Cycle Phone Holders For Bikes 360 Degrees Rotating

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Updated 22/03/2020:
The 10 best handlebar phone mounts for bikes to keep your smartphone secure when bicycling, ideal for observing the screen on the move. Waterproof style so it's possible to take your mobile or cycle GPS on every trip. A great iPhone associate that resides on the handlebar for fast access.

: ZeaLife Bicycle Phone Mount 360 Degrees

Bicycle Phone Mount In Bright Green

£8   ZeaLife Bicycle Phone Mount 360 - Get It!  

: Lemego Waterproof Bike Phone Holder

Bike Phone Holder With Black Visor

£8   Lemego Waterproof Bike Phone Holder - Get It!  

: Omeril Mobile Holder For Bike iPhone/Galaxy

Mobile Holder For Bike With Fittings

£8   Omeril Mobile Holder iPhone/Galaxy - Get It!  

: Aonkey Handlebar Phone Mount 360

This handlebar phone mount is a dependable strong versatile clamp using a silicone band to 'clasp' the gadget steadfastly, and is adaptable to envelop around virtually any dimension phone.

This particular mount clutches securely to mobile phones. The smartphone holder instantly accommodates just about any gadgets like head cameras for cyclists as much as 4 inches broad.

Handlebar Phone Mount In Red Plastic

You can effortlessly revolve and correct your gadget to virtually any perspective and placement that accommodates your predilection with the specialised orb and socket conception. Maximum mobile phone access to your complete smart-phone display screen, options and microphone connection too.
[Rating: 9/10]   £12   Get It → Aonkey Handlebar Phone Mount

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: ieGeek Cycling Handlebar Phone Mount

An excellent cycling handlebar phone mount made from high-quality polyester, sturdy enough for day-by-day implementation. The touchscreen display is produced to hold pretty much all 5.7 inches mobile phones in position. It is not only a bicycling frame pouch, but additionally an impressive bike phone rack that allows enjoyment of tracks, Telephone calls and global positioning system in the course of cycling.

The cycle case possesses a protective display permitting touchscreen use devoid of eliminating the unit, indicating you can utilise GPS for directional assistance and so forth. Make sure you use extreme care whenever using your gadget while travelling, but all the same get pleasure from tracks when bicycling.

Handlebar Phone Mount In Black

There are three specialised slots so that you can very quickly and thoroughly gain entry to your mobile phone jacks for headsets and recharging, plus get pleasure from music unreservedly while riding your bike. The safety reflecting layer design provides the bag contributed presence when bicycling through the night and guarantees you security.

A significant user capability for the safe-keeping of power bank, sun spectacles, handbag, keys and many others. The anti-rip polyester as well as EVA textile is longer lasting for regular usage considerations. The smartphone bike is wear resistant and long-lasting but appropriate for just about all types of bikes.
[Rating: 9/10]   £13   Get It → ieGeek Handlebar Phone Mount

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: Tigra Handlebar iPhone Holder Bikes

A water proof, jolt proof mobile phone holder for bikes with touch display including a screen sensitivity of more than 90 percent. An unassailable case as well as mounting angle bracket constructed of plastic. Comprehensive fixing brackets including fast discharge can suit stems from 2 to around 3.8cm.

Mobile Phone Holder For Bikes On Black Handlebar

Home as well as sleep wake options are functional, along with camera set-up. Headset and charging up slot available. The bundle incorporates a cradle with form accommodating silicone liner, comprehensive fixing bracket, Allen key for fastening upon bar and extra silicone ring. If travelling by vehicle, try our rear cycle carriers for car mounting alternatives.
[Rating: 9/10]   £14   Get It → Tigra Mobile iPhone Holder

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: VUP Bike Mobile Phone Holder iPhone

Weather resistant bike mobile phone holder with exterior 'hard housing' shields your mobile from abrasion or water impairment. The jolt proof interior silicone housing offers an intermediate level of safety.

A robust clear protective display screen assists touch functionality as well as clear profile. Turn clip enables rotary motion.

Mobile Phone Holder For iPhone Showing Pivot

With portrait or even landscape placement, the easily removed comprehensive fixing bracket can correspond to just about any handlebar dimensions. Take photos or video recordings when cycling or link up iPhone to exterior audio speaker through a 3.5mm audio lead. Exterior hard case for iPhone 3G type bracket.
[Rating: 9/10]   £9   Get It → VUP Mobile Phone Holder 360

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: QuadLock Cycle Phone Holder iPhone

This cycle phone holder bundle is the most light-weight and in addition most robust bicycle holder kit you can buy. Don't concern about where to position your mobile phone whenever going on your journey.

