10 Mobile Phone Camera Lenses For Wide-Angle Fish Eye Effects

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They're good enough for Usain Bolt, so snap up one of our recommended mobile phone camera lens kits with unique universal clip-on to convert your smartphone to shoot diverse photo effects. Ideal for the beauty around you, take selfies or smartphone photos with stunning fish eye effectuates.

01: Aukey Lens For Mobile Phone FishEye Wide Pictures

The easy to utilise 3 featured fish eye lens for mobile phone with very wide perspective accommodates practically all popular mobile phones, tablet PC's and gadgets.

The specialised rubber clip construction forestalls impairment to products as well as lens system, all using an effortless entry to the smartphone functions.

Steel Design Lens For Mobile Phone On Back Of Device

Aukey Lens For Mobile Phone FishEye

Impressive 198 degrees fish-eye consequence and expert wide-angle lens catches your existence in it's fabulous observing field of view for spectacularly rounded pictures.

Striking, distort free outcomes add a beautiful range and it's unambiguously suitable for the elemental selfies, as well as the most distant photos.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £13 Get It → Aukey Lens For Mobile Phone FishEye

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02: Havit Clip-On Style HD Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

A smartphone camera lens kit with multi component design commonly spent on 'movie calibre' lens systems that creates a much better photo. With a 60mm wide perspective lens, the circle as well as range of this lens is specifically configured and organised for serious picture taking.

HD Glass Smartphone Camera Lens Kit With Rubber Back

Havit Clip Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

Featuring 5 piece of 4 groupings HD glasses as well as constituting a multi-layer surface, it can reach 60mm focal distance, 40 degrees observing perspective including 2x zoom balance.

It can meet your particular picture taking demands and uses top quality optical glass along with metal components for strength and functionality.
[Rating: 9/10] - £29 Get It → Havit Clip Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

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03: CamKix Universal Design Mobile Phone Camera Lens

A mobile phone camera lens that immediately supercharges your device, tablet PC or perhaps notebook computer digital camera.

This top quality fish eye macro lens system is immediately better than the regular photographic camera of your mobile with excellent functioning. Both lenses are constructed of superior calibre glass.

Twin Mobile Phone Camera Lens With Black Clip

CamKix Mobile Phone Camera Lens

First-rate picture quality including intense colours as well as high detail. Direct, top quality optical fish eye or perhaps Macro consequence appended to your video recordings or photographs.

Bestowing the Macro lens to your particular camera, it allows you to get closer to any physical object to centre in higher detail.
[Rating: 9/10] - £27 Get It → CamKix Mobile Phone Camera Lens

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04: Seneo Clip Mobile Phone Lens Kit Wide-Angle Fisheye

The wide-angle macro and broad perspective mobile phone lens kit affords you a range of capturing alternatives to please your diverse demands.

The 180 degrees wide-angle lens allows you to attain incomparable and interesting effectuates through amplifying the range of field within your photographs. It's just right for close-up photos of small sized physical objects.

Fisheye Clip Mobile Phone Lens Kit In Man's Hand

Seneo Clip Mobile Phone Lens Kit

The lens not just delivers with a high-end conception for pretty appearance and hassle-free picture taking, however it's additionally created using elevated layered glass as well as top-quality metal alloy casing to guarantee strength.

Furthermore, the lenses promise a more eminent index of refraction that ensues genuine colours along with higher image resolution.
[Rating: 9/10] - £16 Get It → Seneo Clip Mobile Phone Lens Kit

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05: Aperlite Universal Macro Camera Lens For Phone Snaps

This macro camera lens for phone is light weight as well as a small sized construction that you simply need to use with your particular smart phone, rather than a regular digital photographic camera to seize terrific pictures.

This mobile phone lens kit is an impressive device, just right for taking pictures of groups of individuals and much more.

Optical Glass Camera Lens For Phone Snaps In Black And Blue

Aperlite Camera Lens For Phone Snaps

It's employed to bring forth substantial visual deformation, and also produce an all-encompassing bird's-eye photograph minus dark recesses, affording your photographs a rounded fish bowl consequence as though utilising a fish-eye lens.

The prompt modification conception extends an effortless changeover in between the three lenses to better your picture taking encounters.
[Rating: 8/10] - £12 Get It → Aperlite Camera Lens For Phone Snaps

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06: MemTeq CPL Smartphone Camera Lens Attachments

Eight impressive smartphone camera lens attachments in an individual bundle. The wide 235 degrees first-rate fish-eye, 19x Macro lens system, extremely wide perspective lens and 180 degrees wide-angle.

