Pocket Size Water Resistant Cameras With Tough Exterior

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Updated 18/02/2020:
We unearth the best waterproof digital cameras created for all your outside adventures. Tough and small waterproof cameras for travelling with shock resistant body. Some are pocket video cameras utilised as mini sports cams for beach or under-water snaps.

Rugged waterproof cameras are the ideal tough device to take along on that trip. The weatherproof cameras can endure jolts, while likewise acquiring super photos both over and underwater.

Linnse Pocket Water Proof Rugged Camera FHD

Pocket Sized Camera In Orange Casing

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Campark 4K Shockproof Camera Waterproof


  • Free App DV King 4K
  • Lens Distortion Correction


  • None.

Shockproof Camera Waterproof In Black

£53   Campark Shockproof Camera Underwater - Get It!  

PowMax 4K Waterproof Compact Camera CMOS

Waterproof Compact Camera With Red Buttons

£55   PowMax 4K Waterproof Camera - Get It!  

Important Digital Camera Features

Similar to most contemporary digital cameras, water-resistant cams enjoy several options and features. You may modify picture quality throughout exposure and shutter velocity and even increase effects - but there are cheap waterproof cameras that can also capture video clips.

If You Really Need WiFi And GPS

A handful of cameras capture in authentic High Definition 1080p, if not 4K, although some just take lower pixel proportions of 720p and regular classification. Many of the cams also boast WiFi connection and GPS that allow skilled users to modify configurations.

Water, Shock And Dust-Resistant

The 'durable style' is vital to these shockproof cameras to make sure that the cam you select is adequately watertight, shock and dust-resistant to maintain fast escapades. It will even be light in weight and slender, therefore its simple to pack in luggage or your rucksack.

Under The Water Manoeuvrability

Typical cameras are much less than six inches large, and a quantity of them are rather heavy; nevertheless, we utilised them under the sea and sensed that they can end up being simpler to move around than their particular thinner equivalents. Our digital cameras with viewfinder are likewise fun.

Digital Camera Water Depth Limits

We appreciate the underwater pocket-sized digital cameras with integrated loop for attaching on a hand strap for additional protection, especially during use. Several are equipped for becoming immersed in approximately 100 feet of water.

The Watertight External Case

The cams will vary from different kinds of water-resistant design. A few put in place a watertight outside case, while some do not need one, but use rubber material seals to safeguard significant components - such as the battery and wire slots from water leaks etc.

Sturdy waterproof compact cameras must also be nicely shock-immune from an elevation of at minimum 7 foot. If you are visiting more extreme locations, make sure that your camera possesses an IP6X dust-resistant evaluation.

Vivitar Cheap Waterproof Camera Shock-Proof


  • High Resolution 18 MP
  • Easy For Taking Selfies


  • None

Digital Waterproof Camera In Black And Red

£44   Vivitar Small Waterproof Camera - Get It!  

Luxmedia Water Resistant Camera FHD Video

Water Resistant Camera With Red Black Exterior

£59   Luxmedia Water Resistant Camera - Get It!  

Seree Underwater Waterproof Picture/Video Cam


  • Full HD 1080p Res
  • Viewfinder With 16x Zoom


  • None..

Waterproof Video Camera With Blue Front

£99   Seree Underwater Video Camera - Get It!  

Praktica Waterproof Tough Digital Camera

Digital Camera Optical Zoom In Blue Housing

£59   Prakt Waterproof Digital Camera - Get It!  

Waterproof Cam IPX Resistance Rating

The IPX ratings are made intended for extreme utilisation, none of them is totally resistant to any sort of severe destruction or deterioration.

Digital Camera Ergonomics

You must also have the ability to quickly grasp and connect to every control key while handling the water-resistant camera with just one hand. Should you be convinced to contain the cam with two hands, this will not change anything - as some cams nevertheless feel somewhat misaligned.

Brighter And Sharper Picture

The better the image resolution a camera possesses, the greater detail each photograph will certainly incorporate, which usually equates to a picture with additional fine detail that appears brighter and sharper. Virtually any cam with a resolution of at minimum 12 MP is excellent.

Creating incredibly brilliant resolution is especially significant while using a compact camera under the sea where aspects such as clarity and light are usually more powerfully impacted.

Hand Trembling Solutions

Interior image stabilising is a characteristic that was previously discovered generally in some lenses, nevertheless is now integrated into the specific camera physique. Inner picture processing confines movement brought on by hand trembling to increase clarity.

Digital Picture Stabilisation

For the particular small waterproof camera physique, every single installed lens is effectively stabilised. Cams with inner stability happens to be more significant in dimensions, but any camera with a stronger processor may shoot faster, but susceptible to 'less delay' due to buffering issues.

Video And Image Picture Quality

Of sports activities and action photography, possessing a speedy processor is essential for their job. Nowadays, compact waterproof camera producers are concentrating much less on megapixels plus more on picture level of quality with regards to producing sensor units.

Nikon Coolpix Water/Dust Proof Camera

The Coolpix is uncomplicated to manage and enjoyable to use, but hard enough for all your family members, the 13 mega-pixel COOLPIX is the digital camera everybody can share. The sleek design allows you to carry and function for youngsters and grown-ups as well.

