USB Tea Mug Warmers For Coffee, Milk, Choc Plus

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Updated 11/05/2020:
USB mug warmer hot plates suit cups and mugs so the temperature of your hot refreshments may be sustained for longer. Operated through exclusive USB power from your computer or Mac, they operate on low voltage of 5V with no driver facility necessary. Several include 4 USB slot hubs, so it's possible to link extra gadgets.

: UniM USB Hot Drink Warmer Wood Grain Finish

USB Hot Drink Warmer With Light Wood Finish

£10   UniM USB Hot Drink Warmer - Get It!  

: LemBeauty USB Cup Warmer With Heating Plate

USB Cup Warmer With White Wire

£9   LemBeauty USB Cup Warmer Plate - Get It!  

: Corf Coffee Warmer Coaster Powered By USB

Coffee Warmer Coaster With USB Cable

£11   Corf Coffee Warmer Coaster - Get It!  

: Zerodis USB Coffee Cup Warmer For Home Office

USB Coffee Cup Warmer With White Exterior

£8   Zerodis USB Coffee Cup Warmer - Get It!  

: Hot Cookie Styled USB Tea Warmer

This hot cookie USB tea warmer is really a mug coaster in a biscuit influence - including a USB connectivity which warms up the mug from beneath.

Working excessively long hours and accustomed to observe your coffee getting cool, then this ingenious hot coaster allows uninterrupted hot drinks. Just connect in to your USB power slot and experience your coffee staying extremely hot.

Hot Cookie Styled USB Tea Warmer Plugged In Notebook

Irrespective of how much work lies in front of you, or how absorbing the video game is, your hot tea or coffee is forever available. Merchandise Includes USB mug warmer biscuit and the unit sizes are 12.5 x 3 x 21cm. Colour is in black, brown, white. There is detailed information included.
[Rating: 9/10]   £14   Get It → Hot Cookie USB Tea Warmer

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: Garc USB Coffee Warmer PC USB

Using this USB coffee warmer, you will never have to endure drinking chilly half filled cups of afternoon tea, coffee or chocolate again.

This USB mug warmer is quite obvious as it connects in to your computer USB slot plus preserves your particular hot drink 'hot' for you. Always enjoying having a hot beverage by your side will question how you ever existed without it.

USB Coffee Warmer Laptop Or PC With White Mug

The USB mug heater is operated via a hot plate that maintains your refreshment hot for as much as an extra half-hour - and can preserve the heat of your particular beverage at 40 degrees, even following 60 minutes.

Effortless to function and low voltage, the coffee mug warmer is going to oblige just about all ceramic cups, in addition small mugs to enjoy your hot drinks once more.
[Rating: 9/10]   £4   Get It → Garc USB Coffee Warmer

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: Fornorm Gadgets USB Cup Heater Pad

Maintain your cup of tea warm using this USB cup heater. This particular clever gadget can keep your beverage hot and additionally delivers with 4 extra USB slots to extend the amount of ports in your computer.

It boasts a 4 slot high-velocity extension USB hub and maintains coffee, tea, any drink hot at up to 60 degrees etc.

Guilty Gadgets USB Cup Heater Pad With White Cable

Ergonomic construction and extremely transportable, it's simple plug and play set-up operated through USB slot where simply no battery is demanded.

Toggle switch red, green LED light indicant, plus effortless installation with no software package involved. Electrical power of 2.5W 5V DC and congenial with virtually any PC with extra USB power slots.
[Rating: 9/10]   £7   Get It → Fornorm USB Cup Heater Pad

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: Ounona Coffee Cup Warmer Hot Drinks

A compact 4 USB power hub coffee cup warmer that can easily work with Windows or Mac PC's. Merely plug it in to a redundant USB power slot on your PC.

The mug warmer can preserve your drink at the best heat for as long as you like to allow it. Congenial with virtually any computer or notebook containing an extra USB slot.

4 Port USB Hub Coffee Cup Warmer In Silver Effect

An ideal resolution to your particular lukewarm tea quandary in a quite endearing configuration USB power mug heater. It boasts a 4 slot fast USB Hub and can maintain coffee, tea in addition any different drink hot.

With ergonomic styling and really mobile structure along with easy plug and play facility. Effortless set-up as zero software is postulated and fully USB operated.
[Rating: 9/10]   £13   Get It → Ounona USB Coffee Cup Warmer

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Easy Plug-In USB Mug Warmers Perfect For Home, PC Or Office

: Mqupin USB Desktop Mug Warmer

Perhaps you get too committed by your particular work on your PC (as you do) only to discover that the scrumptious hot coffee or tea you created is at present cold.

Maintain your beverages hot with this particular USB power powered desktop mug warmer, which additionally features a 4 slot USB hub. Effortlessly connect this unit to a surplus USB port on your PC and switch on.

USB Desktop Mug Warmer With Metal Cup

Very quickly, you'll be able to experience the heat of the warmer, and within a few minutes - it is going to be at the perfect temperature to maintain your refreshments hot.

Using a '4 port hub inbuilt', you will immediately possess an additional 4 USB power slots on your PC. This edition accompanies an electrical switch, as opposed to the aged examples accessible which had to be disconnected to switch off.
[Rating: 9/10]   £14   Get It → Mqupin USB Desktop Mug Warmer

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: Frienda USB Mug Heater Pad Plug/Play

This coffee tea-time beverage USB mug heater pad is constructed from ABS plastic and is environmentally amiable. USB power operated, no battery is necessitated.

It's safe and in addition easy to operate as you simply connect and play with no additional device driver involved. Effortless to set-up using an individual switch, plus it's more comfortable and easy to command.

NikStore USB Mug Heater Pad In Black With Red Cup

The interface in between the heater holder pad and the under surface of the cup is very hot, which is configured to appropriate extra 'cup-full's' which are broader compared to the interface.

Maintain your beverages warm at a heat grading from 40 to 80 degrees. Just right for PC desk, household areas and even work places.
[Rating: 9/10]   £15   Get It → Frienda USB Mug Heater Pad

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: Duokon Desktop USB Power Coffee Warmer

This particular USB powered coffee warmer keeps your particular cup of water, tea, chocolate, milk or even other drinks at up to 60 degrees temperature. Delight in hot beverages exactly when you require them.

Includes an appealing metal alloy visual aspect, this is an ideal accessory for you to savour your drinks equally at home and in addition in work place.

PC Desk USB Coffee Warmer With Black Steel Aspect

Secure and dependable with calibre heater components plus 5V USB or 220V electrical power provision. Throughout long time periods of non-activity, extract the connector or switch off the electrical power switch.

The heating effectuate is diverse on dissimilar components. It functions best using copper, next using glass, in addition followed by ABS plastic.
[Rating: 9/10]   £15   Get It → Duokon Coffee Warmer

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There is nothing more dreadful than making a cup of coffee, returning to your PC desk and entirely blanking it out, thus leading to a cold cup of coffee.

The ideal USB tea warmer connects to your computer's USB slot, and in addition heats up to guarantee that your tea, or perhaps hot chocolate is preserved perfectly hot for as much as a surplus half-hour.