Car Cameras Front And Rear With HD And Wide Angle Lens

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Our UK 10 best front and rear dash cams come with characteristics that instantly record and lock up the video recording if there is a collision, simply no concern about hit and run or insurance fraud. Wide field of view and high-grade video clips minus distortion with motion sensing and parking modality.

01: Toguard Front Rear Dash Cam With Parking Mode

1920 x 1080P HD video recording dash cam with parking mode and seamless 30 FPS using 4 LED lights 720 x 480P back photographic camera to guarantee high calibre image, even at night-time.

The rear camera video quality necessitates an unspoilt illumination environment. 4 inch IPS large display screen with low illumination 2.0 big aperture lens assistance.

Dash Cam With Parking Mode In All Black

Easily observe the video when motoring - and you can shoot photographs by pushing the button. The G-sensor operated video recording takes place once virtually any unforeseen braking, impact, fast speed-up or perhaps sharp cornering comes about.

WDR features remove brilliance, blurring, and assists motion sensing and parking supervising. The dash cam delivers with 130 degrees fish-eye plus 6 infra-red filter lens.
[Rating: 9/10] - £59 Get It → Toguard Dash Cam With Parking Mode

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02: Nextbase Front Back G-Sensor DVR Dash Cam

Front plus back G-Sensor DVR dashcam with revolving camera view working forward plus back at the same time. Advancing facing recording camera using a 140 degrees fish-eye lens plus 720P high-definition recording 30 FPS.

Back end facing recording camera 50 metres zoom lens system to document throughout the back windshield and catch particulars of the vehicles behind your car. Offer beautiful crystal clear picture recording calibre in bright as well as dim circumstances.

LED Display G-Sensor DVR Dash Cam On Wind Screen

Lustrous and clear 2.0 inch 16:9 LED lit display screen for effortless observing. Instantaneous evidence to back up insurance claims, and assist to prove an accident wasn't your mistake. Both recording cameras deploy a multi-element sharp lens system.

Integral GPS plus G-sensor device records localisation, velocity plus power information. Software system provided displays dual video recording replay compounded with GPS mapping plus G forces for computer plus Mac. [Rating: 9/10] - £169 Get It → Nextbase G-Sensor DVR Dash Cam

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03: Apeman DashCam Car Camera Security Recorder

This small size dashcam car camera security recorder executes nicely with a balanced technology and elevated system. Full high-definition 1080P 30FPS front end camera in addition to VGA rear cam enables you to document front as well as rear visual modality simultaneously.

First-class feature motion sensing procedure affords a great encounter on the dash camera that will commence recording when it discovers motion.

Car Camera Security Recorder With Small Sensor

It's possible to additionally commence situation recording on your own as the loop record feature plays a major role in preserving your crucial video recordings. Includes GPS placement technology for velocity and coordinates supervising.

High power G-Sensor data security instantly senses trouble and saves the video recording data files, and invalidates overwritten or even corrupt ones. The wide dynamic range function heightens to record the most unclouded of video recordings.
[Rating: 9/10] - £39 Get It → Apeman Car Camera Security Recorder

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04: ThinkWare HD Wireless Car Surveillance Camera

An advanced wireless car surveillance camera that's among the most innovative of dash cams on the marketplace and achiever of the 2015 CES innovation accolade, performing as a dependable eyewitness in the event of just about any accident.

The vehicle surveillance cam includes an undivided elevated system outfitted with several characteristics, which includes road safeguard alert technology - which allows alerts for lane departure and front end collisions etc. See our sat-nav dash cam combo devices.

Wi-Fi Car Surveillance Camera With SD Card

It notices traffic markings and contributes vocalised warnings to car drivers whenever the motorcar starts to drift from it's lane, or perhaps if it's at risk of an impending hit.

The undivided safety camera alert system powers the dashboard cam to be on uninterrupted alert for photographic enforcement of positions relating to your particular driving itineraries.
[Rating: 9/10] - £269 Get It → ThinkWare Wi-Fi Car Surveillance Camera

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05: Z-Edge Night Vision Stealth Discrete Dash Cam

Small sized, discerning and projected to remain concealed, this night-vision Stealth discrete dash cam accommodates behind your rear perspective mirror, even to your windscreen for best field of view characteristics with 2.0 inch scratch proof LCD screen.

With first-rate high-definition image calibre, it will never overlook any number-plate in great HD, very broad 165 degree viewing perspective catches more of the traffic. Reduced light compensation function guarantees superior video recording quality, even for motoring at night.

Night-Vision Discrete Dash Cam With USB Port

For automated precautions, it records instantly throughout motorcar ignition - turns off automatically with ignition system disconnected and uses an energy conserving LCD screen off time-keeper feature.

