Cheaper Truck Sat Navs With Pre-Installed HD Maps

Updated 21/08/2020:
For bigger vehicles, the best truck sat nav gadgets can be invaluable accessories that assist in ensuring motorists constantly go from place to place safely and easily through the fastest road conceivable - nevertheless, if you are interested in an HGV or lorry sat nav device, we will help you.

Of more substantial trucks, it seems sensible to spotlight standard features and benefits essential for almost any driver of a bigger vehicle. Safety is a concern with regards to driving an automobile, and any GPS strategy must be straightforward to use like our motorhome reversing camera devices.

: AWES Truck/Coach Sat Nav 7 Inch Screen

Coach Sat Nav With Screen Border In Black

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Truck Sat Nav Showing UK Motorway

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9 Inch Sat Nav For Van With Fixtures

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: Which Truck Sat Nav Features?

The functionality you may give consideration for any truck sat nav consisting of speed camera sensor technologies, GPS dashboard units, route organising, voice controls and digital DVD systems. An excellent mixture of the features could get you the very best van sat nav.

: Screen Size And Map Viewing

Lorry sat navs out there vary from 5 to 10.5 inches and the greater the display, the less you are going to stress your vision while using the gadget. They are better to navigate with the screen function; nevertheless, excessively big devices might take up extra space and challenge appearances.

: SD Cards And GPS Data Memory

Most truck sat navs require safe-keeping to keep road maps, chart details, plus route strategies with regards to less complicated research. With increased functionality within the gadget arrives the requirement for more space. It's essential to locate a lorry GPS with an exterior memory port.

: Do You Need Turn-by-Turn Voice Guidance?

Motorists may also make use of voice instructions to manage the unit, an essential function while on the highway. Direction-finding is supplied equally through turn-by-turn instructions and employing the audio, which talks to an individual operating a helpful sound to receive desired destinations.

: Using Smartphone Apps For Routing

Totally free sat nav apps are gratis, however, are practical routing possibilities. It is possible to obtain all of them in your smartphone plus attach the unit on the dash panel for routing. Because there are several options within App outlets, it's overwhelming locating the right free phone App.

: What Are Latest Updated Traffic Revisions?

Choose the best evaluated and highly graded traffic revision characteristics. This selection offers real-time traffic information and facts to assist you in picking the quickest road. You may consequently have the ability to assume and free yourself from congested zones effortlessly for speedier trips too.

TomTom Trucker GPS HGV Sat Nav Maps/Traffic

Lorry Sat Nav On Dash Area

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A navigation gadget should never be distracting so search for a very clear, well lit and simple to study flat screen display with no little-sized text. After that, make sure it consists of sizeable letters which guarantee you will get the data you require whenever driving - devoid of taking a lot of time gazing at a display as opposed to the street ahead.

The majority of people set their model to articulate directions out loud to them; therefore they do not need to look at the display and take the eyes from the street; nevertheless, road sounds and radio disturbance can make guidance challenging to hear.

Ensure you get one which has a variable volume level, and a selection of sounds obtainable so that you can pick the one which is least complicated for you to take in while travelling.

HGV Sat Navs Designed For Best Routes

Motorists of large vehicles frequently have more to reflect upon than the typical driver, whether it's the bridge restrictions they go below or the constraints on streets they need to move. The sat nav must be outfitted to give these individuals details and make sure they cannot take unacceptable and possibly unsafe paths.

NAVPAL Truck Sat-Nav Free Life Updates

Big Screen Truck Sat Nav With Large HGV

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An additional essential thought for truck drivers which car motorists do not entirely concern about is they might have to accomplish numerous journeys in a single day, therefore deciding on a sat nav which will handle different trip input is a smart choice.

Some lorry sat navs come with a multi-route concept that enables vehicle and truck drivers to pre-programme the device with all the trips they need to make throughout the business day, guaranteeing no time squandered and assisting a timetable to operate as efficiently as is possible.

Virtually any truck driver will be aware even the frequently journeyed routes can provide unpredicted challenges, therefore acquiring a sat nav which could keep an eye on traffic occurrences and other conditions, and also promptly determine different directions relaying to a truck sat nav APP is essential.

HGV Sat Nav App Implementation

Sat navs function using global positioning systems that involve indicators from numerous satellites to compute the immediate placement of the gadget. Approaching a route takes advantage of the information from the satellites and recorded charts, after which it tracks the improvement of the trip through the navigation system.

