Bluetooth USB Dongles For Laptop And PC Devices

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Updated 04/05/2020:
Get the best Bluetooth adapter for PC Windows 10 and contribute connectivity to notebooks and PC's to interact with virtually any Bluetooth empowered gadget. The USB Bluetooth receivers work together with smart phones or earphones. Use a USB dongle for speaker systems, mobiles and Wireless adapters.

: deleyCON USB Bluetooth Adapter Windows 10

USB Bluetooth Adapter With Blue LED

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: QueenDer Bluetooth Receiver For PC USB 4 Nano

Bluetooth Receiver In Black Case

£8   QueenDer Bluetooth Receiver For PC - Get It!  

: Gmyle USB Bluetooth Adapter For PC Broadcom

USB Bluetooth Adapter For PC Steel Tip

£18   Gmyle USB Bluetooth Adapter - Get It!  

: Mpow Bluetooth Adapter For PC USB High Speed

Bluetooth Adapter For PC With White Logo

£8   Mpow Bluetooth Adapter For PC - Get It!  

: Avantree Bluetooth USB Mini Dongle

This Bluetooth small USB dongle produces wire free associations relating to computers along with other Wireless Bluetooth gadgets, for example Bluetooth empowered earphones, audio speakers, mobile phones, computer keyboards at speeds as high as EDR 3.1 Mbps.

Bluetooth USB Mini Dongle With Black Mouse

A properly accredited Bluetooth 4 technique, it effortlessly helps 'backward compatible' Bluetooth versions 3,2 and 1, plus Bluetooth reduced power. This adapter works with Windows up to 8.1 and can handle plug n play etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £16   Get It → Avant Bluetooth USB Dongle

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: iAmotus Plug In USB Bluetooth Dongle

Created for optimum capability with modest dimensions and low electrical power, this particular pluggable adapter updates Windows and Linux computers using the most recent Bluetooth 4 assistance. The adapter is a small in size USB Class 2 reduced energy Bluetooth adapter with LED.

Pluggable Micro USB Bluetooth 4 Dongle In Black And Blue

It functions along with other Wireless Bluetooth gadgets inside roughly 10 metres limit (30.1 feet) distance, based on environment variables with transfer rates around a fast 3 Mbps. The adapter provides the market leading Broadcom chipset and backwards capability with conventional Bluetooth 1 and 2 gadgets.
[Rating: 9/10]   £8   Get It → iAmotus Micro USB Dongle

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: Maxesla USB Dongle Adapter Bluetooth

This specific mini USB Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 adapter comes with with good speed, straightforward partnering, excellent anti-jamming functions an uncomplicated strategy to allow your PC to connect to mobile phone, tablet PC, or any other Wireless Bluetooth gadget. It's backwards suitable for Bluetooth v1 to 3 versions.

Small USB Dongle Adapter In Gold Exterior

The Bluetooth CSR 4.0 mini USB dongle facilitates almost all Bluetooth V4, 3, 2 merchandise and backwards suitable for v1.2 goods. It can handle up to Window 8.1 computers. This product is not plug n play when utilising sound etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £8   Get It → Maxesla USB Dongle Adapter

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: TP-LINK Bluetooth Micro USB Adapter

This mini USB Bluetooth 4.0 adapter is great for speed, with easy pairing, very good anti-jamming characteristics and it's really a very simple method for allowing your PC to come in contact with mobile phone, tablet PC as well as other Bluetooth machines backwards appropriate for v1 - v3.

Bluetooth CSR 4 Micro USB With Black Wireless Notebook

Works with virtually all Wireless Bluetooth 2.3,4v merchandise, as well as backwards suitable for v1.2 goods and can handle Window 8.1. A compact disc driver is included, however this product just isn't (plug n play) when you use sound.
[Rating: 9/10]   £8   Get It → TP-LINK Bluetooth Micro USB

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: Vococal Bluetooth Dongle USB Speed

Created for optimum capability, modest dimensions and low electrical power, this Inateck adapter advances Windows computers with the newest Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 support.

The adapter is a streamlined USB Class 2 reduced power wireless adapter with LED. It works along with other Bluetooth units inside close to 10 metres radius.

Wireless Bluetooth 10m Dongle USB With Phone And Mouse

The distance is contingent on environment conditions, with transfer rates nearly 3.1 Mbps. Adapter supplies the industry top rated CSR chipset and backwards capability with conventional Wireless Bluetooth 1,2 and 3v equipment.

