Best USB LED Lights With Gooseneck Versatile Neck Feature

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Versatile USB LED lights with gooseneck arms provide illumination to your preferred position. Fits all products with a spare USB slot like notebooks, laptops, computers, USB hubs etc. Perfect for household, travelling, research or even office usage. No batteries required, light is run by USB power.

AA: AUKEY Multi-Colour Touch Function LED Lamp

A super smooth multi-colour concept LED table lamp with versatile neck that conforms to your demands in the house, bedroom table or perhaps in the work place - designed for a broad line-up of user example situations.

It intelligently brightens up the night-time with easy touch contact commands. This high calibre light offers in excess of 20000 hours use, expending merely a fraction of power compared to regular desk LED lights.

USB Multi-Colour Touch LED Lamp In White

You can adapt the RGB colour brightness to accommodate your modality and the light is going to contribute to your work, house, residence hall or even back garden in a super multi-coloured atmosphere. Use the touch contact finger sensitive toggle switch to activate and intelligently correct the luminosity.

Swipe the colour band to choose your popular base colour or merely touch the switch to trigger the colour function. The adjustable neck conception allows several positions and the 4 Watts mobile USB recharging LED light economises power to keep those electric bills low.
[Rating: 9/10] - £16 Get It → AUKEY Multi-Colour Touch LED Lamp

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01: Ivation Gooseneck 7 LED Dimmable Clip USB Desk Light

The Ivation light is dependable, adaptable and inexpensive, however it may be operated through USB to a convenient power bank, in addition to batteries or any kind of regular wall plug. Take this gooseneck clip illumination almost anywhere, rendering it specifically valuable as a reading lamp or perhaps as craft lighting.

Gooseneck LED Clip USB Desk Light In Black Metal

For table top or comparable non-clip purposes, two 'balance bars' move out of the base to permit use of the light upon virtually any location. Seven LED bulbs throw an uniformly vibrant illumination without the high temperature. Whenever run by batteries, this particular 2 Watts light will run for 3 full hours.
[Rating: 9/10] £10 Get It → Ivation Gooseneck LED Clip Desk Light

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02: Ipow Hinged Clip 4 LED Desk USB Lamp Flexible Stem

Resilient life time and energy saving light that you don't need to purchase batteries. More than 12 hours for just two bulbs allow you to appreciate reading in comfort. Flexible goose head for any angle, no matter where you are sitting. Utilise the lamp anyplace - the compact size is perfect for reading in bed or on a trip.

Ipow Clip 4 LED Desk USB Lamp With Black Base

800mAh Li-ion battery using 4 hours re-charging time period and functions four bulbs that makes it the brightest gooseneck style light. The non-glaring gleam creates a snug studying and function illumination. Charge the battery through virtually any USB slot, utilising the charging wire provided in package.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £6 Get It → Ipow Clip 4 LED Desk USB Lamp

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03: Bestek Touch Function 3 Dimmable LED Anti-Flicker Light

Stylish design with small in size 3 parts dimension using adaptable position and modifying needs. Lamp head, arm and base plus 90 degrees horizontal and 30 'landscape setting' perspective on light head. Completely full turning 360 degrees angle revolving on gooseneck component.

Bestek Touch Dimmable LED USB Light With Cables

Built-in 3.7V battery means it may be utilised devoid of any electricity power source following charging. The gooseneck light arm style enjoys an adaptable and free-angle perspective. Reduced usage to save electrical power as much as 85 percent in comparison to incandescent lights.
[Rating: 9/10] £16 Get It → Bestek Dimmable LED USB Light

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04: TaoTronics Elune USB LED Desk Lamp 3 Stage Dimmer

The Elune light is an anatomically created table light fixture using a completely flexible gooseneck for much better lighting and angled exposure. The easily-removed head can be used as an immediate illumination throughout electrical power outages, or perhaps as a make shift flash light for camping out or other open-air pursuits.

TaoTronics Elune USB LED Desk Lamp Showing Adaper Interface

As a possible eco-friendly light, the top functionality LED's shine bright, however, you may turn it down using the 'contact dimmer'. Most suitable for the residence, work place or study, the Elune collection may be the first option for desk lighting fixtures.
[Rating: 9/10] £16 Get It → TaoTronics USB LED Lamp

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05: LE LED 800 LUX 3 Level Dim Gooseneck Reading Light

The LED goose-neck light provides a stylish and adaptable construction, nicely appropriate for reading, scanning, unwinding and in addition sleeping.

The high calibre material contributes it a lengthier life-span compared to virtually any other similar merchandises. Extremely vibrant 6W electrical power with 3 degrees of luminosity.

LED 6W Gooseneck Reading Light With Sturdy Black Base

It supplies a regular spread of illumination on all reading surface and comes with a highly sensitive touch command, effortless to function plus switching setting.

You just need to glide your fingers on the touch pad to arrange the brightness degree. Ultra glare decrease protects you from eye tiredness and head aches. Adapted to a position you favour - and delivers advanced styling.
[Rating: 9/10] £14 - Get It → LE LED 6W Gooseneck Light

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06: Mudder 3 Stage LED USB Light Clip-On For Laptop

The Mudder light comes with a hassle-free sophisticated design and consumes significantly less space than other lamps. With a contemporary and trendy physical appearance, this particular light fixture is great for equally office and home implementation. Enjoy 75 percent less electrical power expense compared to incandescent.

Mudder LED USB Light Clip-On With Twisted Stem

Mudder LED USB Light Clip-On Laptop

This LED lamp with clip provides 3 levels of various illumination levels, where a solitary touch provides lowest illumination, dual touches moderate, and three touches the most effective. Flexible illumination may fulfil a variety of requirements with numerous settings.
[Rating: 9/10] £6 Get It → Mudder LED USB Light Clip-On Laptop

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07: Daffodil ULT300 Battery Or USB Desk Laptop Light

Illuminate your computer keyboard or make use of your notebook in bed, on the coach, or perhaps whilst the household is enjoying a film. Don't be left peering at a dimly lit key pad. Basically connect this USB lamp to light-up the keys, devoid of troubling anybody.

Daffodil ULT300 USB Desk Laptop Light With Chrome Stem

Daffodil ULT300 USB Desk Laptop Light

Using a convenient secure, the ULT300 may be attached with your desk, ledge or head board providing you with the best illumination accuracy. LED bulbs are eco-friendly, since they are significantly more energy-efficient compared to standard light bulbs.
[Rating: 8.5/10] £7 Get It → Daffodil USB Desk Laptop Light

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USB LED Lights With Gooseneck - No Batteries, PC USB Slot

USB LED lights with gooseneck adaptability may be connected to your PC's USB interface, or perhaps operated by batteries, indicating they are similarly at home on your bedroom desk for reading as it is on your PC table lighting up your keyboard. Functional light fixtures for hobbies and model artists.

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