Swivel Seat Cushion Aids For Transfer In/Out Of Car

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Updated 11/08/2020:
The swivel car seat cushion is ideal for use inside the house, work place or motorcar. They assist perfectly for getting out of the car or any restricted area. It rotates separately and enables the car seat user to revolve their physique without stress. See our massage car seat cover selections.

: Hardcastle Swivel Pad For Car Seat Rotating

Swivel Pad For Car In Grey Textile

£9   Hardcastle Swivel Pad For Car - Get It!  

: Jazooli Cushioned Swivel Car Seat For Adults

Cushioned Swivel Car Seat In Navy

£9   Jazooli Cushioned Swivel Car Seat - Get It!  

: H.Aetn Swivel Car Seat For Disabled 360

Swivel Car Seat 360 In Light Grey

£25   H.Aetn Swivel Car Seat 360 - Get It!  

: ObboMed Swivel Car Seat Cushion For Elderly

Swivel Car Seat Cushion In Red And Black

£24   ObboMed Swivel Car Seat Cushion - Get It!  

: PC Memory Foam Swivel Car Seat Cushion

An impressive memory foam swivel car seat cushion that has been configured to assist access to get out from your car's chair. Being lightweight, it may be relocated in between your motorcar home base or perhaps work place.

It possesses an anti-slip rubber base to maintain the pad from transit, and is effortlessly cleansed with an easily removed cover. The pad is around 4 cm dense and around 40 cm at it's broadest spot.

Anti Slip Swivel Car Seat Cushion In Blue

Comfy to sit down on throughout travel and estimable value for money. It is an important helper for anyone having trouble getting in to as well as coming out of the automobile, a recommend and excellent pad if you have got mobility issues. Anti slide 360 degree pivot bottom containing memory foam for additional comfort.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24   Get It → Memory Swivel Car Seat Cushion

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: Lanbowo Swivel Car Seat Disabled/Elderly

The self-turning swivel car seat for disabled individuals is projected as a pivot cushion particularly for mobility. It enables the user to smoothly slide directly in to the position they want, producing negligible strain and distorting on the leg, knee joints and hips. A pivot foam disc for automobiles, complete with instruction manual.

Swivel Car Seat For Disabled With Black Strap

It's configured to help entering and rising out of the motorcar. Reduced friction appropriates the user to glide directly in to the sought after location in the vehicle. It's attached around the motorcar seat using a strap and clasp. You will find hand-grips at the side that may be employed to assist the end user.
[Rating: 9/10]   £12   Get It → Lanbowo Swivel Car Seat For Disabled

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: UKC 360 Mobility Twist Car Seat Cushion

This twisting car seat pivot pad is just right for the majority of seats and expended to help the user with seating area carry-overs. The pivot pad revolves 360 degrees for a fluent and leisurely motion.

It assists to invalidate any inessential 'distorting' of the backbone and the pad can withstand up to 115 Kg (18.1 Stone) and delivers complete with an easily removed cover that's washable manually.

Comfy Twisting Car Seat Cushion In Light Blue

The polyurethane foam bolstered seat can assist with helping you in and out of chairs or motorcars. They're exceedingly advantageous to individuals with joint issues, aged ailments, handicaps, restricted motion and even assists with going to bed with additional comfort.

Assesses 40 cm in size 15.7 inch, elevation 5.2 cm, just over 2 inches.
[Rating: 9/10]   £23   Get It → UKC Twisting Car Seat Cushion

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: NRS Health Care Rotating Car Seat Cushion

An affordable rotating car seat cushion transfer turntable that's substantial, light weight and offers fluent effortless rotary motion for transfers to as well as from any bed, armchair, automobile and so forth.

Expending the turntable assists the health care provider to avert elevating, or perhaps pulling the end user, which in turn assists to forestall backbone pains etc.

Blue Rotating Car Seat Cushion Turntable

It boasts a 360 degrees twisting circuit as well as a grip upper surface area for appended user protection. Diameter of the disc is 40.5 cm 16.1 inches. Merchandise item weight 1 Kg 2 Lb and the upper limit user body weight limitation is 120 Kg around 19 stone.
[Rating: 8/10]   £16   Get It → NRS Rotating Car Seat Cushion

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: UKC Revolving Car Seat Cushion 360 Degrees

A fleece clad revolving car seat cushion is just right for the majority of seating and are expended to help the user with seat transportations. The turn pad revolves 360 degrees for a smooth as well as leisurely motion.

It assists to avert virtually any unneeded straining of the back and the fleece covering assures that the pad is warm as well as comfortable for the wintertime. The seating buffer includes a supporting framework and a non slip bottom.

Soft Revolving Car Seat Cushion In White Fleece

The high concentration sponge establishes for a solid however comfy seat and the pad can accommodate up to 115 kg 18 Stone - and arrives complete with an easily removed fleece covering which is entirely machine wash-and-wear.

