USB Game Controllers Created For The PC Action Lovers

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The best USB game controllers provide an enhanced game playing encounter that you'll want with any computer. These specific gamepads are appropriate for USB interface and offer accurate and super fast response. Not using the gaming jostick, then the gamepad delivers you advanced selectors for efficiency..

01: Trust GXT39 10 Metres Wi-Fi Game Pad For PC And PS3

The Trust GXT39 Wi-Fi game pad is for the computer as well as PS3, allowing you to feel all the motions on your device and guarantee enjoyment on all of your preferred systems. Contest with maximum precision and modify the force you require. The pressure sensitive control keys will place you on a totally new level.

Trust GXT39 10 Metres Wi-Fi Game Pad In Black Finish

Trust GXT39 10 Metres Wi-Fi Game Pad

The incorporated 'turbo switch' on the GXT39 enables you to beat your opponents with ease. It's ergonomic style and anti-sweat covering maintain an excellent grip. Virtually all 15 control keys and the two analogue sticks such as the D-pad are put in the ideal range for long-lasting game playing visits.
[Rating: 8.5/10] ( ~ £24 ) Get It Here → Trust GXT39 10 Metres Wi-Fi Game Pad

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02: KaBi Xbox 360 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi Lag-Free Wired Controller With 10 Metres Range

Completely new and enhanced ergonomic structure permits optimum convenience and limitless game play possibilities. New right and left shoulder control keys are equipped for simplicity of use. Two analogue pressure point triggers, two vibration feed-back engines, and one eight way directional mat are integrated.

KaBi Xbox 360 Lag-Free Controller With Colour Code Buttons

KaBi Xbox 360 2.4Ghz Lag-Free Controller

KaBi style is versatile, comfy, in a position to steer clear of finger paralysis following long-time actively playing. Adaptable vibration feedback for an individualised gaming sensation and a lengthier life of the battery incorporated.
[Rating: 8.5/10] ( ~ £23 ) Get It Here → KaBi Xbox 360 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi Lag-Free Controller

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03: Tronsmart Mars G01 Plug And Play 2.4G USB Wireless Game Pad Controller

Multi-platform established Android, Windows PC, Playstation 3 using immediately identifiable plug n' play inter-connection technique with individual USB slot enables controller to function with Google Android, Computer and PS3 based game playing products.

Tronsmart Mars G01 USB Wireless Game Pad In Dark Blue

Tronsmart Mars G01 USB Wireless Game Pad

A 2.4GHz wireless connection with a range of as much as 30 feet uses the most typical and most steady wireless spectrum transmission available.

The dual motor technologies completely facilitates game titles able to providing vibrations and movement feed-back, whilst game playing for a completely 'immersive' adventure.
[Rating: 9/10] ( ~ £13 ) Get It Here → Tronsmart Mars G01 USB Wireless Game Pad

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04: Logitech F310 Gamepad Controller For PC - Floating D-Pad For Fast Reaction

The Gamepad F310 provides superior console style management for computer game enthusiasts. Feel the console game playing you desire on your computer with the F310. User friendly, with it's comfortable shape and structure, it facilitates new game titles and older favourites. Automated controls permit a customised adventure.

Logitech F310 Gamepad In Black And Blue Exterior

Logitech F310 Gamepad Controller For PC

It is straightforward to customise, although you may use Logitech profiler application to simply alter the regular commands, or adjust F310 for unsupported game titles.

Additionally, it functions fully-programmable control keys, which may imitate mouse and keyboard instructions etc. Simple to set-up and utilise with your preferred classics.
[Rating: 9/10] ( ~ £24 ) Get It Here → Logitech F310 Gamepad Controller For PC

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05: Speedlink XEOX 8 Way D-Pad Game Pad With USB Connection + Two Bumpers

The ideal functionality associated with convenience, comfort and exceptional accuracy, the XEOX professional analogue game-pad provides you with a definitive strategic benefit, because of it's ultra-precise, ergonomically situated left stick - for expert analogue game playing on your computer.

Speedlink XEOX 8 Way D-Pad Game Pad With Wire

Speedlink XEOX 8 Way D-Pad Game Pad

Simultaneously, it is possible to manage the most recent generation of game titles, in addition to timeless classics from years ago as the XEOX may be transformed involving the controller engineering XInput and Direct Input.

Due to this, the game pad facilitates pretty much all computer games - regardless of whether completely new or older.
[Rating: 9/10] ( ~ £19 ) Get It Here → Speedlink XEOX 8 Way D-Pad Game Pad

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06: Stoga Gfun STG101 Bluetooth USB Gamepad Joystick For iPhone, iPad, Android

Well suited design for Android mobile phone and tablet computer with Wireless Bluetooth functionality. This particular Gamepad can be utilised on the Android system and also the IOS platform. It may also be applied to laptop computers. It is strongly recommended to utilise the game-pad with Android 3.2.

Stoga Gfun Bluetooth USB Gamepad Joystick With Smooth Surface

Stoga Gfun Bluetooth USB Gamepad Joystick

4 settings gamepad, keyboard, touch and Icade. Of these settings, Gamepad, Key-board, Touch support Android gadgets, Icade function exclusively facilitates IOS products.

The handle makes use of HID protocol for information transmitting. Facilitates the majority of main game titles, internet based games and countless simulation game titles.
[Rating: 9/10] ( ~ £18 ) Get It Here → Stoga Gfun Bluetooth USB Gamepad Joystick

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07: Bluetooth Game Pad For Smartphones, Tablet PC, USB Charging Wire Included

Secure gamepad facilitates several products such as mobile phone, tablet PC, Android, Television box. Wireless Bluetooth inter-connection and readily altered immediately inside 10 metres range. Download supportive game titles, mobile phone linked straight without ROOT..

Bluetooth Game Pad With Smartphone Connected

Bluetooth Game Pad Smartphones, PC USB

Enjoyably benefits from the huge amount of games available in the market, as well as facilitates multi-player function. Fine 'twin analogue joystick', specific cross key and 14 motion control keys plus ergonomic design. The way to charge the game operator etc..
[Rating: 9/10] ( ~ £14 ) Get It Here → Bluetooth Game Pad Smartphones, PC USB

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