Compare 10 Excellent Solid State Portable Hard Drives For PC

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Forget the spin! Portable Solid State Drives are faster, don't heat-up or spin at speed, tend to be more dependable and speedier than those utilising moving components that simply love to malfunction and trigger countless PC issues. The solid state HDD for fast storage tasks.

01: LaCie Rugged 9000291 120 GB USB 3.0 Thunderbolt SSD

The LaCie Rugged speedy USB 3.0 Thunderbolt 120 GB capacity Solid State Drive comes in a stylish design and offers fast digital storage space for all of your digital media.

From the desktop, it connects with any PC to provide sufficient speed for the most challenging software, back-up, audio and graphics, just perfect for safeguarding important data against any incident.

USB SSD In Bright Orange
LaCie Rugged 9000291 Tunderbolt SSD

With the SSD edition, the LaCie Rugged provides as much as 360 MB/s in theory, the quickest bus-powered item than ever before. The HDD model functions up to 100 MB/s, which is a 33 percent enhancement over FireWire options. Back-up and transfer mountains of data in a portion of the time. Take pleasure in significantly more receptive image searching.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £299 Details LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt SSD.

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02: Freecom 256 GB Solid State Portable Hard Drive

Compact form configuration solid state portable hard drive with unbelievable transfer speeds for anyone replicating data in between gadgets. The silky as well as fashionable mSSD is outfitted with the most recent USB power 3.0 application, and the 256GB adaptation possesses a transfer velocity of as much as 430 MBps.

Solid State Portable Hard Drive In Brushed Steel

Freecom Solid State Portable Hard Drive

It takes account of estimable performance in speed operation, although the genuine velocity hinges upon the file and PC functioning - as well as operating system. Brushed steel advanced construction enclosure and item weight of exclusively 29.5g, it's outfitted with an exceedingly quick mSSD chipset as well as software system in-built.
[Rating: 9/10] - £85 Get It → Freecom Solid State Portable Hard Drive

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03: Shadow Mini 512 GB SSD External Hard Drive USB

This SSD external hard drive via USB power 3.0 is a superior device just right for pros as well as power end users who necessitate the most distinguished combining of strength, mobility plus high speed.

Without any active components, it presents prompt access time - great for high-definition video recording editing etc. The fashionable concept boasts an extremely small sized black metal physique.

Steel External Hard Drive USB In All Black

Shadow SSD External Hard Drive USB

Orchestrated to efficaciously disperse heat energy as well as provide easy to operate mobility, it is competent of velocities of in excess of 400 MB per second whenever associated to a USB power 3.0 slot.

This is as much as 10 times quicker compared to USB 2.0. Operated through the USB power, it demands simply no exterior electrical power connector or even customised drivers.
[Rating: 9/10] - £179 Get It → Shadow SSD External Hard Drive USB

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04: SanDisk Extreme Noiseless Small Fast SSD 240GB

The Extreme 500 transportable SSD is smaller than one-half the dimensions of your mobile phone and presents as much as 4 x the velocity of an exterior disc drive.

Start and operate in seconds, transfer large video recordings plus pictures at as much as 430 Mbs (theory). Configured for long life usage with an expressive style.

Small Fast SSD In Black Exterior

SanDisk Extreme 500 Small Fast Portable SSD

This particular drive is small sized and features simply no moving components to fracture. Solid state systems extend dependable, tractable, superior storage for photographers in addition pro videographers who capture and convey a great deal of large media data files.

Whenever you concern about your day's function, it pays to establish the SanDisk Extreme as your mobile storage gadget.
[Rating: 9/10] £88 Get It → SanDisk Extreme Fast SSD

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05: Elgato Thunderbolt Fast 240GB High-Speed SSD Enclosure

The Elgato Thunderbolt portable USB SSD is a genuinely compact high-speed drive, offering Thunderbolt solutions. Mounted in a small, tasteful all-metal housing, it's an ideal storage option when you are out and about. By mixing the latest developments in storage concepts with the innovative Thunderbolt interface, the Elgato delivers a huge jump in functionality.

Fast 240 GB High-Speed SSD In Black

Elgato Thunderbolt 240 GB High-Speed SSD

As a result of insufficient shifting of mechanical components, Solid State Drives are much 'less susceptible to unintentional destruction' than conventional hard disks. Better still, the Elgato Thunderbolt utilises a sturdy metallic housing, ensuring not just appearance, but additional security for your important info.
(Rating: 4.90/5) £229 Details Elgato Thunderbolt High-Speed SSD.

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06: Verbatim 47633 64GB USB 3.0 Compact External SSD

Durable, fast and compact, Verbatim's USB 3.0 external Solid State Drive (SSD) offers the most current in portable USB data storage space choices. Streamlined, light, portable and encased in a modern black, bank card dimension housing. It is perfect for consumers that require the highest performance in data storage equipment.

