Top 10 Digital Cameras With Water-Proof Features

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View our selected 10 waterproof digital cameras, designed to capture your exciting outdoors activities. Robust water-resistant budget digital cameras with viewfinder for travel with shockproof, freeze proof features. Easy point and shoot camera capabilities from top brands.

01: Nikon Coolpix Water/Dust Proof Digital Camera LCD

The Coolpix is uncomplicated to manage and enjoyable to use, but hard enough for all your family members, the 13 mega-pixel COOLPIX S33 is the digital camera everybody can share. The sleek design allows you to carry and function for youngsters and grown-ups as well. Created to endure with shockproof, dustproof and water resistant design.

Water/Dust Proof Digital Camera In Blue With Tripod

Nikon Coolpix S33 Water/Dust Proof Camera

Crystal Clear 2.7 Inch LCD Screen For Excellent Pictures

Simple procedure flows easily with great outcomes - and you will constantly acquire crystal clear, razor-sharp pictures using the S33. Designed to deal with everything daily life presents, the lightweight digital camera is dust-proof, completely shock proof to 1.5 metres and water-tight to 10 metres.
[Rating: 9/10] £125 - Get It - Nikon Coolpix Water/Dust Proof Camera

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02: Panasonic 16.1 Mega Pixel Lumix DMC Waterproof Camera

The LUMIX FT25 camera features a recreational, sophisticated and durable design for productive uses. It is water-resistant to a depth of 7 metres and fully dustproof. Due to rubberised cushioning, strengthened glass and carbon resins within the digital camera, the DMC-FT25 offers an 'air-tight' physique, shielded from water captivation, dust and fine sand.

Camera In Blue Finish

Panasonic 16.1 Mega Pixel Lumix DMC-FT25EB-A

Under water images or video can display completely wrong colours as a result of filter effect of the water getting rid of red light from the graphic. Panasonic have included a capturing function that colour adjusts the picture and places back the red shades to make your photographs much more authentic.
[Rating: 9/10] £119 Get It → Panasonic 16.1 MP Lumix DMC

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03: Fujifilm Wi-Fi Connect FinePix 16.4 Mega-Pixel Camera

The brand new FinePix XP70 permits all-action photography enthusiasts to take good pics and films prior to sharing them. 16.4 mega-pixel water-resistant, shock proof, freeze proof and rustproof sleek and stylish camera functions.

With wireless online connectivity for straightforward sharing with a mobile phone, plus a number of highly effective photograph acquiring characteristics.

Fujifilm Wi-Fi Connect CMOS Camera In Blue And Black

Fujifilm Wi-Fi Connect FinePix XP70 Camera

Well suited for snow boarding, winter sports, cycling, along with other outdoors 'recreational pursuits', the FinePix XP70 is water-proof to 10 metres and may tolerate a drop of approximately 1.5 metres.

Additional defence against weather conditions is provided through the double-lock device on the battery and memory card area, which stops unintentional opening etc.
[Rating: 9/10] £211 Get It → Fujifilm FinePix CMOS Camera

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04: Olympus TG HyperCrystal III High Exposure Camera

The Olympus TG-835 is a robust stream-lined digital camera that continues to be especially designed to resist just about everything which comes its way. Extreme heat and frost, humidity, airborne dirt and dust, scrapes and jolts. It is then well suited for each and every extreme exercise from skiing and rock climbing to hiking, wind-surfing, or even mountaineering.

Waterproof Camera In Grey With Under Water Photo

Olympus TG-835 HyperCrystal III Waterproof Camera

Whatever the experience, the TG-835's highly effective lens enables you to focus on the motion or seize wide-angle scenery for both stills and film. This camera is water-resistant, shockproof, freeze-proof and even crushproof to a certain extent. Water-resistant seals and gaskets keep water out so that you can consider photos down to 10 metres.
[Rating: 9/10] £399 - Get It → Olympus III Waterproof Camera

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05: Inov8 Under Water LCD Screen Digital Camera

This water resistant compact digital camera is the reasonable alternative for the more audacious. Regardless if at the swimming pool or seaside, it will simply endure all impressive UK weather conditions. The camera can accomplish depths of 10 metres and is dust particle resistant and drop screened to 1.5 metres.

