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Computer controlled telescopes constitute finding the curiosities of the night time sky an effortless job to delight in moons and planets. Easy to expend controls entail that you will not battle to function them. See our night vision binoculars for wildlife, perfect for novices

01: SkyProdigy Celestron SCT Computer Telescope Auto Alignment

The SkyProdigy merges digital drives, a smart on-board PC, an electronic photographic camera and StarSense application to produce an automatic, instantaneous alignment telescope which demands no stimulus from the end user.

Just switch it on, press a push button and delight in the horizon. Auto alignment functionality acquires only a couple of minutes to choose from several objects inside it's data base.

SkyProdigy Celestron SCT Computer Controlled Telescope On Chrome Tripod

SkyProdigy Celestron SCT Computer Controlled Telescope

The Sky Tour function extends a custom built listing of the finest targets in the sky to observe for your precise time period and emplacement anyplace in the world.

Single touch conception turns anybody in to a stargazer fan, although the telescopes function a built-in imaging camera to instantly line up with the night time view.
[Rating: 9/10] £874 Get It → SkyProdigy Celestron SCT Computer Control Telescope

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02: SkyWatcher Skymax Computerised Maksutov Cassegrain SynScan Telescope

Sky Watcher Skymax Telescope 102mm (4 inches) computerised Maksutov Cassegrain is the elemental take anyplace telescope. They are additionally just right if functioning area is restricted, but in spite of their compact size, they pack a high powered performance.

SkyWatcher Maksutov Cassegrain SynScan Telescope In Black Casing

SkyWatcher Maksutov Cassegrain SynScan Telescope

The high-level resolution, diffraction modified optical arrangements are multi surfaced to maximise contrast, in addition picture acuteness.

This particular modest sized telescope including it's high-res multi layered optical element, surpasses at intermediate to high abilities for the testing of the surface area, particular on the moon, distant planets, and in addition dual star observations.
[Rating: 9/10] £315 Get It Here → SkyWatcher Cassegrain SynScan Telescope

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03: Meade ETX80 GoTo Telescope With LCD AutoStar Computer

The extremely transportable Meade ETX80 GoTo telescope constitutes the perfect associate to assist in the discovery of night time sky wonders.

It's possible to take this particular telescope directly from your cupboard, and in minutes be detecting 'celestial curiosities' from your terrace desk or garden. The desk top attachment enables you to function outdoors.

Meade ETX80 GoTo Telescope In Black And Blue Finish

Meade ETX80 GoTo Telescope PC Control

Simply contribute the 6 x AA batteries demanded and in addition keep abreast of the elementary instruction manual. You'll be able to at present choose from in excess of 1400 sky targets in the Autostar data resource.

If any item is perceptible in the night time sky in that season, the telescope can easily veer around and position the target in the ocular.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £199 Get It Here → Meade ETX80 GoTo Telescope

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04: NexStar Celestron Made Evolution8 Telescope Wi-Fi IoS, Android

The NexStar Evolution is the introductory Schmidt Cassegrain telescope using incorporated wireless. Leave behind your hand commands and aim for the finest celestial targets with a tap of your mobile phone, or maybe tablet PC.

Plug in your device to NexStar Evolution integral Wi-Fi network. Discover the cosmos using the mobile App for iOS and Android.

NexStar Celestron Made Evolution 8 Telescope In Chrome Exterior

NexStar Celestron Made Evolution 8 Telescope

Expend the 'planetarium interface' to observe the night time sky instantly, or expose a number of ethereal objects presently apparent grounded on your time plus co-ordinates. SkyAlign alignment functions are constructed correctly in to the Celestron mobile application.

Get prepared to discover inside a few minutes using this particular long life lithium-ion phosphate battery to delight in star gazing for 10 hours with a singular charge.
[Rating: 9/10] £1675 Get It Here → NexStar Celestron Made Evolution 8 Telescope

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05: Skymax 102 SynScan Computer Congenial AZ GoTo Alt-Azimuth Telescope

The modern SkyWatcher SynScan is an accurately orchestrated equipment, which will enable you to effortlessly discover and delight in observing night time sky gems.

Explore, for example planets, nebulae, vibrant star clusters, galaxies, in addition to a great deal more. Computer congenial, and expended with Planetarium software system.

Skymax AZ GoTo Computerised Telescope On Black Metal Tripod

Skymax AZ GoTo Computerised Telescope

The SynScan AZ hand command permits you aim your telescope at a circumstantial target, or even circuit the night time sky at the contact of a push button.

The easy to use menu arrangement appropriates automated slewing to in excess of 43000 objects. Even an apprentice stargazer can control it's diversity of functions in a couple of viewing sittings.
[Rating: 9/10] £335 Get It Here → Skymax AZ GoTo Computerised Telescope

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06: Celestron CPC GPS Controlled Telescope Cost Free NexRemote Software

Celestrons current CPC range containing radical SkyAlign alignment system redefines all that recreational stargazers are searching for, fast and effortless alignment.

Includes (Global Positioning System), unsurpassed optic calibre, simplicity of setting up and function, ergonomics, updated computerisation plus, most significantly, reasonable price.

Celestron CPC GPS Controlled Telescope In Black Coating

Celestron CPC GPS Controlled Telescope

The interior 'GPS' receiving system instantly downloads the date plus time period from revolving orbiters and pinpoints so they are correct co-ordinates on Terra Firma.

This eradicates the requirement for you to manually insert the day of the month, clock time, longitude and latitude etc. Ships as standard containing NexRemote software package.
[Rating: 9/10] £2419 Get It Here → Celestron CPC GPS Controlled Telescope

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07: LCM 80 Computerised NexStar Control 22051 Refractor Celestron Telescope

This particular LCM 80mm refractor telescope by Celestron could not be more complete for the task using it's NexStar PC command system, comprising of a data base competent of positioning in excess of 4000 celestial targets.

It includes a built upon SkyPointer Finder scope to assist you adjust the range and accomplish superior vistas of stars, moons, distant planets, comets etc.

LCM 80 Computer NexStar Celestron Telescope With Silver Effect Coating

LCM 80 Computer NexStar Celestron Telescope

Leisurely to assemble, the light weight automated mount precludes the motivation to carry around a bundle of heavy instruments for set-up, and may be effortlessly and handily transported anyplace.

You'll be able to discover that ideal observing spot where equilibrium can be developed using the metal tripod, even on inconsistent ground in the open air.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £239 Get It Here → LCM 80 Computer NexStar Celestron Telescope

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7 Computer Controlled Telescopes To Discover Distant Planets In The Universe

Computer controlled telescopes certainly return on their promise to offer entirely automated and dependable self-alignment. Effortlessly position your telescope out of doors, turn on and press the Align option.

Inside a few minutes, you will discover virtually any one of 40000 plus objects in the data resource. Incorporated here are Reflecting telescope and Refractor type telescopes, 'Maksutov Cassegrain' and (Schmidt Cassegrain).