3 Pin Multi USB Chargers For Fast Smartphone Charging

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Updated 15/09/2020:
Our best USB charger plugs to energise your favourite gadgets, smartphones, photo cameras, MP3 music players, iPhone and so on. The UK 3 pin USB power sockets enable mobility for charging, and these mains wall USB battery chargers extend rapid competent charging.

Which Devices Can I Charge?
Charge up iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi, Tablet PC, Kindle Fire, Powerbanks, drones and smartphone, Wireless Bluetooth headphones, iPod easily from home. On your trips, this results in acquiring some phone charger plugs on hand - which in turn may cause some confusion.

: Spigen Universal USB Mains Plug 4 Ports

Universal USB Mains Plug Black Or White

£15   Spigen Universal USB Mains Plug - Get It!  

: Rocketek USB C Mains Charger Galaxy, Pixel

USB C Mains Charger In All White

£26   Rocketek USB C Mains Charger - Get It!  

: SixnWell USB-C Charger Plug Mains Adapter

USB-C Charger Adapter With White Cable

£12   SixnWell USB-C Charger Plug Mains - Get It!  

: The UK USB Mains Plug Guide

Why not implement just one single wall 3 pin USB mains charger to boost up every one of your devices. Smartphone brands need to acknowledge this because they have declared they are all shifting onto the micro USB power adaptor for mobile phones, which is terrific, yet still limited.

: USB Adapter Plug With 3 Pins

You really should have the ability to charge gadgets via just one single charger - perhaps a USB-C charger plug. USB slots are significantly just about the simplest way of recharging devices at the office or from home. Now disappeared are the leads with 3 pin connectors to leads with a USB attachment.

: Charge Mobiles, Tablet And Earbuds

The perfect procedure is to create electric powered UK and EU plug USB charger sockets offering USB slots, possibly independently or along with power slots. All these slots enable you to recharge a wide range of gadgets like barcode readers, mobiles, Tablets, earbuds and Bluetooth audio systems.

: Does Your Device Have A Hungry Battery?

A little something to consider finding a USB plug adapter socket is the power of the electric current it provides scored in amps. Gadgets with bigger battery packs require more powerful amps to recharge at a sensible rate - but most mobile phones need just 1A to charge moderately promptly.

: Charging Via Computer USB Cable

Before dashing out to purchase a plug, you will have to examine to make sure the equipment assists USB recharging. With this in mind, we suggest the dictaphone, Mp3 music player and many others. Almost all have to be in a position to charge once attached to a computer by USB wire.

: Single And Dual Wall Plugs For UK EU?

Those solitary USB power plugs would be the most preferred USB chargers that individuals need and are exceptional rather than any alternative mains phone charger. They are light, manageable and are provided by the UK or EU connectors with the USB outlet to attach to USB wires.

: Mp3, iPod Touch And Headphone

Double USB plugs are basically identical to the one USB connector, nevertheless by way of 2 USB sockets and exchangeable connector adapters intended for the EU, UK. The 'multi port' USB chargers help you boost the mobile, Mp3, camera, iPod Touch or headphones applying the wires in unison.

: Faster USB Data Switching

Throughout the switching of information, data can stream between host and then gadget, and the other way round. A good USB wire comprises of four cables, while socket highlight 4 hooks. The interior pins bring info - whilst the external pins plus internal pins carry 5V of electric power.

: RAVPower USB Plug Adapter iPhone Galaxy

USB Plug Adapter With Black Exterior

£13   RAVPower USB Plug Adapter QC 3.0 - Get It!  

: Ultrics USB Fast Charging Plug iPhone/Samsung


  • Interior Protection
  • 12 Months Warranty


  • None..

USB Fast Charging Plug With 3 Slots

£8   Ultrics USB Fast Charging Plug - Get It!  

: Numerous Devices Charge Via Mains

Regarding USB charging hub mains connectors, there are numerous distinct mains products you can acquire that will permit you to recharge the products by using a USB wire you have currently received for your mobile phone - or anything else.

: Car Cigarette Lighter Outlet Charging

The majority of us use multiple electrical power devices in the vehicle, yet virtually all cars just have one cigarette lighter outlet. You may also obtain a comparable USB wall plug that transforms the socket to a USB car power adaptor. In this manner - charge your mobile phone all in the same time frame.

There are numerous diverse varieties of USB car adapters. As opposed to a few of the various other connectors that usually extend and could probably hook, the small USB car changer may be left on enduringly with no probability of snagging. This is ideal for 12v/24v cars, lorries and vans.

: INDIC USB Power Plug With LED Indicator

USB Power Plug With Status Light

£13   INDIC USB Power Plug With LED - Get It!  

: Beikell Multi USB Charger Plug x4 Ports

Multi USB Charger Plug In All White

£9   Beikell Multi USB Charger Plug - Get It!  

: Anker USB Wall Plug Charger UK EU Travel

USB Wall Plug Charger In Extension Lead

£13   Anker USB Wall Plug Charger UK And EU - Get It!  

: TeckNet BlueTek Wall USB Plug Charger Fast

This twin wall USB plug charger adopts the focus and bother away from seeking an electrical outlet or perhaps detecting sufficient empty USB power slots to charge up your smart gadgets beside the WiFi plug sockets.

Using Bluetek superior speed USB power slots, it's possible to charge up your electronics in one move - and at their upper limit velocity. Congenial with virtually all common makes of mobile phone.

Wall USB Plug Charger With 3 Pins

Using the Bluetek feature, every smart USB power port intelligently discovers your particular gadget to render it's fastest conceivable charge at maximal speed as much as 2.4A.

