Electric Remote Control Cars Adults And Kids

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Updated 16/03/2020:
Gift or not, the best electric RC cars are entertaining family. Anybody can imitate the experience of getting behind the steering wheel in a high-speed vehicle. Serious off road remote control car racing is an outstanding pursuit. Get resourceful and check our bundle of ultra speedy car cams.

: Jamara Lamborghini Radio Controlled Car

Avent Radio Controlled Car In Red

£49   Jamara Lamborghini RC Car - Get It!  

: HaiBoxing Fast Electric RC Car 4WD Buggy

Electric RC Car Buggy With Large Wheels

£73   HaiBoxing RC Car 4WD Buggy - Get It!  

: CMJ Fast Electric RC Car 2.4Ghz

The fast RC drift car features the all new high torsion power element plus, using selective frame construction and (2.4GHz) radio communication organisation.

The Momentum is now sturdier, more dependable and more entertaining than ever. You get a high powered 4WD travelling vehicle chassis with a shaft drive.

Electric Car In Black

A completely flexible racing car suspension for genuine drifting activity, crowned with an import design framework shell and large rear extension, this vehicle contributes you elemental street mode for substantial activities.

Forward moving reverse command with 13 turn brushed electric motor point.
[Rating: 9/10]   £19   Get It → CMJ Fast Electric RC Car

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: HAIB Powerful Racing 4WD RC Car

The awe inspiring off-road 4WD car is going to exhilarate you with it's 'impressive top acceleration', racing design plus intense stunt activity.

Forever a favourite bundle in it's adaptation, it has considered it all whenever it concerns best action, plus with the amazing super power of a function designed brushless arrangement.

Brushless RC Car With Huge Black Tyres

It's capable to pull off comparable antics, however minus the high volume and smoke. The car is entirely painted plus accumulated for you, equipped with HPI 2.4GHz radio scheme.

It's at the ready for you to include two 2S LiPo batteries. You will get to encounter 14.4 volts of giant electrical power driving.
[Rating: 9/10]   £73   Get It → HAIB Racing 4WD RC Car

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: Ferrari RC Car For Adults Gull Wing

Reliable, easy to set-up and function, this excellent authorised Ferrari remote control car for adults with gull wing doors is the most sensational RC vehicle for children as well as for grownups.

The opening doors render this particular calibre Ferrari remote command automobile one to consider. Encounter impressive nightly motoring with the functioning headlamps and tail lamp on this vehicle with incredibly elaborated features.

Remote Control Car For Adults With Yellow LOGO

Superior detail inside and outside, flexible front wheel conjunction, shocks, flanges and rubber vehicle tyres as well as high polish paint conclusion. The ideal present for and perfect for just about any big male child, such as the father.

This RC automobile is a large 34 cm long car and features a 30 to 50 metres long control spectrum. The motorcar can additionally be expended inside or even outside in dry weather conditions. This excellent vehicle is among the finest remote device cars and delivers set-up to function, you merely contribute the batteries.
[Rating: 9/10]   £40   Get It → Ferrari RC Car For Adults

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: Maverick Strada Electric Car Remote

The Strada DC electric powered roadster has been enhanced to the all-new EVO criteria. With an all-new plus selective chassis construction, plus new no crystal Maverick 2.4GHz radio communication technology.

The Evo frameworks are now more toughened and reliable, although the low-slung buggy construction embraces perfectly Terra Firma.

Electric Car With Remote In Black And Red Finish

It delivers great control and it's possible to navigate graciously over the hurdles and get heaps of acceleration from virtually all four vehicle tyres.

The mechanics, 4WD drive train plus high powered electronics allow for the perfect combination of silkiness and high power to assist give the Strada Evo a very intense run.
[Rating: 9/10]   £176   Get It → Maverick Strada Electric Car

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: BMW i8 Remote Control 1:14 Scale Car

You can drive this particular beautiful fast reproduction BMW i8 remote control vehicle and be the envy of virtually all your acquaintances.

This impressive, naturalistic looking and entirely licensed 1:14 scale RC car will offer hours of amusement for grown-ups and in addition youngsters. The hand-held remote device is effortless for children to function and appropriates completely motions of a kids electric kart or even speedy car.

Remote Control 1:14 Scale Car With Black Logo

This calibre licensed BMW remote control automobile features functional Xenon design head-lamps in addition to illuminated tail lights. The vehicle is 'accurately scaled' and in addition evaluates around 35 x 14 x 9cm.

At the ready to function car with forward and easy reversing, left plus right including logos on the front end, rear, plus wheels etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £26   Get It → BMW i8 Classy Remote Control Car

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: Gool Electric Car Radio Controlled

The WLtoys elegant internal decoration plus designing, offering better protection and appealing contours with intense craftsmanship, clear texture and striking detail.

