Digital Fitness Tracker Watches With Heart Rate Monitor

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Updated 18/02/2020:
These inexpensive fitness tracker watches are Android and iOS compatible 'waterproof digital devices' with analysis of your sports data in real-time with heart rate monitor, touchscreen display, GPS tracking and notification alerts for calls and SMS etc.

Many touch screen smartwatches offer smartphone alert specifics, tap payments, HR monitoring as well as optional 4G connection. WiFi and Bluetooth microphone for phone calls.

: Willful Activity Tracker Watch iPhone/Android

Activity Tracker Watch With Black Strap

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Lido Fitness Smartwatch With HR Monitor

Fitness Smartwatch In Red And Black

£42   Lido Fitness Watch HR Monitor - Get It!  

Ticwatch Smart Watch Waterproof Swim Ready


  • Withstands Extreme Conditions
  • Military Standard MIL-STD 810G


  • None

Smart Sport Watch With Red Hands

£159   Ticwatch Waterproof Sports Smartwatch - Get It!  

Amazfit Stratos Waterproof Smart Watch GPS


  • Track All Daily Activities
  • On Board Music Connecting


  • None.

Waterproof Smart Watch With Black Strap

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Important Smart Watch Features

Smart sport watch features to look out for consist of on-screen exercises and training, e-mail, text message or social media communication, GPS navigation plus mobile phone connection. Auto-syncing and waterproof for use in pools or the ocean - likewise sleep monitoring and route recommendations.

Smart watches and then fitness trackers can be found in a large variety of sizes, many are dazzling and vibrant - some appear more like a regular wristwatch. Exercise bands are often slim, subtle and built to be put on all day long - even if you're sleeping.

Health Tracking And Smart Capable

Several waterproof smart watches frequently provide the health tracking of an exercise band and smart capabilities like fast notifications from your mobile phone plus contactless pay. Several resemble a traditional watch face, while some enjoy a more tech-savvy style with full-colour displays.

For All Round Health And Life Objectives

Selecting a nice round smartwatch or fitness tracker can come down to what you need from wearable smart technology. An HR monitor watch screen is an excellent technique of obtaining an indication of your all round health to set fresh intentions and ensure you stay really healthy.

Sleep Monitoring And Fitness

A great night's sleep is capable of having as much effect on your wellbeing as a day's recreation - probably a lot more. Due to a fitness smart wristwatch which includes sleep monitoring, you may get day-by-day info on 'how much rest' you got during the night, the quality and how much profound slumber.

Water Resistance IPX Ratings

If you value going swimming or simply want to shower together with your fitness smartwatch on the wrist, you will absolutely want a water-resistant version. An excellent idea is to consider its IPX score, this will likely illustrate if its created to be immersed in water, or splash resistant.

HolyHigh GPS Smart Watch Fitness Tracker


  • Display Route On App Map
  • Bright APP Watch Screen


  • None..

Smart Watch With Square Black Screen

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Evershop Round Smartwatch With Sleep Monitor


  • iOS And Android Good
  • Large Capacity Battery


  • None.

Round Shaped Smartwatch With Steel Edge

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Fitbit Versa Smart Watch For Sport And Fitness


  • Monitor REM Sleep Phase
  • Interchangeable Stylish Straps


  • None

Digital Smart Watch With Black Square Screen

£120   Fitbit Versa Digital Smart Watch For Sport - Get It!  

Garmin Vivoactive GPS Smartwatch Apple/Android


  • Well Worth The Price
  • Contactless Payment Ready


  • No

Vivoactive GPS Smartwatch With Black Dial

£148   Garmin Vivo GPS Smartwatch - Get It!  

Digital Smart Watches With GPS

Battery existence is necessary when thinking about a digital smart watch device. A few make use of a durable watch battery that may conveniently work with rechargeable battery packs. They endure about over 7 days; however, you might also find that a few need frequent recharging if you use GPS services.

Sports Activity And Personal Training

A fitness tracker sports activity watch is an excellent approach to keep an eye on your wellbeing and personal training. By merely monitoring this regular activity, you obtain a more accurate snapshot of how you are working and can arrange those attainable intentions.

Useful Fitness Monitoring Alerts

A useful smartwatch for iPhone and Android keeps you linked to your online universe - several even possess an integrated SIM to work devoid of your mobile phone. Simple smartwatches offer smart notices and fitness monitoring, although advanced versions let you phone and make contactless transactions.

Need The Expensive Big Brands?

The smartwatches are available in many different models with compatible connectors to match your clothing. By way of great brands like Apple, Samsung and Fitbit to select from, you will very quickly have the ability to find the appropriate strategy for your current requirements.

Your Mobile Phone Notifications

Smartwatches give you the necessary information at any given time. They will transmit notifications from the mobile phone, work schedule, applications, and more directly to the wristwatch so you do not have to stay fixed to your mobile phone during the day.

