Camera Battery Chargers For Nikon And Canon Devices

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Updated 29/05/2020:
Our 10 best camera battery chargers for Nikon Sony and Canon - virtually all Lithium Ion. For charging up mobile handsets, digital cameras, gadgets and camcorders. Regular camera batteries AA, AAA, Ni-Mh batteries may be charged in under 60 minutes.

PowerExtra Nikon Dual USB Battery Charger

Nikon Dual USB Battery Charger In Black

£9   PowerExtra Nikon USB Battery Charger - Get It!  

Hincore USB Charger For Nikon Coolpix Camera

Charger For Nikon Coolpix Camera With Cable

£8   Hincore Charger For Nikon Coolpix - Get It!  

Blumax Canon Camera Battery Charger USB

Camera Battery Charger With 2 Slots

£9   Blumax Canon Camera Charger - Get It!  

RAVPower Sony Camera Battery Charger USB

Sony Camera Battery Charger With Black Adapter

£18   RAVPower Sony Camera Charger - Get It!  

: Inov8 Li-ion Battery Charger With LCD

This universal camera battery charger is perfect as an alternative, extra, or perhaps individual charger alternative for all of your digital cameras, camcorder and mobile phone batteries. It can charge 99 percent of most 3.6V - 7.4V Lithium-ion and NiMH batteries, maintaining your gadgets ready to function.

Universal Li-ion Battery Charger In Black And White Finish

Putting your battery in the charger could not be simpler. Basically lock back the casing and slip the connection pins to fit your battery. The charger is multi-voltage type, therefore it may be used around the globe and can also charge on the move using the 12V output wire.
[Rating: 9/10]   £14   Get It → Inov8 Camera Battery Charger

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: Ex-Pro Uni Universal Battery Charger

Uni battery charger for every 3.6v - 7.4v Li-Ion battery packs, ideal for camera, camcorder or games when the contacts are on the identical side. Quick charge between 2 and 6 hours with respect to the mAh of the battery also been charged. Furthermore, it charges AA plus AAA standard rechargeable NiCd type batteries.

Camera Universal Charger In Black With Blue Packet

IC safeguards automated fault safety and automated stop. The Uni battery charger features an integrated processor that recognises the voltage of the power and changes the charge utilised instantly. It will function outside the British Isles utilising virtually any travel adapter.
[Rating: 9/10]   £7   Get It → Ex-Pro Uni Universal Charger

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: Camlink Battery Charger AA, AAA NiMh

Z1 Universal charger Z1 is really a modest sized, lightweight one-stop charging option made to charge Lithium type batteries. It's going to charge digital cameras, camcorders and mobile phones as well as AA plus AAA standard rechargeable batteries.

Battery Charger In Grey With Red Logo

It is well suited for vacations, where this particular charger can help you save needing a complete selection of diverse battery chargers, as is normally the situation.

These units are portable all in one devices and need absolutely no sections to look after various battery sorts. A straightforward modification of top to bottom and horizontal motions of the contacts is sufficient.
[Rating: 9/10]   £14   Get It → Camlink Camera Battery Charger

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: Freeloader CamCaddy2 USB Battery Charger

The CamCaddy supplies a range of updated characteristics to present an even better plus more accelerated battery charging up functioning.

Modest in addition light weight, it offers universal battery charging for an undivided host of block design digital SLR, video recording plus small sized digital camera batteries, due to it's incomparable sliders.

USB Auto Battery Charger Plugged In Laptop

It's intelligent electronic automation adjust the precise electric potential to ascertain safe and quick charging up. Furnished with a USB connectivity lead, it may be operated from a notebook, computer or perhaps USB mains plus vehicle connector.

If your jaunts convey you beyond power system electricity, it is completely congenial with the Freeloader, Pico plus Super Charger.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24   Get It → CamCaddy2 USB Battery Charger

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: Hahnel AAA Ni-MH Universal Charger

This is an universal battery charger adapter with fine correction wheels for straightforward and correct contact configurations. It charges virtually all Lithium Ion electronic camera and camcorder batteries plus AAA and Ni-MH types. Furthermore, you may also charge almost all gadgets using a USB power input - iPhone, iPod etc.

Ni-MH Universal Charger Cameras In Black And Blue

Additional universal chargers available are frequently annoying and hard to make use of, like the actual contacts, employing a stylus pen, pencil or perhaps your fingertips. 100 - 240V universal voltage for throughout the world use and provided with 3 pin UK connector.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24   Get It → Hahnel Ni-MH Universal Charger

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Camera Battery Chargers For Nikon Coolpix, Canon and Sony

: EBL Universal Lithium Battery Charger

This particular lithium ion battery charger is a professional and comprehensive booster for C, D 9V AA AAA Ni-MH Ni-CD recharging type batteries and possesses equally AC as a consequence DC connector input.

An intelligent LCD establishes the charging up condition of every battery and LED lights for 9V. An LED signal for 9V battery is going to be lustrous the whole way and the boosting time period will be enumerated concording to the total capacity of your battery.

