UK Group 1 Rear Facing Car Seats With High Infant Safety

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Intelligent choice rearward facing car seats with protection and enhancements that smartly transform for your child. The rear facing infant chairs that propose your infant oodles of comfort. View our extended rear facing car seats and soothing car back massager cushions.

01: Graco Milestone Safety Rear Facing Car Seat

A safety rear facing car seat that is the only seating you will ever require, developing with your child ranging from birth to as much as 12 years old, plainly the intelligent baby seat option.

It is comfy for your kid and accessible for you, converting from a rearward facing harnessed baby car chair up to 13 Kg - to a frontward facing 5 point harnessed chair 9 to 18 Kg and high back extender.

Steel Safety Rear Facing Car Seat With Straps

For the best fit, the harness organisation plus 10 placement head rest enables you to line-up the harness as well as head-rest collectively, without any re-threading.

The side impact security supplies head safety at each stage, and additionally possesses a metal strengthened physique giving you reassurance that your child is forever secure.
[Rating: 9/10] - £129 Get It → Graco Safety Rear Facing Car Seat

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02: Joie Stages Group 1 Rear Facing Car Seat 18Kg

This group 1 rear facing car seat commences as a rear facing child seating adequate to 18 Kg, or transforms to a forward looking group 1 chair, and so a group 2 chair.

Head-rest height 5 placement harness including head-rest elevations conform at the same time using just 1 hand. An amalgamated customised area keeps the 5 point harness whenever employing as a group 2 extender etc.

Group 1 Rear Facing Car Seat In Red

The rear faces for as much as 18 Kg and forward looking ranging from 9 up to 25 Kg. It offers additional safety for the head, physique as well as hip joints.

Metal framework assistance keeps automobile seating solid throughout impact, and expands the life-span of the components of the seating to one decade. In addition, it appends weight to maintain the chair tight, plus low to the car seat for amended constancy and safety.
[Rating: 9/10] - £149 Get It → Joie Group 1 Rear Facing Car Seat

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03: Maxi-Cosi 2 Year Old Rear Facing Car Seat MiloFix

Infant combination 2 year old rear facing car seat appropriate ranging from birth up to 18 kg, in addition extends your child the perfect passage from a toddler carrier.

Connected to the vehicle with IsoFix plus top lead anchorage targets, the MiloFix offers a speedy and secure set-up, being presented a 4 star car seating protection grading from EU buyer establishments.

2 Year Old Rear Facing In Recline Mode

Coloured indicators assure grown-up's that the seating is set-up right. Employing a universal IsoFix strategy intends it is going to equip virtually all vehicles with top tether add-on guides.

Rear-facing travel for long term that develops with your little one, this modern Group 0+ /1 automobile chair is used 1st as a rear looking group 0+ child car seat.
[Rating: 9/10] - £175 Get It → Maxi-Cosi 2 Year Old Rear Facing

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04: Diono Radian Rear Facing Child Seat To 25 Kg

An excellent convertible rear facing child seat that supplies best protection using expanded rear looking potential and lengthier 5 point harness deployment whenever forward presenting.

Appropriate from birth to 25 Kg rear looking plus 9 up to 25 Kg front facing, parents possess the alternative to select what's good at a time to accommodate them. Highest side impact security guarantee kids stays checked in the chair throughout any smash.

Rear Facing Child Seat In All Black

Using a higher body weight potential, it is the only chair that's desirable from birth, generates expanded rear looking and transforms to a front facing vehicle chair using a 5 point harness as much as 25 kg.

The replete steel framework intends it is a little heavier, but it's extremely solid to withstand crash effects and extends the best measure of safety.
[Rating: 9/10] - £179 Get It → Diono Radian Rear Facing Child Seat

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05: Axkid Rear Facing Toddler Car Seat MiniKid

Light, extensive rear facing toddler car seat that guarantees kids journey in a safe rear-facing location for more extended periods - ranging from 9 up to 25 Kg approximately. 6 months to 5 years.

It's incomparable construction and modern characteristics render it among the most dependable automobile seats about. It is examined and fully authorised, fashioned to supply utmost comfort and safety to any infant.

3 Point Rear Facing Toddler Car Seat With Padding

It is small enough to be accommodated inside virtually any automobile, big or small sized. Slender, nevertheless secure framework assumes not much space in any vehicle, freeing up additional room in the rear of a motorcar for possibly extra riders, or perhaps even additional automobile seating area.