Download Apps For Your Lifestyle

Straightforward call and messages data complete phone efficiency, but there is a useful GPS smartwatch to help you travel and stay in contact with what is essential. There are countless Apps obtainable for you to download helping you customise your watch to match your way of life.

Smartwatches are an expansion of your mobile phone, so might be designed to keep you conscious of what is taking place continually, although sports and wearable fitness trackers are created to keep an eye on physical fitness alone by tradition.

MorePro GPS Fitness Smart Wrist Watch Sport Modes


  • Understand Your Health
  • Square HD Touchscreen


  • None..

Fitness Smart Wrist Watch With Left Buttons

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Sihohan Ladies Smart Watch Bluetooth Fitness Tracker


  • PixArt HR Sensor
  • Super Functions For Smartphone


  • None

Ladies Smart Watch With Gold Strap

£29   Sihohan Ladies Smart Watch Bluetooth - Get It!  

Huawei GPS Smartwatch For iPhone Smart Notifications


  • Connect Huawei Health App
  • Useful Altitude Barometer


  • None..

GPS Smartwatch With Big Round Display

£97   Huawei GPS Smartwatch For iPhone - Get It!  

Withings Smart Watch With Heart Rate Fitness


  • Full Sleep Cycle Analysis
  • Smart Alexa Integration


  • None.

Smart Watch With Wide Black Band

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Get Fast Smart Watch Fitness Data

Several smartwatch heart rate devices overlap, you must select one that best echoes your requirements. Just about all smartwatches provide some fundamental physical fitness monitoring, nevertheless there are likewise plenty of Apps for particular activities.

Choose a fitness smartwatch that you will feel relaxed putting on to any event. Most people have a different sort of design preference so select the one most comfy and appealing to you - additionally presenting the characteristics you are looking for.

Accurate Heart Rate Checking

Most advanced level trackers and smart wrist watches will keep an eye on your heart rate and provide exceptional configurations for your diverse sports activities.

Typical Round Or Square LCD Smartwatch

Just about all smart wristwatches happen to have full touch screen efficiency, but hybrid styles provide the look of a traditional round wristwatch with smart proficiency. These types will often enjoy a smaller screen within the watch face, or perhaps use vibration and LED's to notify of communications.

Phone Calls, E-Mails And Text Content

Almost all smartwatches alert one to inbound Telephone calls, e-mail messages and text sent from cell phones with an almost noiseless buzz on your own wrist to help you inconspicuously examine if its worthy of addressing immediately.

Communication Alerts From Your Phone

On several smartwatch versions, it's also possible to reply to your communications and answer Telephone calls. There are some stylish round smartwatches used like a sat-nav gadget to provide you with directions or transportation links - as well as influence background music playing within your headsets.

Many touchscreen smartwatches permit you to arrange diverse communication for particular alerts to help you to understand what is occurring without having even to examine your wrist watch.

Reasonably Priced Fitness Tracker Watch Comparisons

The smart fitness watches available for sale here affix to your smartphone through Wireless Bluetooth, allowing you to monitor notifications and also updates, handling phone calls, texts and E-mails along with Apps directly from the arm.

More than a few Bluetooth smartwatches with heart rate monitors truly drive communications straight to this wrist watch screen, assisting you to go through many, or maybe all e-mails or text messages without in fact any contact with your own smartphone.

Sony SmartWatch3 Remote One Touch Bluetooth

Probably the most sophisticated smartwatch phone available on the market today, the Sony SmartWatch 2 not simply contains the longest life-cycle of battery, but it is the world's very first water-resistant smartwatch with NFC connection. In addition to showcasing call-handling and messaging notification, you'll find it provides a music remote control.

NFC Phone Watch In All Black Exterior


  • Over 2 Days Battery Life
  • Perfectly Syncs LifeLog App


  • None

Along with boosting your device's current performance, the SmartWatch 2 features exclusive fresh advantages as well. Because of wireless Bluetooth connections, you can use it as a remote control for the personal music stereo system, or some other electronic player.

As a WiFi accessory, it is well suited for partnering with large-screen units, including the recently introduced Xperia.
(Rating: 9/10)   £189 Get It - Sony SmartWatch3 Touch

Button Yellow

Most smart sport watches are usually managed through a few techniques - control keys, touch screen or a revolving frame. Ensure you choose the settings you find least complicated to implement. Several types enjoy a mic to help dictate communications, open Apps and discover fitness details.

Many smartwatches are touchscreen display only, on the other hand hybrid wrist waterproof smart watches imply that you can possess a digital fitness smartwatch which usually appears like a conventional wristwatch.

This really is well suited for those who appreciate the appearance and feel of a regular watch, but nonetheless, desire the extra features that the hybrid style provides.