10 Great Waterproof Headphones For Swimming Under Water

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Bring your tunes along with our headphones for swimming to assist you hear the music you adore. These nice headphones are created to supply high quality sound, regardless if immersed in water. Superb Bluetooth waterproof headphones that never twist.

01: WaterFi Water-Resistant Gold Coated Headphones For Swimming

The Waterfi first-class water-resistant earphones are prepared for usage as deep as 10 feet under water with an IPX score of IP8. In assessments, Waterfi overcame proceeding as deep as 60 metres under water, however because of enormous pressure at that level, your ear drums will certainly appreciate remaining inside 9 feet.

Gold Coated Headphones For Swimming In Blue Finish

Encounter much less drag with a much more succinct wire length of 11 inches. An ideal dimension to successfully achieve a music player attached to straps.

Significantly less wire indicates fewer tangles and much shorter time along the side of the swimming pool organising your set-up prior to leaping in.
[Rating: 9/10] £34 Get It → WaterFi Headphones For Swimming

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02: KK-ELECTRONICS Waterproof 4GB Memory MP3 Music Player

Great for the majority of sports activities, specifically created Mp3 player for going swimming, to the health spa, along with other aquatic sports. Superb water-resistant efficiency adhering to worldwide regulations IPX8. Built-in 4G memory space, incorporates water-proof headphones.

Water-Proof MP3 Music Player In Black And Red

Electrical power control keys for straightforward functioning, plus USB file transfer and data download functionality. Tunes structure typical MP3, WMA.

Standard rechargeable battery each and every time - lasts for between 8 and 12 hours. Buttons for Menu, Play, Forward, Previous.
[Rating: 9/10] £18 Get It → KK Water-Proof MP3 Music Player

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03: Northcore Soundwave 3.5mm Gold Earphones With Mic

The Soundwave headphones are completely water resistant to a depth of 3 metres, which makes them an excellent addition for any/all sports activities and water pursuits. If you are using them at the gym, the earphones will not be impacted by sweat.

Water Resilient Earphones In Blacl And Gold

If you are using them for surfing, or boating and so forth using an appropriate Mp3 music player or Northcore water resistant MP3 phone case, they are not likely to endure any damage from water.

With 10mm aluminium audio speaker drivers plus a regular 3.5mm 'gold plated jack' port, the quality of sound is excellent.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £13 Get It → Northcore Water Resilient Earphones

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04: Tayogo 2014 Water Proof Mp3 Headset 8GB Music Player

Water resistant and splash tolerant IPX8 rated Tayogo Mp3 headset is user-friendly and uncomplicated with effortless push button adjustments. MP3 management unit detaches for charging up. Standard rechargeable battery charges by way of USB slot.

Water Proof Mp3 Headset Music Player In Bright Yellow

Play-back time as much as 10 hours where FM is 3 hours. Stand by time of 21 hours. Specific versatile material to regulate the earphone bone to fit all dimensions and head shapes. Maintains roughly 1800 tunes where 1 song is equivalent to 4 minutes.
[Rating: 9/10] £28 Get It → Tayogo Mp3 Headset Music Player

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05: i360 Mp3 Waterproof Headphones For Swimming Tunes

The ideal MP3 music player waterproof headphones for swimming and exercising to the tunes you adore. You'll acquire uninterrupted replay adequate to 10 hours. 4 GB integral memory for your particular music play list.

It accommodates as much as 1200 tunes and is IPX8 water resistant to a depth capable of 3 metres. The complete addition to your exercise and wirelessly liberated tracks.

4 GB Mp3 Waterproof Headphones Worn By Man

Using the MP3 music player, it's possible to perform practically all the scenarios you adore without the annoying wires. Easy to operate and command for play/stop, skip tunes forward, rearward, shuffle as well as volume level on one placement of your ear bud. Effortless to deploy ear-buds using the integral Mp3 music player.
[Rating: 9/10] - £44 Get It → i360 Mp3 Waterproof Headphones

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06: Psyc Elise Wireless Bluetooth Water Proof Sports Earphones

With a water-proof structure covered style, the PSYC Elise sports activities earphones supply perspiration proof qualities and are made for intense physical activities.

Intended to endure shock from large movements with an anatomically created ear piece. Use when running, walking, fitness centre, biking as well as other activities.

