Multi AUX Headphone Jack Splitters To Share Tunes

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Updated 25/04/2020:
The headphone jack splitters to relish tunes with friends from the same gadget. The audio splitter adapters extend headset sockets for many to delight in iPhone earphone music. AUX splitters never compromise and are congenial with Wi-Fi headphones using a 3.5mm jack.

: Betron Dual Headphone Adapter Splitter 3.5mm

Dual Headphone Splitter Gold Plated

£3   Betron Dual Headphone Splitter - Get It!  

: MillSO Earphone Splitter For Phone Or Speakers

Earphone Splitter With Black Cable

£9   MillSO Audio Earphone Splitter - Get It!  

: Ancable 3.5 mm Jack Splitter Male To x3 Female

Splitter With Gold Plated Jacks

£5   Ancable 3.5 mm Jack Splitter - Get It!  

: SyncWire AUX Headset Splitter Cable 3.5 mm

Headset Splitter Cable In White

£5   SyncWire AUX Headset Splitter - Get It!  

: Belkin Multi Headset Splitter Adapter

Including several AUX jacks, this headset splitter adapter and divider can assume as much as five headsets. It additionally associates to the majority of portable sound gadgets.

This includes mobile phones, tablet PC's, notebooks, MP3 music players with any gadgets accommodated with a 3.5mm slot.

Small 5 Slot Headset Splitter Adapter With iPod Player

It's possible to delight in greater versatility whenever utilising it with acquaintances. Plug in capable five sets of earphones to the multi-headphone splitter gadget.

The useful device provides you with a multi end user sound encounter wherever you travel. Regardless if you are hearing tracks via your mobile phone or even iPod.
[Rating: 9/10]   £10   Get It → Belkin Headset Splitter Adapter

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: AmazonBasics 5-Way Headphone Splitter

This 5 process multi headphone splitter is such an elementary pocket-sized device that's very handy. The AUX splitter connection affords you to tie in as much as '5 sets' of earphones, or even a variance of MP3 music players as well as headsets.

It is implausibly elementary and intelligently plugs to virtually any gadget furnished with a 3.5mm slot.

5 Way Multi Headphone Splitter In Black

Congenial electronics incorporate mobile phone iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, HTC and so forth. iPod, latest iPads, tablet PC's, media players, mobile DVD Players, computers and notebooks.

If it possesses a small output signal jack, then you are certainly good to go. Allowing your kids to view the same film with the headsets.
[Rating: 9/10]   £7   Get It → AmazonBasics 5-Way Splitter

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: ULTRICS 3.5mm Audio Jack Splitter

A multi audio jack splitter for headsets that makes it enjoyable to produce your personal tunes experience. Plug as much as five headsets along with your iPod to begin partaking.

Append different iPod to mix tunes as a consequence to listen in collaboration. Functions with all MP3 music as well as DVD players.

3.5mm Audio Jack Splitter With Cable

Extremely small sized and very lightweight, appropriate for any journey, household, celebration, work place and so forth. The set-up is really elementary so you just demand to position the sound output port of MP3 music and the audio speaker or headphone are respectively plugged.
[Rating: 9/10]   £3   Get It → ULTRICS Audio Jack Splitter

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: Doyime Headphone Jack Splitter 5 Way

Sharing sound between acquaintances is amusing and effortless using this particular headphone jack splitter adapter. Using several AUX jacks, the splitter can take on adequate to five pairs of headsets. A top quality connector adapter for any 3.5mm ear piece or headphone.

Small Multi 5 Headphone Jack Splitter In Red

There are five jacks for secure headsets or iPod gadgets and it's exceedingly easy to utilise. It additionally associates to the majority of portable audio electronics, which includes mobile phones, tablet PC's, laptop computers, MP3 music players, mobile DVD players and virtually any additional gadget.
[Rating: 9/10]   £2   Get It → Doyime Headphone Jack Splitter

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3.5 Headphone Jack Splitter Adapters For Sharing AUX Devices

: Coomoors 5 Way Splitter Headphones

This particular little splitter for headphones makes it leisurely to produce your own tracks experience. Plug as much as five earphones and your iPod device to set about sharing.

Contribute a different iPod to blend tunes and listen jointly with functions for practically all MP3 music and DVD players as well as other mobile media gadgets.

5 Way Splitter For Headphones With Smooth Surface

You and 4 additional acquaintances can hear the same gadget via your own earpieces. Using this particular 3.5mm sound jack splitter adapter, it's possible to share tracks and films. Impressive for your iPod music player or hi-fi strategy, even extra mobile media players.
[Rating: 9/10]   £4   Get It → Coomoors 5 Way Splitter

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: MixIt 3.5mm Earphone Splitter Adapter

This pocket sized 3.5mm earphone splitter mechanism makes it entertaining to plug in adequate to five ear-pieces and start your fun music sharing.

Bestow a different iPod to 'merge' tunes, and in addition listen in collaboration. Works with practically all MP3 music and video players, plus added portable media gadgets.

5 Slot 3.5mm Earphone Splitter Adapter In White Casing

With 4 other guests, you can hear the identical gadget throughout your own headsets. Using this effective 3.5mm audio connection splitter adapter, you'll be able to share tracks and motion pictures.

Impressive for your Hi-Fi organisation or perhaps additional mobile media music players. Just link up the audio lead to individual slot on the hub.
[Rating: 9/10]   £9   Get It → MixIt 3.5mm Earphone Splitter

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: Geekria Wire Nickel Headphone Splitter

The '6 way headphone splitter adapter' is Nickel coated for expanded corroding security. 3.5mm headset connector breaks up the line in to five 3.5mm slots.

Plug as much as five headsets to the individual gadget for sharing tracks with guests. You are able to link up your ear pieces to one unit for sharing tunes with mates.

Nickel Coated Headphone Splitter With Yellow Cable

You are able to use MP3 music, compact discs, smartphone, PC in addition to other plugging earphones. The sound splitter merchandise is distributed solely by Geekria. Mixing as well as fade-in's are commanded by the regular controls of MP3 music player.
[Rating: 9/10]   £13   Get It → Geekria 6 Way Headset Splitter

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: Digital Mole 5 Way Earphone Splitter

Plug as much as five ear-pieces along with your iPod to begin sharing with this small earphone splitter adapter. Supply a different iPod to combine songs and in addition listen conjointly.

It operates with practically all MP3 music and DVD recorder players, including additional transportable media gadgets.

3.5mm Earphone Splitter Adapter With 6 Slots

The 3.5mm headset connector divides the cable in to five ports plus a single hard wired connector for MP3 music player. Link up as much as five headsets to one gadget, ideal for sharing tracks with acquaintances. Additionally functions with all MP3 and mobile video disc players.
[Rating: 9/10]   £6   Get It → Digital Mole Splitter Adapter

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Multi headphone splitter adapters are utilised with just about any 3.5mm jack gizmo. Just connect these hubs in to any audio gadget and apportion your tunes with acquaintances that possess headphones.

Plug in a 'multitude of headphones', ear-pieces, or even stereo system speakers to individual MP3, or virtually any other DVD player.