Windproof Winter Motorcycle Gloves Soft And Supple

Updated 23/03/2021
Motorcycle gloves have two vital functions: to provide thermal insulation to the hands when it is cold. Protect hands from potential impacts, injury from a crash or falls, even insects. High-quality winter motorcycle gloves are not just ornamental pieces of bike wear to show off.

Gloves For Your Riding Style

Motorcycle glove manufacturers cater to all kinds of riders, such as riding style, type, and environmental conditions. It is essential to understand how different your riding style is. Each pair of men's motorcycle gloves gets designed for riding needs and style.

Comfortable And Waterproof

Thanks to modern advancements, the materials that motorcycle gloves are made of will help to make them safer and comfortable to wear. Weeding through the massive amount of waterproof motorcycle gloves can get challenging, especially when looking for the best value and the safest features.

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Cold Weather Thermal Gloves

When winter or fall comes around, you need thermal motorcycle gloves that will keep your hands nice and warm. Having cold hands can cause them to become less sensitive, leading you to make mistakes while on the road.
You might feel like wearing regular winter gloves to ride. Still, they aren't designed to withstand impacts and abrasions, resulting in an accident.

Leather Biker Gloves With Padding

It would be best if you had cold-weather leather motorcycle gloves with armour and padding. This is to keep your hands nice and warm and protect from injuries that can happen from accidents. It is usually has a long length and waterproof to keep your hands from getting wet and cold.

The ordinary gloves that you typically wear when you go out should not get used as motorcycle gloves. If you prefer your hands to be dry and warm when riding in icy weather, you can wear heated motorcycle racing gloves.
Some gloves have electrical heating elements that flow through the glove that can warm your hands. These heated gloves get powered by a battery pack or get directly wired to the motorcycle's electrical system.

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Heated Or Insulated Warm Motorcycle Gloves?

Some downsides to wearing battery heated motorcycle gloves are usually bulky, and the handwear is somewhat heavy. There are specific wires you might have to deal with. Some people prefer leather gloves as they protect from the wind and cold - and motorcycle vibrations when riding.

Warm Thermal Lining For Wind Chill

If you have ridden in the winter, you know that wind chills can be a severe problem. Your hands can become severely numb and stiff. This is especially bad if you want to use the bike's controls. When shopping for suitable gloves, find one that has excellent biker communication thermal lining.

Thinsulate Triple Layer Gloves

Cheap motorcycle gloves may have a Thinsulate lining – the same thing that you will find in regular winter gloves. When choosing a more expensive kind, they typically have a lining with three layers to it and can trap air to provide your hands with more warmth.

Although Thinsulate is acceptable in average UK temperatures in the winter, it probably won't do the job in freezing temperatures. There might be another warm motorcycle gloves solution to this problem, so you can provide an extra layer to your hands by wearing an extra layer inside the glove.

Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves For The Brave

Motorcycle gloves have evolved since then, thankfully. Choices were limited to flashy racing gloves, leather gloves, and some gardening style gloves. Today, you have all kinds of styles like fingerless motorcycle gloves, functionality options, comfort, and brilliant crash protection features.

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Light Motorcycle Gloves For Harsh Environment

Your gloves need to have armour and resilient materials and get constructed well to ensure minimal restrictions in your hands' movement. Let's not forget that your gloves should look good too!
Your motorcycle gloves must be able to protect your hands from the environment and if you are in a crash. To achieve this outcome, a good pair of lightweight motorcycle gloves are a must-have:

Protecting Your Hands Perfectly

If you happen to be in a motorcycle accident, many people will try to catch themselves using their hands. It is a common gut reaction. You could be driving at speeds of 25 to 65 miles per hour or more when you crash, so your hands could suffer severely.

Summertime Thin Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcyclists are pleased to know that the armour on waterproof footwear and gloves has evolved over the last few decades thanks to science and their plastics and metals advancements. For instance, titanium gets used in protective materials in specific thin motorcycle gloves.

