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Surge Protection Devices For All Your Valuable Gadgets

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Updated 22/06/2020:
This variety of our best surge protected extension leads are the reassuring strategy to charge up and safeguard gadgets. Home or work place, the long cord surge protectors offer safety for all electronic gear. Several include USB charging slots for power ravenous devices like mobiles.

What Is A Surge Protected Extension Lead?
A surge protector appears just like a plug adapter or possibly a multi-socket electric power strip, yet integrated technology requires it shields linked gadgets of risky surplus power. As time passes, a good individually switched surge protector will prolong the lifespan of electrical equipment.

: Joyguard Multi Plug Socket Extension x3 USB

Multi Plug Socket In Black With 3 USB Ports

£17   Joyguard Multi Plug Socket USB Ports - Get It!  

: SMALLRT 8 Gang Extension Lead Surge Protector

8 Gang Extension Lead In White And Black

£27   SMALLRT 8 Gang Extension Lead - Get It!  

: iBlockCube 5m Extension Lead With 4 USB Slots

iBlockCube 5m Extension Lead In White Finish

£19   iBlockCube 5m Extension Lead - Get It!  

Masterplug Switched Extension Lead x6 AC

Switched Extension Lead In Blue And White

£14   Masterplug x6 Switched Lead - Get It!  

ULG Tower Extension Lead Surge Protected


  • x18 3 Pin Sockets
  • Multi Charging Station


  • None..

Tower Extension Lead With Black Handle

£34   ULG Tower Extension Lead - Get It!  

TISDLIP Red Heavy Duty Extension Lead 3 USB Ports


  • Intelligent 3 Way Lead
  • Use Double Sided Tape


  • None.

Red Heavy Duty Extension Lead With Long Cable

£14   TISDLIP Red Heavy Duty Extension Lead - Get It!  

Some Extension Lead Buying Info

When acquiring an extension lead, search for one that possesses adequate surge protection. This is an attribute that's made to prevent volt spikes only by obstructing or shorting dangerous electricity. Note, different 4 or 6 gang extension leads may have extra USB battery charger slots.

Extension Lead Strip Or Block?

Various block power supplies or those chunks of plastic material with numerous sockets built-in are certainly not incredibly dependable, don't have a fuse, and are not advised. They boost the chance of overloading - so ideally, use a multi-strip type extension lead.

Lead Overloading Safety Tips

Many of us connect a lead directly into another extension lead. Employ one particular heavy duty extension lead for every socket exclusively. Often, there is the chance of overloading the wall plug and the extension lead connected.

Charge Mobile Phones Or Tablets

In the event, you are seeking to charge the mobile phone or tablet PC from any tower extension lead device, watch out for a lead that includes integrated USB powered slots. The switched surge protected extension lead unit is highly recommended.

: HULKER Surge Protected Extension Lead

Using this new surge extension lead, there is an LED lit signal that's situated on the upper cap where it's possible to ascertain the boosting condition and configure your charging gadgets intelligently.

A self-governing electrical power switch enables manipulation of the circulation of energy using a separate touch function speedily and securely. Over-heat and voltage, over-current plus short safety, smart and automated current dispersal.

Surge Protector Lead In All Black Plastic

High effectiveness 3AC electrical outlet with 6 USB power slots surge shielded including 1.8 metres extension cable, just right for residential, work place, industry or perhaps demanding corresponding projects.

Accelerated full boosting speed with as much as 2.4A. The surge protector contains a 6 foot wire - perfect for domestic, business office or like-minded gadget charging purposes.
[Rating: 9/10]   £16   Get It → HULKER Surge Protector Lead

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: SafeMore Surge Safe 8 Socket Extension Lead

A surge protected 8 socket extension lead constructed of innovative components, incombustible, water proofed and high temperature defiant. Top quality 'copper conductor' guarantees fluent conduct and exceedingly rigid manufacturing criteria. Integrated overcharge safety plus RoHS endorsed.

Safe 8 Socket Extension Lead In Green Finish


  • 2 Metres Power Cord
  • Charge Simultaneously


  • None.

Incomparable construction upright style economises space and it's possible to acquire power at virtually any perspective you desire.

3 on/off electrical switches including LED signal to control diverse components with more ease of use and protection. Four mode USB power charger includes capacity for power thirsty gadgets.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → SafeMore 8 Socket Extension Lead

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: VonHaus Surge Protected Socket 6 Ports

A 6 mode surge protected socket outlet that features sufficient electrical power sockets to manage practically all your gadgets concurrently.

