1:16 Scale Remote Control Tanks With Military Effects

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Updated 06/08/2020:
The remote control tanks offer high simulation noises and movement effects. They offer full-scale hand remote control and authentic smoke, lights plus firing using compressed air. WW2 tiger, panther and heng long military tanks in 1:16 scale with smoke and weapon firing impact.

Whenever you are considering choosing a 1:16 scale RC tank, things might get perplexing in a short time, especially if you are new to a few of the differences in tank variation key phrases.

: Leic553ht German Leopard WW2 Tank Firing

Leopard WW2 Tank With Long Barrel

£169   Leic553ht German Leopard Tank - Get It!  

: AEDWQ 1:16 Scale RC Tank British Challenger

1:16 Scale RC Tank In Green Finish

£279   AEDWQ 1:16 Scale RC Tank - Get It!  

: Panzer IV Full Metal RC Tank Realistic Smoke

Metal RC Tank On Grass Outdoors

£229   Panzer IV Full Metal RC Tank - Get It!  

AXJJ 1:16 Scale RC Tank With Simulated Sound

1:16 RC Tank With Dust Surrounding

£285   AXJJ 1:16 RC Tank Simulated Sound - Get It!  

Haya RC Chieftain Tank Challenger NATO Green

Remote Control Tank With Very Big Gun

£499   Haya Chieftain RC Tank NATO - Get It!  

Tletiy Mini Remote Control Tank With Light And Sound


  • Colour Camouflage Green
  • Engine And Gun Sound


  • Pricey

Mini RC Tank With Smoke Mouth

£445   Tletiy Mini Remote Control Tank - Get It!  

Which Type Of Remote Control Tank?

We have encountered different types of mini remote control tanks, and there are a few facts to consider when shopping for your own. This dilemma of who are you purchasing it for appears unnecessary, nevertheless is essential to start your own venture.

Battle RC Tank Components

The grade of 'remote control battle tank' you can acquire for a kid or a newbie is exceptionally different from what you would receive for a level enthusiast. If you are purchasing a tank for youngsters, there are many questions of safety to review concerning the age groups.

RC Tank For Kids Or Enthusiasts?

Several tanks include small parts that may result in a choking risk, therefore are not right for kids. Acquiring a plastic RC tank for a professional is not great, so you have to determine who you are obtaining the tank for and the kind of individual.

Military RC Vehicles For Enthusiasts

Ponder how much time that individual has been operating RC vehicles, if a while, then that individual is probably a semi-pro end user. Playthings for kids are cheaper than the bigger ones used for battle challenges. Bigger tanks are created from metal and may operate more features.

Features Designed For Military Manoeuvres

Tanks created for RC enthusiasts, and hobbyists cost far more compared to the plastic variations. The mini tanks are cheaper probably as they are certainly not designed for fighting. Many British remote control tanks are mainly playthings and intended to be affordable.

WW 1 And 2 Tank Model Highlights

You may have a great idea of someone you're obtaining the tank for, and a price that is pleasant for you personally. There are the product features to consider getting a WW2 tank model with remote control. It is challenging to get all of the highlights you genuinely want in a military tank.

NATO Leopard Battle Metal Tank Shooting Smoking

Battle Metal Tank With Front LED

£299   NATO Leopard Battle Metal Tank - Get It!  

Walker Bulldog AirSoft Remote Control Battle Tank

RC Battle Tank With Black Transmitter

£139   Bulldog AirSoft Remote Control Battle Tank - Get It!  

TORRO 1:16 TIGER RC WW2 Tank Model IR Battle Sys

RC WW2 Tank With Green Turret Gun

£197   TORRO 1:16 TIGER RC WW2 Tank Model - Get It!  

Challenger Radio Controlled Tank 360 Degrees


  • Heng Long 1:16 Scale
  • Shoot, Sound, Smoke


  • None.

Radio Controlled Tank On Black Table

£329   Challenger Radio Controlled Tank 360 - Get It!  

RC Metallic Tanks With Extras

Determine what features are crucial to you and that you can do without. The AirSoft tanks are being used when fighting, but not all tanks are intended for combat. Metallic tanks are definitely more robust and execute considerably better.

Move Forward, Reverse And Full Circle

Most tanks are pleasing, yet are usually playthings for children. Die-cast versions are generally a mixture of metallic and other components - you will see them frequently at the 'mid-price' stage. A few tanks can move forward, in reverse and lateral, others whirl in a complete circle.

Tank Scale Using Real WW Military Vehicles

Perhaps you seek a metal tank which goes genuinely fast or one which features a superb run time. Although battery-driven tanks often run out rapidly, they are swift and inexpensive. Remote control tanks differ in size assessed in scales utilising certified vehicles to contrast with.

Tanks That Can Shoot Bullets

Remote control tanks primary product features can swivel in a complete circle in individual tanks. The cannon can progress up and down and turn in specific equipment. Various RC tanks can, in fact, shoot BB contraptions.

Imitate Sound Of Engine And Turret Gun

If you want to replicate the actual tank, there has to be that sound of the engine unit or the turret gun. Perhaps shooting is an excellent characteristic where volume is associated. Even though most remote control tanks will depend on electric motors, you could have a unique smoke solution.

InfraRed RC Tanks With Various Lights

If you wish to fight various other IR RC tank battle solutions that supply the fighting functionality. Regulation LED units headlamps or end lights can incorporate blinking canon lights too.

