BenQ W700 Home Cinema 10W Mic Audio Power HDMI Connectivity

The BenQ W700 home cinema generates 3D projection with a solitary video feed, in contrast to conventional 3D projector devices, which demand two flawlessly arranged projectors with two individual video feeds to allow the genuine connection with 3D.

(Main BenQ Projector Features)

With 3D picture demonstration overpowering the field of films and video gaming, BenQ has chosen to reconstruct your HD home cinema entertainment with a mixture of industry-leading 3D systems, DLP Link and NVIDIA 3D Vision. This turns any flat work surface to the ideal point for 3D picture efficiency with the BenQ W700.

The BenQ W700 facilitates over 400 3D PC games and flicks with DLP Link and NVIDIA 3D Vision. Match the BenQ W700 projector with an NVIDIA 3D vision compatible PC to incorporate a brand new pattern to your game playing. Whenever used with active shutter glasses, you can involve yourself in compatible games on the big screen - in excellent high-definition 3D.

BenQ HD Ready 3D Vision DLP Projector For Ultimate Viewing Enjoyment

You may also be capable of enjoying 3D movies, possibly via video file or from a 3D Blu Ray disc, where 3D compatible BD-ROM drive is necessary. The DLP Link is the distinctive interconnection that permits DLP projectors to broadcast 3D data flawlessly.

Probably the most 'engaging' 3D experience available today makes use of active glasses, which connect to the projector to set-up a stunning 3D image on the display screen. To the audience, it is smooth and the image is remarkable.

Nonetheless, the process of syncing the expected image with active glasses is outstanding alone. As a result of DLP Link, an exclusive sync technique constructed into 3D ready DLP projectors. The glasses connect to the projector without necessity for any unique emitters.

The W700 is created with 10W audio capacity to supplement your home theatre pleasure. All you need to do is hook up the W700 to your DVD player, game console or PC to try out big-screen movie or video gaming audio-visual enjoyment.

The W700 includes a particular cooling solution in order to avoid the lamp from excessive heating, substantially cutting down the cost for a lamp substitute. Whenever functioning under Eco mode, the light fixture life is additionally prolonged to a maximum of 6000 working hours. Buy the BenQ W700 DLP 720p Home Cinema Projector here.

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