Best USB Mini Fridges Powered Coolers For Drinks

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Updated 23/04/2020:
The best small mini fridge gadget requires effortless set-up to connect and use for those hot summer days in front of the PC. The USB mini fridge coolers run from a port found on your computer with no batteries necessary. Keep cool and chill drinks where you require it most.

: SubCold Drink Chiller USB 4 Litres 6 Cans

Drink Chiller USB In Black

£39   SubCold Drink Chiller USB - Get It!  

: AstroAI Cool Mini Fridge Silent Functioning

Cool Mini Fridge With White Exterior

£59   AstroAI Cool Mini Fridge - Get It!  

: Netta Mini Cooler For Bedroom Motorhome

Mini Cooler In Black And White

£39   Netta Mini Cooler Bedroom - Get It!  

: EasyHome Small Office Fridge Cooler

The USB mini fridge can cooler with a quick and sensible changing from heating system to fast cooling down. The thermo-electric strategy permits convenient switching from drink chiller to food warmer. It stores up to 6 12 oz tins and can be used in the house, in the baby room, business office or dormitory.

It offers the capacity to maintain milk or formula using suitable heat, so it presents your lunch to your workplace each day and keeps it warm throughout.

Small Bedroom Fridge Warmer In Light Blue Finish

The fridge functions by moving heat from a single aspect of the system to an additional along with electricity. Hold out half an hour prior to going from chilly to warm. Streamlined, the small refrigerator functions great to keep at home or perhaps at work. It possesses a wonderful matte surface finish externally.

Whenever used in a motor vehicle, merely plug the appliance in to the car cigarette connector. This manageable little fridge incorporates a holding hand-grip on the top which makes moving the appliance far easier.

This unique fridge's chiller impact can grasp 5 degrees C. Please confirm the socket of the wires to be extended. The detached socket can lead to the cables and outlets heating up and damaged.
[Rating: 9/10]   £59   Get It → EasyHome Small Office Fridge

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: Winter-Worm LED USB Small Mini Fridge

By way of this USB small mini fridge, you are able to maintain your refreshments cool and warm to consume all of the time. The individual refrigerator can accommodate 12 ounce tins, and is lit-up from the blue LED within the refrigerator. It's integrated chilling platter promptly drops to minimum function environment inside 5 minutes immediately after connected.

The refrigerator works extremely well in your workplace, home business office, sleeping quarters or storage area. It operates with virtually any desktop computer operating system and will not necessitates batteries. Basically connect the USB slot in, then put in your canned beverages.

USB Small Mini Fridge In Red And White

Preserve your refreshments cool while you are at your PC. Simply seconds soon after inserting in the refrigerator, the cold dish chills to an excellent temperature, but it can be installed right away with simply no driver demanded, just connect and perform. The minimum functioning temperatures within only a few minutes following connection.

Impacted simply by a USB power cable connection using a switch to a power port situated on your personal computer with no batteries expected. Inner LED light fixture and ideal for personal computer or Macintosh systems. 32 MB of device random access memory.
[Rating: 9/10]   £19   Get It → WinterWorm USB Mini Fridge

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: Sodial USB Refrigerator For Drink Can

Sodial computer desk USB small electric refrigerator and beverage can chiller/warmer. The mini USB refrigerator will snugly accommodate an individual can of drink and the fridge won't just cool off your drinks, however it can additionally heat them up perfectly.

Small sized and transportable to accommodate an individual tin, effortless set-up, no driver demanded just plug and use.

PC USB Small Refrigerator Warmer In Black And Grey

This handy USB icebox can be expended in your household, work place, sleeping room or perhaps garden shed. Small electric refrigerator containing both cooling system and heating up purposes.

Integrated green and red LED signal plus magnetised door catch. Equipped connector cable options are merged in to USB wire to maintain your drink chilled - or warm to drink at your PC desk.
[Rating: 9/10]   £13   Get It → Sodial Small Refrigerator

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: Garosa USB Mini Fridge With LED

This device facilitates refrigerator as well as warm up functionality for your drinks. Designed like a small refrigerator with a lengthy 4 foot long wire, it appears trendy upon virtually any desktop area. It's straightforward set-up with no drivers expected, just connect and enjoy your refreshments when it gets hot indoors.

USB Powered Mini Fridge With Red Can Cola

Operated by USB and wire using a switch to any available port situated on your computer. There are no batteries requested for this model. This particular USB refrigerator may be the sole method of keeping cool while you are at the desktop. It appears neat on any kind of desk keeping your own refreshment cool.
[Rating: 9/10]   £22   Get It → Garosa USB Mini Fridge

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: Sidiou Chic USB Mini Fridge Can Cooler

This modern USB mini fridge can cooler is the only method to preserve your beverage cold as you are at your PC, in addition - it looks stylish on just about any desktop.