Extremely light, 'ultra-strong electric motor' and balanced operation commanded by servo system rudder to guarantee a constant speed outdoors.

Electric Car In Black And Blue Exterior

Proceed backward, create left, in addition to right bends and stop over etc. Using incomparable visual aspect and life like driving operation, enjoy the efficient potentiality of anti-interference whilst remote controlling and experience the power of the transmitting device.

It includes mass automobile control parameters always adapting and adjusting etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £59   Get It → Gool RC Electric Car

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Best Off Road Fast Electric RC Cars For Racing Fun

: Vangold 4 WD Fastest Electric RC Car

Accomplished using an electric powered 'brushed 390 electric motor', 2.4Ghz radio communication element, the GPTOYS Foxx fully proportionate 2WD giant motor truck is prepared to race right out from the package. Expending the S-Truck suspension system for brilliant handling and command, you will be hooked.

Fastest Electric RC Car With Add-Ons

This particularly adventurous remote controlled car with electric circuit board, overheating safety procedure and the battery utilising a low electric potential, you will also find an electrical power over-discharge safety mechanism.

This car has a 'far sighted' functioning life span. Supplied with big cushy compound remote controlled off road tread.
[Rating: 9/10]   £26   Get It → Vangold Fastest Electric RC Car

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: FTX Brushed Electric Motor RC Car

Engage the streets using this modern drift physique, a brushed motor waterproof RC car simulated close to the staggeringly fashionable FTX format. The car brings drift design to the entry grade set-up sporting a four-wheel drive shaft construction.

It uses front end and rear metallic geared differentials accomplished from the package. Dark-blue anodised metal component parts append some elegance to the physique and the process of oil filled adaptable shocks.

Electric Waterproof RC Car With Spoiler

Front CVA general drive shafts roller bearings with a versatile suspension system, perfect for tuning up and a centre drive slider to safeguard the transmission system. A water tight digital speed command and receiver enable for deployment in a broad range of circumstances.

The 2.4 Ghz radio offers disturbance free signal regardless where you happen to be. Completed with an S15 design impressed drift physique and scale conclusion wheels.
[Rating: 9/10]   £115   Get It → FTX Electric Waterproof RC Car

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: Vatos Electric Remote Control Car Buggy

Impressively fast 1:12 scaled measurement electric off road remote control car with independent suspension system and high powered 390 brush motor that conveys a fantastic high-velocity 40 Km/ph - set-up to execute perfectly with simply no assembly necessitated.

2 LED lit headlamps as well as a multitude of LED illuminations on this first-class radio controlled truck imparts cool illumination particularly at night time. Revolutionary encounter impressive anti-interference that can certainly race simultaneously. 2.4 Ghz RC motorcar strategy plus 50 metres remote device full control.

Off Road Remote Control Car With Big Black Tyres

The interference liberated range enables your adorable electric powered buggy on the pavement or perhaps cross-country using the multi challenging motion equivalent turning, drift, in addition to flip over etc.

With a high powered battery, this excellent radio controlled automobile is outfitted with mAh li-ion tube-shaped battery. 15 minutes playing plus 180 minutes boosting time period. Package connected using a USB boosting lead, it can additionally link-up to mobile phone battery charger or PC straightaway.
[Rating: 9/10]   £65   Get It → Vatos Off Road Remote Control Car

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: ComtechLogic Bugatti RC Battery RC Car

A perfect chance to possess a Bugatti radio controlled battery RC car for a fraction of the cost of an authentic one. The costliest sports car on the globe driven by extremely affluent as well as notable famous persons.

This awe-inspiring naturalistic appearing RC completely authorised car will supply hours of amusement for grownups and kids. Accumulated and set-up to execute with maximum functionality radio control. Forwards, reverse, end, left as well as right - it's all there..

Bugatti Battery RC Car In Black And Red

Functioning Xenon design headlights for operative rear illumination plus versatile front vehicle wheel alignment. Entirely independent spring suspension organisation, however it offers an incredibly elaborated inside with equipment cluster and exceptionally detailed external with pneumatic rubber vehicle tyres.

Car powder surfaced metal external paint plus Bugatti logo-types upon the front, back, fuel cover and car wheels. Real automobile design with injection shaped/moulded frame work plus more.
[Rating: 9/10]   £42   Get It → ComtechLogic Bugatti RC Car

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Our high-speed electric powered waterproof RC cars are among the most important matters concerning outdoors entertainment. There's an automobile out there for every sort of end user.

From the child who just requires something to rush along with, to the loyal hobbyist grown-up with a more bounteous budget. There's a fast remote controlled gadget out there for you..