Summer And Winter Wear Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

Updated: 13/04/2021
The beauty of individual waterproof motorcycle boots differences is that you'll like something so dearly. Still, to your surprise, others may loathe the same thing so bad that many will be angry. I guess that's why they say one man's food is another man's poison when it comes to footwear.

Not All Biker Boots Are The Same

The concept of individual differences cut across all our endeavours and motorcycle boots are not an exception. This is why motorcycle riders' opinions about what's great about one set of waterproof biker boots may differ from one another.

Sporty Or The Casual Type

When you ask rider A about his preference for boots, he may say close-fitting is the best for sports, while rider B may choose 'casual' motorcycle boots, and the list goes on and on. They all have a point. After all, our choices of life matter, and that defines who we are.

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Urban Motorcycle Boots For Wet Weather

But for a moment, let's take all the preferences away and comprehensively observe the best of these boots that can serve different situations of the day. After all, we don't have a fixed period. So why don't you take your time reading this article as we unfold urban motorcycle boots plus more?

Rain Protected Motorcycle Boots

Just as the shield is designed to protect from piercing arrows, quality leather motorcycle boots should be able to keep you safe from dangerous particles and collisions.

But not as heavier as the shield; technically, you'll be able to walk conveniently as you would in your regular shoes. What's more? Why don't you keep on reading as we outlay what makes standard motorcycle boots better?

Keeps Your Tired Feet Dry

The weather could be tricky, even there are times the weather forecast fails. It would have been nothing serious until we realise the negative effect of being beaten back by heavy rain. Even if you have your waterproof cardigan or raincoat, what about your weary feet?

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Essential Features Required For Biker Footwear

Well, as you've guessed, you'll need waterproof motorbike boots made from quality materials like the handwear on our motorbike gloves page. Footwear that can keep your feet dry regardless of how heavy the rain or how many puddles you have blasted as you drive your way home.

Warm And Dry Feet?

Do you still remember the day you fell in the pool with your socks on? You were like, Oh my, because you felt extremely uncomfortable with the soggy socks and the shivering too.
Imagine how irritated that it would feel if you're riding your motorcycle with feet as cold as an ice cube. If care is not taking form, you may be distracted, and that may not end well.

Boots Must Have Good Grip

How would you describe cruiser motorcycle boots that kept sliding on several surfaces here and there? Well, that shows it doesn't have a good grip. Therefore, you must endorse high-contraction or non-slip boots that will keep you firm either when you mount or dismount your motorcycle.

Biker Mechanic Workshop

Non-slipping is very important, especially when it pours down or during the wet season. You can also opt for oil-resistant soles, which are incredibly helpful. At the same time, you tread in an environment overwhelmed with oil and grease, e.g. your garage or any biker mechanic workshop.

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The Boots Created With Gore-Tex Materials

Like many others, you don't want to be soaked while riding your motorcycle. As that may put you into serious trouble (health and accident).
Therefore, if it's within your capacity, invest in motorcycle riding boots with Gore-Tex. It is, better still, something commonly used in the realm of clothing and footwear to protect you from the heavy pour.

Specific Style And Boot Durability

If you are somewhat observant, you must have seen some tourists in a type of cheap waterproof motorcycle boots. This may keep you wondering if these are regular boots or something else. Well, many brands of boots have evolved with their specific styles and design.

Waterproof Membranes

Some styles may not be compared with standard motorcycle boots even though they are waterproof. You shall recognise them by their features, membranes, and their use which differs from the regular.
So, what are the distinct qualities motorcycle boot should possess? First, the quality GoreTex motorcycle boots should have a shaft, at least, and high enough to cover the ankles.

Tough Leather-Lined Boots

The formidable structure is to safeguard your ankle from any damage, supposing you crash against something. If the activities of the day would require you to walk a bit. You should invest in leather-lined boots. Its material makes it durable and easier to lift.

Tall Or Ankle Maximum Protection Boots

The shaft placement of a standard motorcycle boot should be below the back of your knee. This design would ensure there is no interruption as you control the bike's pedals.
But suppose otherwise, the shaft comes up. In that case, this may sometimes interrupt your control of the bike, and more importantly, may result in bruises on your legs and cause distress.

As previously emphasised, you must invest in a pair of well-structured classic motorcycle boots that cover your ankle. Not just the ankle, but will slightly go beyond it to provide maximum protection.

Slightly Above Your Ankle

Although, such a boot (high-top) can be rigid and sometimes uncomfortable than the type built on rising to your ankle level. Nevertheless, the safety the boots offer is beyond the reach of the ankle level models.

Trapped Underneath The Bike!