The screen genuinely depends upon personal inclination as the displays on most versions are now of a fantastic level of quality. Many people will choose a more prominent display as the charts and plans are much easier to determine, and the touch-screen sat-nav for lorry drivers is somewhat more straightforward to use.

Garmin Camper Bluetooth Sat Nav For Trucks


  • Digital Traffic DAB
  • 6.95 Inch Touchscreen


  • None..

HGV Sat Nav Showing Sharp Curve

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An additional discussion in preference of bigger screens is they may be much less annoying, and a vehicle driver does not have to concentrate on the display to observe the road maps.

A 4.3-inch display screen is usually a standard specification; nevertheless various products now present a sat nav head unit with 5, 6.4 or perhaps 7-inch displays.

GPS navigation represents various satellites that are frequently orbiting our planet. It's this selection of satellites which ping statistics to any or all sat nav units. Just about all devices sound a hearable alert when the vehicle is nearing a set position velocity or surveillance camera. First class devices are even in a position to identify transportable spy cameras.

Implementing Coach Sat Nav EU Maps

You will need to have EU or world mapping set-up. Many companies allow downloading of more maps to some coach sat nav units. If you go to any particular area, a few allow leased plans, which turn out to be a less expensive alternative when compared to obtaining a lengthy permit.

The road model is continuously reforming so the maps which come pre-supplied together with your brand-new bus sat nav will require frequently upgrading, mainly if you are a daily motorist. Various devices nowadays consist of no cost lifetime mapping revisions, while others are conveniently downloaded from your companies' site; however, there may be a fee.

Any wholly charged nav system will offer 3 to 4 hours of usage, but it is usually a good idea to keep the sat nav attached to the power adaptor while travelling to make sure there is no disruption of the system. Numerous gadgets come with a mount to the windscreen or dashboard.

Aguri Motorhome Caravan EU Edition Sat Nav

Motorhome Sat-Nav With Maps

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The mount must be located as low down the windshield as it can be; therefore it does not impair your perspective of the street. Take into consideration whenever placing your gadget the recharging wire that might hinder your vehicle configurations if not installed carefully.

HGV Sat Nav UK Street Routes Via Bluetooth

A few HGV sat nav devices function as Wireless Bluetooth equipment, utilising their integrated microphones and audio speakers to provide hands-free phone call technology. Several screen speed trap detector info or behave as dash surveillance cameras, documenting video footage you can use in the instance of a major accident.

The big companies have perfected their fundamental route insight into months or even years, and there is very little to select from the conventional screens.

You will discover extra features that accomplish this such as the 3D junction screens which demonstrate a route through complex motorway junctions, or possibly a group of turns in rapid sequence. This idea helps to make a significant difference when between traffic in any peculiar circumstance.

Several sat-navs likewise offer real-life perspectives as you get closer to the destination, which means you don't pass up a concealed turning or construction established back from the road, and the voice assistance possesses more of an all-natural, real human effect - informing you to turn following a milestone etc.

TomTom Go Truck Sat Nav EU UK Life Maps


  • Updates Over WiFi
  • MyDrive Route Plan


  • None.

Truck Sat Nav With Black Border

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Sat navs help to make the trip simpler as they obtain information from GPS geostationary satellites; therefore it understands what your location is. You will tell it exactly where to look, and it will uncover the ideal strategy for getting you to that destination.

The best time conserving concept is the live traffic info that is included in mid-range versions and beyond. The velocity of traffic on main roads is consistently supervised by the sat nav companies, so your gadget can guide you about virtually any traffic hot spot as they develop with your trip.

Touch Screen Bus Sat Navs With Speed Checking

Speed cam notifications are incurred as notifications to advise you to be careful on expanses of the street which can be so risky they have needed speed cameras set-up. The unit will work in most cases beep as you get closer to a camera - likewise acting as a useful prompt to 'evaluate your speed' checking device.

Placing an additional bus sat nav screen inside could be a formula for inattention; nevertheless the best versions include voice control to reduce how frequently you may use the touchscreen technology. Excellent speech recognition applications are necessary to steer clear of inconvenience.

Garmin DezlCam Truck Sat Nav Dash Cam

HGV Sat Nav With View Map

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By accident safety measures to black box video recorders, the sat-nav does not have to become a one option device. Probably the most beneficial features, if your vehicle does not currently have it, is a Wireless Bluetooth interconnection.

