Universal Mobile Phone Holders For Car Dashboards

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Updated 29/04/2020:
The best phone holder for car dashboard to deploy all your smartphone's characteristics on the go. Accommodating a diversity of gadgets, they guarantee your phone is secure and close-by when motoring. Flexible universal fixing entail it's possible to fasten to dash, windshield or air-vent.

: PLDHPro Phone Cradle For Car Dashboard

Phone Cradle For Car Dash With Charging Point

£14   PLDHPro Phone Cradle For Car Dash - Get It!  

: FloveMe Car Dashboard Mount iPhone, Samsung

Car Dashboard Mount In All Black

£11   FloveMe Car Dashboard Mount - Get It!  

: Kaome Dashboard Phone Mount 360 Degrees

Dashboard Phone Mount With Suction Cup

£16   Kaome Dash Phone Mount - Get It!  

: GETIHU Dashboard Mobile Phone Car Mount

Dashboard Phone Car Mount With Round Front

£7   GETIHU Dashboard Phone Car Mount - Get It!  

: Mpow GripPro Car Mount For Dashboard

This phone car mount holder is entirely flexible to acquire optimum observing using it's 360 degrees rotary motion ball and versatile two section neck in between the base and orb. A spacious locking system range enables big smart phones, including iPhone devices, Samsung mobiles plus.

GripPro Phone Car Mount In Black

The equilibrium of the mount upon the dash relies equally on the first-rate suction cup, including adhesive gel cushion and the specifically contrived construction to contract the entire pressure. All devices pass contrasting examinations - dropping exam, high and low heat test, loading.
[Rating: 9/10]   £10   Get It → Mpow GripPro Phone Car Mount

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: Beikell Universal Car Mobile Holder

The universal in car mobile phone holder operates with practically all devices adequate to 5.5 inch screen. At present, that's the absolute majority of mobile phones. No longer fiddling about with your phone when driving, and effortlessly position your phone upon your mount for a more dependable accessory.

In Car Mobile Phone Holder With Blue Logo

A top-grade universal car mobile phone carrier that agrees nicely on the windshield, dashboard or air vent rather smoothly. Depending upon how you'd wish to deploy your motorcar carrier, it's possible to employ 3 diverse methods. The 360 degrees revolving car mount appropriates for effortless viewing and is extremely easy to correct.
[Rating: 9/10]   £7   Get It → Beikell Mobile Phone Holder

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: OsoMount Phone Cradle For Car Dash

The universal 360 degrees phone cradle for cars has been configured to afford you upper limit protection and reassurance while motoring, although asserting excellent ease of deployment.

The holder can fix to your car dash, windshield, PC desk or perhaps work top - just pull the control down at the front end of the mount to enforce suction power.

Universal Phone Cradle For Car With Red Grip

The holder is firmly fixed on the surface and in addition is set-up to utilise. Due to the firm suction cup, the 360 adhesive friction in the vehicle mount is going to continue 'precisely' where you position it until the control is brought back up once more. Useful time and time again - if it gets dirty, just clean it underneath running water.
[Rating: 9/10]   £17   Get It → OsoMount Phone Cradle For Car

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: Andobil Phone Holder For Car Dashboard

A multi operative combining phone holder for car dashboard, FM transmitting device plus USB battery charger in one. The indulgent, non-stick surface area maintains your mobile phone tightly locked up.

It charges up your phone as you utilise it, and the 360 degrees revolving mount holder is versatile to several dimensions of smart-phones and GPS gadgets.

Phone Holder For Car Dashboard With Black Mat

The goose neck is adjustable and may be customised. A (Plug n' Play) USB power vehicle battery charger is outfitted with a highly system to safeguard against short circuit as well as over current or perhaps high electric potential. It allows upper limit dependability, minus compromising charging up power or even assuming needless space.
[Rating: 9/10]   £17   Get It → Andobil Phone Holder For Car Dash

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: Xeratti Dashboard Phone Mount 360

This particular dashboard phone mount is constructed for practically all mobile phone dimensions, even incorporating the iPhone 6+. The magnet is constructed of metal admixture including an extremely estimable finish. It's rather like a 'mantelpiece' ornamentation, in addition to a flexible vehicle phone holder.