Leather Biker Gloves Wide Protection

Armour has one primary purpose – to disperse the force of impact over a larger area. This leather biker gloves armour usually gets placed on the palms, heels, and knuckles of the gloves.
Sport or racing gloves often have plastic and heel sliders to avoid catching on the surface of the road. This is great for reducing wrist injuries.

Glove styles have distinct styles of levels of protection. The short gloves commonly used for dirt bikes will be inexpensive compared to others and overlook wrist and forearm protection.

Gauntlet And Touring Biker Gloves

When choosing a glove, one of the main deciding factors is your riding style. If you need "daily wear" black leather motorcycle gloves, we highly recommend the gauntlet or touring gloves. They have additional protection for your wrists and forearms and conventionally styled.

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All-Round Riding And Motorbike Racing Gloves

If you are looking to get race gloves, they protect your hands and wrists, making them perfect for high-speed racing. Racing gloves are also often radically styled and great for all-round riding. Adventure gloves and gauntlets are very similar as they both have weather protection.

Short gloves end at the wrist, and many riders prefer them because of the weather. Off-road gloves are more concerned with their comfort than protection, which is why we don't recommend them.

Thick Winter Motorcycle Riding Gloves

One thing that winter motorcycle gloves do better is to ensure your hands stay warm in the cold. These gloves usually get made with thick leather for additional insulation.

The one thing that we have had to sacrifice is the loss of mobility from thick winter motorcycle gloves. If you decide to purchase winter gloves, make sure you can control your motorcycle, and your fingers can move and bend well.

Glove Restriction Issues

Then there are heated gloves. We usually don't recommend these, but in cold weather conditions, they are necessary. Perhaps use these gloves only in cold weather because of the restriction of movement you can experience.

When riding in extreme weather conditions, you need to wear them to avoid getting frostbitten. Winter gloves are leather textile and waterproof with a comfortable thermal liner.

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Winter Weather Motorcycle Gloves For Sale

We have spent much time focused on ideal gloves for the spring and summer months. As any rider will tell you, you don't always get lucky and get that beautiful warm weather you're hoping for. That is why you need to ensure you can accommodate mother nature's fury should she be less kind and gentle.

Gore-Tex Motorcycle Gloves

If you are looking for suitable waterproof motorcycle gloves for sale, opt for Gore-tex gloves. You have two options, with or without Gore-tex. We recognise that Gore-tex is one of the best materials that gets used in waterproof riding gloves.

Gold Standard Guaranteed Handwear

The gloves are breathable and will let your skin air-dry while also protecting your hands from the wind and rainwater. What is also great about Gore-tex is that they offer a waterproof guarantee. If you're looking for the gold standard of motorcycle gloves, expect to 'pay a little more' too.

Motorbike Gloves Water Proof Level

Preventing your hands from getting wet from rain or snow is an essential feature of motorcycle gloves. Many motorbike gloves have mesh material inside and out, preventing water from getting inside and soaking your hands. This mesh material will also filter out your sweat and keep it from forming around your hands.

Integrated Hand Heating Element

Need an excellent biker glove for men? These have a built-in heating element that will keep your hands warm and toasty. Some have rechargeable batteries, and others will get hardwired to the battery of your bike or scooter. Then some have a 12V socket lead, but we have heard no complaints about them.

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Self-Heated Or External Battery Power Resource

Heated gloves are a popular option for warmth because they can get transferred from one bike to another. Many people enjoy heated gloves because they can warm the entire hand, and powered by the wind.

Waterproof Heated Gloves?

There are winter motorcycle gloves that integrate self-heating mechanisms with the use of internal or external electricity sources. Due to the complexity of developing waterproof, self-heating gloves, heated winter gloves are more pricey than regular winter ones.

Thermal And Waterproof Membrane

The best choice for winter motorcycle gloves that are not heated is the ones that have their chassis lined on the inside with thermal and water-resistant membranes. This is to protect the skin from cold, rain, or snow. The brown leather motorcycle gloves will also save you from the high winds at highway speed.

Impeding The Fingers Tactility

There is no cheap glove with membranes that gets internally implemented with excellent weather protection for winter motorcycle gloves. Only a handful have engineered compounds that can prevent extreme cold and water protection without impeding finger tactility.

