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Updated 23/12/2019:
Find the ideal best mini camcorder right here and capture the world's finest experiences in super high-definition. The HD digital camcorders will revitalise your home movies, from Canon, Panasonic and Sony. Excellent for family events or social gatherings. See our action cams.

A big LCD screen included in the mini DV camcorder permits you to see what you are recording easier and allows for play previews, but some displays fail in vibrant sunshine. The majority of video cameras come with both an LCD plus a viewfinder, offering you the choice of using both.

: Aabeloy 4K Digital Camcorder Wide Angle Lens

4K Digital Camcorder With Touch Panel

£168   Aabeloy 4K Digital Camcorder IPS - Get It!  

: Ordro Night Vision Camcorder Touch Screen


  • Supports Android, iOS
  • One Year Warranty


  • None..

Night Vision Camcorder With Black Mic

£195   Ordro IR Camcorder Touch Screen - Get It!  

: CenZo Small Video Camcorder With Hand Remote


  • Control From Long Range
  • IPS Ultra HD Screen


  • None..

Video Camcorder With Black Remote Device

£74   CenZo Video Camcorder With Remote - Get It!  

Features You Need To Recognise

A viewfinder can be handy if you cannot view the display in vivid light; additionally, it functions less power compared to the screen, stretching the camcorder battery life span. Each and every big or small camcorder has a zoom lens that lets you catch up closer for your subject matter.

4K Camcorder Optical Zoom

The specification for optimum optical zoom capability may be the far more related amount, which indicates the maximum zoom of the lens by itself is capable devoid of advancement. Most contemporary 4K camcorders possess a minimum of a 10x zoom, more than sufficient for typical functions.

Need A Night Vision Camcorder?

Numerous camcorders will be capable of filming in surprisingly low light, whether or not with the aid of an IR light that you cannot observe, however the night vision cam can easily. The slow-shutter setting makes the most of the surrounding lights or built-in lighting via LED etc.

Video Camcorder Best Light Usage

Specific video camcorder designs provide all light scenario approaches. Night modules can be extremely beneficial in inadequately illuminated areas and some even employ a light meter, for example, when you are documenting an outdoor camping journey - and also recording after dusk.

Mobile Phone Linked Camcorder

WiFi enables you to connect the handheld camcorder to any mobile phone or tablet PC. It is a specifically excellent characteristic since you can then make use of your mobile phone like a remote device.

Concerning the maker, you may also have the ability to examine the video footage in your smartphone. This specific feature is beneficial regarding selfies and well known for capturing animal photos.

: ActiTop Mini DV Camcorder WiFi FHD 30 FPS IR


  • Ultra Clear Touch Screen
  • Continuous Shoot Function


  • None

Mini DV Camcorder With Black Strap

£109   ActiTop Mini DV Camcorder WiFi - Get It!  

: Seree WiFi Compatible 1080p Camcorder

With superb calibre, this excellent WiFi compatible 1080p camcorder features impressive video quality as well as image execution. The 8 mega-pixel Exmor CMOS sensing element imparts 1080p video of 30 frames per second.

It's possible to delight in the crystal clear and eloquent video recording and replay process. The HDMI lead has been incorporated to link to any Television set for reassessment and replay etc.

WiFi 1080p Camcorder With Big UV Lens


  • Anti-Shake Function
  • Mini Remote Included


  • None..

The interior microphone is very satisfactory and additionally accompanies an exterior microphone - incorporated one small microphone in the bundle, plus it's offers 3.5 mm connection with lead size of 150 centimetres.

You will find additional diverse options for the microphones with several benefits and functions. With Wireless and infra-red remote command, it's effortless to download and set-up the smartphone App on your Android phone and iOS mobile, even tablet PC.

You are able to document video recording or acquire pictures on your free App. It's simple to download equally video recordings and pictures using this pocket camcorder to your mobile phone for social media shares etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99 Get It → Seree WiFi 1080p Camcorder

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: Canon Legria HD CMOS Video Camera

Small in size, light-weight and straightforward to work with, the HF camcorder will get an individual nearer to the objective in Full HD using a big 57 X zoom, although the optical Intelligent IS maintains films perfectly constant. Well suited for recording family members recollections etc..

Video Camera With Intelligent IS In All Black Finish

Overcome 'trembling' or shaky camera problems in each and every capturing atmosphere. The advanced Intelligent IS is the ideal treatment for camera shake. It instantly picks up the field as well as chooses precisely the correct optical graphic stabiliser configurations from 4 settings to deal with motion and prevent blurriness.

The effective imaging processor assures greater picture quality with minimal lighting, along with a considerable decrease in graphic distortions - since it works together the particular optical graphic stabiliser.
(Rating: 9/10)   £199 Get It - Canon Legria HD Video Camera

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: Sony HD SteadyShot Camcorder Projector

Everyday living proceeds rather quickly, so you can easily capture everything with no shakes or even annoying blurs. Not a cheap camcorder, but it offers well balanced Eye SteadyShot, which ensures sleek professional looking video footage, whether you're capturing your own preferred band or perhaps recording your children playing in the garden etc.

