Emergency Pendant Alarms For The Elderly With Fall Alerting

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Updated 31/01/2020:
The panic alarms for the elderly here enable individuals to call for care if they have a fall in the home. The elderly feel more secure at home so pendant alarms provide personal reassurance to loved ones. Easy alarm device to set-up by user, carer or relatives.

There are reliable fall alarms for the elderly that offer safeguards when you need swift assistance when it is actually required. On the contact of a push button, family members or acquaintances can be informed night and day, all week offering support and comfort in urgent situations.

SSA Personal Wireless Pendant Alarm For Elderly

Wireless Pendant Alarm In White And Blue

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Bestope Patient Wireless Panic Alarm Button With LED

Wireless Panic Alarm With Big Blue Button

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SureSafe iSOS Wrist Alarm For The Elderly - 2 Pendants


  • Pendant Range 50 Metres
  • Vodafone, EE And O2


  • None

Wrist Alarm With Red Central Push Button

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Push To Transmit Alerts To Carer's Pager

The standard personalised distress alarm makes a high-volume sound when triggered, notifying persons close by there is a concern. They are generally inexpensive to acquire, nevertheless do depend upon an individual being nearby to assist.

You can also find call control keys that transmit a signal to the carer's pager, which is often attached to the belt or perhaps garment. These types of personal alarm systems enjoy a modest range, nonetheless depend on an individual being in the neighbourhood that may help.

Alerts that send out a signal for assistance are gadgets associated through a separate device to a 24 hours monitoring provider or a carer, possibly at your house or in a different place.

Choose The Push Button Wrist Alarms

The wrist alarms for the elderly here include a straightforward push button that is donned about your neck, maybe wrist, attached to a belt or else clothes. They are able to become placed on a smartphone just as an unexpected emergency press button integrated into the casing.

Several of the units, also, have fall detectors integrated, which means that if you were to trip over, the system would instantly send an alert for the carer or hub that is reacting. When a call for help and support is directed, the emergency button system likewise allows one to be seen with GPS.

DayTech Wireless Personal Alarm Button For The Elderly

Wireless Personal Alarm In White Casing

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SureSafeGO2 Fall Alarm For Elderly With GPS Tracker


  • Calls 3 Telephone Numbers
  • For Dementia And Alzheimers


  • None.

Fall Alarm In Blue With Black Strap

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BOIRBlue Wireless Carers Distress Alarm Device System

Wireless Distress Alarm Device In All White

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Assure Wrist Band Emergency Button For Elderly People


  • Won Several UK Awards
  • Easy To Use Features


  • None..

Wrist Band Emergency Button With Wireless LED

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Emergency Alarms With Location Sensor

Whenever you are looking after anyone who has dementia that may miss their way and neglect to come back home, you are able to see them by using a global positioning handheld GPS unit.

You will find advanced emergency alarms for the elderly that may connect with several detectors, which include entrance door receptors or maybe seat sensor units. This permits the carer to offer assistance in the event someone leaves home or gets free from bedroom or seat.

Which Type Of Distress Alarm Device?

Personalised distress alarm devices can be obtained from numerous stores, incorporating local government councils, aid organisations just like 'Age Concern' as well as private firms. Consider what kind of products and degree of support you need because there's just no point of investing more than you require.

Take the time to evaluate makes and costs to get the best elderly panic alarm to meet your requirements. Examine the collection if you are planning to put on it inside the back garden. See how long the battery packs can last for, so you understand if they are depleting quickly etc.

Wear A Panic Button For Indoors And Outside

If you decide on a wearable panic button for the elderly, make sure it is water-resistant. You'll almost certainly want to put it on inside the washroom. You may get a safe or easily locked container outside the house where you live so that sanctioned persons can get into the house if the alert is triggered.

You can purchase these types of alert devices independently or perhaps from the organisation producing the individual alarm system. We strongly suggest that you acquire law enforcement authorised key-safe. It might be more pricey, nevertheless its probably very dependable.

Exempt SureSafe Panic Alarm For The Elderly

The SureSafe personalised emergency call technique is an individual panic alarm system for UK seniors. Reassurance for you personally, security and protection for the ones that you care for. It offers assurance and facilitates independent dwelling for the elderly.

TAX Exempt SureSafe Panic Alarm For The Elderly With Dial Pad

A nursing alert technique that enables any susceptible elderly person to call for assistance at the simple press of an anxiety button if they fall or become sick.

A senior personalised security alarm for self-sufficient home residing. Straightforward to set-up, basically connect and proceed without any assembly charges or continuing expenses.
[Rating: 9/10]   £89 Get It → SureSafe Panic Alarm Elderly

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NRS Personal Alarm For Elderly With Dialling

This alarm gadget permits an individual who is alone in their own home to call for assistance effortlessly in crisis situations.

It includes an 'auto dialling receiver' primary device that links to your home landline phone socket - and a modest pendant design anxiety alarm that may be worn round the neck.

NRS Health Care Personal Alarm For Elderly In White Finish

For unexpected emergencies, the individual pushes the panic alarm system switch and the principal device dials automated phone numbers for assistance.

