendations For Your Children

The nets should be at least 2.5 mm thick, waterproof, and rotproof. The square mesh must be 100mm to prevent the child's head from getting trapped in the net. Take a look at the corner bracket design and ensure it is up to your standards. Safety first!

Permanent Fixture Football Net?

You should never judge the kids' football net by the way it looks. Just because the goal seems like it can withstand any weather conditions doesn't mean it can.
If you do leave them outside, you could be invalidating the warranty. That is why it is essential to have an all-weather design if you don't want to pack away the goal every day after use.

: FORZA 8ft x 6ft PVC Garden Goal Posts

8ft x 6ft PVC Garden Goal Posts With Net

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Portability Around The Garden

Some goals get made to take down and pack up. You can add this great goal to your holiday kit or simply pack it up and take it to the park for a great practice or fun with friends.

When you are purchasing your goal, you shouldn't just consider if the goal will fit. Every so often, move the goal around to let the grass recover making the smaller designs convenient.

How Old Are Your Kids?

Your kids' age and those who will use it the most will determine the size of the plastic football goal you need. Smaller pop-up style goals are perfect for small kids up to the age of six or seven.

As kids grow, they will begin to kick harder and harder. Then there is the wear and tear from older kids' using it, so you need something more significant and sturdier.

: Winston Garden PVC Kids Football Goal Post

PVC Kids Football Goal Post Lock System

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How Big Is Your Garden To Fit Football Nets?

A lot of parents are buying their families kids football nets to keep them active in the garden. Grab the tape measure and see how much space you will need for your new goal.

If a goal takes up too much of your available space, you should consider getting a smaller goal. You will need room in front for kicking and spread on the sides and the back for when the ball goes in the goal net.

Metal Or Plastic Soccer Goals?

Plastic 8 x 6 football goal are affordable and much less than the expensive metal ones. They are also easy to carry because they are light-weight and hassle-free. The plastic soccer goals are also portable and easy to install, so you can use them whenever needed.

Easy To Set-Up And Store Away?

Many plastic goals will use anchors to hold them in the ground. They are also the best goals for little kids, players practising their skills, or just for fun players. Do you want a product that is easy to set up, transport, and store away?

Pop-up kids' football nets are the best for easy and fast setups. They will pop open on their own once you take them out of the back. Putting it back in the back is straightforward when you get used to it.

: QuickPlay Kickster Academy Football Goal

Academy Football Goal With Dark Net

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Consider Stable Socketed Freestanding Goals

Freestanding metal football goals will stand upright on their own because of the runbacks that run along the ground to the back bar. Families who are serious about their football should consider socketed goals.
These goals get set in concrete below the ground. Socketed goals are generally the most popular choice. There are two sockets or metal sleeves that get set below the earth's surface.

Ideal For Grass Pitch And Parks

The goalposts will simply slot into the sockets to hold the goal upright. You mainly use socketed goals on grass pitches, for instance, school playing fields, stadiums, and parks. They are best used on grass because the goals get left there for a long time.

Fold-To-Wall Goals And Posts

Upright 8 x 6 goalposts are sturdy goals as they make for sturdy goals. Fold-to-wall goals get made especially for football training. They save space in areas where multiple sports get played and have hinged arms that will extend from a wall.

Solid and sturdy goals get made from PVC piping and will take some time connecting the nets. The reasonable goals shouldn't take too long to get assembled completely – it depends on the product.

Usually, these goals are not portable and get designed to stay up in your garden, although a few folding goals can get stored against the wall.

: FORZA PVC Football Target Sheet 8 x 4ft

PVC Football Target Sheet 8 x 4ft Nets

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Forza Football Goal Nets And Kickster Styles

There are also Forza football goal nets that sit in the middle of portability and quality, such as the Kickster model. They can withstand more brutal hits and weather than the average pop-up goal but not as much as the PVC model. They are portable and easy to assemble so that you can take them to the park or beach hassle-free!

The Best Foldable Football Goal

It might seem daunting when choosing between all the different sizes and options that are available. That's why we designed the ultimate guide to choosing the best foldable football goal to suit your needs. Whether it's for professional pitches or back garden fun, there is no better place to find the perfect football goal.

Football Goal With Runbacks

Freestanding goals are growing in popularity because of artificial and astro-turf pitches. A freestanding 8 x 6 football goal is just that – a goal that stands upright on its own. They have runbacks that run along the earth's surface to the back bar, making up the goal's frame.

These goals have full international net support in the corner, which will join the crossbar and the back bar. Side note: For the goals to meet the British standards, they must get anchored.

: Strada Football 8x4 Kids Goal Locking

Football Goals Kids Goal Locking On Grass

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Portable 8 x 6 Football Goal For Play All Surfaces

Freestanding goals are perfect for artificial pitches. The goals need to get moved on and off the field quickly because of other games that will get played in the same area.

Ideal Weight To Prevent Toppling

A self-weighted goal is a freestanding goal that has wheels and a fixed weight on the back bar. This makes the goal efficient and easily moveable. No additional anchors are needed.
The best football goals with fixed weight need to get tested to ensure there is enough weight to prevent the goal from tipping over. The plan must meet British standards.

: KKB Sport 8 Foot Portable Football Goal

8 Foot Portable Football Goal With Blue Posts

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Football Training Fold To Wall Goals

Foldaway football goals get used in the same way as self-weighted goals for pitches that are 3G and where more than one sport gets played. They typically get used for football training grounds.

Too Small For Freestanding Posts?

The goals get fixed on four hinged arms that come from the wall or fence and fold back to the wall when it isn't needed. Fold-to-wall goals get commonly used when the distance between the touchline and the wall is too small for a freestanding goal.

: FORZA Steel 42 Football Goals 4 Sizes

Steel 42 Football Goal With Net

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Recommended English FA Football Goal Sizes

This next section will focus on football goal dimensions to find the goal with the post size to meet your needs. They are all in line with the FAs' recommendations, so you are confident that everyone of all ages is learning to play with the right size goals.

11-A-Side Kids Football Goal Posts

11-a-side goals are full-sized and get used for games with adults, and are 24 ft wide. These goalposts get used at professional football events or the park.

Storing Garden Kids Football Nets

If you use your garden football goals often, you don't need to worry about storing them since they will never get put away. When colder months come around, you might want to put them away so that they don't get damaged from rigorous weather.

There are various garden goals for you to choose from and come in all different sizes, perfect for a football game in the garden or full-sized goals for a kid or adult wanting to practice like a pro.

The full-sized goals will stay outside full-time because they are bulky and difficult to move around and store away. Smaller 8 x 6 football goals and those that are not self-weighted should be put away during rough weather or when it isn't in use.

Store your garden football goals in a dry area like a shed or garage to protect them from the rain and rougher weather.

: Northern Stone 8x5ft Garden Football Goal

8 x 5ft Garden Football Goal With Blue Posts

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