Deep Muscle Massager Guns With Percussive Therapy

Updated: 19/04/2021
What's a deep muscle massager gun? Suppose this is the first you hear about it. In that case, there is little you know about the faster pace technology has transformed every sector of lives, be it fashion, health, transportation, and even fitness.

It's safe to conclude that massage guns take over the fitness industry and its previous tools with force globally. But what exactly is this tool?
For the sake of simplicity, this is an electronic muscle massage gun device that adopts oscillation or vibration therapy in manipulating your body functionality, especially the muscles and tissues.

Sports Massage Machine Attachments

The first part contains the engine, while the rest are as follows; the battery, the sports massage machine vibrator, mostly known as attachment, is where you'll feel the machine's output. The last part is the body, which is made of other electronic elements and plastic.

Percussion Physio Massage Gun In Black
Percussion Physio Massage Gun

: MedCursor Deep Tissue Mini Massager Machine

An excellent gadget for your therapeutic massage demands featuring 6 compatible heads, it really is guaranteed to focus on all your restorative massage requirements.

Quiet And More Comfortable

Its a rather impressive machine for alleviating discomfort and stress from an rigorous recreation like sports activities or exercise routines. Fantastic to use in the house, your place of work or even outdoors since it is light and portable, but above all convenient.

Quite Simple To Use And Transport

Get pleasure from real peace and quiet when using this massager gun with an operating acoustic level of 35 dB to 49.5 dB. You will have no reason to require withstanding a high-decibel sound when you are exhausted and aching. This seems like an audibly gentle device to your hearing.

Maintain your gun massager stable and guarded with the associated custom travel case. Take note: The merchandise product packaging has been enhanced and the travel case design was improved from circular to rectangular.

Deep Tissue Mini Massager Machine In Grey

£69   MedCursor Deep Mini Massager Machine - Get It!  

How To Use A Physio Massage Gun?

It's pretty simple but can be dangerous without the proper knowledge. To operate the gun, all you have to do is turn the physio massage gun on and place it on your skin or the other way round.
Immediately after you turn it on, the vibrator or attachment will start vibrating and moving. Perhaps in either circle form or line-ended movement to massage your muscle tissues and structure.

If you find the gun pleasurable, you can change to different attachment heads, ranging from ovals and spikes to balls. More importantly, most of these portable massagers come with a speed controller. That is, you can increase its speed if you think that would make you feel better.

What Makes A Massager Outstanding?

These handheld deep tissue massager gadgets may look like a hairdryer styler regardless of the model, have no difference from the regular massage your therapist does. But the only significant difference is that you can do it anytime, anywhere, and anyhow.

Come to think of it, there are days you'll return from work and start feeling sore joints or your body in the middle of the night. With a massage gun, it's like having a therapist that you don't have to pay.

Why Use A Massage Gun?

As previously asserted, it lets you DIY and save you the time and money you'll spend going to visit a therapist. Furthermore, it also enables you to put the deep tissue massage machine pressure on each spot according to how you feel. After all, nobody can feel your pain the way you think.

: HOPOSO Sports Handheld Muscle Massager Gun

The Hoposo therapeutic massage gun provides you with a Lithium rechargeable battery pack that can actually keep functioning about 8 hours following charge. The recharging time frame is four hours. The massage therapy gun grip possesses a silicone protector for holding that will not slide.

This muscle massager gun usage is in line with the general specification, which is 15 minutes. Something around 4 hours is good enough and would serve you for a whole week on a single charge.
But if the reverse is the case, you would need a massage that can go beyond that, although the more influential the battery, the heavier the machine.

Handheld Muscle Massager Gun Carbon Exterior

£65   HOPOSO Handheld Muscle Massager Gun - Get It!  

As if that isn't good enough, it's just so compact in the sense that you can have them with you everywhere you go. Massage guns are significant to dissolve the blockage in your tissue and increase blood flow, as well as diminish the pile-up of lactic acid in your entire system.