This is adequate to 14.5 percent quicker than conventional 2.1A USB power chargers. A single battery charger proposing 2 dedicated USB power ports using 2.5A upper limit output.
[Rating: 9/10]   £7   Get It → TeckNet USB Plug Charger

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: Lencent 5 Slots 48W Multi USB Charger Plug

1 USB charger plug to quickly boost all smartphone gadgets of any household, the electrical powered Trek is constructed with 5 power slots that provide the opportunity to boost 5 portable electronics at the same time.

48 Watts of power and practically all slots are entirely in-built with smart IC using the automatic discovery strategy for the quickest conceivable charge acceleration when the gadget necessitates.

White USB Charger Plug 3 Pin Type


  • Certified Safe Device
  • Portable USB plug


  • None..

Merchandise item weight is approximately 180 grammes and it features a broader consistency. For example iPhone, iPad and so forth. Higher potential 48 Watts 9.6A capability battery charger where the multi USB power boosting slots charge 5 gadgets at their best speed concurrently.

Great for thirsty electronics such as iPhone, this transportable room conserving construction with genuinely no extended wire to the wall structure contracting the dimensions of your journey bundle. Universally congenial and supports the most recent iPhone and your Samsung Galaxy, plus different mobile phones.
[Rating: 9/10]   £11   Get It → Lencent 5 Slot USB Charger Plug

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We Find The Best Plug With USB Ports For Tablet PC Boost

: Duracell Mains Dual Micro USB Charger For Mobiles

The 4.8A mains dual USB charger supplies master calibre functioning in a marvellously contrived unit for virtually all mobile phones and tablet PC's using a micro USB power outlet.

It incorporates 2 x USB sockets for several charging jobs up to 2.4Amp, appropriate for tablets. The household battery charger comes in black and is also equipped with a 3 pin connector.

Mains Dual Micro USB Charger With White Logo

This particular merchandise is for 5V output gadgets exclusively. Not suited for electronics demanding 5.2V or 5.4V, however the twin USB power 4.8A battery charger allows the end user to charge up 2 gadgets at the same time.

2 x 2.4A USB slots offer quick charging for virtually all kinds of mobile phone and tablet PC's, plus contracts the amount of chargers you require at home or perhaps whenever moving around.
[Rating: 9/10]   £10   Get It → Duracell Mains Dual USB Charger

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: Visibee USB Wall Plug Charger iPad, Kindle

Possibly you are concerned of draining your battery, however you do not need to vex concerning disconnecting your original battery charger from home base.

Just extend this particular handy and light weight USB wall plug charger connector and utilise. It may be expended to charge up two gadgets at the same time. Congenial with virtually all modern tablet PC's and smart phones.

USB Wall Plug Fast Charger With White Cable

Merely accommodate this charging connector in to the electrical outlet, connect the USB power wire and you're good to function.

It is long-wearing and may be used with smartphones of 1Amp in addition tablet PC products 2Amp. Unequalled construction accommodates electric outlet in GB and delivers with Apple MFi licensed.
[Rating: 9/10]   £9   Get It → Visibee USB Wall Plug Charger

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: Amoner Qualcomm USB3 Plug With USB Ports

USB 3 plug with USB ports and Qualcomm fast charging, in addition to the intelligent IC system that can simply charge up all of your gadgets 4 times quicker compared to a regular battery charger. It is going to acknowledge any gadget, instantly observe and present the best boosting electric current for that plugged in mechanism.

This plug guarantees the fastest, most dependable and most competent charge conceivable with no taking chances on the impairment of your costly devices. The ideal resolution if you require to charge more accelerated, or merely demand to boost in excess of two gadgets simultaneously.

Safe Plug With USB Ports With White Exterior


  • Smart IC Tech
  • 3.0+ EU And QC


  • None..

The majority of the USB power plugs around propose merely dual slots with default charge up. This highly recommended charger assists 3 USB power ports with quick boosting for all linked up gadgets. A first-class item that's a genuine time saver plug with multi safety security arrangement built in.

Aggregated with intelligent IC discipline, surge security as well as thermic components concept, this USB power battery charger guarantees consummate security for you as well as your electronics, incorporating over heating system, over-loading upon the battery charger on it's own and your gadgets.
[Rating: 9/10]   £9   Get It → Amoner Plug With USB Ports

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: Syncwire iPhone Galaxy 4 Slot USB Wall Charger

A 4 slot USB wall charger with intuitive IC system that can conform the current production to meet the circumstantial demands of the gadgets connected, rendering from each one the most estimable, full acceleration boosts sustainable with no chance of impairment to your costly devices.

It is mobile and extremely accelerated, dissimilar from virtually any additional battery charger you've ever possessed. An impressive resolution if you demand to boost more than 2 devices concurrently.

IC Conforming USB Wall Charger In All White

A first-class genuine space saver that's appropriate for global journeying with 3 easily removed US GB EU journey adapters to effortlessly fit all individual travel connectors, it's the finest USB wall outlet charger for home, business concern journeys or trips.

On the subject of defective leads or gadgets connected to the merchandise, you will find simply no consequences to the battery charger due to the automatic recuperation characteristic breaking off the electric current and forestalling equipment casualty. Extended mechanised function life-span with genuinely no deprivation of operation following in excess of 5000 boosting cycles.
[Rating: 9/10]   £16   Get It → Syncwire iPhone USB Wall Charger

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The mains USB chargers with technologies to acknowledge your electronic gadget and maximise charging up effectiveness. Charge up quicker and save your time with USB devices managing virtually any two mobile phones or perhaps tablet PC's at the same time, and at high speed. Secure and solid construction, light weight, small sized as well as effortlessly mobile.