10 Outdoor Bulkhead Lights With PIR Sensor For Entrances

In most cases, the use of bulkhead lights with PIR is not the primary option that comes to mind flattering a house exterior; however, a functional outside LED bulkhead light fixture with a sensor can add so much security to any home or business entrance in any emergency scenario.

Exterior bulkhead lights offer a perfect style of lighting for any house, but sometimes they are used in commercial areas and for a business centre where there is a legitimate need for bright light. This light fixture is constructed to survive dust, water and to some extent breakage/destruction.

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Outdoor Bulkhead Light In White Finish

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Outside Wall Light With PIR And Black Exterior

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Curved External Bulkhead Light On Brick Wall

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Outdoor LED PIR Bulkhead Light In Black

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It offers a comprehensive series/spectrum of light which can function to deter thieves and vandals. You may come across bulkhead lights with a sensor on outside walls, inside the warehouse, industrial buildings or underground car parks due to their high durability value and outstanding lighting capacity.

For Garage Or Door Secure Lighting

Bulkhead lights are efficient as a security option, most conspicuously outside the house and ideal for garage lighting use. The bright LED PIR lights function brilliantly in lighting your garden pathways and consequently making it safer with motion sensors and more comfortable to pass through at night.

If you aim to purchase outdoor lighting, we recommend that you consider the LED bulkhead made to withstand weather conditions such as rain, dust as well as a torrential downpour. It's a reliable option for industrial use and a dusk-to-dawn feature is also worth your thoughts.

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Bulkhead Light With PIR On Dark Brick Wall

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The dusk dawn light fixture consequently offers light during the night to deter burglars while it deactivates during the daytime. If you would like to buy a lighting fixture for commercial use, then the 60 Watts bulkhead emergency light is a durable and sturdy option for outdoors use.

Enduring UK Weather Conditions

The typical eyelid LED bulkhead IP65 waterproof fixture is robust, can withstand poor weather conditions and resistant to destruction. With the eyelid design, the direction of the light is downward rather than pointing over the fence into another person's property.

There are several bulkhead light options which are ideal for interior applications. For instance, the flush fitting bulkhead is made into a sleek rounded pattern in a black and white coloured casing. You can use this light fixture by fixing it on the wall of your home.

Timeguard PIR External Bulkhead Light Motion Sensor

External Bulkhead Light In Black Casing

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The 'low energy industrial bulkhead' is another stylish option for use made with a polished finish in cool chrome or white. You can mount the bulkhead on the wall or even in the ceiling. As the name suggests, this model uses a low-energy bulb which provides about 12200 hours of light.

PIR Intruder Alerting Security

One of the essential uses of the bulkhead emergency light is to notify you when an intruder is around your property, hence, they are designed to illuminate the areas of your garden which can be viewed from the house.

It is pointless to light the bottom side of your garden if you cannot see it from places such as the kitchen window. Floodlights are installed on the wall with a bracket, designed to shed light towards a wide area of the garden.

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Outdoor Black Bulkhead Light In Rectangular Shape

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It is advisable to set-up the light at least 3.3 metres from the ground and ensure that the light is facing downward below the horizontal level. Floodlights can be very powerful based on the bulb wattage. Glare can be generated due to a high level of lighting, which can even make viewing at night somewhat tricky.

Bulkhead lights are designed with a polycarbonate or glass cover and can be mounted on the wall. They are an ideal option as a porch light, for outbuilding use or beside the back door. Low obtrusive light is usually produced by the pressure sodium lights.

Photocell Dusk To Dawn Lighting

The level of the fixture is low, so they do not generate glare, and the visibility is always excellent. You should check for a lighting system with a passive infra-red PIR detector if you want your light fixture to come up when someone passes by.

Red Arrow PIR Bulkhead Wall Light For Building Front

PIR Bulkhead Wall Light With Curved Front

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The IR sensor detects any heat/radiation released by any object within its area; a difference in its background radiation will activate the light. If you desire a light that comes up once it is dark and to remain active till daylight, you should check for the light system managed by a photocell.

