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10 Remote Control Power Sockets To Switch Appliances Off/On

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Handy remote control power sockets to switch household appliances off and on, or from distance. Save cash and electricity by no longer leaving your appliances on stand-by. Effortless to deploy wire free controlled plug units, perfect for usage in the back garden, or see our surge protected sockets.

01: Mercury Remote Control Plug Sockets Bundle For Home Appliances

This remote control plug socket bundle may be commanded separately through the device provided. It's just right for a broad diversity of electric conveniences and an impressive answer for commanding appliances in unapproachable spaces, or perhaps for individuals with restricted mobility.

5 Piece Remote Control Plug Sockets In Black

Mercury Remote Control Plug Sockets

Leaving behind an appliance in stand-by may still devour a large quota of electrical power and can abridge the life-span of the home appliance by 14 percent. Remote devices can function as much as 10 outlet adaptors. Thermal cut off safety mechanism and upper limit loading 2400 Watts.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £18 - Get It → Mercury Remote Control Plug Sockets

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02: EnerGenie 4 Piece Remote Control Power Sockets Turn Off Stand-By

This radio remote control power socket set uses a controller for deployment with virtually any household convenience. Turn off appliances consuming electricity in standby to 'save cash' and scale down your carbon foot-print.

The radio socket is perfect for difficult to grab plugs and can be utilised with any domestic power element.

EG Remote Control Power Sockets With Black Button Pad

EnerGenie Remote Control Power Sockets

It functions using a remote controller, which can be organised to check up as much as four diverse wall sockets. The remote control will not necessitate direct line of vision to engage.

It is going to operate even whenever the socket is concealed behind an article of furniture - or even any neighbouring space.
[Rating: 9/10] - £24 - Get It → EnerGenie Remote Control Power Sockets

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03: MagicFly Home Remote Control Sockets 30 Metres Range For Lighting

Expend the home remote control sockets to extend to through doorways and wall structures up to 100 feet in order to turn off/on gadgets in other spaces, minus disturbance of close-by gadgets.

Deploy the controlled plug to switch off unused conveniences, such as illumination, TV, as well as radios, thus extending their life span.

30 Metres Home Remote Control Sockets In White Exterior

MagicFly Home Remote Control Sockets

It's possible to even command appliances through floors or fences. Simply connect and utilise with no set-up demanded. Remotely turn on/off virtually any home appliance at the press of a push button. It includes reduced stand-by electrical power consumption as well as integrated child safety facility.
[Rating: 9/10] - £20 - Get It → MagicFly Home Remote Control Sockets

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04: LightWave 3 Piece Remote Control Mains Socket For Lamps, Devices

Link up and connect on/off with this remote controlled mains socket that may be expended to remotely function mains powered electric machines etc. It's possible to even deploy a mobile phone or perhaps iPod player to command your electronics in or away from your home base and no set-up is expected.

Mobile Phone Remote Control Mains Socket Square Shaped

LightWave Remote Control Mains Socket

It is competent of handling as much as 3000 Watts and the plug-in additionally features the power to store mood configurations as a consequence in combination with additional LightWave connections like dimmer switches. This particular bundle comprises a hand-held remote device.
[Rating: 9/10] - £36 - Get It → LightWave Remote Control Mains Socket

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05: Avantek Remote Control On Off Switches Mobile Phone Controlled

Switch any electric gadget off and on without being forced to get up, or maybe even be inside the home with simply an effortless touch of your smart phone using this remote control on off switch.

No longer concern if you have left the 'air-con' on or virtually any additional power machine whenever you leave the house.

Remote Control On Off Switches With White Smartphone

AvanTek Remote Control On Off Switches

Well-situated remote devices for several popular home appliances. The remote device control outlet is operated via a mobile phone application. It allows easy to operate on/off functionality of digital gadgets from just about any position. The outlet holds as much as 20 timer jobs and can duplicate day cycles etc.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £16 - Get It → AvanTek Remote Control On Off Switches

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06: Maclean Remote Control Electric Sockets MCE Learning Technology

The MCE remote control electric sockets include a 'learn facility' using an extremely firm and well-favoured construction. The container incorporates 4 wall sockets along with a remote device. Faultless for just about any household gadget and particularly handy whenever sockets are difficult to access.