It possesses 2 slots USB power chargers, which allow you to connect and charge up all your indispensable gadgets. It guarantees extended strength and protection while utilising.

2.4A Slot Surge Protected Socket Outlet With Black Exterior

Competent construction with tidily ordered outlets and integral power wire.

It corresponds flawlessly with your particular household as well as work place deployment. The neatly organised outlets cause little jumble, economising space expeditiously and ideal for connectivity to a far-flung regions.
[Rating: 9/10]   £27   Get It → VonHaus Surge Protected Socket

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: Beva 4x Surge Protected Extension Lead

This AC surge protected extension lead comes with 5 USB power ports including separation range, which renders it more leisurely to connect as well as pull out, plus all outlets can be deployed at the same time.

The charging up USB slots with surge protection charge up your mobile gadgets simultaneously, whilst maintaining them secure.

AC Extension Lead In White Casing


  • Charge 3.0 Technology
  • Output of 3250 Watts


  • None..

It's ideal for charging up tablet PC's, smart phones as well as additional home gadgets.

The fast 3.0 system is orchestrated to charge products as much as four times quicker compared to regular charging. It automatically discovers your particular gadget and provides the most accelerated specified boosting rate when linked up.
[Rating: 9/10]   £18   Get It → Beva Surge Protected Lead

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10 Best Extension Leads Surge Protected - Safety From Spikes

: Status 8 Socket Surge Protector Power Strip

This 8 mode squared surge protector power strip is just right for deployment with PC, sound as well as video recording and different sensitive power gadgets. The outlets delivers practically all you need with the electrical switch, 1 master outlet, 5 slaves automatic outlets, in addition 2 always on outlets.

8 Way Surge Protector Power Strip With Long Black Lead

1.8 metres long cable size and 13 amp graded plus signal illumination display whenever the slave outlets are loaded.

Adaptable and versatile, it delivers with clam shell boxing in white coloured counter display device (CDU). High criteria quality as well as compatibility for printer machines, Television and sound devices.
[Rating: 9/10]   £14   Get It → Status Surge Protector Power Strip

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: Bedee Extension Surge Protector Tower

12 outlet surge protector tower plus dual USB power slots with automatic correcting charging up speed for iPhone, Tablets, iPod, Samsung, Android phone gadgets, electronic photographic cameras. The electrical outlets deploy phosphor copper add-on's, which includes advanced elasticity as well as power conduction.

Extension Surge Protector Tower With Black Handle


  • Retracting Cable Feature
  • Fire Retardant Casing


  • None..

The upright construction is designed to economise room, and it's possible to capture electrical power at any position you need.

An individual toggle switch of every layer renders it low carbon along with energy economising. Four USB power ports incorporating a high-powered one for tablets, plus extra for bigger products.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → Bedee Surge Protector Tower

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: MasterPlug Mains USB Surge Protector

With two USB power charger outputs, it's great for deployment using iPhone, tablets, iPod or smartphones as well as digital photographic cameras. Surge safety through the 13A outlet secures just about any associated digital units.

Small Size USB Power Surge Protector In Blue

A connect through conception guarantees the surge shielded outlet is selectable whilst USB power is occupied. Small sized and effortlessly mobile design with electrical power and surge LED light signal. Associated and connected equipment, guaranteed for reassurance.
[Rating: 9/10]   £12   Get It → MasterPlug USB Surge Protector

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: Belkin 6 Way x2 USB Surge Protected Socket Strip

The surge protected socket strip that protects your devices against destructive voltage variations, rushes and spikes.

Just right for safeguarding your notebook, DVD player, game play console, audio speakers as well as other moderate sized home appliances. This surge guardian is furnished with 6 secure AC electrical power outlets plus 2 USB slots.

6 Outlets USB Surge Protected Socket Strip With Grey Switch


  • 2.4A Shared USB Ports
  • Heavy Duty Power Cord


  • None

A handy, transportable strategy to protect your home base office devices from electrical power surges as well as AC problems.

8 AC electrical outlets offer first-class energy safety for notebooks, printers, hard drives as well as additional units. Two 2.4 USB power slots provide expedient individual resource boosting for portable gadgets.
[Rating: 9/10]   £14   Get It → Belkin USB Surge Protected Strip

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Good quality multi socket surge protectors forestall detrimental electrical surges connected with lightning strikes, or perhaps mains electrical issues which can move along your power lines, harming your digital gadgets and destructing your important PC information. Get first-class safety for your susceptible home electronic devices and charge up gear without using the USB port hub device etc.