Presents For Car Lovers - 10 Perfect Choices For Partner

We hope you enjoy our latest list of new gifts for car lovers - for those looking for something a little different from the norm. Whether you are buying that birthday or Christmas car accessories gift for the motorist in your life, we hope you find the ideal excellent birthday gift for car lovers right here.

: Tile Pro Key Finder Car Gift Set

If you often lose track of your small but essential things such as a backpack, keys, luggage, or any other small items, you should go for the Tile Pro, the best finder and tracker for your personal effects. This car keys finder is manageable to use and has the App that works on Android and iOS.

: Long Bluetooth Range Finding

You can ring with TilePro App within the range of 410 feet. Your own car keys and other items can be found when they are outside the Bluetooth range. Simply set Tile Pro to find the most recent location of your lost items or the Tile network team can assist you if you need any help.

: Tile Pro Bluetooth Wallet Car Keys Finder

Bluetooth Item Finder With Mobile

£42   Tile Pro Bluetooth Item Finder - Get It!  

: Smart Alert And Extra Features

You can also use it to track your phone, find it using Tile Pro even if it is silent. When you upgrade to premium packages, you can have extra features and services such as free battery replacement and smart alerts. You can also give this smart key finder to your friends or family as a unique gift.

: Wallet/Key Locator Gift For Car Guys

Anything that might get lost can be tracked with the unique Tile Pro tracker. You can leave your worries of lost thing because this ideal gift for car guys can help you locate your keys, backpacks, luggage and any other item quickly.

: Oasser Tyre Inflator Gift For Drivers

This tyre inflator has a massive 2200 mAh battery that can be easily charged as well. It is used to inflate tyres, balls, bikes, cars and other inflatable items quickly. You have to set it thoroughly before the first use. Moreover, if you have not used it for a long time, recharge it first as well.

: Designed With Night Use LED

The device has an LCD pressure gauge that can help you preset the tire pressure. The maximum pressure that this device can give is 130 PSI. LCD of this tyre inflator show the pressure unit as well as the power of the pump. The inflator has a brilliant design with an LED that allows you to use the device day and night.

: Oasser Automobile Tyre Inflator Air Compressor

Tyre Inflator Air Compressor In Black

£49   Oasser Tyre Inflator Air Compressor - Get It!  

: 12V Power Base With Air Hoses

This rechargeable inflator has impressive performance and excellent durability, which is suitable for small and medium-sized cars. Still, you should avoid using it on trucks because it is not compatible with them. The box contains a storage bag, quick coupling, 12V power base, tools gloves and 2 air hoses.

: Recharge Rapidly From Flat

It has great power with its 2200 mAh battery that it can fill a 14-inches tyre in just 6 minutes. Do not use any flammable aspects such as lighter when inflating tyres. The battery of this tyre inflator can be fully charged in under 4.2 hours.

: ThisWorx Handheld Vacuum Car Gift For Dad

Even though this vacuum cleaner is small with just 24 lbs weight, it has a robust suction mechanism because of highly powered 106 Watts motor. It also contains a power force metal turbine that can work correctly in cleaning your wet and dry surfaces.

: ThisWorx Car Vacuum Cleaner

Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner With Bag

£29   ThisWorx 12V Car Vacuum Cleaner - Get It!  

: Cigarette Lighter Outlet Long Wire

It is very suitable and easy to use because of its sleek design that can reach every corner of the car. The cord of this vacuum cleaner is 16 feet long and can plug into the cigarette lighter outlet. It is long enough so you can reach every portion of your car.

: HEPA Filter And Handy Extras

The handheld vacuum kit contains a special filter cleaning brush, carry bag, flathead hose brush head, a spear HEPA filter and an extension tube. You can bring this convenient vacuum anywhere with you. It can also power up your vehicle and come with a bag - easy to carry when on the road.

: Amazon Echo Auto Gift For Car Enthusiasts

You can add Alexa to your car by connecting through Alexa App with the help of auxiliary input jack, or it can also be associated with the Bluetooth of your phone.
It has amazingly designed the near-field concept and contains eight microphones. That's why Alexa can hear you in the car listening to music, during road noises, and over the loud air conditioning.

: Amazon Music, ALEXA And Deezer

You can have full access to the online streaming apps such as Amazon Music, Spotify, Audible, Deezer and radio stations worldwide with Alexa Echo Auto voice control. You can use your voice to command, check the news, make calls, play music, set reminders and many other goodies.

: Echo Auto Incorporate Alexa To Your Car

Slim Alexa Devive For Your Car

£49   Echo Auto Alexa For Your Car - Get It!  

: Playlists Of Your Favourite Music

It can also change your smartphone into a driver-friendly display that can complement your Echo Auto. You can check your playlist and keep a record of your favourite people and places. Another feature that Echo contains is turning your phone into a smart device that optimises your car for use.

: Smart Touch Control Easy Navigation

The appeared text will be somewhat 'fleet' looking, but you have touch controls and shortcuts as well. You can also create your own shortcuts of favourite places, media and contacts. This Echo Auto makes car navigation easy and entertains you while keeping a safe focus on the road.

: Smartphone Alexa App Compatible

Privacy is the priority of this device as you have an option to mute or turn off your microphone, and it will automatically disconnect. The Echo Auto settings will be the same as you are using on your Smartphone with Alexa App etc.

: Victorinox Watch Birthday Gift For Car Lovers

The sports chronograph watch features a silent and robust constitution. It never fails to surprise you with its features. It looks elegant with fine details and smoother surface. This particular Swiss watch is a pure masterpiece with tachymeter bezel - and it gives you a precise time.

: Aesthetic Wrist Wear Time Piece

Alliance sports chronograph watch is sturdy, strong, bold, and can challenge its competitors. This aesthetic timepiece can be your perfect sports partner and help you in your activities such as trailing, tracking, and riding a bike.