Regardless if you're an amateur rider or perhaps contending in a cycle race, it permits you to securely fasten the gadget to your cycle.

Cycle Phone Holder Kit For iPhone With White Mobile

Using this locking mechanism, you merely snap on your particular mobile phone and get going. All you require to firmly attach your gadget to your cycle or even motor bike, buggy or even shopping cart is incorporated in the bundle.
[Rating: 9/10]   £54   Get It → QuadLock Cycle Phone Holder

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: iKross Phone Bike Mount All Cycles

This universal mobile phone bike mount is water resistant and incorporates a rain-proof enclosure as well as revolving mount construction for accommodating your mobiles and gadgets on bike handle bars securely and firmly. It maintains your products sealed from dust particles, grime as well as sand.

Universal Mobile Phone Bike Mount With Black Border

The entirely adaptable orb head joint using 360 degrees rotary motion and lock mechanics enables you to correct the gadgets for tailor-made portrait and also landscape perspective. Keep your mobile phones and digital gizmos secure and dry inside the water resistant enclosure.
[Rating: 9/10]   £9   Get It → iKross Universal Phone Bike Mount

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Best iPhone Holder For Bikes Weather Proof Components

: Faireach Phone Handlebar Mount Holder

The smartphone handlebar mount is a multi function holder of your biking necessities, and may be employed as top pipe carrier, framework bag replacement, or perhaps 'trilateral' frame bundle.

A saddle case or even seating bundle type GPS cycle PC carrier, mobile phone holder and pannier bag. Congruous with most mobile phone and smart phones to 5.7 inches.

Pannier Smartphone Handlebar Mount With Zipper

It is created out of top-quality water-repellent polyester including indulgent inter-locking mesh structure foam, leather, plastic, cotton cloth, PVC along with ABS. High quality accompanied 12 months guarantee with merchandise registration. Large display screen expanse to accommodate practically all smart phones.
[Rating: 9/10]   £14   Get It → Faireach Pannier Handlebar Mount

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: Yosoan Smartphone Handlebar Mount

This smartphone handlebar mount case is contrived specially for iPhone to assist preserve it secure, sheltered and 'dust particle free' when expending outside.

Configured with the 3 prong connectivity element on the rear, this particular case may be utilised with a broad collection of fixing add on's. The external case of this housing is in long-lasting ABS.

Smartphone Handlebar Mount Helix On Black Cycle

The interior possesses a custom-made rubber water resistant insert including cut outs for most leading mobile phone features. Upon the top, there's entry to the toggle switch.

To the left hand, you will find the volume level options. To the bottom, there's entry to the headset outlet with an amended rubber lid to cover up outlet when not engaged.
[Rating: 9/10]   £9   Get It → Yosoan Phone Handlebar Mount

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: TruActive iPhone Phone Holder For Bike

The BL for iPhone phone holder for bikes is a tough, water proof type for your particular mobile that can attach to your cycle. The case 'shields your smart-phone' using an ABS external shell, in addition to an interior plastic lining and conforms to the IPX4 criteria security. Secure from rainfall, muck and grime.

iPhone Phone Holder For Bikes Beside Man

An industrial fixing bracket fastens the case to the handle bars and locks up to the case through a screw type fixing. The bracket revolves 360 degrees enabling deployment of your mobile phone in portrait or maybe landscape strategies.

The cycle mount appropriates entire access to important characteristics, which includes the touch display screen, audio speaker etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £17   Get It → TruActive iPhone Holder For Bikes

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: BuyBits Galaxy S4 Bike Phone Case

Cycle locking system IPX4 water resistant bike phone case for Galaxy mobile phone. It incorporates a hard holder including dedicated anti-impact silicon lining with free display screen defender.

IPX4 regular extends security from water, light showers, dust particles or grime. Projected to hold out day by day deployment - light, however very secure.

S4 Bike Phone Case Lock In Black ABS

It boasts a book design opening using a locking system device at the top - and also aspect area in addition to extra seal secured clips. Tailor-made silicon lining shapes the mobile phone impeccably, padding it against bumps as a consequence of impact if dropped.

It guarantees your smart phone can be accessed effortlessly to create or encounter call options etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £27   Get It → BuyBits Galaxy Bike Phone Mount

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A neat mix of mobile smartphone bike mounts that firmly hold your gadget in position, enabling you to discharge with simply a press of the thumb. Congenial with the majority of mobiles or smartphones, it accommodates perfectly on the cycle handlebars. Impressive hands-free phone calling and tunes enjoyment etc. Why not view our special car mobile phone holders if you drive.