LED Universal Lithium Ion Battery Charger In White

This effective battery charger can both reload as well as electric discharge the batteries via switching the blue option beneath the LCD screen area.

Negative delta (V) cut out functionality, over-charge safety, short circuit security as well as non recharging - or perhaps insecure cell spotting render it secure and effortless to deploy. The superior battery charger can boost or discharge 1 up to 4 pieces Ni-MH Ni-Cd batteries plus.
[Rating: 9/10]   £17   Get It → EBL Universal Battery Charger

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: Kinden Universal Battery Charger 4 Slot

A universal battery charger system device commanded by MCU for the boosting functionality that will instantly turn to drip charge and forestall the batteries from excess voltage, over electric current or high temperature. Incessant current boosting strategy can effortlessly safeguard the battery versus current variation and maintain adopting the booster secure for fast charge up.

LCD lit screen plus discharge suggests the boosting advancement of AA, AAA, C/D - Ni-MH plus Ni-Cd batteries showing condition, boosting, emptying, replete or perhaps inferior informing.

The LCD signal is essential for 9V battery exclusively, just push the blue dispatch option to discharge settings, then the booster will instantly address charging modality whenever completely discharged.

Universal Battery Charger 4 Slot With Clear Lid

This battery power battery charger can additionally charge or perhaps discharge one up to 4 pieces. Accessible and effortless deploy AC including DC input style, utilised to global electric potential - alternating current 100 to 240 volt 50 60 Hz and accessible anyplace. Additionally appended is an automobile booster for adopting in any vehicle.

Guarantee safe for 24 months restricted undertaking, where it's possible to delight in repayment or complete substitution without precondition in 24 calendar months from the buying date.

This highly popular comprehensive battery power charger features both AC plus DC connector, intelligent liquid crystal display that presents the boosting position of every battery, plus LED lit for 9 volt etc.

Likewise, this particular battery charger can additionally both recharge 'and' discharge your batteries via interchanging the blue push button beneath the LCD panel. Includes break off functionality, overload security, short circuit safety as well as non-recharging or perhaps unfit cell sensing that renders it secure as well as effortless to deploy.
[Rating: 9/10]   £23   Get It → Kinden Battery Charger 4 Slot

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: Ansmann 4 Light Lithium Battery Charger

This optimised lithium battery charger H2 booster offers instant recognition of Li-Ion, AAA, LiFe PO4, Ni-MH and Ni-CD battery choices. Competent of charging 2 batteries at the same time, every one of the 2 battery port monitors in addition boosts separately.

Optimised charging construction for IMR batteries, integral liquid crystal display screen intelligibly exposes boosting parametric quantity and progression. Handily situated push button A/B enable an effortless variety of circumstantial battery operated types and boosting currents.

Lithium Battery Charger With Blue LCD

Instantly discovers battery electrical power condition and decides the congruous electric potential and charge modality, with the exclusion of (Life) batteries that demand hand-operated selecting.

It instantly blocks off boosting whenever finish and possesses over boost prevention to safeguard batteries. Includes heat supervising to forestall over heating system and is constructed from robust plastic.
[Rating: 9/10]   £26   Get It → Ansmann Lithium Battery Charger

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: Lumamu Smart 4 Slot Battery Charger

A first-class S4 smart Energiser battery charger that's intuitive, faster and more dependable with elementary functioning. It deploys 4 self-governing output production boosting modalities, which it can boost Lithium-Ion, Ni-mh as well as Ni-Cd batteries in virtually any edition and potential.

Smart features can observe diverse battery power kinds, apportion current as well as voltage consequently. It's possible to arrange batteries in at dissimilar occasions, however four charging ports can boost diverse types of batteries simultaneously, every boosting port load is a maximum 2000mA.

Large LCD Energiser Battery Charger In Black

Maximum sensing idling production of 5 Volts. Big display screen console as well as procedure for linking up to electrical power resource with no batteries, where the display is going to become vibrant for 2 seconds and so screen interpret (null) that refers to simply no batteries becoming loaded.

Boosting position and display screen for loading batteries where the display will screen power sort, battery electric potential, boosting current plus total capacity speed. Blinks entail the gadget is boosting, increments until completely full, which means batteries are entirely boosted, S4 will discontinue boosting your battery.

The upper as well as lowlier component of the push button commands channel 1, 2, 3, 4 in total. The soft tap can simply demonstrate you connected data, which includes electric potential, total capacity and time period.

Push procedure short click on, LCD boosting position, 4 second extended click maintains the LCD forever shining. Security strategy short circuit safety, excess and reverse connectivity secure with a high calibre spring.
[Rating: 9/10]   £25   Get It → Lumamu Battery Charger

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Our best battery chargers for AA, AAA, C/D, Ni-MH plus Ni-Cd are effective at charging pretty much all Lithium Ion batteries and a great number of gizmos with a USB slot, for example video cams and digital models. Panasonic Lumix and Canon battery chargers - even Coolpix. Be certain your electronic products always have electrical power.