Small lightweight USB adapter supports stereo system with LED illumination. Risk-free to leave for laptop computer travelling etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £6   Get It → Vococal Wireless Bluetooth Dongle

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USB Bluetooth Receiver Dongles For PC In Small Sticks

: Trust Bluetooth 4 USB Port Dongle

The Bluetooth USB dongle produces wire free associations in between your personal computer and additional Bluetooth gadgets, for example Bluetooth operated head-sets, audio speakers.

Use with mobile phone, keyboard or perhaps mouse at velocities of as much as 3 Mbps. It can network any Windows PC to WiFi Bluetooth units such as mice and various mobile gadgets.

Bluetooth 50m Range USB Dongle With 4.0 Icon

It is completely certified Wireless Bluetooth 4 organisation and it easily subscribes backward agreeable Bluetooth V3,2,1 and reduced power. This particular connector is agreeable with Windows 10,8,7,XP,Vista.

Extremely modest sized, effortless to carry and in addition space economising. Receive stereo sound including A2DP assistance.
[Rating: 9/10]   £11   Get It → Trust Bluetooth USB Dongle

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: Rocketek Micro USB Bluetooth Dongle

This particular USB to Class 1 Bluetooth Adapter with EDR is a small sized adapter that contributes Wireless Bluetooth abilities to a PC via an accessible USB slot. This causes it to be very easy to connect with gadgets wirelessly, at amounts as much as 100 metres range with minimum energy usage.

Micro USB Bluetooth EDR Dongle In White And Yellow Box

The USB Bluetooth adapter props up Bluetooth v2.1 standards, together with improved data rates for approximately 3 Mbps. The adapter runs on the modest form factor style, which makes it easily transportable as well as inconspicuous whenever linked to any PC or laptop. Transceiver provides an lengthy array of as much as 100 metres.
[Rating: 9/10]   £8   Get It → Rocketek USB Bluetooth Dongle

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: QUMOX USB Bluetooth Dongle PC Laptop

A USB Bluetooth dongle for PC and laptop offers high-velocity as much as 3 Mbps and is simple to carry. A fast Wireless transmitting device that grants long range connections adequate to 50 metres in total.

It's the elemental simple resolution for your PC to communicate with recent Bluetooth operated gadgets, for example smartphones etc.

BLE USB Bluetooth Dongle For PC In Black

This first-class Wireless Bluetooth dongle for personal computers promptly networks any Windows PC to a spectrum of gadgets. Link up a key board, your particular laptop computer mouse, your headphone or even smart phone gadget. It additionally supports 12 months guarantee and is congruous using (32 bit plus 64 bit) Windows.
[Rating: 9/10]   £8   Get It → QUMOX USB Bluetooth Dongle

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: Sabrent LE Micro USB Bluetooth Receiver

Link-up this micro USB Bluetooth receiver for PC to headphone or to your laptop as it assists Bluetooth audio speakers, headsets, keyboards, computer mouse and more besides. Entry to web through any Bluetooth smart phone using GPRS CDMA or perhaps Bluetooth operated computer with net connectivity.

It appends Wireless Bluetooth assistance to PC Windows 10 or even Linux PC's which do not already possess it. Exclusively append Wireless Bluetooth 4 LE Low Energy assistance to Windows PC 8 and above.

Small USB Bluetooth Receiver With Headset

Automated set-up throughout PC update in Windows PC 10 with default Wireless Bluetooth stack. It supports Raspbian as well as Ubuntu accepting all Pi examples - but will not function with Windows IoT centre. It will not function in automobile stereos or even Television sets etc.

Contribute Wireless Bluetooth 4 system to your own desktop computer or laptop at a fraction of the dimensions of standard USB power adaptors. Plug in the dongle to any accessible USB power slot to effortlessly access practically all of the most recent Bluetooth gadgets.
[Rating: 9/10]   £7   Get It → Sabrent Micro USB Bluetooth

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The PC Bluetooth adapters connect straight to your USB interface and allow you to improve your Wi-Fi transmission, plus connecting other capable peripherals.

You can also acquire high speed Internet in locations your personal computer might have formerly struggled. The USB Bluetooth dongle is smaller than average, so you won't ever need to bother about unattractive cables.