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Updated: 15/04/2021
What on earth is a cut-throat razor set? The first time you heard of a cut-throat razor set, what comes to your mind? Pure leather strop, blade, paste and steel bowl? Perhaps not. It must be a razor that one can cut one's own throat with.But there is more to this than the fictional character Sweeney Todd.

Big Blade Created From Steel

Hilarious, right? After all, we can't blame anyone as that's a term more recognised by men, and we only gave the interpretation based on the name. But, what is a straight blade razor? In simple terms, this is a blade carved from steel with a tiny pouch-like handle that can be folded into if unused.

The Blade Can Be Folded Inside

You said that sounds like a pocket knife, you're right, but that may not be the absolute truth! You're right because, like a pocket knife, straight edge razors also have handles with an opening that the blade can be folded into. But does that makes it a pocket knife? No!

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Cut Throat Razor Kit With Folding Blade

The definition we gave to cut-throat razor can be generalised. After all, all these cut-throat razor kit brands comprise a single blade attached to a holder. And while being realistic, these prototypes, which can be enclosed in its folder (handle), are even more incredible.

Come to think of it, if you're a man who shaves with a regular blade frequently, you'll be nicked by mistakes, and, even though you kept the blade or shaving stick in the case or package, they are more likely to rust.

Barber Razors And Corrosion

On the other hand, barber razors will keep your hand safe due to the handle and protect the edge of the blade from rust. Hardly will you find straight razors without this essential function. Nevertheless, their distinct attributes differentiate one from another.

Dangerous Personal Care Tools

For example, some have a rounded tip while another has a square tip. Another category of the cut-throat blade is more expansive than others. In contrast, other differences include the blade's material, holder constructed materials, and the list goes on.

You may now start wondering why so many people scurry after these personal care tools on earth. Simultaneously, a slight mistake or lacking the proper method can result in bruises and cut to the neck.

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Barber Shop Razors Requires Utmost Attention

To justify your curiosity, bear in mind that men who shave would go the extra miles to ensure their face and beard are all clean and smooth. There is no doubt that some men endorse shaving with straight-type barbershop razors. Even though it requires one's absolute attention more than other types of razors.

Old Fashioned Razor Compared To New

Unlike the disposable razor with two short sharp edges, a straight razor has a big blade but slightly longer than the disposable one. When it comes to efficiency and effectiveness, old fashioned razors beat disposable ones in practically all hemispheres.

For example, as the name implies, 'disposable' shows you can only shave with it once - you're risking bumps and skin irritation. While straight razors are simply the opposite of all that.

Why Shave With A Traditional Razor?

One can opt for many reasons; it's simply tradition, doing something new or even pride. But, to be straight, this fashion tool isn't meant for just everyone. Come to think of it, the traditional razor blade is sharp enough for serious facial hair removal and to cause severe damage to the throat if used by any novice.

Therefore, they are used by people I regarded as well mannered and disciplined; because it takes a lot of focus, patience, and good mastery of it to avoid cuts.

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Traditional Razor Blades Demand Some Patience

So what do the above statements imply? Suppose you're the active type and impatient. In that case, it's highly recommended you continue using your regular shaving stick or electric razor to avoid unnecessary cutting mishaps. But does that mean you are grounded?

Learn How To Utilise The Blade

All you have to do is adjust and learn how to use it - and it's not as challenging as you may think. Do you know that lovers of cut-throat razor sets aren't experts? They only exercise enough patience, which I believe, transpired into other parts of their lifestyle.

Records show many are converting swiftly, which is no doubt why disposable razors demand is running low. While straight razor companies are moving in the opposite direction.

Sophisticated Razors Demand Respect

This overwhelming transitioning signifies that men of honour are thirsty, hungry for the best, and would do whatever it takes to keep this tradition alive. They use sophisticated tools to make themselves human and ultimately give themselves the respect they really deserve.

Eco-Friendly Battery Shavers?

A friend who thought of giving you a piece of advice may claim modern-day battery-powered shavers is the best. It'll do the job, but I don't need to remind you that they are not precisely eco-friendly and might not last long as you may have presumed.

Either you like it or not, a folding shaving razor would outlive your electric junk a million times. Therefore, it's common sense to opt for a cut-throat razor that'll save you from manufacturers' costly replacements and unlimited complaints.

Diverse Types Of Folding Shaving Razor Blades

Generally, categories of blades or their point type can be classified into several significant slots: square, round, French, Spanish, and barber notch varieties.

Square Styled

A square point blade can better be described as a tiny rectangular metal where both horizontal lines are sharper. Being fairly square makes it perfect for shaving more expansive areas. Still, it may require enough patient and a bit of professionalism or else you may nick yourself.

