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These 50CC quad bikes for sale are safe and dependable, but powerful enough for kids and really look the part. If your kid's passion is the outdoors and exploring the garden, these sporty quad bikes are ideal, and like electric hoverboards, can function nicely on most surfaces.

01: FunBikes Quad Bike For Kids 50cc Petrol Engine

Disposable in 6 trendy colours, this particular small sized and reduced priced quad bike is plainly incredible entertainment.

CE sanctioned, however additionally MIRA examined to GB criteria with top quality shape finish complete with decals. Back side feet protection plus multi-colour stainless steel slant exhaust system.

Quad Bike For Kids 50cc

FunBikes Quad Bike For Kids 50cc

You should be mindful of the construct calibre, in addition to components quality which is extremely significant to how much upkeep is demanded.

This mini quad has been designated as great quality plus it's dependable with many improvements defined over other regular mini quads. Includes top-quality effortless 'start engine pull cord'.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £269 Get It → FunBikes Quad Bike Kids 50cc

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02: ActionBikes Racer Kids Small Quad Bike ATV 49CC

The racer kids small quad bike raises speeds of 5 up to 55 Km per hour, contingent on load as well as the configurations of the accelerator screw fix.

Motor 49 cc single cylinder and 2 Stroke with 2.5 Kw transmission automated. Big vehicle tyres for extra clearance, dual exhaust pipes plus ignition system locking mechanism included.

49 CC Racer Kids Small Quad Bike In Blue

Action Racer Kids Small Quad Bike

Electric start arrangement plus metal pull starter system including warning device. This excellent bike is an essential experience with impressive speed-up ability and flexible throttle.

It is entirely furnished with virtually all the extras incorporated and may be turned off through a remote device. It incorporates alarm, power start element and metal pull starter.
[Rating: 9/10] - £356 Get It → Action Racer Kids Small Quad Bike

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03: Rebo Mini Off Road Quad Bike 50cc Ride-On 4 Colours

The most recent petrol quad motor in the durable line of merchandise from the Rebo firm, with a splendid construction, un-compromised calibre and good value for money. This particular petrol mini quad bike is an indisputable hit all-round.

Mini Off Road Quad Bike With Obvious Foot Rest

Rebo LT50A Mini Off Road Quad Bike

You should be knowledgeable of the construct quality plus components calibre as it is very crucial to ascertain how much upkeep is demanded.

This particular children's petrol mini quad ATV has been conditioned for quality plus dependability. Powered by 50cc 2 stroke air cooled engine including easy start.
[Rating: 9/10] £274 Get It → Rebo Mini Off Road Quad Bike

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04: Hawkmoto SX-49 Mini Junior Quad Bike 49cc 2 Stroke KMC

The SX-49 49cc is manufactured and examined to be the perfect quad bike for junior riders. It features a 2 stroke air cooled motor using a two spring speeding design clutch, dual exhaust, in addition to flexible shocks.

Front line and rearward disc brake system plus an adaptable throttle maintain the bike safely under the riders command.

Mini Junior Quad Bike In Black And Yellow

Hawkmoto SX-49 Mini Junior Quad Bike

Included are anodised components and colour matching rims, plastics and suspension system arms constitute the SX-49 to leap out from the more inexpensive, lesser calibre older bikes.

A genuine 'head turner' for the latest mini quad bike marketplace. Motor carb with foam filter system including one speed gear case.
[Rating: 9/10] £289 Get It → Hawkmoto Mini Junior Quad Bike

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05: NRG Apache 6 50 CC 2-Stroke Quad Bike Midi

An excellent choice 50 CC NRG medium sized quad bike with 6 tyres plus 6.6 Kw 2 stroke engine for kids. Other features incorporate tapping slotted counter sunk screw, kick start feature and thumb gas throttle system, hydraulic type shock absorber. Exceptional characteristics with large tyre treads and low centre of gravity.

1.3L 50 CC Quad Bike Midi In White And Green

Apache 50 CC Quad Bike Midi

The 2 stroke bike engine is single cylinder plus it's an air-cooled system with max 45 kilometres per hour speed, auto transmission system, chain driven ignition plus kick-starter system.

Fuel is 1: 20 and the petrol tank holds a total capacity of 1.3 Litres. Suspension system for hydraulic springs. Includes drum braking system as well as discs brake types.
[Rating: 9/10] - £716 Get It → Apache 50 CC Quad Bike Midi

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06: Scream Children's Quad Bike Thunder Cat High Torsion

This quad bike features a potent, high powered 110cc engine, which expands the charm of this particular quad for older kids.

There's nothing more unsatisfactory than to ascertain that the quad looked to deliver enough power whenever you first embarked on driving, but at present just will not cut it as you acquire more accomplished skills - and demand to push it more.

110cc Children's Quad Bike In Bright Blue Metal

Scream 110cc Children's Quad Bike

The 110cc quad motorcycle possesses far more energy and torsion, sufficient as a matter of fact to propel the majority of grownups, however don't blank out.

This particular machine may be confined for individuals who require more power, therefore as your kid acquires powers, they certainly will not overgrow this particular quad.
[Rating: 9/10] £470+ Get It → Scream Children's Quad Bike

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07: RideonToys 50 CC Dirt-Ninja Safe Cheap Kids Quad Bike

This is an entirely lightweight as well as agile quad that is comfortable and less hazardous to ride. The power may be controlled to allow for the pertinent measure of power for the rider's personal ability.

In addition, there's a protection tether which may be functioned by any parent for additional safety. This first-class mini quad has been configured with safety always, and adapts to present required criteria.

50 CC Cheap Kids Quad Bike With Red Seat

RideonT 50 CC Cheap Kids Quad Bike

The bike safety characteristics incorporate a throttle limitation feature to decelerate the quad down to a slow tempo if demanded, enabling the riders self-assurance to mature.

As the rider's technique betters - just unlock the throttle configurations and the equipment will appropriate for more execution. There's additionally a protection lead which can be expended on a lengthy lead to allow you to halt the bike.
[Rating: 9/10] - £299 Get It → RideonT 50 CC Cheap Kids Quad Bike

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Best 50CC Quad Bikes For Sale - Cheap And Impressive For Junior Riders

Best quality 50cc kid's quad bikes for sale - super four wheeled entertainment for all young bike fans. Good value for money quad bikes with first-class protection and power. Visit our kids electric dirt bikes page..

Our selection of junior sized petrol driven quads are assured to daub a grin across your kid's expression for hours and hours of simply superb fun.