10 Best Mini Portable Projectors Selected For Home Movies

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Cinematic ambiance at home - so what next? Compare our best portable projectors for bedroom movies here. Play a broad variety of multi-media HD content with your family and friends. HD mini LED projectors for films, photos, files, video, presentation or Mp3 music and games.

01: Apeman High Definition Mini LED Projector

A transportable concept high definition mini LED projector with pleasingly small dimensions and light-weight physique that's effortless to set directly in to any case and carry anywhere you wish.

Just right for delighting in motion pictures with your family members, or perhaps unwinding prior to sleeping. Additionally great for events or tenting in suitable surroundings.

High-definition moving picture big screen 1000:1 direct contrast balance of 854 x 480 resolution, outfitted with HI DLP system, the projection allows for a crystal clear and vibrant projection.

The display deviates from 30 inches to one hundred for an opulent household theatre phenomenon. A favourite choice essential for family member film evening and inside celebrations etc.

Mini LED Projector In Chrome And Black Finish

Simple plug n play strategy with effortless ease of use. Using an HDMI lead with small interchanging user interface as well as MHL input corroborated functionality, it's possible to link-up the projector to your notebook, tablet computer, digital camera or mobile phone. Enjoy a diversity of amusing resources from as many gadgets as you prefer.

This projection unit is outfitted with an AC booster, in addition integrated recharging 3.7 volt 3400mAh battery. The integrated battery renders it easy to use minus being forced to hunt for an electric powered connector. It can additionally be a back-up battery essential for your smartphone gadgets.

Supplementary first-class characteristics and twin stereo audio speakers afford you a great portable projector sound fiesta where a headset connection is additionally accessible.

The 360 degrees rotary motion tripod equipment afford it a strong stand, and enable you to adopt comprehensive observation. Long-familiar for reduced fan sound and 25000 hours LED light life span.
[Rating: 9/10] - £169 Get It → Apeman HD Mini LED Projector

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02: Optoma Vibrant Home 3D Projector HD Solution

This home entertainment 3D projector has the ability to produce 3D picture dimensions as high as 300 inches diagonally.

Whether or not displaying 3D films, live sports activities or just game playing, it creates a bright, nicely balanced and accurate colour processing. Important for achieving the best possible graphic quality of just about any media.

Vibrant Home 3D Projector HD in Gloss Black Finish

Vibrant Home 3D Projector

The menu is simple to use, and makes it an easy task to select from an array of settings and options, such as colour, contrast, lighting level plus more. The full 3D viewing and exceptional contrast ratio incorporate an exceptional home theatre projector, ideal for making your personal home entertainment room.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £329 Get It Optoma Home 3D Projector HD

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03: BenQ HDMI 2500 Lumens DLP 3D Home Projector

This one is an HD projector with excellent 3D movie satisfaction for viewing films and big sporting occasions in your home. Offering DLP technology, this BenQ projector offers 3D projection with a solitary video feed, as opposed to standard 3D projector devices, which demand two aligned projectors with a couple of independent video feeds.

3D Projector With Single Video Feed

HDMI 2500 Lumens DLP 3D Projector In Grey And White

HDMI 2500 Lumens DLP 3D Projector

Appreciate unlimited home theatre projector options with the W750. This projector comes with an HDMI interface to generate ultra-smooth digital HD transmission and sound via only one wire. It's the best choice for hosting film or game play evenings.

Flawless Digital HD Transmission

An ultra-high contrast ratio tasks sharp photographs, even for high brightness projectors. Get smoother contrast and blacker blacks using contrast ratio. The projector requires effortless maintenance with no filter cleaning, so get the snacks ready and enjoy.
(Rating: 4.90/5) - £561 Get It BenQ HDMI DLP 3D Projector

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04: Epson Split-Screen Function HD 3D Projector

This is the perfect projector for movie lovers, avid gamers and sporting followers who wish to view Full HD content on the big screen, in the convenience of their own household.

Promising top quality functions generally found in top-of-the-range units, this projector offers high definition 2D and super 3D observing that's straightforward to create and make full use of.

Split-Screen Function HD 3D Projector

Split-Screen HD 3D Projector

You can actually align projections with horizontal and vertical keystone correction to guarantee a straight and correct graphic, also utilise the split-screen functionality to watch two resources concurrently.

The front facing air flow system with low-noise fan indicates you are not encountered with annoying, uneasy hot air while you are watching content that's similar to 4K home projector viewing entertainment.
(Rating: 4.97/5) - £479 Get It Epson EH-TW HD Projector

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05: Acer Dual HDMI 3D 1080P 3D Projector

Perhaps you require a home theatre 3D projector that is just the thing for viewing films, sports and more in high definition. The device presents Full HD video enjoyment with a 16:9 aspect ratio and 50000:1 contrast ratio for high quality home entertainment utilisation. It delivers dual HDMI 3D connectivity and 2D - 3D transformation technology for impressive 3D viewing.