Authentic Sound Of Metal In Motion

The radio-controlled tank is considerably more authentic as a result of the sound of genuine metal as well as the capability to conquer obstructions. Camera solutions can be set-up in RC tanks, eye protection might be covered on tank equipment, but it can be altered inside.

Heng Long German Panther RC Battle Tank

This particular German panther army tank features a lifelike visual aspect and imitates perfectly the original vehicle. It can extend forward, rearward, turn left/right spin around, stunt and super spin out stunts.

Remote Battle Tank With RC Box

There's single frequency in addition to three channels for 3 army tanks of the equivalent frequency to run simultaneously, minus the hindrance.

It's possible to contrive the activities that you are able to anticipate under the present platform standing, and the tank can execute these procedures effortlessly.
[Rating: 9/10]   £286   Get It → Heng Long German RC Battle Tank

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Hobby Engine Remote Control Tank That Shoots

Hobby Engine remote control Leopard 2A5 army tank 1:16 scale appears extremely imposing with it's camouflaged system. The elaborated frame incorporates a revolving gun turret.

Tank That Shoots With Blue Logo

The lifelike separate track features imitate the 'real world army tank', and whenever the gun is discharged, there's a naturalistic recoil activity and audio effectuates as well. The tank is imposingly fast, and delivers with a compact reproduction round plus target.
[Rating: 9/10]   £289   Get It → Hobby Engine RC Tank That Shoots

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Realistic 1;16 Scale Tank Gun Features

The tanks canon gun barrel may be created from aluminium, rendering it much more robust and authentic. Since it decreases canon complications specifically for AirSoft tanks, the gun barrel recoil, as well as the capability to refill the tank canon, are manageable.

Updating New Functions And Features

When one buys a remote control battle tank, it can be in various 'types of conditions' in the new package. RC tanks primarily are personalised, and there are simply no guidelines or limitations you can update. Buy new functionality or just enhance your tank to that ideal state.

Set-Up States Of Purchased Tanks

You must recognise the 'ready to run' mini remote control tank is the state when the tank is completely put together from the company. It does not require any additional measures or tasks apart from recharging or batteries to get it to operate thoroughly.

The 'needs set-up' scenario is when one buys a WW2 tank model in this shape. The tank will be in pieces, and you may make the set-up procedure employing equipment and guidance manuals. This kind of set-up status need some skills, and the assemblage time may take several weeks etc.

Russian KV-1 Radio Control Tank Real Firing

This Russian army tank can move advancing, speeding up and accelerate ahead, rearward, quickening speed rearward, revolving and the gun barrel may be elevated 30 degrees. The gun turret can swivel 320 degrees and comes with 6 groupings of self-propelling auto-programming features.

Tank In Black And Green

The tank is using the extended gun barrel sporting radio-controlled function of virtually all motion, which includes gun turret rotary moving and gun raising etc.

It includes a full suspension system plus a primary gun which 'fires BB shots' adequate to 25 metres distance. First-class value for money and a great advancement on the former edition.
[Rating: 9/10]   £169   Get It → Russian Radio Control Tank

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German Remote Control Tiger Tank 1/16 Smoke

This 1/16 radio commanded Airsoft army tank is extremely detailed and features an entire drive wheel suspension element, which can execute 7 ways motion.

An Air soft gun is outfitted in the primary cannon, and may fire 6mm BB as much as '25 metres' reach. More than one army tank may be controlled concurrently.

Tiger Tank With Box Transmitter

The gun turret may be circumvolved 320 degrees, in addition to pointing up and downward. In addition to that, the army tank features a 2 level advancing speed command.

It is extremely high powered and outfitted with a high gripping type caterpillar, permitting to mount steep inclines etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £149   Get It → German Remote Control Tiger Tank

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Exciting Remote Control Tanks With Realistic Effects

The 1:16 scale RC tanks which fire feature a full multiple directing system turret gun pivoting, besides, they can open fire with bullets together with the motor weapon. The remote device firing military tank is a fantastic looking version using a comprehensive function radio transmission approach.

BB Firing T90 Remote Control Army Tank

Gun turret pivot and barrel elevation plus lowering. This army tank fires bullets using the motor artillery strategy recharging technology for as much as 40 shells. The gun uses an upper limit spectrum of 25 metres range.

Army Tank In Dark Green Metal Exterior


  • Simulated Motor Start
  • Like Real Tank Fight


  • None..

It features a high powered red cautionary illumination adjacent to the gun barrel, which 'lights up' just prior to it firing. Delivers complete with motor air gun turret arrangement and a bag containing plastic bullets 6mm sized, plus full radio communication management.

It requires 8 x AA batteries and there is a charger for the battery.
[Rating: 9/10]   £159   Get It → BB Firing RC Army Tank

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Tiger 1 Heng Long RC Tank Shoots German

This particular remote controlled Airsoft army tank accompanies an inherent smoke creator and raises simulative motor commence audio, engine sound, machine-gun fire, in addition to cannon ball sound.

Tank That Fires With Free Green Hat

The most effective character concerning this particular army tank is that it's a remote device commanded Airsoft tank. It features an awe-inspiring range of in excess of 80 feet and even features a compelling red monitory illumination adjacent to the gun barrel, which lights up prior to discharging.
[Rating: 9/10]   £289   Get It → Heng Long RC Tank That Fires

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It's a superb gift to present to friends, but the best remote control tanks offer genuine projectile shooting actions. Associated gun barrel ascents, additionally down 30 degrees, good lighting and tremendous sound effects.