That does not imply all handheld massage machines can do everything, especially the part that makes it easier to use. It is not too heavy and works quietly; not one that makes a lot of noise like an outdated tractor whenever you use it, and your neighbour would like the noise curtailed.

How Does Electric Muscle Massager Work?

The machine is an advanced work of art. Basically, it'll pound your muscles more than 4,200 times in just a minute. Imagine if you're on that for just an hour, undoubtedly that you will feel relaxed.

Although, the percussion and the electric muscle massager force used on your muscles determine its effectiveness. That does not imply the power is like being hit but has to be soothing and relaxed.

Mostly, I have friends with rocky type muscles, and when they are using this tool, you won't find them going soft on their tissue; it's always the highest stroke. But if you have less muscle bulk, we recommend the brands that offer a lighter or soft massage.

: TaoTronics Portable Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Remain healthy with this TaoTronics portable deep tissue massage therapy gun. Additionally, it is referred to as a percussion massager, a device working throughout percussive remedies.

If you take a closer look at this machine construction, it's clear that this machine is a work of art. Regardless of the model, the machine components can generally be split into parts.

The portable massage therapy gun transfers jolts of force and vibration into the deep tissue to supply you with an extra intense activation of the muscle mass. It offers exposure and an all-natural approach to increase both intellectual and physical wellness.

Portable Deep Tissue Massage Gun With LCD

£79   TaoTronics Portable Deep Massage Gun - Get It!  

Using An Electronic Body Massager

It's a common-sense thing. Start with the lowest pressure, place the attachment on your body, yes, where you needed it the most, like your knots, kinks, or the sore part of your muscle. How do you feel? Hurting? Well, it must be you left it there for a very long time.

Move the electronic body massager forth and back on the centre, and don't let it go further to your bony parts or where you have an opening bruise. So, how do you feel now?

If you are still feeling the same, that may show the model isn't working for you or something else. If that's the case, consult your physical therapist to investigate what could be the issue. Generally, you can use it 25 up to 35 times in one month, depending on the number of days in the month.

The more you use a deep tissue massage gun, the more you are susceptible to tissue or bone problems in the nearest future. However, this sometimes occurs if used irrationally. Nevertheless, they are incredible to get your muscles and the body intact.

If you are thinking of the best time to use it. Well, let me answer that; this is how it works for most people. They often use it before or after working out, while I use it before going to bed!

Physio Massage Gun Power For Muscle Groups

Ordinarily, whenever you hear gun power, what does that tell you. If you ask me, I'll say it implies the force at which a gun will propel a bullet out of the gun barrel.
Similarly, a massage gun power refers to the depth at which the attachment would move at speed because that will go a long way to dictate if you'll feel comfortable in the end.

For your sake, let us take the attributes of massage gun power 'depth and speed' one after the other. When it comes to speed, there is something extraordinary about it. It's based on individual preference; that is, if you want it faster, some may decide to take it slower.

Targeting Of Specific Muscles

But what if the speed is static, just a single level? That's not good; therefore, ensure you choose a hand massage machine that enables different rates. If you're observant enough, you should be able to see some models in the market that offer up to 7 different speeds.

If you're an athlete, then you've just got a tool that'll help you achieve your fitness mission. How is that possible? You have more than an option. For example, before you go on jogging, you can apply them to your muscles to keep them warm, or after you're done to lose them up.

As previously mentioned, body deep muscle massage guns are good in what they do! They target specific muscles and use whatever means to keep you active and agile.
Whether it's an in-depth tissue massage or sports massager, an expert tool should be able to increase your blood and lymphatic flow. It will decrease your lactic acid simultaneously.

: ANSGEC 30 Speed Handheld Muscle Massager

The cutting-edge deep tissue percussion massager brushless electric motor can produce close to 46 lbs of pressure. Supplying the best variety of pressure gives you a 14 mm deep tissue percussion massage therapy, assisting in discharging those tight sore muscles.

