Car Travel Kettles For The Perfect Journey Hot Cuppa

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Updated 06/02/2021:
12V car kettles are brilliant for taking a rest on any lengthy trip. Treat yourself to a well-merited cuppa using one of these practical travel kettles. Connect to your car lighter electric outlet for hot refreshments on the route - so keep one in the car boot. View our rated 12V car fridge choices.

In case you need to load up the travel kettle into a currently crammed bag, you'll want one that is light and compact so it'll fit effortlessly in your car beside the cigarette outlet. Discover how car travel kettles match up against full-sized designs and just what to consider here.

: DeWin Car 12V Travel Kettle In Stainless Steel

12V Travel Kettle In Polished Steel

£45   DeWin Car 12V Travel Kettle - Get It!  

: Aramox 12V Portable Kettle Water Heater

Portable Kettle In Chrome Steel

£25   Aramox Steel 12V Portable Kettle - Get It!  

Zerodis Portable Kettle For Cars, Vans Or Lorry

Steel Portable Kettle For Cars In Holder

£39   Zerodis Steel Portable Kettle For Cars - Get It!  

Spardar Double Wall Kettle For Car Lighter


  • LCD Temperature Screen
  • Electronic Programmable


  • None..

Kettle For Car With Red LED Timer

£49   Spardar Kettle For Car Cigarette Lighter - Get It!  

Garsent Portable 12V Travel Kettle 750 ml


  • Automatic Power Off
  • Big 750ml Capacity


  • None..

12V Travel Kettle In Black And Chrome

£29   Garsent Portable 12V Travel Kettle - Get It!  

Types And Sizes Of Car Kettles

Travelling kettles have a tendency to weigh close to 0.55 Kg when full-sized tea-kettles can consider around 1.61 Kg. The lighter in weight, the better, however, the other side is the fact that it's prone to possess a small water total capacity.

These kettles are only able to boil as much as 1 Litre of water, and in some cases, just 50 per cent a Litre. You can find many car kettles that we have examined which are small but can extend to 1.69 Litres of water. If you believe the 500ml travel kettle is an excellent choice to suit your needs, take one on your next trip.

As a result of more significant capability, these types of kettles are a little bit bigger in dimensions compared to many travel kettles. Should you want to use your kettle overseas, it's worth verifying that the design you acquire has dual voltage - the majority of travel kettles will have this, however small or lighter types may not.

Puncia 12V Truck Kettle With Touch Heat Control

12V Truck Kettle With Black Screen

£33   Puncia Truck Kettle With Touch Screen - Get It!  

Quest In Car Kettle Via Cigarette Lighter

This 1 Litre travel in car kettle is elementary to deploy and perfect whenever you are without a nearby coffee shop, hotel or tea cafe. Simply connect the motorcar kettle in to the car's cigarette lighter or electrical power port and you will possess instant boiling water without even extending your legs.

MegaStore 150W 12v In Car Kettle In White

An impressive merchandise to take on your trips or extended weekends, guaranteed that if the infant gets hungry and requires a milk heated up or you demand a stiff coffee, you simply need to discover a beautiful rest area and connect this 12v kettle.

1 litre total capacity - appropriate for 4 cups of coffee and illumination to signal connected or off.
[Rating: 9/10]   £12   Get It → Quest In Car Kettle

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Uniox 12 Volt Electric Travel Kettle For Cars

Specifically fashioned 12 Volt electric travel kettle using the standard cigarette lighter via electrical power 120W or 80W non-obligatory. Substantial steel cup and tough vacuum insulated surface area of the mug is never baking hot. Automated functioning for 'fast boiling water' inside the vehicle to create coffee, tea etc.

Uniox 12 Volt Electric Travel Kettle For Cars With Chrome Finish


  • Food Grade Silicone
  • 120 Or 80 Watts


  • None.

Dense film heater application for quick heating up of tap water that can maximise the entire heating function. The 2 layer steel vacuum mug physique will greatly cut back on the cooling down speed and fortify the water heat itself.

Customise the temperature as you wish and view on the electronic display screen. Top performance for your hot drinks.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39   Get It → Uniox 12v Travel Kettle For Cars

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HETE Steel 12V Car Kettle Including Adapter

12V car kettle with just a few minutes heat-up to boil. It includes a special heating up and maintaining warm double feature. Furnished with a tea filter system, it is now comfier to drink afternoon tea with the taste you prefer. Lid with silica type ring for anti-leakage purposes and incorporates a connector for heating up effortlessly.

Steel 12V Car Kettle With Black Exterior

Multi features to heat up water for tea or coffee. Desirable for drivers, business organisations or virtually any other individuals who demand a refreshment on their extended driving journey. The 350ml electric powered heat cup is specifically projected for motorcar end users and demands only a few minutes to establish the water to boiling point.
[Rating: 9/10]   £45   Get It → HETE Steel 12V Car Kettle

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Powered From The Cigarette Lighter Socket

A typical sore point with kettles for car cigarette lighters is they can be quite sluggish to boil in comparison with regular products. Hanging around for your water to boil is usually a torment, mainly when you have several sights to accomplish, and that's why we rate precisely how fast each kettle is to complete.