Round Point 'Turkish Razor'

As you may have guessed, these are Turkish razor blades with rounded edges. That is, they have horizontal parts that are sharp and can be used for shaving.
Round point blades go easier on almost everyone, especially the novice. If you're still learning, it's recommended you settle for a rounded point cutting blade.

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French Point Precision Shave

French point blades are the curved nose type. It's safe to conclude that its point serves as a midpoint between spike and Dutch points. The square point is significant in making precision shaving and has a rounded end that helps user safety.

Spanish Type With Rounded Tip

This Spanish is also more of an aesthetic style like the French point. The difference is the tiny rounded tip, like a pointed spike that curls into a hollow point.

Protecting From Blade Cuts

Spanish point also offers precision shaving like the French point blade. The added part is that it enables users to know the position of their face they're shaving. Unlike the French rounded point, which serves as a safety string, the Spanish blade's inward curve may or may not protect you from cuts.

Cut Throat Razor Set Barbers Notch

Should I make a guess? Well, I presumed you assumed barbers notch are designed for barbers. You could say that because of its portability, name and convenience.

Like the Spanish point style, this blade also has a smaller hollow arch, making it easier to use. Babers notch is commonly used because you can quickly flick the edges open and close, which is why most barbers invest in its use.

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Importance Of The Open Razor Blade Finish

So, what are the types of blade finish out there? Wait, do you know even the meaning of blade finish? Well, either finish or coating is embellishment or polish used in designing the blade.

Corrosion And Endurance Level

The type used for an open razor blade prevents corrosion or even determines its endurance level. So, what are the types of finishes out there? More blade 'finishes and coatings' are out there, but this article shall be limited to just two types: mirror and satin.

Mirror Layered

This mirror style is the most expensive and greatest of all for straight razors, and as you've guessed, mirror coating reflects like a mirror. And its richness and smoothness make it perfect for lessening cuts. Although, it should be noted that this type of finish reveals scratches or marks effortlessly.

Satin Finished

Satin, on the other hand, isn't as remarkable as the mirror finish. It has adequate corrosion resistance but not as tough as the mirror and different finishes, such as satin. Most often, both straight cut razor finishes are combined in designing a blade. Generally, they are less expensive than most finishes or coating type blades.

Previously, we claimed some razor brands used a mixture of mirror and satin while painting a blade. Are you wondering about how that's possible? Well, it's a two-way thing, and how do I mean?

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Vintage Style Straight Cut Razor Set Brands

Some straight cut razor set brands finish the front part of the blade with a mirror coating while the back is done with the satin coating. There are also some blades that the frontier is a satin finish, while the backside is mirror finished.

Nickel And Silver Plate Mirror

Although one has to be careful, as not all that glitters is gold. You may be deceived by metal plating, which would give you the original colour you desire, but in reality, it's fake.
For instance, a nickel or silver plate will give you a mirrored look. Still, underneath, it is simply the metal that could even be fake or inferior.

Modern Vs. Vintage Straight Razor

When it comes to styles, straight razors have always got you covered. Suppose you're the traditional or old-fashioned type. In that case, you can simply opt for vintage styles, which are a category that has been relatively widely used in the past.

Cheaper Factory Outlet Crap

These categories are cheaper, though, may require some maintenance to keep it up and running. Nevertheless, you'll enjoy every ounce of your investment. Modern ones, on the other hand, are brand-new ones from the factory outlet.

Recommended Straight Razor Kits

Here is the clue, the vintage straight razor kit styles may require mastery and patience. Therefore, if you're a novice in the system, it's highly recommended you invest in modern razors for mens stubble to get off on the right footing.

These technological apparatus are a great type to learn at a faster pace. Besides, the quality the razors render is twice or thrice that of vintage styled models.

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Straight Razor Concepts For The Cleanest Shave

Honestly, the history of straight razors is as old as man himself. It's worth noting that the prototype of straight razors, then, was the only means available for men who want to be beardless. This is until the table was shaken in the 1900s when Gillette/Wilkinson introduced their disposable razors.

If It's A Clean Shave, You Want..

The conclusion is that straight razors have always been the boss. Do you know straight razors can give you more than a clean shave? It gives you that manly look.
Although, this is not something you can simply achieve out of the blue! It requires years of practice and, more importantly, patience to get that clean, flawless shave.

Gain More Experience Over Time

A professional straight blade user can use any size to achieve a clean shave. But for starters, a 5/8 inch straight blade is highly recommended. As time persists, you'll gain more experience and make other choices on other types of cut-throat razor set blades.