As pinpointed above, the weight is primarily determined by the type of model, battery and other features. To handle it shouldn't be a problem. It's like a smaller version of a drilling machine if you've seen one before, but not heavier, though.

A non-skid silicon layer minimises exterior vibrations, simply no wobble on the grip. The light and portable style makes it super easy to move - and for that reason is functional anywhere. This 24V brushless motor within the ANSGEC pro massager gun offers 1200 to 3500 strokes each minute.

Handheld Muscle Massager With 8 Heads

£59   ANSGEC Handheld Muscle Massager - Get It!  

How Do Deep Muscle Massage Guns Work?

If you intend to massage some areas in your body with more minor tissue, such as your feet and wrists. There are cone-like attachments that can help dissolve and soften pain issues?
The process is even simple than you may think. All you have to do is turn on the motor and sight it just exactly where the culprit is - and start to recover from pain.

Some of these models have more than an attachment that works in different angles of the body. For instance, if you're lucky enough to get an ANGSEC massager, especially the type with a two-pronged extension - then you're in luck.

You'll be able to use a handheld electric massager on very painful areas slowly, unlike the regular ones that'll make it worse off. As a reminder, before you choose a model, ensure it has at least a few speed options.
Suppose the only speed it offers is the slowest or highest. In that case, you should consider other models because either rate isn't ideal. The best messenger is the one with adjustable speed varieties.

Massager Head Adjustability

When it comes to any deep muscle massager product, what do you like about them; the basic stuff? Well, I'm not that type. I always want every feature that's almost possible in a model.
After all, there is no point in having something that can't do more than the basics, while other back massager models of the same product can offer more than the premium features.

Similarly, don't listen to people who say head adjustability as a feature isn't necessary. To me, it does! Imagine something that can give you a 90-degrees range! Trust me, that's more than spectacular. This will enable you to reach a group of muscles located somewhere out of reach by the standard methods.

: FYLINA Electronic Body Muscle Massage Gun

With successful heat dissipation, the Fylina massage gun multi-ventilation heating diffusion structure stimulates air convection to reduce the electric motor high-temperature range. This may expand the time range to decrease the likelihood of merchandise incapability.

This personal percussive massage device is a high-tech unit structured to go easier on your wrist and perform the job. Anything below or beyond this isn't really a massage gun anymore.

The sports therapy massage gun differs from the others from the standard amplitude massage gun out there. This unique deep tissue massage gun possesses an amplitude of 12 mm. This makes it possible for the percussion to permeate deep into the profound tissue to considerably discharge lactic acid.

Electronic Muscle Massage Gun With Screen

£67   FYLINA Electronic Massage Gun - Get It!  

Sore Muscles? Personal Percussive Massage Device

As you've known by now, massage guns are specifically designed to apply an instantaneous burst of pressure on tissues. Consequently, blood flow increases to sore muscles, pain, or muscle tension reduces.

The pressure released by the motor through the attachment ruptures knots blocking the free flow of blood in your system. Even though you may still have muscle soreness, from time to time nevertheless, a massage gun will always be there to tackle them as they come.

How Long Should You Use A Massage Gun?

Our first question relating to this was, how long can you use the muscle gun massager in a month? In this case, it's recommended to use at least 10 seconds to 3 minutes on a joint or spot, while a full body massage shouldn't genuinely go beyond 10 minutes.

Nevertheless, the above prescription can be adjusted depending on the situation and how you want it. For instance, if you can do a full-body session thrice a day, you are getting better by the end of that day.

Deep Tissue Massage?

The use of a physiotherapy massage machine is beyond regular use. This high-tech gadget can also be used to deal with chronic tension or long-term injuries such as tennis elbow, etc.

How it works is remarkable, although the features may be similar to that of the Swedish massage. Nevertheless, they are slow yet stabilise performance, and the pressure they mount on affected areas is supermassive.

: RENPHO Muscle Massager Gun For Deep Tissue

The adjustment level of the Renpho massage gun determines if its effective on different kinds of soreness and pain; knowing this setting beforehand will help you manage better.

