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Updated 17/10/2019:
Reasonably priced, great quality WiFi home theatre solutions with Blu-Ray and Bluetooth, without the messy wiring. Intended to boost the audio from your television and existing video set-up's. 5.1 surround sound systems to hear and sense each and every instant of your films.

The perfect home sound system offers an exceptional balance of quality audio and easy set-up. A premier home theatre strategy can provide you with that superb sound experience to compete with a more advanced installation without choosing specific equipment.

Vizio Home Entertainment System Dolby Atmos

Home Entertainment System With Black Soundbar

£599   Vizio Home Entertainment System Dolby - Get It!  

Logitech Home Cinema Speakers TV Or Living Room


  • Stackable Control Console
  • Multiple Input System


  • None..

Home Cinema Speakers In Black

£149   Logitech 1000W Home Cinema Speakers - Get It!  

Auna Home Audio System Gold Plated Connectors


  • Chic Walnut Finish
  • Real Cinema Experience


  • None.

Home Audio System With Wooden Finish

£169   Auna Home Audio System - Get It!  

Home Sound System Necessities

A home entertainment system model will merge an AV receiver amplifier and audio speakers in the corresponding bundle. Precisely what is in fact contained in the home theatre package may differ so take some time and select the right approach for your home.

Arrange Speakers With Your Amp

Just about every good home audio system will incorporate an amp. The primary benefit of any all in one strategy is you are obtaining an amp and sound system made to work collectively like a soundbar with subwoofer set-up. You don't have to bother about coordinating the speakers along with the amp.

Components And Cables Necessary

You don't have to feel concerned about numerous technological information which befuddles a lot of us. A home cinema speaker bundle will often incorporate all the components necessary to get all ready to go. Like speaker wires, for example, nevertheless, you might want to check everything.

Wireless Surround And Blu-ray Function

In case you are deciding on a Wireless surround sound speaker model, that speaker wire will not be a problem and several systems will incorporate a Blu-ray functionality included in the deal, or perhaps DVD. Sometimes this is the purchasing situation with several basic level versions.

Higher-End Or Cheap Home Cinema System?

Distinguish those models that have an integrated player. The higher-end home cinema system solutions will often focus on offering the best quality audio. Consequently, they are going to come with an amplifier and audio system, nevertheless not much more than that.

Home Cinema For TV Or Living Room?

You may simply utilise the audio through your Television, but linking external gadgets is where it may get slightly challenging. The purpose of enhancing your Bluetooth surround sound speakers for some is so you can listen comfortably to the best sound through your various other devices.

Bose Home Sound System With Articulated Array


  • Seamless Home Design
  • Easy Customised Brackets


  • None..

Home Sound System With Curved Speakers

£189   Bose Cinema Style Home Sound System - Get It!  

Yamaha Home Cinema System 5.1 Channel Bundle


  • 24 Metres Speaker Cable
  • Receiver Speaker Combo


  • None.
Home Cinema System With Black Cables

£299   Yamaha Home Cinema System 5.1 Channel - Get It!  

: Sony Surround Home Cinema Soundbar System

Since the sleek home cinema system functions two upright audio speakers in it's surround audio set-up, you are likely to appreciate powerful sound, that is even more similar to being in a concert or cinema.

It includes simple connectivity, which includes 'One-Touch' hearing so you are all set to enjoy it's audio capabilities.

Surround Cinema System In Smooth Finish

Regardless of whether you are enjoying a new film or actively playing a favourite record, encounter audio with genuine effect. With a powerful 1000W consequence, two high speakers, two satellite audio speakers and a subwoofer, you are going to listen to accurate, impressive surround sound that places you in the middle of the activity.

Basically touch your NFC enabled mobile phone or tablet towards your home cinema system to try out tunes promptly over wireless Bluetooth.
(Rating: 9/10)   £269 Get It - Sony Soundbar Cinema System

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: JBL Bluetooth Wireless Cinema Surround System

With Bluetooth soundbar and effective 200 Watts subwoofer the home cinema system with high-definition television is a real plus, but oftentimes audio does not match the standard of videos. Thankfully, this system presents cinema quality audio in a small space, with an attractive design.

Wireless Cinema Surround Soundbar in Black


  • No Hassle Of Wires
  • Stream Via Bluetooth


  • None

It's two channel soundbar functions four 4 100mm woofers, a couple of 1 inch tweeters and an amplifier that provides as much as 120 Watts, incorporated Bluetooth systems for streaming tunes from many digital gadgets, HDMI inputs and Harman Display surround technologies, which produces a good 3D listening atmosphere from just two stations.

It's pre-installed amplification streamlines system associations and procedure, offering up to 120 Watts of electrical power.
Made to enhance flat-panel televisions that are 44 inches and bigger, the Cinema SB is able to make your TV sound good with first-rate bass.
(Rating: 9/10)   £399 Get It - JBL Bluetooth Cinema Soundbar

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7.1 Or 5.1 Surround Sound System?