It is best advised to choose both the dusk-to-dawn light features and PIR controls for maximum flexibility. You will be surprised how solar-powered models of PIR and dusk-to-dawn lights are efficient, even during the winter when there is less daylight.

Ensure that all your security lighting is installed by a certified technician to comply with UK building laws. PIR detectors offer an incredibly sensitive value and a full field of vision; however, you may be annoyed if your security light becomes active every time that a visitor opens the door.

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Outside Bulkhead Light With Soft Glow

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False Alert PIR Triggered By Animals

During the cold weather, PIR becomes more sensitive as it can even be activated by a cat, bird or passing animal. Ensure that you locate your floodlights in well-thought positions while you want to deter burglars, and you will not want to disturb your neighbours.

Police do get complaints concerning security lighting but the environmental protection act rules against the lighting causing nuisance, for instance, a situation where your light illuminates into another window.

You should keep in mind that floodlights which lights up the roadway or garden can create accidents; also counterproductive effects of lighting outside the house. Remarkably bright metal bulkhead lights can form a very dark region within your apartment which serves as an ideal hideout for criminals.

Saxby Outdoor Industrial Bulkhead Light With PIR

Industrial Bulkhead Light With White Sensor Panel

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In a situation where the security light becomes active when no one is around, it can be useful for viewing the area by potential burglars. Once you become immune to intense light, perhaps due to the pet from the next house and you do not consider an intruder alert, then its usefulness has become irrelevant.

Economical Exterior Solar Bulkhead Lights

Endeavour to consider the maintenance cost which can accumulate in the long run, except when you will be choosing a solar-powered bulkhead model. A permanent running light has a considerable effect upon animals as they can befuddle birds to start singing at unusual times etc.

One of the most economical exterior bulkhead lights with PIR is the solar-powered garden light, and the more exciting part is that it needs little or no maintenance. It will take an extended period before you will need to replace the battery as they are rechargeable.

Eyelid Round Outdoor Wall Bulkhead Light With Sensor

Rounded Bulkhead Light With Sensor In Black

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Solar technology offers high versatility value because they can be used as garden spike lights, wall-mounted security lights or clip-on gutter lights. One of the downsides of this fixture is that they fluctuate widely; hence, it is crucial to check the specifications to strike a balance between price and quality.

Battery Or The Mains Outside Lighting?

Compared to the battery or the mains powered model, they have relatively low brightness, and their performance is based on the amount of sunlight gained. People with a 'shaded outdoor space' need to think twice before choosing solar power lighting.

The battery-powered garden lights provide the right spot between mains and solar-powered lighting. This product is easy to install since it requires no extra wiring. It is brighter than solar lights and you can buy with integrated sensors which activate the light on darkness or motion is detected only.

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Mounted LED Bulkhead PIR Light On Garage

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Some of the challenges of the battery powered model include the fact that it can run out of juice - which can be quite tricky to replace through climbing the ladder on the wall etc.

Exterior Bulkhead Light With PIR Sensor For Home Security

Mains powered exterior lighting is the best option if you want the most powerful and brightest outdoor lights. Regardless of whether you choose a super bright LED round bulkhead light wall light or powerful floodlights, you have several features to enjoy once you hook up your lighting to home circuity.

One of the challenges of mains lighting is that setting up this model can be quite complicated. You will need IP rated outdoor sockets for some fittings, while other demands the expertise of an adept technician, but you will see how excellent the outdoors will be transformed.

Brackenheath iSpot PIR Metal Galvanised Bulkhead Light

Galvanised Bulkhead Light With Chrome Border

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Household or industrial bulkhead lights demand non-complicated installation and are superbly shaped based on function rather than aesthetic values. Generally, they are low-priced and can be applied in different environments including commercial areas, individual homes or industrial vicinities.

In a few cases, bulkhead lights use incandescent or LED technology, while the most common model uses a fluorescent option. The fluorescent lights are attractive, bright, and offer energy efficient light for a relatively low initial outlay.

Based on your essential features, the prices of bulkhead lights with PIR varies. One notable feature among others is you will see while checking this product is of a shatterproof construction which is resistant to the harsh UK outdoors conditions.