Camcorder With Projector In Black Gloss Exterior


  • Five Axis Active Mode
  • Fast And Intelligent AF


  • None.

An Exmor R CMOS sensor records your own recollections in vibrant fine detail and sharpness. With built-in WiFi and one touch NFC, you are able to share all of them with the planet immediately. A built-in projector enables you to view your motion pictures at any time, any place in 25 Lumens illumination.
(Rating: 9/10)   £334 - Get It - Sony HD SteadyShot Camcorder

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Camcorder Technical Spec/Info

Battery lifespan must be an enormous factor if you intend to capture more than merely brief videos. Look into the full HD camcorder technical criteria for the period you can document before the battery pack gives up. Optimum recording time signifies how much time it is possible to capture.

Video Capturing In Poor Weather

Certain camcorders cannot process all the information quick enough to focus, even though this really is additionally a major problem in 'poor weather capturing' video clips on any suitable waterproof camcorder device. The dimensions can play a significant part in precisely how much weight will increase your suitcase.

Making The Right Buying Choice

According to the kind of mini DV camcorder capturing you wish to do, the measurement might be a big concern. Additional features can frequently influence individuals one way over various others. Many 4K video cam suppliers may not generally differentiate precisely involving digital or optical zoom capability too.

Best Professional Camcorders With Reasonable Prices Compared

: iON Air Pro HD Wireless Action Camera

Targeted at expert plus amateur photographers, explorers, adrenalin lovers and amateur sports fans alike, this particular Air Pro HD action camera proposes users extremely clear benefits.

Foremost, it is among the lightest Wireless operated HD recording cameras, weighing only 130 grammes with the best footprint among leading rivals.

HD Wireless Action Camera In Black And Blue Exterior

It is water resistant to 30 feet and complete with rain-proof microphone to allow top quality sound while providing security from the weather. This gadget will not demand an extra water resistant external casing.

It is extremely straightforward and effortless to function using the one-touch functionality that enables concurrent features. For instance, the camera will record with one finger tap.
[Rating: 9/10]   £127 - Get It → iON HD Wireless Action Camera

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: Panasonic Waterproof Hand Held Camcorder

The small hand held camcorder brings together a durable, small in size physique, together with water resistant features that enable you to use it in sea water to a depth of 200 centimetres. It's also shockproof and safeguards towards drops from as much as 1.20 metres, not forgetting it is dust proof.

Hand Held Camcorder In Silver Grey Colour Exterior


  • Smooth Zoom No Blur
  • LEICA Dicomar Lens


  • None

This camcorder is a small size, lightweight as well as offering exceptional flexibility made possible by SD Memory cards, allows end users to shoot video recordings with everyday simplicity and efficiency with compact electronic digital still video cameras.

You can use the camcorder on vacation, or a number of other energetic, outdoor circumstances in which you wouldn't be brave enough make use of a standard camcorder. In addition to its dust proof and water resistant characteristics, this makes it the perfect camcorder for every time use outside the house and in busy scenarios.
(Rating: 9/10)   £399 Get It - Panasonic HC Waterproof Camcorder

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: Panasonic HC Blur-Free HD Camcorder

The HC HD camcorder offers a robust design for dependable picture capturing in challenging circumstances. Ideal for holiday makers, winter season bike riders, ramblers etc. The flexible WA3 can be utilised throughout the year.

Camcorder In Black Finish


  • Small And Easy To Use
  • 10 MP FHD Camcorder


  • None..

Effortlessly used with one hand, the fundamental controls are positioned for easy reach. iFrame is a recording structure ideal for observing, or perhaps modifying. Using iMovie, iFrame movies could be brought in quicker than AVCHD movies. Additionally, the imported file size of iFrame movies are going to be small, compared to that of AVCHD.
(Rating: 9/10)   £188 Get It - Panasonic Blur-Free HD Camcorder

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: Sony Picture Motion Browser Camcorder

The Sony is a function packed camcorder with SD that provides excellent picture quality with regard to capturing video, or still photographs.

Available in a range of two fashionable body colours, it can record as much as 23 hours of video on the optionally available 32 GB memory card. It makes sharing your films, or perhaps moving them to your computer very easy.

Motion Camcorder In Dark Silver Colour


  • Aerial And Drone Usage
  • BIONZ X Processor


  • None..

Lightweight and compact enough to bring anyplace, this camcorder includes the most recent optical and technological know-how from Sony in order to capture the action in sharp, bright high quality. Features such as face recognition help to ensure you receive great results, whether you're after pictures, or perhaps group shots.

Given that you don't know whenever you will want to shoot a little something, the SX33 is smaller than average and light-weight enough to take almost everywhere. Pop it inside your carrier for any celebration, or perhaps slip it in your pocket for a picnic.
(Rating: 9/10)   £159 Get It - Sony Touch Mini Camcorder

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The most desirable HD DV camcorders are from JVC, Canon and Panasonic. Three companies providing video cameras with top quality resolution, in addition to a plethora of other useful functions, including integral WiFi and touch screen display. All assisting to ensure the home video clips you capture will appear simply wonderful.