You will find 5 seating 'recline positions' that may be altered by effortlessly correcting the bottom.
[Rating: 9/10] - £294 Get It → Axkid Rear Facing Toddler Car Seat

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06: Koochi Rear Facing Car Seat Up To 4 Years Old

A group 1 rear facing car seat up to 4 years old containing first-rate safety compounded with utmost convenience that make this impressive chair a real achiever. A forward fronting chair with luxurious cushioning and versatile repose generates comfort for whenever they have overgrown their baby carrier.

The 5 point protection harness using 1-pull alteration affords you the correct fit virtually every time.

Versatile Rear Facing Car Seat In Navy Blue

The speedy eject buckle enables quick access to your infant whenever you demand it and the chair secures safely directly in to your automobile with a regular 3 point seating strap.

It may be accommodated in front or perhaps rear car seating area. Completely examined to ECE and abides with EU screening criteria.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £119 Get It → Koochi Rear Facing Car Seat 4 Years

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07: Baby Elegance Rear Facing Car Seat For Toddlers

Rear facing car seat for toddlers organised to contribute your baby ranging from birth to as much as 25 Kg around 6 years old. Rear-facing set-up, the chair possesses an adaptable bottom that steps forward to produce an appropriate perspective for newborn infants.

Grey Rear Car Seat For Toddlers With Logo

Forward fronting facility of 9 Kg up to 25 Kg, the under-structure then (displaces) enabling the infant to sit down less bowed and observe the reality.

Dense, softly bolstered aspect extensions allow for best placement for impact safety. Clear strap procedure, with valuable belt guides that guarantee an accurate placement of the grown-up 3 point side strap.
[Rating: 8/10] - £71 Get It → Baby Elegance Rear Car Seat Toddlers

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08: CYBEX Sirona Rear Facing Baby Seat Recliner

Using this rear facing baby seat with recline, the infant may be transferred in a back facing location from birth till they achieve 105 cm in height, around 4 years old. The modern, smart conception intends that even leggier children possess ample leg space to sit down easily.

The kids chair does not assume too much area either - this M i-Size can be effortlessly established inside more compact automobiles.

Front + Rear Facing Baby Seat

Supplementary characteristics include for example the 1 hand reposing functionality for additional comfort and make day to day deployment more leisurely. Good mix of incomparable construction, best protection in addition calibre and smart functionality.
[Rating: 8/10] - £356 Get It → CYBEX Rear Facing Baby Seat

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09: Graco Snug Rearward Facing Car Seat i-Size

Toddlers rearward facing car seat that allows babies to journey more dependably with rear looking for longer as much as 18 months. It includes a 7 perspective flexible bottom plus an easily removed newborn physique assistance.

There is padding memory foam insets on the position wings for best convenience. The no-rethread tackle enables you to smoothly correct the harness as well as head rest in collaboration as your little one grows.

Rearward Facing Car Seat With Black Handle

Guaranteeing your infant is decently fastened, the IsoFix continued in-car base is projected for dependable, expedient instalment, while an energy assimilating cushion guarantees efficient impact power control.

One handed versatile head-rest, spillages and muddles are leisurely to cleanse due to the machine wash-and-wear covering.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £271 Get It → Graco Rearward Facing Car Seat

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10: Joie Spin Extended Style Rearward Facing Car Seat

A 360 degrees converting traveller and extended style rearward facing car seat which spins backward, forward as well as anyplace intermediately - one handed turning activator constitutes virtually every journey and changeover effortless.

The spinning seat converts all-round for convenient infant harnessing, plus simple rear to front conversion. This Group 0+/1 infant seat sets about as a rear-facing child chair capable of 18 Kg.

Extended Rear Facing Car Seat In Bronze Colour

It develops with your child and transforms to a front facing chair as much as 18 Kg 4 years old. Compact, efficient and dependable base is recoil free, providing among the littlest spinning protection seats accessible. Completely compact vehicle matched from side to side plus forward to rear.
[Rating: 9/10] - £250 Get It → Joie Extended Rear Facing Car Seat

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The Group-1 Rear Facing Car Seats For Toddler Safety

Progressive rear facing baby seats with supreme safety functioning and ease of use, from birth up to around 4 years. They aggregate top safety operation obliging with the most recent standards. The chairs include rearward facing travel with updated head plus neck safety, features developing with your child.

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