Digital Underwater LCD Camera In Bright Blue

Inov8 Under Water LCD Camera

Superior programme settings includes facial detecting as well as Red-Eye reducing. As for electrical power - keep on shooting pictures as well as video recordings practically all day using the high powered recharging lithium battery. For as much as 200 snaps on an individual charge and exclusively 2 hours reload time period.
[Rating: 9/10] - £59 Get It → Inov8 Under Water LCD Camera

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06: Ricoh WG-20 LED Macro Water Proof Digital Camera

This particular water-resistant digital sleek and stylish camera was created to ensure everyone can capture outdoors pursuits without difficulty. In spite of it's lightweight physical structure, the WG-20 delivers exceptional fundamentals, outperforming regular camera models under strenuous outdoors circumstances.

LED Camera In Black And Red Exterior

Ricoh WG-20 LED Macro Capturing Camera

It is water-resistant to a depth of 10 meters and jolt resistant against drops from 1.5 metres. Additionally, it includes a number of superior characteristics, such as the RICOH IMAGING digital microscope setting, which increases the subject and records a microscopic 'community' frequently undetectable.
[Rating: 9/10] £189 - Get It → Ricoh WG-20 LED Macro Camera

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07: Olympus Stylus HD TOUGH TG-630 IHS Digital Camera

The inexpensive STYLUS TG-630 brings together imaging strength, water, shock and freeze temperatures qualities. Like all next-generation TOUGH digital cameras, this provides an iHS sensing unit as well as picture producing systems. Full HD and high frame rate film documenting, in addition to 11 innovative filters.

IHS In Grey Showing Skier On Display

Olympus Stylus Full HD TOUGH TG-630 IHS

Incorporates FlashAirTM Wi-Fi compatibility, which makes it easy to exchange pictures to your cloud, or social internet site of preference. Water-resistant to 5 metres and shockproof to 150cm, plus freezeproof to around -10 degrees C.

5x extensive optical zoom and 10x with 'super resolution zoom' for electronically advancing the range of the optical zoom - with hardly any decrease of picture quality.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £399 Get It → Olympus Stylus HD TG-630 IHS

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08: Sony Cyber-SHOT Face Monitoring Water Resistant Camera

The Cyber-Shot DSC-TX30 from Sony is a streamlined digital camera suitable for the great outdoors. It's metallic physical structure withstands the frost, is water-resistant as much as 10 metres deep and shockproof too. With the 18 mp CMOS sensor, the TX30 includes a built-in 26 mm wide perspective lens.

Face Monitoring DSC-TX30B In Smooth Dark Finish

Sony Cyber-SHOT Auto Face Monitoring DSC-TX30B

This Sony lightweight delivers razor-sharp outcomes due to it's Steady Shot optical stabiliser and 128000 ISO. This product may also film 1080p full HD videos. The DSC-TX30 features 9 innovative results, a smile functionality as well as 'family portrait' performance.
[Rating: 9/10] £99+ Get It → Sony Cyber-SHOT Face Monitoring

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09: Nikon COOLPIX GPS Water Proof Digital Camera Wi-Fi

The COOLPIX AW120 from Nikon is created for individuals planning to seize life at mind-blowing altitudes or bold depths. This water resistant, freeze proof and shockproof digital camera comes complete full of characteristics to boost any kind of energetic existence.

Camera In Grey With White Logo

Nikon COOLPIX AW120 GPS Digital Camera

Even when you are under water or donning heavy gloves, a dedicated 'ActionControl' switch enables you to function the digital camera one-handed. With 16 mega-pixels, it is durable enough to be a dependable journey associate and is loaded with functions to further improve virtually any dynamic way of living.
[Rating: 9/10] £239 - Get It → Nikon COOLPIX GPS Digital Camera

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10: Polaroid IF045 14 Mega Pixel Water Resistant Camera

The IF045 14 mega pixel water resistant twin screen digital photographic camera brings about an impressive combination of stunning picture lucidity, ease of use plus utmost strength.

It includes a very clear dual screen set-up so you experience this elemental camera for day-to-day employment. It features a 4 x digital zoom to seize still photographs instantly.

Water Resistant Camera In Black And Red Casing

Polaroid IF045 Water Resistant Camera

A 2.7 inch back end plus 1.5 inch front twin LCD display monitor makes it effortless for you to observe the subject areas and environment you are capturing in really clear detail.

A small USB output is integrated for transmitting information to your computer. Includes easy electronic zoom, focusing in addition observing for you to catch and treasure those significant memories using superior lucidity.
[Rating: 9/10] £88 Get It → Polaroid IF045 Water Resistant Camera

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Best 10 Durable Water Resistant Cameras With Tough Functions

Fashionable and tough watertight digital cameras with durable shock-proof efficiency for recording your remarkable action photographs. Selection of sleek and stylish cheap digital cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony plus much more. Enjoyable photography devices with LCD display.

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