Magnetic Dashboard Phone Mount With Ball Joint

The motorcar mount delivers with an extremely slender adhesive metal disc. Just stick that upon the rear of your mobile phone and position it across the magnetic holder.

Your gadget will continue steadfastly committed, with no impairment. The mount's magnetised pull is potent enough to preserve your mobile phone protected.
[Rating: 9/10]   £18   Get It → Xeratti Dash Phone Mount

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Phone Holders For Car Dash That Accommodate Most Mobiles

: Celicious Griff Car Smartphone Holder

The Griff is a small sized and flexible car smart-phone holder which can be equally expended on the windshield and also dashboard. It caters for phone gadgets and is exceedingly durable, but all the same adjustable. It boasts an extremely sticky gelatin pad which assists fasten the suction grasp.

Car Smartphone Holder In White

The expansive arms and padded cushioning of the mobile phone holder secures in position regardless if controlled in an upright or even level predilection. The clasp of the Griff is so secure that even on the roughest environs, the smart phone will never relocate, neither will the holder neglect to adhere.
[Rating: 9/10]   £10   Get It → Celicious Car Phone Holder

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: VeoPulse Car Phone Holder Smartphones

Discerning and fashionable mobile supporting universal car phone holder that corresponds to the majority of motorcar air vents. It stays circumspect in your car, in contrast to most other phone supports. Set-up is elementary, slip the support in to the car air-vent, then organise your phone in 4 contrasting methods.

Universal Car Phone Holder With Big Mobile

The internal magnet is extremely dependable since it appropriates your mobile phone to be fixed, even heavy-duty ones. It operates with several of the iPhone congenial models in addition to preceding examples. It additionally works with Galaxy and a multitude of different smartphone models.
[Rating: 9/10]   £17   Get It → VeoPulse Rotating Phone Holder

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: CHOETECH Wireless Phone Car Charger

Searching for swift and successful strategies to charge your smartphone in a vehicle? This Wireless air vent phone holder and car charger with category C slot should suffice. Get pleasure from the 1.4 times speedier recharging and save your valuable time and strength. Instant Wireless recharging that's much quicker when compared to pad.

Available for the Galaxy Note, S6 plus Edge in addition to other versions. Various other solutions will charge at standard velocity. However, a handful of gadgets may need an extra Wireless recharging receiver. Easy to set up blending a Wireless charger and phone rack in a single system. You no longer require to get twisted up tracking down wires or cords in your car should you be on the motorway.

Car Air Vent Phone Holder With White Base Clip

The universal car phone holder comes with an air vent support and bracket foundation mount with the full 360 degrees revolving ball joint on both brackets. This rotation makes it possible for adaptable viewing perspectives of your mobile phone while driving any vehicle. The product features swift Wireless recharging for Qi empowered equipment - ranging from 2.1 to 3.3 inches wide.

It is common for mobile phones to generate heat and become even hotter throughout the recharging technique, so portable phone case density cannot surpass 3 mm. However, it's strongly recommended to eliminate at the time of boosting. Recharging speed could be faster with cold air from motor vehicle AC unit.

The straightforward mobile phone cradle for car style allows you to bid goodbye to untidy data lines for freedom of your hands. Appropriate with all Qi accredited mobile phones, two charge up methods, super fast charge suitable gadgets. This Wireless vehicle booster comes with two raising installation brackets, gooseneck sucker mount and motor vent mount.
[Rating: 9/10]   £20   Get It → CHOETECH Car Phone Holder

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: Spigen 360 Degrees Phone Car Mount

Additional secure magnets accommodate even the heaviest smartphone with great constancy. This magnetised smartphone car mount safely binds phone without any adhesive material. The vehicle mount holder is effortless to set-up/remove with kickstand power upon flat surface areas etc.

Smartphone Car Mount In Black Exterior

Place in just about any preference, horizontal or perhaps upright, it accommodates just about all straight car air vents and delivers with 2 steel plates including 3 metres of tape. Congenial with all mobile phones. Smart style Hexa Neodymium motor-car mount carrier with impressive equilibrium.
[Rating: 9/10]   £27   Get It → Spigen Air-Vent Car Mount

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Versatile mobile phone cradles for cars remaining connected in a secure fashion, as well as having your particular smart-phone close-by when travelling. These smart mounts extend a measure of diverse strategies to maintain your mobile phone mounted and ready.