High Performance 64GB USB 3.0 SSD In Black, Packaged
Verbatim 47633 64GB SSD

With USB 3.0 connectivity, Verbatim's 47633 SSD manages huge data exchanges - swiftly, ideal for video modifying, interchanging considerable amounts of information, or increasing game playing functionality. It works noiselessly and functions low energy usage for increasing laptop battery-life.

High Performance Data Storage SSD

Super speed 3.0 is about 10 quicker than 2.0, in line with a theoretical bus velocity of 4.65 GBits per second. USB 3.0 is completely 'backwards suitable for USB 2.0 ports'. With a read speed of around 145 MBs, and possible write speed of approximately 85GB MB/s.

The actual capability for storage will probably be less, as the device consumes 10 percent of memory space for formatting etc.
(Rating: 4.90/5) £85 Details Verbatim 47633 USB 3.0 SSD.

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07: Silicon Power Thunderbolt Portable Solid State Drive

The Silicon Power 240GB capacity Thunderbolt T11 solid state drive with included wire is small and lightweight. Probably the most compact SSD that you can buy. The temperature will certainly increase while the unit is under significant utilisation, but it will not trigger any problems for your data storage space.

Solid State Drive In Aluminium Exterior Shell

Silicon Power 240GB Thunderbolt T11 SSD

If you extend your use for a great quantity of backing up, copying files or movie editing, the temperatures of the gadget will increase significantly. The pre-installed cooling structure will modify the transfer rates to relieve the heating condition.

As soon as the temperature is diminished, the device will conform it's transfer rates to attain top speed functionality.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £200 Details Silicon Thunderbolt T11 SSD.

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08: Samsung T3 USB Portable Solid State Drive 250GB

Compact in dimensions and astronomic for computer storage, this modern portable solid state drive marks the high criteria for velocity, total capacity, long life and connection.

Keep information secure and relocate it to where it's necessitated. Contract down-time using very fast read and write speeds up to as much as 4 times faster compared to the conventional portable disc drive HDD.

USB Portable Solid State Drive In Black And Chrome Effect

Samsung T3 USB Portable Solid State Drive

Shift 3 GB of video recording within 20 seconds, although functioning can deviate contingent on host conformation. Equally, USB 3.1 connection as well as UASP modality must be operated and separate outcomes may deviate through data sort.

Agreeable throughout several operating systems, so it's possible to handily link up to personal computers, Android gadgets and more besides.
[Rating: 9/10] - £93 Get It → Samsung Portable Solid State Drive

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09: iStorage Real Time Data Protection DiskG 240GB SSD

The diskG SSD is the planets most dependable, small in size and reasonably priced USB portable SSD hard drive, utilising PIN code entry with armed forces grade 128 Bit or 256 Bit AES hardware encryption. The diskG can only be reached utilising a customised 6 - 16 digit PIN code.

128 - 256 Bit AES Encryption..

SSD in Black Showing Alphanumeric Keypad
iStorage IS-DG DiskG 240GB SSD

If the diskG becomes missing or even compromised, an individual can be confident that the data saved on the drive is secure, and can not be utilised by any kind of unauthorised third party, even if the hard drive is stripped away from its housing.

Data Protection In Real Time

The selection of 'real time 128 - 256 Bit AES hardware encryption'. Administrator characteristic - set 1 Admin PIN and up to 10 consumer PIN passkeys. Secure PIN admittance via alphanumeric keypad, and comes with a 3 year guarantee.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £598 Details iStorage DiskG 240GB SSD.

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10: U32 Shadow Portable USB Solid State Drive (MAC)

The U32 Shadow holds nearly 500 GB data, and is a fully portable SSD unit operating from USB 3.0 fast port. You will get approximately 571MB per second, in theory. This SSD offers faster seek time, ideal for HD video modifying etc.

Solid State Drive For (MAC) In Silver Style Aluminium Finish
U32 Shadow Portable USB 3.0 SSD (MAC)

The U32 Shadow USB 3.0 includes a top of the line Solid State Drive (SSD) to supply fast, noiseless, and sturdy functionality. With an ultra-compact dimension, it fits effortlessly within your pocket for highest mobility. The U32 Shadow has the ability to rates of speed over 400 MB/s when linked to a USB 3.0 slot.

Ease Of Mobility And Fast Transfer Speeds

Around '10 times quicker than USB 2.0', driven by the USB bus, the Shadow demands no exterior power adapter or drivers, rendering it an ideal transportable storage alternative. The silver style incorporates a distinctive aluminium body designed to successfully reduce heat, while offering a fashionable accomplice for your Mac PC.
(Rating: 4.95/5) £135 Details U32 Shadow Solid State Drive.

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10 USB Portable Solid State Hard Drive Reviews - Conclusion

Solid state drives supply significant advantages over standard hard disk drives, providing top speed for rapid, receptive system functionality. The SSD external portable hard drives that offer super performance you can carry in your pocket.

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