Water Proof Earphones In Red And Black Exterior

Designed flawlessly with a meticulously applied structure, the SX is designed to supply the very best quality sports activities earphone with integrated NFC.

Simply and efficiently synchronise your phone or tablet PC by utilising NFC technologies. Basically, touch and proceed.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £15 Get It → Psyc Water Proof Sports Earphones

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07: AGP-TEK 8 GB Memory Swimming Mp3 Player Headphones

Top quality swimming Mp3 player headphones with crystal clear stereo system and super bass sound present for deeper, bigger audio quality.

Just right for activities and dynamic life-styles, it's light weight and contrived for swimming and jogging with effortless functioning. Using exclusively 3 push buttons, it is super easy and accessible to deploy with a big storage area and battery - along with integrated 8 GB memory.

8 GB Memory Swimming Mp3 Player Headphones In Blue

Using the eye guards or perhaps arm strap, it's easily wrapped around the rear of the head or even arm - and firmly continues in that position. The black colour arm strap can be shipped as a present and features advantageous dimensions, plus it's effortless to wear.

Water resistant marine class IPX8 rated and submerged up to 3 metres. Superb rain-proof MP3 music player in addition to reliable swimming earphones.
[Rating: 9/10] - £29AGP-TEK Swimming Mp3 Player Headphones

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08: Swimbuds Sports HydroBeat Waterproof Headphone

A restructured sports edition that includes much more of what discerning buyers necessitate, like an amended fit, more outstanding comfort as well as a sturdy styling.

Simply no requirement for extra swim ear-plugs to acquire a comfy fit as they're already incorporated. The strong design introduces improved components, more substantial cords, bettered construction plus full 1 year guarantee.

Waterproof Headphone Worn By Woman In Pool

3rd generation Hydro beat acoustics, where this creative headset as well as swim buds maintains a short 40 cm cord and 1 metre water resistant extension incorporated for maximum flexibility to open up your ear-pieces fuss free.

Seize your water resistant iPod and head for any body of water. Better construction to resist the perpetual drag and rust experienced in expected damp surroundings.
[Rating: 9/10] - £65 Get It → Swimbuds HydroBeat Waterproof Headphone

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09: UnderWater Sound iPod And Under Water Swimbuds

The box comprises underwater sound water tight iPod and swim-buds with extremely short cord water resistant ear buds. It features the most adept swimming iPod in the business.

You will ascertain low-cost copycats and their guarantees derive and depart, but these water resistant, rust resilient depth screened iPods are highly suggested. You will find simply no obliterated care manual to invalidate the guarantee.

iPod Swimbuds With White Cord

Expended and certified by expert swimmers and Olympian medal winners, the under-water sound music player commences life like a an authentic iPod, then it's rain-proofed by Underwater Audio.

It features 15 hours of battery power life span, accommodates several tunes, accompanies aggregated play lists and possesses the incomparable VoiceOver option. Swim buds are Mac as well as Win PC agreeable.
[Rating: 9/10] - £125 Get It → UnderWater Sound iPod Swimbuds

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10: AOKII CVC NC Wireless Ear Phones For Swimming

Noise invalidating Wireless ear phones or swimming with Bluetooth in-ear concept possesses the richest bass sound and most clear-cut treble for hearing all your preferred songs.

They additionally extend an integrated microphone for responding to phone phone calls and a command to stop, correct volume level as well as choose tunes. It's congenial with iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone, most mobile phones and tablet PC's.

HD Wireless Ear Phones For Swimming With Yellow Wire

Compatible with Wireless Bluetooth operated music players and virtually any gadget with Bluetooth connectivity. The headsets accommodate nicely inside the 'auditory canal' so it's possible to walk, run or play minus them skidding or coming dislodged.

The intelligently convenient on-ear command allows you to keep on going as you control your tracks or perhaps phone calls and it's great for exercising.
[Rating: 9/10] - £32 Get It → AOKII Wireless Ear Phones For Swimming

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Superb Sports Activity Wireless Waterproof Headphones For Swimming

Go out and in to the water utilising our favourite waterproof Mp3 headphone. These kinds of under water headsets permit you to swim while enjoying your preferred tunes.

Numerous earphones for swimming consist of various sizes associated silicone ear buds to fit virtually any ear canal, and they'll work at depths as much as 10 metres submerged.

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