Portable LED Projectors With Flawlessly Vibrant Colours

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Updated 04/03/2020:
Enjoy the cinematic atmosphere at home with our best portable projectors for mobile movies on any wall. Play a large number of digital HD content with family and acquaintances with these smart small projectors for film, video and even digital presentations.

Various portable LED projectors use Digital Light Processing concept that provides sharp, distinct pictures. DLP likewise utilises a digital microchip for graphics and light via inner LED.

Crosstour Portable LED Projector For Home

LED Projector With White Exterior

£71   Crosstour Portable LED Projector For Home - Get It!  

Vankyo Full HD HDMI Projector With Speakers


  • Connect Your Own TV
  • LED Life 50000 Hours


  • None.

HD HDMI Projector With Black Casing

£159   Vankyo FHD Projector With Speakers - Get It!  

Elephas Mini HD Projector Colour Technology

Mini Projector In White On Round Table

£64   Elephas Mini HD Projector Super Colour - Get It!  

Projector Features You Need To Know About

Other essential features of mini projectors consist of a display size that can range from 8 to 66 inches. Illumination runs to 560 Lumens according to the kind of projector, but many HDMI projectors have a Li-Ion battery that can last long hours before charging again.

Bright LED Using Less Power

Newer pocket projectors offer low battery usage, and the LED source of light can last approximately 20000 hours typically concerning the manufacturer specs. Weight varies and the native display screen resolutions today assist WXGA as well as 720p high definition content.

Helpful Media Connectivity Options

Several digital projectors present several connection choices consisting of Wireless Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, Video Graphics Array and Wireless, Miracast, Chromecast, AirPlay etc. Some mini HD projectors do not give a sizeable magnitude of brightness and best utilised in light restricted surroundings.

PC Projectors For Home Cinema Or Games

Mini USB projectors characterise the smallest and least bulky projectors currently available. They feature preferred modifications for organisation experts that can very easily transport for PC or business reports etc. The gadgets also act as useful options for home cinema and gameplay fun.

For Business Users And Entertainment

Since wall projectors can easily connect with a smartphone or mobile gadget, end users may use these projectors to play game titles or screen pictures on the big screen. Multimedia small portable projectors remain the best options for business experts and educators as well.

A superior quality media influenced pocket projector can achieve significant gain as it permits industry specialists, lecturers and others to display premium quality demonstrations to substantial and modest spectators anyplace.

Bomaker USB Projector With Full HD 1080p


  • Ultimate Visual Experience
  • Easily Connect Your Smartphone


  • None..

USB Projector On Desk With White Finish

£129   Bomaker USB Projector With Full HD 1080p - Get It!  

GooDee Small Portable Projector Dual Speakers

Portable Projector With Black Cable

£109   GooDee Small Portable Projector - Get It!  

QKK Smart Projector For iOS/Android

Smart Projector With Bronze Front Finish

£64   QKK Portable Smart Projector - Get It!  

Artlii Small Pocket Projector Supports 3D And Blu-Ray


  • Vivid Colour - High Brightness
  • Keystone And Gravity Sensors


  • None

Small Pocket Projector In Womans Hand

£179   Artlii Small Pocket Projector Support 3D - Get It!  

PC Projectors And DLP Picture Clarity

This kind of mini projector works with PC's, notebooks, USB drives and various other equipment, guaranteeing you can publish your display and screen it making use of the projector whenever you want. A good multi-media USB projector is intended for simplicity of use.

Ideal For Films Or Sports Events

Any tremendous smart projector is specially made to execute spectacular computer system statistics, subject matter, still picture and video output. Nevertheless, for a faster video like films and professional sports, consider the home cinema projectors intended for better image resolution.

Brilliant Projector Illumination

In different magnitudes, the smaller gadget projector illumination may vary among 2150 to 6400 Lumens, with a typical projected light between 2400 to 4200 Lumens etc.

Presentations And Slide Shows

Several mobile projectors act as a typically functional unit for many techniques from screen demonstrations to slide shows. They will frequently incorporate zoom lenses; nevertheless, the focus range is generally not as long compared to the lens versions in home cinema projectors.

Small Projectors For Big Screens

Reflect on the resolution of any portable projector, but XGA is an extremely prevalent resolution with a 4:3 structure, which characterises a negative approach to HD use. Intended for higher-end projection, decide upon a WXGA big screen arrangement.

Pocket Projectors With HDMI Input

The HDMI versatile connection is typical nowadays, and various set-ups are cabled for VGA; therefore there is nonetheless some benefits of this concept. Rather than VGA, most pocket projectors provide SD analogue associations like S-video if you happen to require them.


Home 'entertainment smart projectors' focusing on the newest consumer devices might attribute HDMI in addition to a further smart connection. For substantial venue projectors, SDI the typical video transfer utilised in broadcasts are standard and a lot easier to route facilitating much longer wire runs.

You will find HDMI wires which can be much longer; however, the longer they may be, the higher the wire may pass as an antenna obtaining RF information. For reasons unknown, 32 feet appears to be where dependability falters.

DR.Q 3600 Lux Mini Mobile Projector HDMI

Mini Projector Plugged In Mobile Phone

£49   DR.Q 3600 Lux Mobile Projector - Get It!  

Apeman High Definition Mini LED Projector

A transportable concept high definition mini LED projector with pleasingly small dimensions and light-weight physique that's effortless to set directly in to any case and carry anywhere you wish.

High-definition moving picture big screen 1000:1 direct contrast balance of 854 x 480 resolution, outfitted with HI DLP system, the projection allows for a crystal clear and vibrant projection.