As much as three contact phone numbers may be set. When the first number is 'occupied' or even on voice-mail, it will dial the following pre-programmed number.
[Rating: 9/10]   £67 Get It → NRS Health Care Personal Alarm

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New Auto Dial Fall Alarm For Elderly Panic Button

The auto-dial panic alarm system provides a secure feeling to the handicapped or aged individual residing alone. Appreciate self-reliance and level of privacy with this particular, straightforward to put in place anxiety alarm system.

The particular panic device includes two pendants, so in the situation of a crisis, the user pushes the button for phone support.

New Auto Dial Fall Alarm For Elderly With Black Adapter

When the first telephone number is pre-occupied, it's going to phone another pre-programmed telephone number (of 3 numbers may be created).


  • Phone Numbers Programmed
  • Around Neck Or As Wristband


  • Tricky Set-Up

The consumer may record their very own (help me) communication content. Your own personal assistance switch may be utilised around your neck, as a bracelet, attached to your garments or installed on a wall.
[Rating: 9/10]   £84 Get It → New Auto Dial Fall Alarm

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Wrist Band And Pendants Offer Independence

By putting on the personal panic alarm button as a wrist band or pendant, all they need to accomplish is force/press the panic option, and the alarm strategy will instantly connect to a response group. They are going to recognise who they are, their current address as well as how to speak to relatives.

An SOS personalised pendant alarm is fantastic for any individual who looks forward to their independence in the house and back garden but will not desire to be out of reach of help and support. People do cherish their self-sufficiency and don't need family members to fret.

Emergency Support Is Never Far Away

Pendant devices are perfect for individuals with a far more significant health issue which can be induced without notice and 'extend peace of mind' recognising support is at hand whenever they require it.

SOS personal alarms for the elderly are incredibly user-friendly as there are no numbers to consider or call - an individual just pushes a control button.

Wireless Panic Button For Elderly And Disabled Alarm

An excellent safety item for the incapacitated or elderly residing alone and anxious about falling over etc. This panic alarm system is a modest pendant, but good in a crisis.

The user pushes the option and the principal model dials up for guidance. When the fist number is focused on, it's going to call the following pre-programmed phone number.

Wireless Panic Button For Elderly With Cables

The user may record their very own (help-me) information and 3 phone numbers are generally set up, perhaps your neighbour, son or companion etc.

Any time responding hands-free with two-way discussion is achievable. The major unit receives panic transmission from the remote necklace and automatic calls.
[Rating: 9/10]   £21 Get It → Wireless Panic Button

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Lifemax Home Emergency Alarm For Elderly WiFi

A WiFi contacting security alarm with two phoning necklaces and one receiver. This smart device strategy supplies exceptional assistance for seniors and handicapped folk.

Each and every pendant possesses an independent contact and panic option, as well as including an equipped neck wire plus battery.

Lifemax Emergency Alarm For The Elderly In White And Orange

The receiver is really a small and powerful device that may be operated by battery. The key device demonstrates which pendant is calling and 'emergency level' of call utilising audio and light signals.


  • Works Out Of The Box
  • Long Range 60 Metres


  • None

Every pendant provides independent call and panic control keys.
[Rating: 9/10]   £38 Get It → Lifemax Emergency Alarm For Elderly

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Necklace Or Wrist Band Panic Alarms For The Elderly

Panic alerts for the elderly do supply the confidence that any time of night time or day time, or if there is a crisis or support is needed, it is swiftly obtainable. Press the button from the light and fall alarm pendant or perhaps bracelet to set-up with a carer or relative, again no numbers to Telephone through.

NRS Care Auto Dial Panic Alarm Safety Alert Pendant

A wireless health call panic home security system, well suited for any relative who might be looking after one or two individuals in the same home.

Provides carer reassurance so they are able to continue additional duties around the house, secure knowing that the individual they are looking after can ask for them as appropriate.

NRS Health Care Auto Dial Panic Alarm Safety In Woman's Hand

Household basic safety alert includes 1 principal receiver model for the carer and two contacting transmitters, which can be put on as necklaces by the person being looked after.

There exists a phone option and panic switch on every pendant. If the individual requires care, they push the correct control key.
[Rating: 9/10]   £38 Get It → Friend Family Care Panic Alarm

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VAT Exempt SureSafe Pendant Alarm For Elderly

Personalised crisis alarm system for older adults includes a water-resistant pendant and water-proof wrist watch.

Perhaps you are currently concerned about a parent or guardian, family member, companion or perhaps neighbour who lives on their own and is not as healthy and fit as they were previously.

Pendant Alarm For The Elderly In White Exterior

The SureSafe individual crisis response system supplies reassurance and facilitates a self-sufficient dwelling for maturing UK adults.

A clinical alert process that enables a susceptible elderly person to ask for help at the press of one button. A personal alarm for self-sufficient existence.
[Rating: 9/10]   £77 Get It → VAT Pendant Alarm For Elderly

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An individual alarm key holder could be you or an additional relative, perhaps a good friend who dwells near and has their particular authorisation to enter their house. Where feasible, we recommend having a few wrist alarm key holders, because they will end up the most critical point of call for that response link.