Dual HDMI 3D Connect 1080P 3D Projector In All White Colour

Dual HDMI 3D 1080P 3D Projector

Present-day 2D to 3D conversion solutions are generally only available by using an HDMI port, which allows you to delight in home cinema video, photographs and online games in digital 3D. No additional applications are necessary. Simply head to the screen menu to transfer the functionality on, then link a 3D resource to any of the projector's input slots for a picture that jumps from the display screen.

All this provides an adaptable connection and immediate changing. Two HDMI ports supply outstanding high-definition, and give quality video and sound using a solitary cable link.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £679 Get It Acer HDMI 3D Projector

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06: Canon LV Wide Screen HD LCOS Projector

Projecting 1920 X 1200, the Canon provides first rate image power, recreating vibrant, high contrast widescreen pictures and full 1080p high definition video. LCOS technologies prevails over traditional projection restrictions, recreating aspect/detail with absolutely no negative effects.

Widescreen HD Projector In White

HD LCOS Projector

With excellent lighting, it utilises optical techniques to provide sharpened, very clear pictures at a highly effective 3200 Lumens brightness. It maximises brightness path effectiveness to obtain the most from a highly productive AC projector light. For outcomes that cut through higher degrees of background lighting.

High-definition interaction, it's created to use HD resources. It includes a DVI terminal and an HDMI connector. HDCP security is reinforced, allowing media playback.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £752 Get It Canon LV Wide HD Projector

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07: Optoma Short Throw Lens 3D HD DLP Projector

The Short Throw HD DLP projector has the ability to produce 3D picture dimensions of up to 299 inches. Regardless of whether showing 3D gaming or live sporting events and films, it constitutes a bright, nicely balanced and accurate colour duplication.

Ideal For 3D Gaming Or Live Sports

Short Throw Lens HD DLP Projector In All White

Short Throw Lens HD DLP Projector

A top quality digital projector achieving the best possible image quality of virtually any multimedia. With a weight only 2.75Kg and with a pre-installed 2W speaker, the GT760 may be easily transferred as an all-in-one option, or used like a set-up screen device.

Utilising the most current DLP and (DarkChip) solutions, it generates an 18000:1 contrast ratio for sharp gaming visuals and activities. Crisper whites and more potent black shades give a natural detail conception to any picture, which is suitable for big screen entertainment.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £469 Get It Optoma Short Throw HD Projector

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08: ViewSonic HDMI 3D HD 3000 Lumens DLP Projector

The VS offering comes in at a very reasonable price. Great functionality from this HD home projector with 3000 Lumens. With 15000:1 contrast ratio, this multi media projector is filled with capabilities and numerous computer and video input alternatives.

HDMI Input 3D HD DLP Projector In Black With Spectacles

HDMI HD DLP Projector

Once the projector is not utilised, or without awaiting the projector to reactivate. The filterless style and energy-saving mode provide for practically zero servicing and merchandise dependability. The projector is designed for the household, office at home and compact places of work.
(Rating: 4.95/5) - £599 Get It ViewSonic UK HDMI Projector

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09: Epson HD Video SVGA Clear LCD Home Projector

This LCD film projector functions SVGA resolution, electronic zoom, white and colour light outcome of 2700 Lumens. Not only does this implies you get well-defined, crystal clear pictures, but in addition, colours are around 3 times richer than standard 1 chip DLP home projectors.

HD Video SVGA LCD Home Projector In Black Exterior

HD Video SVGA LCD Home Projector

This LCD projector faultlessly shows vibrant images with dazzling colours for a sharp, clear picture, suitable for presentations and transferring pictures. It is aided by the 10000:1 contrast ratio. Having an HDMI input, HD video and audio media is the same top quality you would probably anticipate from Epson.

The optionally available wireless connectivity lets you display content without problems from a variety of gadgets without wiring.
(Rating: 4.90/5) - £299 Get It Epson HD Home Projector

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10: iOchow HD Small Projector For Home Movie

Due to the superior DLP strategy, this HD small projector for home films may be one of the most innovative projectors in the current system. It supplies comforting visible consequences for end users and can intelligently screen crystal clear and vibrant pictures on a vast display.

In comparison with similar merchandises, this iO2 small projector possesses an unparallelled construction that can be revolved 90 degrees, and it is extremely transportable - a great idea for open-air deployment as compact as any mobile phone.

Wi-Fi Small Projector For Home In All Black

The Android OS operating organisation of the projector features a couple of valuable Apps, for example Netflix, You-Tube and so forth. As long as you happen to be compliant to make it a component of your life style, it will completely alter your life, so be sure to have fun with this essential unit.

With an abundance of slots, it can be linked up with different gadgets, for example a tablet PC, Blue-ray music player, PlayStation and so on via it's multi operative slots HDMI, Wireless, as well as 3.5 mm audio out.

Using a high potential integrated battery power 5000 mAh, the small pocket projector accompanies a hard-wearing recharging battery, the adopting time period can without doubt endure up to in excess of 90 minutes.
[Rating: 9/10] - £248 Get It → iOchow Small Projector For Home

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10 Best Mini LED Projectors For Sale With Super Bright Viewing

Experience the full HD cinematic display at home with our selected best budget small projectors and more expensive ones to accommodate everyone.

Regardless of whether you like films, video games, or sports, each and every picture will certainly get you interested from the sofa.

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