If you don't get it, let's juices it up a bit. When people crash while riding a motorcycle, the standard-issue that happens afterwards is the rider's foot trapped under the bike. What do you think would happen? That depends on the speed, force and direction the rider was displaced.

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Extremely Tough Material Motorcycle Boots

Let's say it's an unlucky day because the rider is wearing ankle-level boots. His ankle can be twisted apart during the process, sprain, and cause other injuries because the ankle level boot isn't fit enough.

But suppose he's putting on a full-height, extremely tough material of Kevlar motorcycle boots, then that's his lucky day. No harm would happen to his leg since it has enough support and durability.

Bottom Line, It Must Fit

Imagine a friend in a million pounds trousers, but it was oversized. Does that make any sense? Similarly, even if you have the best stylish tan motorcycle boots in the market but it was significant or perhaps undersized, they are entirely useless but uncomfortable.

If care is not taken, they might end up being a souvenir or mannequin in your wardrobe, and what about your feet? They may suffer at the whim of the harsh atmosphere.

Complete Protection If You Crash

What if you decide to manage an oversized or wide fit motorcycle boot? The truth is that they will fail to protect you in case you crash against something, and in most cases, they might even fly off while you needed them the most. But with the perfect size, you'll feel secure and safe as you ride your way through the high road.

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Motorcycle Boots Harley Cruiser Plus Styles

When it comes to styles, motorcycle boots offer different designs that suit different situations. For example, we have harness styles that range from middle to high calf coverage. You may even opt for the pull-on features that will spread over your ankle or a lace strap with a side zip, which may be military or combat style.

Calf-Length Buckle Boots

If you're looking for black motorcycle boots that will fit trailing or dirt bike riding, consider a calf-length buckle attached with plastic embellishment. Honestly, there is more than you could ever imagine. Why don't you explore the realm of the classy Harley boots to match your biker goggles?

Varieties Of Leather Cruiser Boots

If you're the casual type and are looking for motorcycle boots that will make you feel comfortable, opt for a cruiser boot. These are engineer prototype boots that will work almost in any conditions and yet, look incredible! Nearly all varieties of cruiser boots are leather-made styles - and mid-height category among all shoe brands.

Side Zip Design Or Lace-Up's

Depending on your choice, you can opt for a side zip design or the general pull-on styles. Besides, there are cruiser boots with lace straps and buckles to either fasten or simply serve as zippers.

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Footwear Designed For Different Purposes

These are special craft shoes that look like the engineer's type; although, its strap is fixed and not adjustable. Furthermore, unlike the rounded toes of the engineering model, harness styles are squared toes.

Short Boots With Durable Sole

As the name implies, motorcycle ankle boots are short and designed for different purposes. So far as it's your correct size with rugged soles, you are good to go. Of the most impressive facts about short boots, they protect your ankle from dangers looming around and remaining firm.

Tough Exterior And Padding

Did you know that you'll be able to walk freely without having to suffer lapse pain? The kind of protection a short boot will confer depends on the type of material used - such as armour and padding.
Regardless of the type of waterproof motorcycle boots, they'll all offer the support your feet would need in the case of emergency, although this support varies accordingly.

Lightweight Motorcycle Racing Boots

Nevertheless, you'll be protected when you crash considerably. So, settle for something more enduring, which could be costlier than styles that are less expensive in comparison. Resilient boots will have special features such as a durable sole with an expandable foot and more lightweight than others.

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Ultra Comfy Boots With Oil Resistant Soles

As previously stated, comfortable motorcycle riding boots should have oil resistant soles that will protect you from slipping here and there. At the same time, you mount or dismount your wheels.
In addition to that, invest in the type of boot with moulded ankle guide and torsional stiffness that'll protect you as the situation may require.

Rugged Motocross Boots

Does the situation require you to ride off-road? Well, as you know, stones, dirt, and other harmful material lying lifelessly may cause a fatal accident if you crash. If that's the case, you'll need a boot more rugged than the regular ones. This type must be callous and durable.

Motorcycle Boots With Multiple Straps

A good example that fits this job is the MX boots. MX motorcycle boots are carved with double heavy leather, plastics, metallic objects, and other synthesised elements.
These motorcycle racing boots are overwhelmed with multiple straps and buckles to ensure no amount of force can get your legs out or squashed them.

Extra Height And High Comfort

Moreover, these boots are naturally fitted due to their strap, which is beyond the calf. Its extra height and leather lining make it suitable to get rid of heat which should have been natural since the shoe is airtight. MX's wild side also makes it perfect for riders to clip firmly to the side of their motorcycle as they enjoy their ride.

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Distinct Attributes Wearing Tall Biker Boots

If you could remember that earlier, we proclaimed how each boot is designed to carry out distinct attributes. Tall biker boots also possess outstanding characteristics which differentiate them from other boots. Most often, when the bike crashes, the riders suffer beyond a twisted ankle.