Mini LED Projector In Chrome And Black Finish


  • Full HD 1080p
  • Longer Lens Life Span


  • None.

Supplementary first-class characteristics and twin stereo audio speakers afford you a great portable projector sound fiesta where a headset connection is additionally accessible.

The 360 degrees rotary motion tripod equipment afford it a strong stand, and enable you to adopt comprehensive observation. Long-familiar for reduced fan sound and 25000 hours LED light life span.
[Rating: 9/10]   £189Apeman HD Mini Projector

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Optoma Vibrant Home 3D Projector HD Solution

This home entertainment 3D projector has the ability to produce 3D picture dimensions as high as 300 inches diagonally.

Whether or not displaying 3D films, live sports activities or just game playing, it creates a bright, nicely balanced and accurate colour processing. Important for achieving the best possible graphic quality of just about any media.

Projector HD in Gloss Black Finish

The menu is simple to use, and makes it an easy task to select from an array of settings and options, such as colour, contrast, lighting level plus more. The full 3D viewing and exceptional contrast ratio incorporate an exceptional home theatre projector, ideal for making your personal home entertainment room.
(Rating: 9/10)   £349   Optoma Mobile Projector HD

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Mobile Projectors Using Wireless Liberty

If perhaps you have to send HDMI a greater distance, you may use unique converter cases that improve the transmission so it can move over the wire, usually Ethernet. If you wish to process images or a display from the notebook, mobile phone or gadget, you may need a mobile projector with Wireless capacities.

High Definition And Wireless Function

A few USB projectors even permit you to transmit an HDMI signal wirelessly through the video resource to the projector employing a Wireless High Definition transmission device that's possibly integrated or distributed independently.

Projector Apps Made For iOS And Android

You can download a projector App designed for iOS or perhaps Android mobile phone that functions with your particular projector model.

Smart Projectors For Multi-Media

Smart concepts available today on particular home entertainment projectors enable you to stream online films, music and home entertainment by linking to the web. You may also stream content material by linking a streaming mini HD projector with your multi-media player.

Enjoy the full HD motion picture display in your own home with our identified best small projectors - plus more expensive types catering to everybody. Whether or not you prefer 4K projector movies, video gaming or sports activities, these portable LED projectors will definitely get you excited.

BenQ HDMI 2500 LM DLP 3D Home Projector

This one is an HD projector with excellent 3D movie satisfaction for viewing films and big sporting occasions in your home. Offering DLP technology, this BenQ projector offers 3D projection with a solitary video feed, as opposed to standard 3D projector devices, which demand two aligned projectors with a couple of independent video feeds.

3D Projector With Single Video Feed

Projector In Grey And White


  • Very Powerful 10W Speaker
  • MHL Mirror Smart Devices


  • None..

An ultra-high contrast ratio tasks sharp photographs, even for high brightness projectors. Get smoother contrast and blacker blacks using contrast ratio. The projector requires effortless maintenance with no filter cleaning, so get the snacks ready and enjoy.
(Rating: 9/10)   £528   BenQ HDMI DLP Projector

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Optoma Short Throw 3D HD DLP Projector

The Short Throw HD DLP projector has the ability to produce 3D picture dimensions of up to 299 inches. Regardless of whether showing 3D gaming or live sporting events and films, it constitutes a bright, nicely balanced and accurate colour duplication.

Ideal For 3D Gaming Or Live Sports

DLP Projector In All White

Utilising the most current DLP and (DarkChip) solutions, it generates an 18000:1 contrast ratio for sharp gaming visuals and activities. Crisper whites and more potent black shades give a natural detail conception to any picture, which is suitable for big screen entertainment.
(Rating: 9/10)   £499   Optoma Short Throw HD Projector

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Inexpensive Mini Portable Projectors With Super Clarity

Projected illumination is deliberated simply by Lumens where the more extensive the LM, the brighter the projected picture will be at any presented range.

A few independent brightness dimensions can assist you in picking an HDMI projector that will be screen dazzling colourful images or delight in home cinema video for virtually any surroundings.

ViewSonic HDMI 3D HD 3000 LM DLP Projector

The VS offering comes in at a very reasonable price. Great functionality from this HD home projector with 3000 Lumens. With 15000:1 contrast ratio, this multi media projector is filled with capabilities and numerous computer and video input alternatives.

Projector In Black With Spectacles


  • Brilliant Colour RGB Wheel
  • DLP Display Technology


  • Expensive

Once the projector is not utilised, or without awaiting the projector to reactivate. The filterless style and energy-saving mode provide for practically zero servicing and merchandise dependability. The projector is designed for the household, office at home and compact places of work.
(Rating: 9/10)   £431   ViewSonic Small HDMI Projector

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Epson HD Video SVGA LCD Home Projector

This LCD film projector functions SVGA resolution, electronic zoom, white and colour light outcome of 2700 Lumens. Not only does this implies you get well-defined, crystal clear pictures, but in addition, colours are around 3 times richer than standard 1 chip DLP home projectors.

Home Projector In Black Exterior


  • High-Tech SVGA Projector
  • Ideal For Business Presentations


  • None

This LCD projector faultlessly shows vibrant images with dazzling colours for a sharp, clear picture, suitable for presentations and transferring pictures.

The optionally available wireless connectivity lets you display content without problems from a variety of gadgets without wiring.
(Rating: 9/10)   £279   Epson HD Home Projector

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Colour light output conducts how well lit the projected colours will likely be; so the higher the quantity, the more fine detail and vibrancy you will observe. Ensure that you evaluate both illumination measurements before you invest in the small portable projector you require.