Camera In Blue With Tripod

Simple procedure flows easily with great outcomes - and you will constantly acquire crystal clear, razor-sharp pictures using the S33. Designed to deal with everything daily life presents, the lightweight digital camera is dust-proof, completely shock proof to 1.5 metres and water-tight to 10 metres.
[Rating: 9/10]   £129 - Get It - Nikon Coolpix Waterproof Camera

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Panasonic 16.1 MP DMC Waterproof Camera

The LUMIX FT25 camera features a recreational, sophisticated and durable design for productive uses. It is water-resistant to a depth of 7 metres and fully dustproof. Due to rubberised cushioning, strengthened glass and carbon resins within the digital camera.

Camera In Blue Finish


  • Mega Optical Image Stabiliser
  • Creative Panoramic Function


  • None.

Under water images or video can display completely wrong colours as a result of filter effect of the water getting rid of red light from the graphic. Panasonic have included a capturing function that colour adjusts the picture and places back the red shades to make your photographs much more authentic.
[Rating: 9/10]   £109 Get It → Panasonic 16.1 MP Lumix DMC

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Fujifilm Connect FinePix 16.4 MP Camera

The brand new FinePix permits all-action photography enthusiasts to take good pics and films prior to sharing them. 16.4 mega-pixel water-resistant, shock proof, freeze proof and rustproof sleek and stylish camera functions.

Camera In Blue And Black

Additional defence against weather conditions is provided through the double-lock device on the battery and memory card area, which stops unintentional opening etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £136 Get It → Fujifilm FinePix Camera

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Water Resistant Camera Technology

Buyers need considerably better colour and improved dynamic range inside their cameras, plus they do not want it overweight. Steadily more compact water resistant cameras will be outfitted to deal with harsh lighting, and this technology will simply improve as time passes.

Skilled Photography In Water Or Out

Most contemporary travelling shockproof cameras include video recording capacities that are incredibly outstanding. Disappeared are the times to acquire a different video camera simply to roll film.

So dependable is video recording in modern-day adventure cameras that a strengthening magnitude of skilled video photographers is utilising them for their specialist undertakings.

High-Definition And 4K Video

Nearly every cheap waterproof camera provides at minimum HD video production 1080p; however, the most exclusive and appealing type of recording may be 4K. Quality 4K camera video may be the highest specialised degree of video recording presently - and the present-day sector standard.

Geo-Tagging Your Entire Photograph Files

If you need the very best travel cam, hunt for a 4K waterproof camera with navigation system functions that permit you to Geotag your entire photograph selection. This marks particularly where worldwide you snapped those photographs.

This will make it possible for you or an associate to review that precise location once again later on, or supply evidence that you were in that spot.

Olympus TG Hyper High Exposure Camera

The Olympus TG is a robust stream-lined digital camera that continues to be especially designed to resist just about everything which comes its way. Extreme heat and frost, humidity, airborne dirt and dust, scrapes and jolts.

Waterproof Camera In Grey With Under Water Photo

Whatever the experience, the TG's highly effective lens enables you to focus on the motion or seize wide-angle scenery for both stills and film. This camera is water-resistant, shockproof, freeze-proof and even crushproof to a certain extent.
[Rating: 9/10]   £339 - Get It → Olympus Waterproof Camera

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Ricoh Macro Water Proof Digital Camera

This particular water-resistant digital sleek and stylish camera was created to ensure everyone can capture outdoors pursuits without difficulty. In spite of it's lightweight physical structure, the WG-20 delivers exceptional fundamentals, outperforming regular camera models under strenuous outdoors circumstances.

LED Camera In Black And Red Exterior


  • Still Image And Movie Shoot
  • Range Of Mount Accessories


  • None

It is water-resistant to a depth of 10 meters and jolt resistant against drops from 1.5 metres. Additionally, it includes a number of superior characteristics, such as the RICOH IMAGING digital microscope setting, which increases the subject and records a microscopic 'community' frequently undetectable.
[Rating: 9/10]   £194 - Get It → Ricoh LED Macro Camera

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Latest Reasonably Priced Water Resistant Cameras

The vast majority of rugged cameras will include a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Ordinarily, these kinds of device permit approximately 250 shots on a maximum charge according to utilisation, configurations and capturing conditions.

The capability to take these shots just before a battery boost or substitution is unsurpassed. We suggest cameras which have removable battery packs.

Olympus Stylus HD IHS Digital Camera

The inexpensive STYLUS brings together imaging strength, water, shock and freeze temperatures qualities. Like all next-generation TOUGH digital cameras, this provides an iHS sensing unit as well as picture producing systems.

IHS In Grey Showing Skier On Display

5x extensive optical zoom and 10x with 'super resolution zoom' for electronically advancing the range of the optical zoom - with hardly any decrease of picture quality.
[Rating: 9/10]   £335 Get It → Olympus Stylus HD Camera

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Polaroid 14 MP Water Resistant Camera

The 14 mega pixel water resistant twin screen digital photographic camera brings about an impressive combination of stunning picture lucidity, ease of use plus utmost strength.

Camera In Black And Red Casing


  • Instant Cam Prints Quality
  • A Variety Of Super Colours


  • None..

A small USB output is integrated for transmitting information to your computer. Includes easy electronic zoom, focusing in addition observing for you to catch and treasure those significant memories using superior lucidity.
[Rating: 9/10]   £79 Get It → Polaroid Water Resistant Camera

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We love the 'stylish and rugged' waterproof digital cameras with sturdy shockproof performance for recording amazing action photos on the beach. We hope you enjoyed our inexpensive small digital waterproof camera offerings with all the trimmings.