Hook up your mobile phone wirelessly, and the sat nav sorts through connections, make a telephone call and work a microphone as well as an audio speaker; therefore you do not need to contact your smartphone.

Sat Nav For Truck Drivers With Dash Cam

Select a unit with a camera prepared so it can behave as a front and back dash cam easily documenting video footage through the windshield which is often valuable in an incident.

The cam may also keep an eye on other traffic as well as lane marks on streets, alerting you should you be getting excessively near to the vehicle right in front - or straying out of the side of the road.

It is well worth examining what type of mapping coverage you happen to be obtaining. The majority of gadgets possess European mapping associated; however if you intend to visit more unknown locations, you might need to have a higher priced sat nav for truck drivers who travel extensively.

Sniper Coach Sat Nav Low Bridge Alerts

Coach Sat Nav And Blue Vehicle

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A few expensive sat navs possess integrated SIM cards that enable them to connect with the mobile phone network to gather live traffic knowledge and revise maps, while others employ radio alerts to obtain the data.

On the budget side, you may have to hook-up your smartphone wirelessly to the gadget, so that it may use the data link with live traffic details. Low-cost versions still need you to connect to your PC to upgrade maps, which is nowadays starting to look cumbersome and somewhat old-fashioned.

Satnav Maps And Live Traffic Statistics

Live traffic info enables more recent GPS devices to update your path to prevent traffic jams on a real-time principle. Sat nav applications for mobile phones can instantly gain access to the product data inter-connection.

The SIM card empowered gadgets are often at the more expensive of other model varieties, and routinely sports prices to complement. Nevertheless, should you be a heavy sat nav end user, you might find it easier and more economical to use rather than your mobile phone's data amount.

It is worthwhile observing that while various free of charge Apps present live traffic info for nothing, a few dedicated products offer a restricted membership with the preliminary purchase. This fee may imply you are paying out a renewal charge every year to keep your devices efficient.

Virtually all lorry sat nav displays are between 4 up to 7 inches whenever assessed diagonally spanning. Although some people might take pleasure in the clearness of a bigger screen, other folks might find it obstructive and choose a specific detail slightly more compact.

It is advisable to be brand conscious when acquiring a sat nav because there are a small number of big brand labels available, but there are several inexpensive versions included in places which include auction websites. Although they are low-priced, the couple we have examined in past times have been substandard.

Upcoming Bridge Height Restrictions

If you choose the very best truck sat nav, you must understand that your device will probably operate in a somewhat distinct manner as it must remember the fact that you're driving a more significant automobile that won't fit underneath the standard passage - and not given permission to move straight down various highways or roads.

Because of the upcoming bridge height or sharp road curves, steep gradients and more restrictions, whenever you are purchasing a sat nav for your HGV, you have to ensure that you get a particular GPS intended for your vehicle, HGV or even lengthy motorhome.

Jimwey Bus Sat Nav GPS System With Android

Bus Sat Nav With APPS On Screen

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Cheap Truck Sat Navs Offer Best Routes And HGV Sizes

Just about all efficient but cheap truck sat navs function by determining your route influenced by a multitude of specifications - like the size, width, elevation and weight of the HGV, and then consequently offer directions which will take you under low bridges or confined streets.

These kinds of budget satellite devices likewise include more prominent displays and tourist attraction directories that come with particular destinations where one can park the vehicle or van. Turn on the system, and you can get into your vehicles size, breadth, height and weight - which means the sat nav can determine routes considering your truck proportions and traffic down the road.

The device can include free live traffic alerts where you can avoid the busiest and challenging traffic locations. Maps are fantastic and provide comprehensive routes or construction spots to assist you in finding the endpoint.

Snooper Truck EU HGV Sat Nav Dash DVR Cam

Truck Dash Sat Nav Showing UK Motorway

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In case you reach a challenging junction, the device changes to a dual alignment display which means on a single side of the system, you have the route and guidance - plus the other lane direction demonstrating which lane you need to be using.

Avoid Heavy Traffic Plus Life Map Revisions

More features incorporate free lifetime traffic monitoring to keep you free from heavy traffic, no cost lifetime map revisions, zero cost speed cam notifications, road circumstances in advance as well as any corners or sharp hills which will give you the perfect time to prepare yourself if required.

Wireless Bluetooth comes as standard with several, which means you may make and get calls making use of the built-in audio speaker - and even fix the truck sat nav to a Wireless cam to assist you when you need to reverse the HGV.