Top 10 High-Back Style Toddler Booster Car Seats

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Updated 16/05/2020:
The toddler booster seat elevates kid's car sitting perspective in order that the vehicle's seat strap matches them perfectly. They possess indicators or even slots where the chair belt should fit. One at shoulder joint height and one at waistline height. See our rear facing car seats.

: Besrey Toddler Travel Car Seat Convertible 1/2/3

Toddler Travel Car Seat With White Trim

£66   Besrey Toddler Travel Car Seat - Get It!  

: KinderKraft Kids Booster Car Seat 7-Step Headrest

Kids Booster Car Seat With Black Rear

£44   KinderKraft Booster Car Seat - Get It!  

: Maxi-Cosi Toddler High Back Booster Car Seat

Toddler Booster Car Seat With Red Zones

£99   Maxi-Cosi Toddler High Back Booster - Get It!  

: Nania Infant Car Seat With Backrest And ISOFIX

Infant Car Seat With Back And Head Supports

£74   Nania Infant Car Seat With Back - Get It!  

: MCC 1,2,3 9 Booster Seat Kids 36Kg

This harness booster seat for kids may be employed up to as much as 18 Kg, and since your little one persists to grow, the vehicle seat will convert to a high back strap placement booster that can be utilised from 15 up to 36 Kg. Converting ultimately to a back-less strap placing extender for a very comfy fit.

Bolstered Booster Seat For Kids In Black And Blue

The chair is projected to help maintain your minor inside a harness booster for lengthier periods, and in addition to accommodate them adequate to 145 cm in height.

Dual dense head-rest, chest as well as crotch bolster propose an increased degree of side impact security as well as comfort. Cushioned with EPP absorbing foam pad.
[Rating: 9/10]   £27   Get It → MCC 1,2,3 9 Booster Seat Kids

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: Britax Romer Car High Back Booster Seat

This light weight high back booster seat using side impact safety is ergonomic configured for older kids. The adaptable head-rest possesses several height placements and may be effortlessly corrected as your baby matures.

It is fastened with a '3 stage seat strap' that is precisely placed across your child’s pelvic area and shoulder.

Impact Safe Car High Back Booster Seat With Black Textile

Perpetually enhanced to provide for your altering demands with excellent side impact security. The seating belt conducts precisely in place for the 3 point seating strap over your particular baby's shoulder as well as pelvis. Head rest and back-rest conform to permit set-up in a broad selection of vehicles.
[Rating: 9/10]   £41   Get It → Romer Car High Back Booster

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: Trunki Apak Toddler Booster Car Seat

A toddler booster car seat that duplicates as a back-pack. A commodious hand baggage sanctioned back pack which replicates every bit as booster seating, rendering it just right for motorcars, taxi cabs and trips.

Folding seat strap using fast release option to collapse back down. Wipe wash establishes cleansing effortless following a chaotic trip.

Back Pack Toddler Booster Car Seat With Boy Sitting

Convenient 8 litres total capacity included is plenty of space for journey necessities. Hard ABS interior casing shields the contents of your particular back-pack.

Ergonomic backrest bolstering to advance more beneficial posture for developing backbones. Individualise the belt elevation to accommodate your kid as they spring up.
[Rating: 9/10]   £40   Get It → Trunki Toddler Booster Car Seat

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: Diono Everett Child Booster Car Seat

A high back newborn car seat projected to accommodate a developing minor adequate to 36 Kg. Heavy, strong inclines bordered with heat-absorbing EPS foam for aspect impact safety.

A dial upon the rear conforms the breadth of the expansive seat back to correspond the kid's shoulders equal to 50 cm broad.

Expansive Child Booster Car Seat In Black And Red

As a mounted emplacement booster, incorporated connections plus a front line adjuster provide a dependable and impregnable set-up within just seconds.

