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The perfect 12V car fridges to keep composed behind the wheel as the heat rises this summer-time - with a cooled refreshment forever to hand. Connect in a power-driven cool fridge box, fill up with on the move bites and beverages to take the stress out of those long summer trips.

01: Homcom Big 5 Litres Light Weight Car Fridge 12V With Warmer Feature

This particularly good 12V travel fridge for cars cools down refreshments in the summer-time plus keeps food items warm in the winter period.

It functions via a 12V cigarette lighter connector, enabling the device to cool off, assuring dairy merchandises and beverages stay fresh plus chilled, in addition it's thermal end product is ideal.

Homcom Compact 5 Litres Light Car Cooler 12V In Blue

Homcom Compact 5L Light Car Cooler 12V

Heavy duty dual zippered compartments maintain goods stored securely throughout transportation. It is the perfect associate for picnics or tenting trips.

5 litres total capacity, light weight and entirely transportable with completely insulated structure. The ideal isolation renders it conceivable to have possibly chilled or perhaps warm drinks on the move.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £24 Get It Here → Homcom Compact 5 Litres Light Car Cooler 12V

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02: Kenley Mobile Car Mini Fridge 12V Cigarette Lighter Connect 24L

The Kenley car electric refrigerator is a mobile picnic designed cooler. The couple of adapters incorporated with this item permit it to run via a regular 220v socket, or perhaps 12v car cigar lighter socket.

Perfect for the open-air, this cooler boasts light weight insulating material - which maintains contents chilled even after it's been disconnected.

Kenley 24 Litres Mobile Car Mini Fridge 12V In Light Blue Finish

Kenley 24 Litres Mobile Car Mini Fridge 12V

It preserves beverages cool on the move or converts your tenting journey in to a super 'foodie' spread. This innovative vehicle chiller is light plus roomy, using a locking mechanism shut cover and a secure carry hand-grip.

It's interior sizes are ample, rendering it big enough to accommodate two 2 litre bottles in a standing placement, in addition to extra items.
[Rating: 9/10] £44 Get It Here → Kenley 24 Litres Mobile Car Mini Fridge 12V

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03: CampinGaz PowerBox 24L Spacious Fridge For Car With Cup Holder

The Campingaz Power Box 24 Litres classical fridge for car use is operated through a 12 volt DC, or even the good old regular in-car cigarette lighter.

Preserving your particular drinks cooled down on the go is facile using CampinGaz. It's high powered motor chills perfectly to maintain drinks and snacks cool in summer.

Campingaz PowerBox 12v Spacious Fridge For Car With White Lid

Campingaz PowerBox 12v Spacious Car Fridge

This particular Powerbox features a durable, but all the same light weight design which can easily stand up to the efforts of a life-time on the go. Cup carrier is included with an adjustable cover and functions from a normal DC lighter.

It may also be employed in modality including 12V DC transformer, providing an impressive chilling operation constantly.
[Rating: 9/10] £34 Get It Here → Campingaz PowerBox 12v Spacious Car Fridge

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04: Dometic CoolFun Portable Refrigerator For Car 12V DC Ideal Tenting

Preparing a motor home or tenting break perhaps, or maybe just on the go! You might desire a few conveniences like this 'portable refrigerator for cars' close by to make your particular journey a little more comfy.

Using a big, and in addition far-reaching depth of merchandises for the car, motor home, or even boat, Dometic could have the right fridge for your particular demands.

Dometic CoolFun Portable Fridge For Car 12V In Grey Exterior Plastic

Dometic CoolFun Refrigerator For Car 12V

This chiller container is the perfect answer for virtually all your motor home and travelling requirements. The CXT26 is impressive for employment in the household, or perhaps when you are on vacation.

It may be operated by either a 12V or even 24V DC connectivity. The 25 litres total capacity allows plentiful room for all your food items and beverages - with the upright area to store 2 litre bottles.
[Rating: 9/10] £71 Get It Here → Dometic CoolFun Portable Refrigerator For Car 12V

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05: MobiCool S28 12v Cooler For Car Thermo-Electric Bag Velcro Straps

A perfect, mid-sized car chiller that may be operated through 12v vehicle cigarette lighter. The thermo-electrical chiller using a two way ventilation strategy can maintain food items chilled to 15 degrees beneath the background temperature.

Including a total capacity of approximately 28 litres, this particular bag is good for bringing out to the shops - or perhaps a picnic journey for the entire day.

MobiCool S28 DC 12v Cooler For Car 28L In Navy Blue

MobiCool S28 DC 12v Cooler For Car 28L

The durable substance exterior is effortless to wipe and make clean. In that respect, there is a flexible shoulder band in addition to Velcro straps for binding to any shopping cart.

This particular bag may be compacted flat for safe keeping and features press studs to fasten the folded up bundle. A 'good choice car cooler' with a sturdy design.
[Rating: 9/10] £41 Get It Here → MobiCool S28 DC 12v Cooler For Car 28L

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06: Homcom 12 Litres Mobile Cooler For Vehicle 12V Plus Warmer Box

This competent chiller plus warming up vehicle electric refrigerator is the perfect associate for picnics and in addition tenting jaunts.

It's completely mobile thanks it's folding up carry hand-grip and modest item weight. It functions via a 12V cigarette lighter connector, therefore it's conceivable to employ it whenever travelling.

Homcom 12 Litres Mobile Cooler For Car With 2 Shelves

Homcom 12 Litres Mobile Cooler For Car

12 litres potential with light weight materials and completely mobile plus amply insulated. The ideal isolation establishes it feasible to feature either chilling or maybe warming up drinks.

An easily removed ledge insert plus 2 compartments enable storage of more compact meals or maybe beverages. Right-hand hinged effortless clip doorway for opening up and shutting securely.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £39 Here → Homcom 12L Mobile Cooler For Car 12V

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07: CombiCool Dometic Mobile Absorption Car Cooler Box 41 Litres 12V

The Dometic CombiCool small car fridge can employ the most appropriate sort of electricity for just about any surroundings. The absorption vehicle fridge functions on a 12 volt resource in the car, mains powered resource in the household or maybe on a camping site.

CombiCool Dometic Mobile Absorption Car Cooler With Black Lid

CombiCool Dometic Mobile Absorption Car Cooler

An absorption fridge including metal casing and impressive functioning by this introductory chiller looks incredibly estimable, and is well engaged anyplace.

Ideal for BBQ, on the patio or at a picnic underneath the sun-shade. Perfected absorption feature offers first-class chilling functionality with aspect hand grips to make it easy to relocate.
[Rating: 9/10] £199 Get It Here → CombiCool Dometic Mobile Absorption Car Cooler

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Choose A 12V Car Refrigerator And Connect In To Your Lighter Socket

This variety of reliable car mini fridges function best loaded with cooled snacks and refreshments, as they will keep their temperature for longer time periods.

They come in virtually all shapes and dimensions, so discover the perfect cool drink associate. Electric powered cool boxes that connect in to your motor car 12v socket.

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