Cigarette Lighter USB Car Chargers For iPhone & Android

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Updated 10/03/2020:
These USB car chargers permit you to boost a few devices during your journey. The in-car multi USB car charger functions with iPhones, Android, Sat-Nav and several extra USB extras. It's possible to charge in-car the smartphone while your other passengers their Mp3 player.

When you dedicate time inside your family car, then it can be quite useful to own a mobile phone car charger for gadgets when travelling to your workplace. Put your mobile phone on charge and reach the office with a full battery.

CHGeek Multi USB Car Charger 4 Adapter Slots

USB Car Charger With Blue Black Exterior

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SONRU USB Cigarette Lighter Adapter Charger


  • 3 In 1 Power Splitter
  • Excellent Design Quality


  • None.

Cigarette Lighter Charger With White Cable

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Qidoe Mobile Phone Car Charger 4 USB Ports


  • Smart IC Technology
  • 5 Years Warranty


  • None..

Mobile Car Charger With Blue Buttons

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Which Type Of USB Car Charger?

These kinds of modest car USB fast charger gadgets can be beneficial to have readily available in an urgent situation. Compact and sturdy, you can put one 'in the glove compartment' and let it stay there - all set to replenish your smartphone as needed.

Charge Mobile, Nav And Kids Tablets

Consider these USB cigarette lighter adapters as electric power plugs in the car interior. Ideal in case you are on a lengthy trip and wish to use your mobile phone as a sat-nav device. The devices have to be recharged if you want to amuse the children, so they have to be recharged as well.

Cabled Car Lighter USB Charger

There are two sorts of car lighter USB charger in cabled and non-cabled. Connected is the earlier design of charger when you would not have perhaps many gadgets that must be recharged, just your phone. They functioned from the car accessory slot straight into the device.

Recharging Several In-Car Gadgets

A more modern version of the 12v USB charger is precious because of the flexibility. No more are they engineered just for mobile phones, the multi port USB devices have the capability for connecting to - and then recharge a comprehensive portfolio of electric gadgets.

Dual USB Slots And Multi Sockets

With any USB car plug socket, a handful contains dual slots and some with up to eight. When we frequently have more than a few electrical devices on the run simultaneously, it seems sensible to select a more modern variation of the car phone charger.

Assess what you may want to charge and how many gadgets you are you prone to attaching. Just about all car USB chargers possess two components, and this is sometimes a sufficient amount; nevertheless new USB C car chargers with 5 outputs are now in existence.

Tronsmart Car USB Fast Charger Via Cigarette Lighter

Car x2 USB Fast Charger In All Black

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MEIDI Car 12V USB Charger For iPhone And Android


  • Embedded Blue LEDs
  • Digital LED Screen


  • None

Car USB Charger With HD Screen

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Vogek 6 Port Car Plug Socket With Smart ID

Car Plug Socket In Mans Hand

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TechRise Car Lighter USB Charger Fast Smart Boost


  • Smart Adaptive Usage
  • Rapid Charging Tech


  • None..

Car Lighter USB Charger With Blue Edge

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Cigarette Lighter Car USB Port Features

Given that car cigarette lighter sockets in many cases are found near the gear stick or various other controls for the vehicle, try not to maintain a lot of cables in this region. In certain cars, there are electric power slots at the rear of the driver in the back car seat and so forth.

In-Car Phone Charging Organisation

It can be worth looking at the dimensions of your in-car phone charger. This is often significant if the 12 Volt lighter socket is situated near to the operator adjustments. Be sure any USB phone charger will never block anything at all, and the leads directed away from the controls.

Car Plug Socket Convenience

A number of the car USB port chargers with increased outlets and more efficiency must be more significant and frequently higher. Be sure any gadget can be used conveniently as several car USB chargers feature a cable already integrated and contained in the set-up.

Check Smartphone Connectors

Specific criteria fluctuate since the cable should have the necessary connection at the end. This restricts the 'number of gadgets' which can be recharged by the cigarette lighter charger. It may make the phone charger worthless if the smartphone is modified and the new phone contains a different connection.

Car Mobile Charger Connectors

Regardless if a USB socket is used, the lead may become an annoyance if not being used. Cable connectors wear out fast; therefore, a built-in lead can easily make the power adaptor ineffective - or perhaps when there is yet another car mobile charger USB outlet.

From this level of perspective due to chargers with built-in cables - they are really not an excellent thought. Not every component on the car lighter USB charger might be comparable. Examine the current functionality they supply, nevertheless examine what you require.

Aukey USB Car Charger Apple And Android

The Aukey 4.8A high capability twin USB vehicle charger is one of the smallest vehicle chargers around. With 24W 4.8A productivity, it can concurrently charge two tablet PC's, or perhaps two mobile phones at full pace.

Twin Charger In Black Finish

Using the over-heat, current plus over-charging safety circuit, the vehicle charger safeguards your tablet and phone from any damage from the unsteady voltage in any vehicle whenever charging. So allow the charging on it's own, just keep on driving your car as the car DVD player or other gadgets power up.
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AmazonBasics Twin USB Car Charger Adapter

The Amp twin USB automobile charger rapidly charges 2 gadgets simultaneously. Maintain easily transportable products charged up and able to utilise this particular twin USB car charger.