Round Edge Bade Suggestions

Once the blade is sharpened, it's a sign you're ready for what comes next. And as you've been enlightened, don't just jump on any blade you see because it's glowing. No! It's a level thing, and you can skip a step; therefore, we recommend a round edge for a start.

The price can be tricky but don't fall for that! First, know what you want and remember there are varieties of these fashion tools out there. Therefore, take your time and dive deeper through each feature to reach a precise and realistic decision.

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Carbon Steel Versus Stainless Steel Blades

In the realms of high-quality blades, two properties are mostly recognised across the board. These two straight razor blades are incredible in achieving a clean shave. Although there are notable differences between carbon and stainless, one needs to acknowledge and choose wisely.

Carbon Steel Component

What is carbon steel? This is the composition of blended iron and carbon. Carbon steel history can be traced back to the revolutionary periods when men started digressing from the subsistence mode of production to the mechanised level.

The fusion of carbon and steel makes strong steel, and when refined and sharpened, makes a fine steel blade 'better than' their stainless counterparts.

Rust And Perhaps Discolouration

The fatal weakness of all carbon steel is vulnerable to rust, exceptionally if not correctly maintained. Even if it escapes that, discolouration is inevitable. It will most certainly react with the water, shaving creams, oils, and others used while shaving.

Why Use Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel, on the other hand, is the composition of blended iron and chromium. It's most suitable in wet or moisture conditions, making it never likely to rust or discoloured regardless of years of use. It is simply based on the fact that it may not retain its sharpness for a long time like the carbon mixed blades.

In short, the type of materials determines the kind of blade. Generally, the supply of stainless steel blades is overwhelming and widespread. In contrast, the collection of carbon blades are less compared to stainless steel. Still, it offers the best and most effective quality blade.

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Rounded Shape And Straight Edge Razors?

Just like humans with different structures, an old fashioned razor can also be seen in diverse forms. Although each design has a distinct feature that offers a fantastic concept that may differ from other structures. One of these features is the tip of each blade - which has a lot to say.

Blades That Easily Inflict Cuts

For example, what comes to your mind when you see a tiny pointed tip of a blade? You said danger, correct! They are dangerous because they can easily inflict cuts on the user, especially a novice. While the rounded tip, perhaps less risky.

Why Straight Edge Razors?

You'll be taking the right step by investing in straight razors. Throughout its history, there have never been allegations that they are made with inferior wood and metal.
If that's the case with the basic straight razors, it'll even be more interesting to opt for premium cut-throat razor set brands that you may not have to change the blade, ever, if you use it well.

That may sound too extravagant! There other types that are affordable and perform well. Stay put as we will start to unfold them. But how do you ensure your blade is forever in premium conditions?

Cleaning And Sharpening

Don't be surprised it will cost you just the regular maintenance such as cleaning, sharpening, and polishing. If you can do this, you've earned yourself a metal that will last till the end of time. The blades are by far better than disposable razors in eradicating bumps, skin irritations and razor burns.

Tips Buying The Classic Straight Razor Blade

Everything about a straight razor is essential, but its material temper must be given more attention. Generally, straight razor temper is always in 3 categories; namely, soft, medium and hard. Each of these has its merits and demerits.

Professionally Tempered Razor Blades

For instance, a complex prototype is harder, as the name suggests, but will retain the edge for a long time. While soft temper razors would be easier to sharpen, but may not last long. Well, this may be confusing if you're new to the game. But why don't you meet a professional to enlighten on this?

Proportionate Handle Weight

As you about to make a wise decision, you can also consider your comfort with any type you'll choose. This is why we're recommending the razors that will offer balance.
That's, the hold and the classic straight razor blades must have equal proportionate weight, not another way around. This, indeed, counts when you're shaving.

Furthermore, you should consider your new blades grind before concluding. Most of the time, there are two types of grinds for blades: concave and wedge grinds.

Sharpen Up Fast And Consistently

Realistically, both grinds are perfect in what they do. Still, concave grinds are highly recommended because they tend to sharpen quickly and evenly.
This is why it is suitable for a novice. Even barbers mostly lean to its use. Wedge grinds, on the other hand, can be tricky to sharpen evenly, which makes it not the best for starters.

Buying Used Barber Shop Blades

And more importantly, don't ever, no matter what the seller says, invest in dead blades. It must be up and ready, but as time persists, you may need to learn how to sharpen your barbershop straight razors, but not at the point of purchase.

Furthermore, don't be tricked into buying scratched blades. They might have been used and returned by a previous user, or the seller may even be the culprit. So don't fall for that; the blade must be smooth and sharpened!

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Holding And Using A Cut-Throat Razor Blade

So, how should you hold the razor? It's simple and more of a natural thing, but here is a tip to get hold of your razor. First, it's highly recommended you use the hand you use daily, which is better known as the primary hand. Secondly, you'll be holding the blade in the middle, which is where the pivot pin is situated.