A mid-workout session began as previously stated, but once you discovered your muscles are not working with you, probably during the workout or after, you can repeat the same process.

This massage gun helps loosen up tight nerves and improve the free flow of blood to the muscles with problems. Within few minutes of the deep tissue massage machine - you should be ready to continue your workout.

Muscle Massager Gun With LCD Settings

£79   RENPHO Deep Muscle Massager Gun - Get It!  

As the name implies, deep tissue massage goes deeper into the muscles and tissue. It rearranges the group of tissues at its peak and removes a blockage from each tissue regardless of size. This is why gun massage therapy is effective and efficient, more than other massage devices.

Should You Get a Massage Gun?

I think I know your answer, and it's definitely yes! The reason is that you've now realised that massage gun therapy is almost like a traditional massage. It's worth noting some irreplaceable features that classic massage posses that you may not find elsewhere, even with massage guns.

For example, aside from some special touch embraced by the traditional therapist. Some of my friends claim that what interests them most is the atmosphere and the extraordinary touch no artificial massage machine can provide.

Can Massage Guns Get Rid Of Knots?

As a reminder, a good massager should help you increase the flow of blood in your body, and more importantly, a specific area, sensitive or painful muscles. Consequently, the knot or build-up, which is the culprit, would be dissolved, and your muscles so you will be fit sooner.

If you are 'the athletic type' who engages in many workouts, this gadget can help you get warmed up before the race or workout; technically, you'll be free from injuries.

Massage Gun Head: Which One Should I Use?

If you are wondering about the type of head that will work best for you, here is the answer. The question is, where do you even feel the soreness? If you are having problems with the more significant portions of your muscles and quadriceps. In that case, a big round head attachment will perform.

What makes the product perfect is the broader deep tissue massage gun surface in massaging bundles of nerves and muscles. On the other hand, small round head attachments are excellent to quickly perform a complete body section.

Attachments For Smaller Muscles

Check your gun massage package. Among the extras, can you find a flat head attachment? If affirmative, you've just laid your hands on the type that works for denser muscles.
Remember that muscles are designed to intertwine in the middle and the rest at the back. Flathead attachments are capable of reaching dense muscles without stress.

Now let's go for another hunt, keep your hand inside the package again, what can you find? Let me guess, a bullet-shaped attachment? Well, I have to be sincere that you were as lucky as I was. Well, this kind is the proper attachment to massage smaller muscles such as your hands and feet.

: MILcea DIY Electric Handheld Massage Gun

Electric Handheld Massage Gun With 6 Heads

£69   MILcea Electric Handheld Massage Gun - Get It!  

Although it's recommended, you apply considerable pressure, as too much vibration massage gun force can affect your bones, tendons and ligaments. Therefore, proceed with caution. The process should be medicinal and soothing - not a punishment.

In the end, a two-prong attachment also helps bring comfort to your spine, most importantly, the lower part. Proceed with caution as it is your spine we're talking about here.
The degree of massage gun pressure is another great property of these gadgets. It is better now as most of these products are now producing up to 50 and 82 pounds of force.

Generally, the amount of torque applied on a point determines how deeper it'll go and its effectiveness in ameliorating soreness in the body. Therefore, you have been very vigilant while comparing products. Don't be surprised that some of these products are not interested in the amount of torque or pressure; they are much more concerned about speed to lessen the pain in muscles.

Deep Massage At Any Angle

Some vendors intend to trick you into believing speed and deep pressure are the same. I have to be honest. A massager that comes with only the lower pressures will fail in achieving deep massage. The whole thing may even stop working altogether! And that makes it a lump of wood.

Battery Life

Generally, a cordless deep tissue massage machine is more preferable as you'll be able to use it at any angle or dimension. Use it without having to worry about the existence of a cord, which would limit the measurement of use unless you want to wrap yourself.

Generally, a wire free massager uses a lithium-ion battery to operate. This operation is expected to last 7 hours at the lowest point due to their strong batteries. Here is a clue. How long do you intend to use it?