The bolstered seat can assist with chairs or vehicle seats and are exceedingly good for individuals with joint troubles, senior ailments, disabilities etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £36   Get It → UKC Revolving Car Seat Cushion

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: Patterson Medic Spinning Car Seat Cushion

The reasonably priced rotary 'spinning car seat cushion' is a cushy bolstered, adjustable twisting disc that's appropriate for utilisation on motorcar seating, chairs and also beds.

The pad appropriates a smooth pivot transport minus irritating clashing or deforming. The under-surface is covered up in an anti-slip fabric for appended protection, and the top is upholstered for sitting comfort.

Versatile Spinning Car Seat Cushion In Soft Textile

Just right for deployment on automobile seats, chairs as well as beds, it enables a fluent pivot transfer minus bumping around or distortion.

Contrived to better the calibre of sitting experience, it is formulated in connection with healthcare pros and users, developed to their personal conception. Cushy and bolstered for further comfort with anti-slip substance.
[Rating: 8/10]   £12   Get It → Patterson Spin Car Seat Cushion

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: Chums Turntable Cushion Mobility Seat

An impressive transfer turntable mobility seat for cars that is light weight with transportable shift assistance, allowing flowing and simple rotary motion like some baby car seats in virtually any angle.

This highly recommended turntable seat helps the health professional to reassign a patient securely from any armchair to bed, directly in to as well as out of a vehicle and so forth. In addition, it assist to pleasingly invalidate backbone pain when moving.

Cushion Mobility Seat For Cars With Black Finish

It can additionally easily help individuals with restricted manoeuvrability to reassign themselves. Sporting a non skid bottom and comfy cushioned velour compensated top, the transportation cushion turntable is a reasonably priced and exceedingly handy transfer assistance for the household or perhaps motorcar.
[Rating: 8/10]   £18   Get It → Chums Mobility Seat For Cars

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Revolving Car Seat Cushions For Disabled Or Elderly Folk

: Stander Mobility Handy-Bar Car Seat Cushion

This first-class HandyBar plus turning car seat transfer solution is an aggregated bundle. This is an essential for virtually all motorcar proprietors as the user may enter and get out of their transport smoothly and easily with this strong structured but elementary tool.

Using it's soft grasp and non skid command for additional comfort and extremely secure fashioned metal shaft, it produces a secure, sturdy assistance grip where necessitated.

Bar Turning Car Seat Cushion On Cream Chair

It accommodates most cars using the a (U) formed striker resource. The car transfer pivot seat is a cushy, bolstered versatile converting disc, just right for usage on motorcar seating areas, chairs as well as beds.

It enables a fluent pivot transfer without aching, jolting or distortion - and assists to contract stressing of the spine.
[Rating: 9/10]   £39   Get It → Stander Turning Car Cushion

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: Advancethy Swivel Mobility Car Seat Cushion

A mobility car seat cushion that understates strains using a pivoting pad. The turn transferral pad includes unrestricted 360 degrees rotary motion to assist patients as well as their caregivers to move in to, as well as out of chairs, motorcar seating and beds effortlessly.

Deployment of the revolving circular cushion downplays danger of accidental injury from unneeded distortion and twisting.

Swivel Mobility Car Seat Cushion In Black And Blue

This pivot assistance is generally suggested by the medical community for patients enduring from contracted mobility ascribable to chance events or perhaps accidental injury - and in surgical care oftentimes accompanying back-bone procedures and hip replacement operations.

The revolving pivot pad is an adjustable, effortless to use merchandise contrived with practicality, mobility as well as effortless safe keeping.
[Rating: 9/10]   £10   Get It → Advancethy Swivel Car Seat Cushion

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: WKCG Cushion Disabled Car Seat Cushion

A cushy, bolstered and versatile disabled car seat swivel cushion that's just right for utilisation on vehicle seating, chairs as well as beds. The pad enables a fluent pivot shift minus irritating jarring or even distorting the body. Effortlessly position on the motorcar seat, position on the turn chair pad and lightly revolve the physique.

Disabled Car Seat Swivel Cushion In Deep Blue

This impressive pivot seating will convert effortlessly, allowing you a comfortable approach in as well as out of your motorcar. Constructed from hard-wearing, effortless to cleanse thick substance.

Lightweight, transportable and effortless to stack away whenever simply not needed. Perfect for function on motorcar seats, chairs in addition beds and elementary to fit out on seat.
[Rating: 9/10]   £13   Get It → WKCG Car Seat Swivel Cushion

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These swivel car seats for the disabled and elderly are perfect for utilisation in any car, in the office or household. A necessity for individuals with contracted manoeuvrability, who have difficulty turning or even distorting in the car.

The 360 degrees turn conception with cushion comfort abbreviates pains on hips, the knees, plus helps relieve backache.