Sometimes the case is being burnt by the bike's exhaustions pipe. This boot is designed to render the hotness ineffective in such a situation and makes your feet warm when they pour or during the wet season.

Tuck The Jeans Into The Boots?

Typical tall biker boots also offer an exceptional way to complete your look. Imagine such a boot on jeans trousers. If you like, ride beyond your motorcycle speedometer (just kidding). This model has fine leather designed to keep your feet dry and warm all time.

Touring and adventure boots functions as a double sword that can be swayed here and there. These boots let you ride for a long time and go sightseeing through rough paths and rocky edges.

Light Adventure Motorcycle Touring Boots

These motorcycle touring boot types are 'naturally taller' than most brands and offer full 360 degrees protection to your feet and the lower part of your leg. Despite their rugged soles, this model's standard type is not heavy but adaptable and can find its way through any path.

Cruising Style Boot Height

A cruising style boot is a great motorcycle boot. Its main strength is the exceptional height it has compared to short boots. This is important because the strap would actively protect the ankle, which short boots fail to actualise. In short, you can use it for different purposes, and it would work out just fine.

Slip-On Motorcycle Boots Or Shoes

But what if you don't want all the aforementioned slip-on motorcycle boot, probably, because you simply want to maintain your simple look, yet you want to remain safe? No one can blame you. After all, what matters is what you find considerable and suit your aims and objectives.

In that case, motorcycle shoes have ankle protection features and others, including sliders and TPU armour, to keep you safe and give you a casual look.

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Which Waterproof Boot Type Do You Want

Motorcycle shoes also have impressive features that make them stylish yet protective. For instance, some of these shoes come with lace straps, while other types are buckle designs. Although some of these are not waterproof made, you can always find a waterproof type if you want.

Rugged Boots With Stylish Looks

The appearance of any motorcycle boots for sale is also worth pondering. Unlike the engineer boots with a rugged look, these shoes have a simple or athletic build. No doubt that they'll be helpful in other ways asides from riding.

Tough Leather And Other Materials

Unlike our regular shoes, which are made of soft materials that make them unqualified for bike riders. Motorcycle boots are carved out from tough leathers that will endure anything. As if that wasn't enough, most of these brand makers now make these shoes more resilient and convenient.

Before you conclude, ensure the motorcycle shoe is a tough one, such as having all its feature in double if not triple, e.g. the layers, textile, and structure.

The Definition Of Resilient And Water Proof

You will be taking the wrong step buying motorcycle shoes without knowing what their material is made of. I'm sure you won't do that! Instead, use whatever means it takes to understand what you're buying.
Generally, 'high-grain leather' is recognised as the best, which you must opt for while buying shoes specifically designed for riding a motorcycle.

Footwear For All Weather

High-grained leather makes your waterproof motorcycle boots sturdy and enduring rather than the fewer quality ones that may damage right before your eyes. The suitable shoe material must be able to take all weathers.

It Won't Absorb Water, Will It?

The definition of resilient here refers to the type of leather that won't absorb water at all. This can only be achieved if the leather is treated. But if otherwise, you may find it hard co-existing with such soggy material.

Comfort Stepping On Pedal, Brake

Apart from being resilient and robust, these shoes also have a rigid sole that can keep your feet firm while you mount or dismount from your bike. They are also the best to conveniently access the gear pedal, brake and keep your foot secure on the motorcycle rest pedal.

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How Are Classic Motorcycle Boots Constructed

So, the point is, always consider your comfort, though, not at the expense of your safety. In everything you do, put your safety first! After that, you can put your convenience second. After all, both safety and comfort are positively related.

The more comfortable you feel in lightweight motorcycle boots. You'll concentrate on the road or use your fitted motorcycle communication gear, but if otherwise, it may not end well. Therefore you should invest in materials that will bring comfort in every weather.

Can The Boots Withstand Impact?

I assumed you are in a shopping mall, and you're ready to exploit the best among motorcycle boots. Carefully observe how these shoes are constructed. Ask yourself, will this type of retro motorcycle boots and the sole withstand violent force? What is the material used to secure both parts? Are they credible?

Will The Biker Boots Rip Apart

On second thought, do you know the best material that's perfect for attaching both parts? Well, glue is mainly used, but not the best. Do you know what? They can even rip apart without you getting into an accident. Sole sewn, on the other hand, would last a decade and can withstand any force.

More On Stitching And Sole Construct Quality

Now that you've considered the structure, it's time you observe the kind of materials. Generally, boots are made from various materials such as leather, plastic, woollen, and other complex materials.
So, if you are choosing, opt for a reliable and quality boot made from leather. As well as stitching and rocky sole that won't fails you!