Should you be waiting for a cup of tea or even coffee at the beginning of the morning hours or late into the evening when your travel companion is fast asleep, you will want a tranquil kettle like our almost silent small car vacuum cleaners.

Although the primary portable kettle tests discover models that tend to be as noisy as an electrically powered power jackhammer whenever boiling, we have found that the kettles are usually less noisy. Many are a lot better than others, but it is possible to evaluate ratings on most car travel kettles.

Most 12 Volt car kettles offer dual voltage, rendering them versatile to whichever region you journey too so long as you possess the correct adapter plug; however, some likewise incorporate mugs, spoons, a tea or coffee jar, or even a holiday pouch.

Sumex Steel 12V Travel Water Heating Unit

The steel journeying 12V travel kettle cup with assembled heating unit holds your coffee, tea, or perhaps different refreshments hot when driving on your trips.

This particularly useful travel cup features an integrated thermostatically commanded heating unit and is going to keep one of four available predetermined temperatures.

Travel Kettle For Car In Polished Steel Finish


  • 12 Volt Power Cord
  • Branded 12 Volt Mug


  • None..

The mug presents the genuine temperature upon an LCD and suggests the heating up advancement through the instrument panel display screen. Steel dual wall structure design accommodates as much as 500ml and possesses an anti-spill cover, including retractable drink spout.

It incorporates 1.5 metres easily removed 12V cable with cigarette lighter connector.
[Rating: 9/10]   £16   Get It → Sumex 12v Travel Kettle For Car

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Vikye Cigarette Lighter Kettle Thermostat Mug

Functional and easy to operate cigarette lighter kettle for boiling water as well as creating those bland pot noodles, creating tea, coffee etc.

The dual coatings of the container lid feature beneficial insulation and may be utilised as a drinking water mug. Expending the maximum see-through water scale, it will intelligibly display the water volume.

12V Cigarette Lighter Kettle With 2 Black Cups

Secure as well as competent 12v cigarette lighter fuse constructed with impressive security circuit and voltage safety gadget for whenever the water is boiled - ie, the electrical power is instantly switched off.

Following you connecting the cigarette lighter, if the illumination on the underside of container is lit-up, that signifies kettle is functioning.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → Vikye Cigarette Lighter Kettle

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Waeco 12V Small Travel Kettle 200 Watts

Top quality '12V small travel kettle' with fill-up indicator on the side using an automatic cut-out whenever boiled - in addition to boil dry safety. A useful as well as fashionable kettle, specially contrived for portable usage and effortless functioning with your car. A fixing bundle for wall or even floor included.

Small Travel Kettle In Black And Silver

Specially for portable deployment as well as car journey, fashioned to rapidly create a jug of hot tea or tasty instantaneous coffee etc. This durable gadget possesses an automated close off and is secure to use with around 0.75 Litres potential. 12V DC power consumption and 200 Watts power.
[Rating: 9/10]   £59   Get It → Waeco 12V Travel Kettle

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Powerlift 12V Kettle Car Cigarette Lighter

Particularly stylish 12v travel kettle for your car through a regular cigarette lighter with an electronic heat display screen. Boil water inside your motorcar to make coffee, create afternoon tea or hot milk. Customise the heat as you wish and there is a dual level vacuum insulated for upper limit heat control.

12V Steel Travel Kettle For Car With Gold Logo

Deep film heat up feature for an accelerated hot mug of tea. It can increment the heating system operation using the dual level 304 steel vacuum mug.

It can greatly cut back the cooling off speed as well as tone up the heat maintenance etc. Cup total capacity 360ml, is impressive for the work-place, school-time, holidays or tenting.
[Rating: 9/10]   £26   Get It → Powerlift 12V Kettle For Car

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Car Travel Kettle Refreshment Accessories For Trips

Plenty of travel tea-kettles have a tendency to appear extremely basic and possess zero water measurement, yet consider types which do. This particular feature can be convenient, enabling you to observe how much water you have got to boil for tea - and whether you are required to replenish.

If you are planning to apply your journey kettle in a caravan or even recreational camper and will also be visiting a hard water location, it's worth getting a kettle with a limescale filtering system. Just a few travel kettles possess one, but this will become priceless for keeping scale pieces from the tea.

Fdit Portable 12V Car Travel Kettle With Fast Boil

12V Car Travel Kettle With White Exterior

£33   Fdit 1L Portable Car Travel Kettle - Get It!  

Decent 12V car travel kettles to create your cup of tea are simply excellent when journeying. A British social custom, so do not bid farewell to these essential home facilities when participating in your following extensive trip.

Easy to clean and likewise perfect for heating up babies containers on long jaunts. Just attach the journey kettle straight into your car lighter socket and add drinking water for a beverage when you wish a brief or temporary stop.