Twin USB Adapter With 2 Slots


  • 2 Port 24 Watts USB
  • Fastest Speed Possible


  • None..

Charge mobile phones, tablet PC's, components, plus more with two slots. It's ideal for simply yourself or for sharing with a companion so that you can equally charge your products simultaneously.

Every USB port produces an impressive 2 Amps of electrical power. 4 Amps maximum charge for secure, high-speed charging of any 5V product Apple or Android.
[Rating: 9/10]   £6   Get It → AmazonBasics USB Car Adapter

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Best Productivity From Car Chargers

The car USB socket chargers rendering 2.1/2.4 Amp have become widespread. It's crucial to purchase one with good productivity as a charger that may be lesser ranked than the gadget needs. It may need longer to recharge so make sure the output slot exists on all USB electrical sockets.

Several 12V USB chargers might have a substantial output on a modest number of their particular outputs, thus examine the USB charger plug fine print. The more recent mobile phones and tablets can use up extra power to charge since the batteries are bigger.

USB Charger Linked To GPS Sat-Nav

Mobile phones are perfect for use with Apps and the continuous display usage coupled with the GPS navigation that should be continuously kept up to date drains the battery quicker than usual. It is ideal to have a car USB fast charger that can present adequate power to run the mobile phone.

Many specifications make it possible for a much quicker charge to be acquired without unduly deteriorating the future overall performance of the battery inside the gadget. Examine what your smartphone works with if you prefer a mobile phone car charger with fast boost capacity.

BESTEK 150W USB Car Charger 2 USB Slots

This specifically invaluable, however sophisticated splitter provides you with an additional DC outlet and permits you to employ a couple of your DC powered gadgets, even while driving a car.

Charger In Black Exterior

The 1A USB slot is ideal for charging mobile phones, along with other smaller sized gadgets, while the 2.1A slot will provide a charge sufficiently strong enough for your iPad - and also other bigger gadgets.

Equally, USB ports can be found around the front of the device, and you may invariably and simply swap out following charging.
[Rating: 9/10]   £10   Get It → BESTEK Dual USB Car Charger

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TeckNet Universal USB In Car Charger 2 Slot

This vehicle charger permits you to swiftly charge your pair of products simultaneously. Charge two mobile phones, or perhaps two other devices simultaneously while travelling.

USB Charger With Blue Logo


  • Professional Fail Safe
  • Bluetek Smart Charging


  • None.

It also configures on it's own to complement the device's particular charging signal. A single charger with 2 committed USB slots enables you to recharge two gadgets simultaneously. Suitable for just about all mobile phones, the majority of 5V tablets and various other USB charged products.
[Rating: 9/10]   £7   Get It → TeckNet USB In Car Charger

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USB 3 And C Car Chargers Charging iPhone And Android

A standard multi USB car charger with 2.4 Amp capacity must be adequate; nonetheless, it is usually far better to verify. The majority of the most recent mobile phones will include a type of high-speed USB gadget charging function.

It is advisable to examine the particulars on the charger supplied with the phone and then guarantee the car USB cigarette lighter adapter offers a single outlet with the necessary output.

UGREEN USB Charger For Car High-Speed

Transportable, small as well as exclusively created to separate a 3.1A charge in between two slots. Alternate between charging 2 mobiles at 1 Amp each, or even a device at 2.1 amps while you're on the road.

Dual USB Charger


  • Fast Charge 2 Devices
  • QC 3.0 Technology


  • None.

The vehicle charger works with the majority of Apple, Android and Windows mobile phones, as well as 5V tablet computers, goPro, GPS navigation, portable gaming consoles and so forth. With regard to Apple devices, you should utilise original type Apple Lightning.
[Rating: 9/10]   £10   Get It → UGREEN 60 USB Charger

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Car Charger RAVPower iSmart USB Charger

The twin USB slot vehicle charger is easily the most hassle-free strategy to boost your own gadgets while you're on the road. Utilise it to maintain an Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung, mobile phone, tablet PC and so on fully charged.

Car Charger USB


  • Combined 4.8A Output
  • Two 2.4A Charging Ports


  • None..

It's convenient enough to provide your gadget a fast boost when travelling. iSmart technologies instantly registers and provides the optimum charging current for virtually any linked gadget - guaranteeing the quickest, most effective charge.
[Rating: 9/10]   £6   Get It → Car Charger USB RAVPower

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Criacr Bluetooth LED USB Car Charger

An LED dual USB car charger that possesses 3.4A power slots that can effortlessly and simultaneously boost 2 gadgets. Multi-functional assistance with Wireless Bluetooth connectivity for smartphone and vehicle battery charger.

Blue Car Charger With Round Head

Within the tracks playing strategy, whenever there's an arriving phone call, this first-class device will instantly alternate to phone modality. The smart cooling arrangement can swiftly discharge the high temperature engendered by the automobile booster to preserve the battery charger balanced.
[Rating: 9/10]   £14   Get It → Criacr USB Car Charger

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The USB car charger supplies a structured and successful method of charging your device if you are travelling. Uncomplicated to set-up, just connect the USB charging cable, then link the in-car charger to your outlet to send power to your devices.