Softer Grip Or Harder Soles?

Regardless of what you do with the motorcycle. Ensure if you choose casual motorbike boots with enough grip to secure your movement.
The softer grip may do the job better but won't last at all, while the more rigid sole would stand the test of time but would provide a lesser grip than the softer soles. So, choose well.

Oil-Resistant Motorcycle Boot Soles

It's even more compulsory if you're a street racer to opt for motorcycle boots with oil-resistant soles. If you have experienced it, you would know how dangerous oils are on the road. Therefore, you'll do well to invest in oil-resistant brown motorcycle boots soles to keep you from drifting here and there!

Extra Features Are Offered

Bikes boot are identical, but there are distinct features each of them possesses that increase or decrease their valuation across the board. Take note of these different features that influence your experience and fun in one way or the other. But, how can you do this?

Motorbike Suit And Boots In Yellow And Blue
Motorbike Suit And Boots

Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Genuine Value

Simply correlate the price of the bike's boot and its output as well as other features. For instance, if you'll need a bike boot for high-way riding, you must consider its actual value. Consider its capability on the track and other features, probably the design, colour, and other components.

In the end, you should be able to achieve your aims as well as spent judiciously. So, what are the features you must consider? As previously ascertained, invest in an excellent sole structure.

Boots Damaged By Dirty Oil

Most of these waterproof motorcycle boots come with a firm heel that can sit conveniently on your bike's footrest. They have a good grip that will keep you standing tall on oil, muddy grounds, and slippery floor. As a reminder, refuse boots that aren't oil resistant or quickly damaged by oil.

Ventilation And Waterproof Trade-Off

Imagine a beautiful house built with the purest of gold and diamond, but it has no window. In your view, can we still call that home? Well no! Similarly, a boot that does not support the free flow of air has failed; however, that doesn't mean the boot's hole must be wide enough to fit a year-old punch; because it must be waterproof.

Priority Given To Boot's Strength And Durability

To be forthright, this is a high-tech boot that has been carefully designed to carry out both operations. Depending on the weather, you can opt for different motorcycle boots, as most riders do due to boot liners' variation.

Safety And Bike Poor Footing

Always remember that your safety comes first! The beautiful but poor standard design will not safeguard your leg from a nasty wreck. Therefore, a motorcycle-riding boot's strength and durability should be given top priority. You'll be 'mounting and dismounting' from your bike.
Poor footing will only get you into trouble. Hence, the sole must be rugged enough to survive harsh conditions and cracking.

Just Before You Buy!

Furthermore, before initiating a purchase, consider the most comfortable motorcycle riding boots impact and abrasion level. Check each layer's toughness and structure to know if it is perfect for protecting your feet or squeezing it like a watermelon. You can also embrace other stuff, giving you additional protection against injuries and sudden skin loss.

Men's And Women's Boots

Generally, male motorcycle boots differ from their female counterparts. If you are wondering what the difference is, well, this is beyond style. It also extends to the size, weight, and colour. Although, we have some brands that produce unisex motorcycle boots, and riders are using them.

Men's And Ladies Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

But over the years, people have started investing heavily in specific gender riding boots and the numbers keep rising. But what is the difference between these two gender boots? We shall give more details about the difference we perceived.

Are The Boot Built Separately?

Most men's feet are naturally large; therefore, men's motorcycle boots are more oversized. On the other hand, the female has lesser volume because of their angelic and tiny feet. Just based on this reason, it's common sense to have both genders motorcycle boot built separately.

Looks And Toughness

Although there is a case whereby some women have larger feet. In this case, they may also invest in male motorcycle boots. When it comes to the look, male waterproof biker boots have a monster look, especially with the cocky soles like a bulldozer fork, while this doesn't fit a lady.

Ladies Summer Motorcycle Boots

Nevertheless, the urban style, specifically designed for women, is not good enough for high way or high-speed racing. So, it's glaring that both genders need different boots for riding.
Although boots for men are mostly demanded, that doesn't in any form reduces the demand for women's summer motorcycle boots. In fact, their market is growing and expanding.

Weight Of Women's Boots

Men's boots are generally heavier, and the reason is because of all the elements embraced in designing them. Women, on the other hand, are lightweight and look effortless. Honestly, if an average woman should wear a males motorcycle boot for a while, say a month, she might end up having an ankle sprain.

Dark Or Bright Colours

Generally, men's boot focuses on endurance and degree of protection rather than colours. Although that does not implies men's boots are colourless, they are also rich in colours but not like their female counterparts.

We hope you enjoy and find this waterproof motorcycle boots article helpful? Or do you need further assistance? You'll do well by contacting us here!