Tilted Angle For Shaving

Now, hold it at a 30-degrees tilt and gently, with a slight force, run it forth, most significantly, in the way your beard is naturally relaxed. The most important condition you must satisfy to escape unnecessary cuts is the tilt level, which is around 30 degrees.

Most often, it's hard for a newbie to decide which is the best among the varieties of high-quality straight razor sets than their ultimate use as many offer other tools like the nose hair trimmer and combs.

Soft Temper Straight Edge Razor Set

Or how do we imagine they'll comprehend the fact that some blades, say hard tempered, is better for the former, while soft temper is for the recent? And the differences between these straight-edge razors set blades and more? It's highly recommended they consult experts in this field.

Another highly significant notion is the blade work, as the size of the concave notch on the razor determines whether it'll be heavier or lighter - or even sharper.

Cut To The Throat Mishaps

For example, a full hollow is a sign of efficiency; the blade will become three-fold lighter and sharper than the lesser one's. But these extensive attributes also make it dangerous. If handled by a novice, it may result in severe cuts to the throat.

Cut Throat Razor With Foam
Mens Steel Cut Throat Razor

Fabulous Cut Throat Razor Sets In Luxury Gift Boxes

Individual preference differs. Almost every man who shaves has their favourite maker, but if you're new in the system and want the best manufacturers of blades and razors. It's recommended you invest in blades manufactured from Germany. Secondly, France because of durability and high quality.

As a novice, you might have difficulties using a straight razor, but have patience and keep on practising. After all, practice makes perfect. With time you'll be a master of all cut-throat razor set blades.

Disposable And Straight Razor Differences

You can't favour disposable razors that won't last more than once, as a straight razor will always give you the smooth face you desire, while you'll never have to worry about skin bumps and burns. And more importantly, it's really a lifetime investment.

As previously mentioned, a traditional razor has got everyone covered; regardless of who you are and what you do, there's always room for you.

Extended Grooming Session Type?

For example, if you're the old-school type that adores and think of long grooming sessions to be soothing, perfect, and somewhat restorative. You'll be doing yourself a great favour by getting any variety of straight razors.

Electric Shaver And Open Razor Maintenance

Not everyone has time for long grooming, although some people find time for it. If you can't because of those busy schedules, then you're good to go with electric shavers. These shavers are categorised into rotary and foil to provide fast and credible wet shaves, despite the differences in blades they use.

Rotary And Foil Choices

What makes it perfect and handy for busy users is because it requires no specific skills or training to use. All you have to do is follow the barber razor manual. But most of the time, what's needed is to press a button to turn the machine on and hold it against your face to gently remove the unwanted hairs.

Blade, Pivot Pin And Handle

Although the electric shaver must be charged before it can be used, and you know that's a problem because you may be too busy to plug your shaver - and what does that make it? A lump of plastic!
But the case is different with straight razors. As you've known by now, you don't need an electric part or batteries. It's simply the blade, pivot pin and handles.

Applaud Your Favourite Barber

Open blade razors are easy to maintain since it's all about a blade and its handle. Edge safety razors, on the other hand, are not eco-friendly. Just imagine how many disposable blades you'll use in a year. If you won't, as we presume, what about your favourite barber at the end of the street?

Set With Included Sharpening Stone

It's recommended you use a stropping with a leather end before you use it to shave. And don't forget to resharpen the blade with a sharpening stone that came with the product. Generally, it's recommended you sharpen your blades once or twice a year, but your usage level determines that.

Maintain Your Razor Blade

Nevertheless, once the straight blade razor edge has become dull or less sharpened, get it fixed and keep it up and running. Furthermore, bear in mind the way you maintain your blade determines how you'll enjoy it.

Note that if the edges are dull, don't force it, and if you do, you may not achieve a clean shave, which may harm you, and you know where we are talking about from earlier.

Professional Razor Tool Extras

To effectively maintain your straight razor to an outstanding level, you'll need some professional tools that we are going to comprehensively analyse in our next article. But here, we shall limit you to the use of hone and a strop etc.

Bottom Line

A cut-throat razor set should be every real man's desire, a piece of equipment they shouldn't do without. So do the needful, no one deserves skin rashes, bumps, and burns, and that includes you!

Uphold The Open Razor Traditions

Fine! Time is money, and sometimes we have busy schedules. Nevertheless, you must have it handy for days you'll be free. After all, we have busy people like you, but out of their love for the blade that smoothens the faces and upholds traditions, it creates time for it.

Did you enjoy this cut-throat razor set article and want more information about open razors? You'll do well to contact us here from this page!