It includes loop documenting characteristics for competent safe keeping control, hand-operated and auto video safety from omission, integral G-sensor, and the accelerometer activates crash sensing video recordings.
[Rating: 9/10] - £139 Get It → Z-Edge Night-Vision Discrete Dash Cam

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06: Junsun In Car Camera Front And Rear Dashcam

4.0 inch IPS display in car camera front and rear dashcam video recording resolution with front and rear-view recording 720 x 480P with DVR incident video recorder and super 'fisheye' 170 degrees lens system.

The infra-red filter glass imports 6 lenses, high temperature will not alter colour, 1080P high definition night visual modality. Broad dynamic spectrum for local photo control framework that eradicates brilliance as well as darkening.

In Car Camera Front Rear With Black Memory Card

HDR high dynamic discourse with possibly high brightness level or dark illumination that can expeditiously take high calibre pictures with natural colour replication.

It uses loop cycle documenting, so whenever the SD card is replete, the recording camera will overwrite the preceding recordings using the current files. You do not have to concern about the video recording whenever the memory is completely full.
[Rating: 8/10] - £63 Get It → Junsun In Car Camera Front And Rear

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07: Indigi HD Car Dual Camera Dash Cam Recorder

Perpetually on alert, this highly recommended vehicle DVR dual camera dash cam recorder is set-up directly on the windscreen and powers instantly whenever the motor is on. Dual photographic cameras record virtually every thing on the street, in addition to inside the vehicle.

When any unfit driver bumps directly in to you and lays claim it was your mistake, acquire their contact directly and tell them this is simply not a probability using this first-class automobile black box DVR system.

Dual Camera Dash Cam Recorder With GPS

This impressive automobile DVR is additionally vastly effective if you enter an incident and necessitate to clear up instantly what has just happed. An integrated battery is incorporated for you to detach the vehicle DVR from your windscreen to replay it's video recording immediately on the LCD screen.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £64 Get It → Indigi Dual Camera Dash Cam Recorder

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08: VanTrue N2 Front Rear On Board Car Camera

A reliable front rear on board car camera outfitted with 2 dash cams, both featuring best grade F2 6 glass lens. The front end camera possesses a 170 degrees broad perspective lens plus back recording camera with 140 degrees fisheye lens.

The rear camera is 80 degrees up and down rotating, very easy to adjust to the best view point. Front camera features 1080P full HD video recording, while the back camera is 720P HD.

On Board Car Camera With Record Controls

The HDR introduces more particulars ranging from shadows up to high spots, documenting your travel around the clock using first-class quality functionality. You can additionally select exclusively front recording camera settings.

The loop record automatic feature turns on and documents when your automobile engine initiates. Smooth loop recording allows it to overwrite the most previous footage with the latest to total capacity.
[Rating: 9/10] - £149 Get It → VanTrue On Board Car Camera

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09: AccFly Motion Sensing In Car Camera System

The 1080P resolution of this motion sensing in car camera system can conform to a diversity of functions for high resolution video recording and picture calibre, in addition to assistance for night-sight and exposure capturing.

Twin lens system 120 degrees fisheye lens can document back and front end pictures. Maximum support 32G sized memory card, loop video recording, auto recording of recent data file and editing the oldest. Start the automobile instantly recording function plus automated close down etc.

In Car Camera System With Wide Display

Assistance for movement detection functionality and dark shot collision sensor device, video recording chat and easily removed disk. Start the automobile instantly recording, automated closing while flame-out. The high resolution recording camera can fill in a diversity of events for calibre pictures.
[Rating: 8/10] - £39 Get It → AccFly In Car Camera System

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10: Blusmart Image Sensor Car Dashboard Camera

A crystal clear and all-encompassing 3 inch screen 170 degrees perspective car dashboard camera using the cigarette vehicle electrical connector. Dual display documenting settings from primary recording and back camera, plus night visual modality.

High-definition picture and first-rate video recording resolution for the back camera. High picture pixel resolution with integral image sensing element.

LCD Car Dashboard Camera With Black Exterior

Small sized with secure and completely sensitive security system features, supports G-sensor, motility discovery, twin recording strategy and loop documenting. Other features include sound recording, parking action observing with smooth recording.

It is robust with really light weight and longer life components, fashionably configured with high calibre housing including 16 GB Samsung SD card incorporated.
[Rating: 9/10] - £65 Get It → Blusmart LCD Car Dashboard Camera

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UK On Board Car Cameras With Park And Motion Sensing

This variety of in car accident camera dashcams guarantee uninterrupted recording, and are more and more becoming expended and recognised by law and UK insurance firms as validation of what occurred in any traffic incident. A good dashboard cam save you both time and cash in devising your claim.

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