Small USB run refrigerator with effortless set-up, simply no driver demanded, connect and play congenial with virtually all formats. Household and home office may be implemented with effortless to function controlling voltage upper limit power usage 10 Watts.

USB Mini Fridge Can Cooler With Grey Exterior

Using this impressive mini desktop fridge, you will be able to keep your beverage cooled down as well as continue at your very own PC for more extended periods. The refrigerator including cooling system comes with a heating up twin function. The small USB power power-driven fridge comes with compact dimensions and is rather lightweight.
[Rating: 9/10]   £28   Get It → Sidiou USB Mini Cooler

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: jie USB Drink Cooler PC And MAC

Basically, just a few seconds after connecting in the USB drinks fridge, the cool dish chills to the ideal temperature in order to maintain your drinks nice and pleasingly cool.

Suitable for maintaining your beverage refrigerated while you function at work. Operated by USB port with 4 feet of wiring, simply hook-up and have fun.

USB Drink Cooler For PC In Black Exterior

Appropriate for computer and Mac computer systems which have a spare USB port available to plug in. Functions by USB with 4 feet associated wire. This is easy 'plug and use' device that is suitable for personal computer systems. A consumer guide book is included in the package.
[Rating: 9/10]   £12   Get It → jie USB Drinks Cooler

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USB Mini Drinks Fridges To Keep Cans Beer Chilled

: Zerodis USB Beer Fridge Built-In LED

Absolutely no battery required with this mini USB fridge with built-in LED lighting and working voltage of 5V for optimum electrical power usage 10W. Modest dimensions, lightweight, easily transportable fridge for office and home desk use.

USB Beer Fridge With Heating With Beer Bottle

Easy to set-up USB slot to hook-up with your working personal computer. May be placed within two drinks with established heating and cooling function for coffee or cool beverages. The ideal heating or chilling treatment for your drinks.
[Rating: 9/10]   £32   Get It → Zerodis USB Beer Fridge

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: Discoball USB Drink Cooler Fridge

This particular USB powered small refrigerator maintains things personalised and keeps your beverages secured cold directly at your table or desk.

Basically, just a few seconds following connecting in the refrigerator, the cold plate cools to the ideal temperature in order to keep the drinks interesting.

USB USB Drink Cooler Fridge In Red With Beer Can

Operated by USB with 4 feet of cable integrated, it's a basic connect and perform set-up suitable for computer and MAC system specifications. With this particular small fridge as your faithful companion, you can preserve your drink cooled to remain at your PC for a longer period.
[Rating: 9/10]   £14   Get It → Discoball USB Drinks Cooler

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: Acouto USB Fridge For Desktop Or PC

This quality built USB refrigerator is definitely the sole method to maintain your beverage cool as long as you're at the desktop computer, and it also looks trendy upon every table. Uncomplicated set-up, with absolutely no driver demanded, you simply connect then engage. Run by USB with 100cm of wire with 5V power.

USB Powered Fridge And Drinks Warmer With Pepsi Inside

Cools straight down inside a few minutes, although this is entirely determined by room temperature etc. Remote device included to modify in between chilling and warming up capabilities.

The USB Refrigerator may be the very best to help 'keep your beverage cool' if you are working at the home PC, and it looks impressive upon all desks.
[Rating: 9/10]   £18   Get It → Acouto USB Fridge

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: GreatGadgets LED Retro USB Mini Fridge

An impressive mini can fridge that cools down individual 0.3 litres beverages wherever you demand it most, properly at your very own desk.

The USB power mini refrigerator appropriates you to cool down drinks straight at your very own PC, which is simply handy for cooling off. It uses an interior LED illumination for accessible utilisation in the darkness.

USB Mini Can Fridge In Black With Box

Long following beverages that have already accomplished warm room temperature, it's possible to all the same take in genuine cooling refreshments from your own fridge. Delivery accommodates an ample USB power connectivity lead 1.25 metres, operating instructions in English language, and the item weighs only 362 grammes.
[Rating: 9/10]   £16   Get It → GreatGadgets USB Mini Fridge

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With the USB powered mini fridge, you can preserve your drinks nicely chilled all the time. The small PC mini USB fridge is a superb gift for 'gizmo' enthusiasts, operated by your own notebook with no batteries needed. A super device for your work-space in summer to maintain your beverage cooled in the office.