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Get Smart Touch Screen Motorcycle Gloves

Each year, more motorcycle gadgets and touch screens get introduced to the biking world. You may want to think about getting smart touch gloves if you ride your motorcycle with electronics.

Fingerless Or Touch Screen Gloves?

These let you have more touchscreen control without having to remove your gloves. Not removing your gloves will save you a ton of time and trouble while on the road. Some riders even choose to wear fingerless gloves for this reason even though they are sacrificing protection.

Use Your Smartphone With Ease

Imagine being able to use your mobile phone without having to remove your gloves. Many motorcycle gloves are capable of letting you use your phone's touchscreen through the fabric. Make sure to confirm whether the gloves you purchase can get used with smartphones.

Tucked In Long Or Short Style

A few people like to have their winter motorcycle gloves tucked into their jacket sleeves. It's easier to do this with short gloves, as there's less material to get caught up around the wrist area. If it's summer and it's hot, you can also enjoy a cool breeze up your sleeve.

Gloves With Zipper For Wide Top

Others prefer longer gloves, which lets them tuck their jacket cuffs into the top part of their gloves. This will prevent any icy cold wind from entering.
Longer gloves will also protect you from road crashes should you ever get into an accident. A few gloves have zippers at the top to widen or thin the cuff to make it wearable outside or inside your jacket.

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Touchscreen Capable Warm Winter Motorcycle Gloves

If you live somewhere where the seasons can change drastically, you will need to decide if you need more than one pair of gloves to meet your weather conditions. If you ride the most during warm weather, one pair of gloves will work great for you.

Breathable Waterproof Materials

You might want to get another pair of motorcycle hand gloves for all seasons. Waterproof gloves have made many improvements since they first introduced materials like Gore-tex. Gore-tex is a light, breathable and waterproof material that makes the warm weather tolerable when riding your motorcycle.

Halfway Up The Arm Gauntlet Gloves

Gauntlet gloves are my personal favourite style of gloves. They have additional leather on the palm and wrist areas, with several reinforcements on the fingers and knuckle areas.

Gloves Proven In Crash Tests

Gauntlet gloves got their name due to them reaching halfway up your forearm and over the jacket area when wearing them. They prevent you from getting hurt on the wrist areas should you ever fall. I have tested these gloves in a crash test, and they served their purpose well, so I would buy this style.

Off-Road Motorcycle Gloves

Motocross style gloves get frequently used for dirt-bike riders and trail bike riders, as they spend a lot of time in mud and dirt. These men's motorcycle gloves get mostly made of artificial textiles.

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The Right Motorcycle Mittens For Crash Situations

These riders usually crash on dirt and not on concrete. Off-road motorcycle gloves are for comfort, and their main features include vents for breathability, in addition to lightness. Keep in mind that new leather gloves will wear in over time like new shoes.

Off-road gloves are the best choice when you are in situations that need a good grip. This is mainly for when you are taking jumps and need to control your motorcycle on loose dirt.

Try The Glove On And Then Grip

The best way to ensure motorcycle mittens with 'the perfect fit' is by trying it on and then gripping a motorcycle grip. There are several types in store specifically for this purpose.
The gloves should be a comfortable fit when gripping the handlebars and shouldn't feel overly restrictive. There should also not be too much material gathered in your palms.

Gloves For Your Typical Trips

Gloves that get explicitly made for biking need to handle all kinds of beating with bike riding. This is why it's best first to pick the waterproof motorcycle gloves that are best for your typical trips before you start looking at the many features like hands free Bluetooth calling and biker communication it offers.

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What Glove Features To Look For

Beyond everything, all riders look not only for comfortable pairs of gloves but also one that will save their bones and skin. Bikers who don't want to stop can look for waterproof motorcycle gloves, especially when it's pouring down with rain.

Not Too Tight Or Too Loose

Overall quality can get determined by the material used, with the best usually being full-grain leather. Other types of material can get implemented to make the glove more efficient, such as TPU.

The fit is essential for any motorcycle gear. Having your winter motorcycle gloves too tight will prohibit functionality. Having it too loose will let it come off should you get in an accident.