Be straightforward what you would like to play throughout 5.1 surround sound system speakers - after which select the right model that permits this. Because these systems will be for home theatre, virtually all include surround audio systems with the most typical of 5.1 as well as 7.1.

Wireless Home Theatre Sound Calibre

Several home sound systems might not possess surround sound and provide 2.1 speaker solutions. To get the best Wireless home theatre equipment, then you definitely want the very best audio as well. This means a healthy connection for clear, sharp and unrelenting acoustics.

Compare 10 Reliable Blu-Ray Home Cinema Reviews

Every home cinema speaker within a surround sound strategy manages particular radio frequencies. The Wireless back audio speakers control 'backdrop beats' and TV acoustic impact. They are present to improve the TV sound system encounter.

A Much Improved Sound Encounter

Wireless rear end speaker audio is refined, but signal noise and range minimise Wireless Bluetooth rear audio speakers from becoming successful. A home cinema system surround sound 5.1 speaker set-up features a middle speaker, a few front right and left - and so two back speakers.

: LG LOUDR Smart Home Cinema Sound System

A super calibre 5.1 Ch surround audio speaker system that brings back life to virtually all of your favoured films, tunes, soaps in addition media.

'Aramid Fiber' audio speaker understating sound aberration and assisting to return a clear-cut and accurate audio. Integrated Wireless to delight in the flexibility of a WiFi and play any file in your computer.

Cinema Sound System In Black Finish


  • Blu-Ray Disc Playback
  • Wireless Stream Via Bluetooth


  • None..

Play films, pictures and tracks, which may be shared wirelessly using this Blu-ray cinema system. Exempt from elaborated hardwire connectors so you relish the contents as though they were earlier implanted in your Television set.

Tracks that flow right across your household and link up to your multi-room audio speakers and broadcast sound from CD or USB.
[Rating: 9/10]   £299 Get It → LG Cinema Sound System

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: ONKYO 5.1 Bluetooth Cinema Speaker System

This features everything required to boost tunes, films and game play with energetic high current amplification power to occupy spaces with complete and punchy audio.

High grade 192 kHz 24 bit conversion of TI BurrBrown easily manages the Dolby True HD, plus DTS HD master sound tracks boasted on the Blu-ray disc.

Cinema Speaker System With Big Dial


  • 120 Watts Subwoofer
  • ARC Audio Return Channel


  • None.

You will find six of the brand new HDMI inputs to link up virtually all your media players, in addition gaming consoles and an HDMI production using ARC to append surround audio to broadcast Television.

DSP optimised Wireless Bluetooth for tunes streaming via mobile phone, tablet PC or notebook computer.
[Rating: 9/10]   £449 Get It → ONKYO Bluetooth Speaker System

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: Sony Bluetooth Blu-Ray Home Cinema System

With this particular home theatre system, you receive excellent surround audio that makes films come to life. Numerous audio speakers, an effective subwoofer, a multitude of Dolby audio functions.

Each and every sound, blast or shriek will get you leaping off your couch. Put on a popular video and observe how the activity advances right out from the screen then draws you in again.

Audio WiFi Home Cinema Showing 'What-Hi-Fi' 5 Stars


  • Digital Music Arena
  • Mirror To Smartphone


  • None..

This Blu-Ray system gives access to thrilling new encounters to suit your needs, participating in remarkably detailed 3D movies in high-definition. With (Super Bit Mapping), your full HD images are softer, more genuine and closer than ever before to their normal colours.

View all of them in your Blu-Ray system and appreciate the HD superiority, all without untidy wires. With Wi-Fi integrated, you are linked to your home network and able to benefit from realms of 'on the internet' enjoyment.
Access 'on demand' providers, share pictures and tunes, stream content from your computer. A chance to give those outdated DVD films a fresh outlook.
(Rating: 9/10)   £495 Get It - Sony Bluetooth WiFi Home Cinema

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: Bose CineMate Home Cinema Wireless System

The CineMate 15 soundbar system returns circumstantially deep bass plus crisp, immersive sound from a small sized unit and 'Acoustimass' faculty.

The soundbar hides a four-element audio speaker range that acts upon Bose TrueSpace signal action to broadcast the audio nicely beyond the demarcations of a conventional audio speaker.

Media System With Remote Control

It converts households in to movie theater for that entirely immersive experience. Whenever in game play, the virtual existences become even more genuine.

As far as soundbar audio speakers extend, this particular little power house performs advantageously beyond it's dimensions. A minimalist soundbar strategy for de-luxe homes and slots in effortlessly beneath the majority of Television sets.
[Rating: 9/10]   £149 Get It → Bose CineMate Wireless System

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Excellent sound and vision with WiFi home theater systems, without the cables. There are stylish home cinema speaker systems with quality, Dolby TrueHD surround sound and 5.1 speakers, offering motion picture pleasure in the convenience of your household.