The seating under-surface owns additional size for leg assistance and includes dense AirTek foam as well as tapering inclines for absolute comfort. Twin cup mounts are additionally deep as well as slanted to preserve refreshments vertical.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99   Get It → Diono Everett Child Car Seat

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: Elemed Group 1,2,3 Baby Booster Seat

Additional bolstering in the head as well as seat expanse, this booster seat with harness develops with your minor due to the adaptable head-rest.

The chair is suited for small babies using it's harness with regular seat belt. For kids just under that age - to be expended using the booster seating minus back-rest.

Extra Bolster Booster Seat With Harness In Black, Green

The seat features big and nicely cushioned arm-rests for best side impact safety. The versatile back-rest adjusts to the disposition of the motorcar seating. With easy-clean, the kid's seating is screened and sanctioned according to ECR. Impeccably moulded and padded seating provided.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39   Get It → Elemed Booster With Harness

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: Recaro Monza High Toddler Booster Seat

This booster seats for toddlers is for group 2,3 which your kid can utilise from 15 as much as 36 kg, or aged around 3 up to 12 years old.

A showy style with superior safety, ideal for protection and comfort for your developing youngster. Expansive in virtually every regard, it supplies supplemental equilibrium.

Secure 2,3 Booster Seat For Toddlers With Curved Front

In the consequence of an chance event, the extra crash cushions collectively with foam reinforces inside the head as well as hip locations to disperse the burden. Fastened arm rests offer extra side safety in this hip zone.

Connectivity to the ISOFIX placed in the motorcar signifies that your particular seat is fixed in your car, regardless if the seating is occupied or not.
[Rating: 9/10]   £169   Get It → Recaro Toddler Booster Seat

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Infant And Toddler Booster Seats With Side Shock Safety

: Graco Booster Car Seat Group 2,3

This maxi group 2,3 baby booster car seat is a high back design for kids from 4 to approximately 12 years old, 15 to 36 kg.

This particular choice is the seat kids select as frequently as their parents, as minors love stylish fringe benefit like the hide away style cup bearers - as well as the height flexible head assistance.

4 To 12 Yrs Baby Booster Car Seat With High Back

The seating covering is easily removed and washing machine friendly, maintaining all motorcars neat as well as orderly. Incorporated seat strap is within the head-rest to forever guarantee precise location of the seat band. Head assistance raises with the baby and car strap routing is signalled in a red colour.
[Rating: 9/10]   £49   Get It → Graco Baby Booster Car Seat

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: Munchkin Travel Child Booster Seat

This travel child booster seat is great for those intermediate points whenever minors are excessively big for feeding chairs and too small for others.

Usually parents on the go depend on journey booster seats for stress free feeding at eating places, on holiday, or perhaps even within the comfort of the household.

Stylish Travel Child Booster Seat

This particular flexible tot chair develops along with your baby and possesses a harness strategy to assure security in the highchair. It is constructed of indestructible, effortless to wipe components and owns a secure interior framework for equilibrium.

It even features concealed safe keeping chambers to accommodate kids toys and much more.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24   Get It → Munchkin Travel Kids Booster

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: BubbleBum Award Winner Kids Booster Seat

A mobile blow-up style kids car booster seat organised to fit directly in to your engaged family life-style. Where your children go, it will accompany them nicely weighing merely 500 grammes, ideal for any car.

The lightweight small sized concept is intelligently deflated and folded up, capable of accommodating in school bags, hand bags, haversacks or perhaps the glove-box. It is then set-up to be effortlessly blown-up when your kids require it.

Kids Car Booster Seat In All Black Textile

Fashioned for kids aged in between 4 and 11 years, it's been sanctioned under ECE standard for protection for both groupings 2 plus 3. It's organised for deployment with a regular 3 point grown-up seat strap that's been sanctioned.

It additionally accompanies a shoulder strap clip for appended safety and user convenience.
[Rating: 9/10]   £29   Get It → BubbleBum Kids Car Booster Seat

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Toddler booster car seats may be expended in the front end or perhaps back of the vehicle, however it's more dependable to position them in the back, particularly if there's a 'rider air-bag' in the front of the motorcar. It's securest to observe kids in this style of seating until they've over-grown them.