Remote Control Electric Sockets In All White

Maclean Remote Control Electric Sockets MCE

Through linking your household devices to the remote managed wall sockets, you are able to easily manage them via long distances of as much as 30 metres, as well as low battery usage of around 2 years stand-by mode.

Projected learning function enables you to group wall sockets and designate in combined options.
[Rating: 9/10] - £27 - Get It → Maclean Remote Control Electric Sockets MCE

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07: DigiTeck 5 Piece Mains Remote Control Power Switches 30m Range

This 'remote control power switch bundle' transforms powered home appliances to remote controller on/off procedure. It switches appliances off and on at the flick of a push button, impressive for those difficult to achieve wall sockets. Easy and leisurely to deploy with simply no tricky set-up demanded.

DT Mains Remote Control Power Switches In White Plastic

DigiTeck Mains Remote Control Power Switches

Remotely command adequate to 5 individual mains operated gadgets from 30 metres distance in open areas. It even functions via ceilings and wall structures with an upper limit exchanging total capacity of 3000 Watts. Any home appliance via connector outlet may be run remotely from long range.
[Rating: 9/10] - £34 - Get It → DigiTeck Mains Remote Control Power Switches

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08: DiscoBall Home Appliance Remote Light Control Switches 5 Pack

The remote light control switches with learning functionality permits you to correspond any remote device and electrical outlet to one another, irrespective of their frequencies. Effortless and easy to employ with no pesky set-up commanded. Merely connect and function to remotely turn on/off.

5 Outlet Home Remote Light Control Switches With Lamp

D-Ball Home Remote Light Control Switches

It possesses low stand-by electrical power usage and integral child security. The learning procedure enables you to program the discovering of wall sockets in addition to the remote control using virtually any outlet.

It's possible to elevate 3 remote devices by exclusively appending extra controls.
[Rating: 9/10] - £22 - Get It → D-Ball Home Remote Light Control Switches

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09: Maplin Household Remote Control Electrical Switches Set 3 Piece

Bundle of 3 remote control electrical switches to control just about any appliance containing a connector outlet and may be operated remotely via as much as range of 30 metres. It utilises RF so the remote will not demand to be guided at the outlet and can operate through most walls.

Plug And Play Remote Control Electrical Switch Set 3 Pin

Maplin Remote Control Electrical Switch Set

If you possess 4 lights connected to the RF wall sockets on diverse channels, you might separately, or perhaps arrange the equivalent code so you can switch them all on and off simultaneously.

To control, arrange the dial on the reverse of the item to the channel demanded and accommodate the compact battery to the transmitting device.
[Rating: 8.9/10] - £22 - Get It → Maplin Remote Control Electrical Switch Set

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10: M-Dom Mains Remote Plug Switches To Control TV, PC, Appliances

The remote plug switch devices are just right for employment with an all-encompassing diversity of TV's, PC's, lamps or heating units plus a great deal more in the household or work place. They accompany a remote device that is leisurely and secure to function, and possess a hand-operated toggle switch.

30 Metres Home Mains Remote Plug Switches In Blue Packet

M-Dom Home Mains Remote Plug Switches

Elementary and easy to utilise with zero induction expected, merely put in any of the supplied connectors in to your electrical outlet, and so insert virtually any electric home appliance or gadget in. It's possible to then switch your particular appliance off and on. Maximum electrical power 1500 Watts.
[Rating: 8/10] - £15 - Get It → M-Dom Home Mains Remote Plug Switches

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Best Remote Control Power Sockets For Managing Appliances At Home

These remote control power sockets render it easy turning on/off electric home appliances and illuminations. A leisurely strategy for alternating electrical gear on/off through a remote device option.

Especially appropriate for functioning lights that may be entirely inaccessible and extremely handy for those with mobility issues.

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