The 0.65 fish-eye lens affords you an array of capturing choices and the lens systems are constructed from steel to maximise enduringness.

Wide Angle Smartphone Camera Lens Attachments 8 Parts

MemTeq Smartphone Camera Lens Attachments

Broad angle as well as large lens, super wide-angle as well as 19x macro lens inside a 2 in 1 arrangement. This variety of two compact lenses are screwed collectively for leisurely safe keeping.

To deploy the wide perspective, just mount both lenses up to the case supplied. To employ the macro lens system, effortlessly unscrew the fish eye lens.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £11 Get It → x8 MemTeq Smartphone Camera Lenses

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07: Comsun Phone Camera Lens For iPhone And Galaxy

Established with expert grade HD glasses, the phone camera lens will not modify the smartphone camera features. Zooming and concentrating are as fast as your digital camera, however the camera perspective is changed.

Anybody using a mobile phone or perhaps tablet PC can merely clip on, start focusing - then click.

238 Degrees Phone Camera Lens For iPhone Clipped On Back

Comsun Phone Camera Lens For iPhone

Superior calibre fabricated with excellent glass optics as well as strong metal design for increased durability, denigrates lens brilliance, reflectivity, ghosting etc. Every lens is constructed of HD glass that allows edge to edge asperity without any distortion.
[Rating: 9/10] - £12 Get It → Comsun Phone Camera Lens For iPhone

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08: Topop HD Camera Lens For Mobile Telephoto System

Using this first-class 2X HD Telephoto camera lens for mobiles, it's possible to experience an instantaneous zoom, minus suffering poor photo quality of typical smart phones.

Specifically constructed for mobiles, this particular HD zoom lens can get closer with less clouded photographs without affecting location and harming calibre. Anti scrape construction and effortless to carry.

HD Camera Lens For Mobile Telephoto With Bronze Rim

Topop Camera Lens For Mobile

The clip is configured containing soft rubber, therefore you never have to stress that it will scrape or perhaps impair your smart phone. Congenial with the majority of mobile phones - which includes iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Android smart phones and so on.

It additionally works perfectly for tablet PC's as well as notebooks.
[Rating: 9/10] - £22 Get It → Topop Camera Lens For Mobiles

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09: Juboury 8 Piece Zoom Mobile Camera Lens Fisheye

A precisely created mobile camera lens system 8 piece including zoom, wide-angle, macro, all-encompassing perspective, congenial with iPhone, Samsung, HTC, tablet PC's, iPad and additional mobile phones.

Using around 180 degrees field persuasion, your particular mobile phone lens will catch 'round' photographs rather than square types.

Universal Clamp Zoom Mobile Camera Lens On Apple Smartphone

Juboury Zoom Mobile Camera Lens

Good focal length of 12 to 15mm for a lot of impressive 10x macro snapshots to discover the additional details of your small physical objects. It can elaborate the normal observing perspective through 2x on this macro lens.

Hand-operated focus is easy to operate and assist you to capture photos effortlessly.
[Rating: 9/10] - £18 Get It → Juboury Zoom Mobile Camera Lens

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10: VicTsing Clip Wide-Angle Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

Excellent calibre smartphone camera lens kit possesses 6 optic components in 5 groupings to catch surprisingly crystal clear-cut photographs.

238 degrees extremely broad perspective lens permits you to shoot photos of significant sized ranges. Position it on the back camera to capture a big percentage of your own environment.

Rubber Protecting Smartphone Camera Lens Kit In Copper

VicTsing Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

Clamp it on the front end camera to engage group selfies effortlessly. A refined copper look passes to accommodate your gadget impeccably.

Equipped with a rubber band to safeguard your mobile phone from scrapes. Clip-on construction will bind your phone in position, and it's simple to bring the lens system with you whenever journeying.
[Rating: 9/10] - £20 Get It → VicTsing Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

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Clip-On Style Mobile Phone Camera Lenses With Wide Fish Eye..

These mobile phone camera lenses come with incorporated universal clip, where it's possible to mount to any smartphone for stunning picture taking effects.

The macro lens enables you to accomplish shots which are exceedingly close to any physical object. The 'fish-eye lens' extends round borders rather than square utilising an extremely wide perspective lens.

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