: Legiral Professional Massage Gun For Athletes

Professional Massage Gun For Athletes 20 Speeds

£99   Legiral Pro Massage Gun For Athletes - Get It!  

Handheld Deep Muscle Massagers For Sports Pain Issues

I don't need to tell you how significant this factor, after all, you are also familiar with some engines and how they work. The lesser the noise, the better.

Generally, all massage guns make apparent buzzing while in operation. Still, you can always ensure that it's not a distraction for others, probably in your gym or office. Although, that does not imply that a brushless motor makes so much noise.

Here is a good comparison, can you listen when your deep freezer hums? Well, that's many decibels, but, it's not that loud, after all, your neighbour won't know it's on. But massage gun scores are incredibly more diminutive than that, so it can be considered not too noisy.

Depending on how you want it, you can massage yourself or allow someone else in your place. It's almost time recommended you subscribe to massage guns with adjustable heads that will lessen the weight. Whatever the case, carefully compare models to see which is best for you.

Design Of The Gun

Don't buy it unless you have tested it for heating. There are cases some massagers start emitting a burning smell immediately when turned on.

Although, paying a lot for an electric muscle massager gun doesn't imply it will be solid and reliable. If you're lucky enough to get a quality massage gun, you should be grateful! But don't get it wrong, the above statement does not imply that getting a good massage gun relies on luck. No!

There is a wide margin between the cheap types and expensive ones. Common sense demands that the more you're willing to pay, the more you'll benefit from a service. Similarly, you can invest on average and expensive motors after much observation, and it's even much better since most of these come with a warranty.


Starting with the attachments, some models come with round rigid foam attachments. In contrast, other models have different specifications of their heads.

Before concluding, ask yourself; where precisely on my body did I want to use it? Then determine the attachment that will work best. Although, it's recommended you use a muscle massage machine model that can provide different heads as that will cover other parts of your system.

Pro Muscle Massage Gun In Black
RehabGun Pro Muscle Massager Gun

Physiotherapy Massage Machine Heat Adjustments

As a reminder, handheld massage machines are high-tech devices used in controlling a head known as the attachment. This is to perform the different asymmetric movement on your body, including jiggle, compress, and rub. It is pretty comparable to how it's carried out in traditional massage therapy.

Although, there are some features that you may not get from a massage gun. Furthermore, most manufacturers sugarcoat the actual ability of their massage guns. Still, in reality, none of it works the way they proclaimed it does!

Therefore, if you have chronic soreness, don't think a massager will remove it like magic, as they proclaimed. It may take time and might not even work at all.

Education research also backs this up by revealing the peak performance and limits of these muscle massager machines. The report accentuated that these gadgets don't work like an energy drink that improves an athlete's performance. Still, they help lessen the muscle clamp as a result of heavy work out!

Can Massage Guns Help You Lose Weight?

Well, I don't know where you hear that, but come to think of it, if it's not an energy drink for sprinters, it can never work as a fat remover for you too. But we can recommend you engage in the keto diet or any other means out there.

Nevertheless, an electronic body massage gun is good in recovery from injury. If you are highly conversant with its use, it can lead to gradual and systematic weight loss. Not that you start in a week and wake up the first day of the following week, and Tada! All the fat is gone.

How To Use A Massage Gun

For a start, you can use a portable massager on a group of 'muscles or tissues' for about 15 to 30 seconds in different stylish movements to help increase the free flow of blood in your system. Consequently, the knots in your nerves, muscles will get repressed with a bit of consistency.

Free Flowing Blood To The Muscles

For heavy sessions, ensure you're relaxed - which is after the workout. Instead of the average 13 up to 30 seconds routine, increase it to 90 to 125 seconds. Move the attachment in dimensional pace all through each group of muscles. This will help you to recover from the heavy stress and prepare you for what comes next.

Do you enjoy and benefit from this article? Well, we're glad you did! For more information on how to get the best deep tissue massage gun that will suit your need or other information, please contact us.