: Victorinox Mens Chronograph Steel Swiss Watch

Mens Sport Swiss Watch In Steel

£368   Victorinox Mens Swiss Watch - Get It!  

: Ticarve Cleaning Gel Present For Car Lovers

Cleaning those crannies and nooks in your car is the most challenging job, and this unique cleaning gel has got your back in this regard. It is perfect cleaning car vents, storage bins, steering wheels, door handles, dashboards, console panels, and picks up your dirt.

: Clean Dirt From Between Tiny Buttons

Cleaning the car interior with cleaning gel is efficient. You just need to press the 'vent cleaner' on the dust and then use cleaning gel to remove the dirt slowly. This cleaner can also be used to clean the keyboard to pull out the dirt from the buttons.

: Car Cleaner Slime Dust Remover

You can use the reusable car cleaning slime many times before the colour of the items turns dark. When you are done cleaning the surface, you can put the dust removal gel back into the box. The cleaning box must be kept within a cool place.

: Ticarve Cleaning Gel For Car Or Keyboard

Cleaning Gel For Car In Jar

£8   Ticarve Gel For Car Cleaning - Get It!  

: Biodegradable And Eco-Friendly

The material that is used to make auto cleaning gel is biodegradable, eco-friendly and safe. It has a lavender and sweet fragrance, but the cleaning glue is safer for your skin and the environment as well. You can clean all types of debris and dust with this auto interior cleaner without any trace.

: Gadget Cleaning At Its Best

Slime cleaning gel can be used to clean offices, homes, smartphones, printer, keyboard, furniture, video camcorder devices, and much more. But the primary condition is, the surface or surface you are going to clean must be water-resistant - otherwise your items might become damaged.

: WILLED Multi-Colour RGB Interior Car Light

You can make your car look enchanting by changing the brightness, colours and music mode. A controller manages these LED car lights, or you can also use the App for that purpose.
These are also known as multi-colour RGB car interior lights with 24 different tones and 480 different colours to select, so you have the authority to customise your car in your own way.

: WILLED Interior Car Lights APP Multi Colour

Purple Interior Car Light Colours

£19   WILLED Interior Car Lights Multi Colour - Get It!  

: LED Lights Alter Colour Via Music

According to the tune, 'music syncs' with these car lights by a built-in microphone and changes their speed and colours. It not only changes colour with music but also with your own voice. The installation of these LED lights is effortless, just plug it into your USB port and enjoy it.

: Beautiful Interior Car LED Lighting

You can also use strip lights on your car for a more aesthetic look. These interior cars LED lights are IP65 waterproof, provide short circuit protection, do not overheat, and are very safe and easy to use. You can have a free replacement option if you find any issue within 12 months.

: WolfBox 12 Mirror Dash Cam G-Sensor

A mirror dash cam can be extremely helpful to improve and make your driving experience safer and better. It is upgraded from the latest rearview mirror cameras to minimise blind spots and ultra-wide view for safer driving. You can see the dual-lens display all at once with its smart screen split feature.

: OEM Function For Car Mirror

This latest dashcam comes with a 2.5D curved screen to make your sight suitably smoother for the human eye retina's curvature. It has OEM function that perfectly integrates with car mirrors.

: Enhanced Night Vision Dashboard Camera

During the day time, it reduces the reflection and glare with its low reflective LCD. On the other hand, night vision is enhanced in the night with its 6 layer glass lens. This is why you can easily see the small words and numbers on plates with this superior dashcam.

: Wolfbox Mirror Dash Front And Rear Camera

Black Mirror Dash Front Rear Camera

£111   Wolfbox Mirror Dash Front Rear Camera - Get It!  

: Lane Departure And Time-Lapse

Its smarter functions include reversing aid system, streaming media rearview, safer driving, GPS function, collision, boot recording, parking monitoring, G-Sensor, lane departure warning system, adjustable display view angle, loop recording and time-lapse video functionality.

: Connecting Charger To USB Slot

The installation of this mirror dash cam is straightforward, and you can also include an SD in it. You can use it by just plugging in. For the installation, you need to attach the dashcam to your rearview camera and connect its charger to the USB port in your automobile.

Unique Gifts For Car Lovers | Superbly Fun Or Functional

: IPS Responsive Screen Interface

Pleasingly the interface of this device is user-friendly and easy to use. The car dash cam with parking mode has an IPS responsive screen that can be used by swiping your fingers. Even when it is on energy-saving mode, it can be used as a simple rearview mirror gadget.

: DS Gift Idea For Car Shape 3D Night Light

This gadget is the combination of the 3D effect night light and LED illusions with high technological functioning. The inclusion of the laser cut USB in the device makes it somewhat competitive with the other power sources such as laptops and PCs.

: Decor Light With LED Support Colours

This 3D lamp consists of LED bulbs that are long-lasting and light up your car with an outstanding performance. It can be used in all kinds of settings for decor light with acrylic LEDs that support sunlight colour. This car-shaped light for bedroom is generally used for a bedside drawer, or you can also use it to light up your mirror etc.

: DS Gifts Car Shaped 3D Night Light

Car Shaped 3D Night Light

£15   DS Car Shaped 3D Night Light - Get It!  

: Adorable Brightly Lit Classy Car

For a child's room, a car like a figure is the best approach for lighting decor. Your child would love to have his/her bed designed like an adorable toy car. Even for shady offices, the 3D effect light can also be utilised to brighten any desks with its sunlight illusions.

: 3D Illusory Light Desk Lamp

If you love vintage cars or know someone that does, then show your creativity with this 3D illusion night lamp and turn the desk into a vintage ride. You will be astonished to see the transformation of the place with these 3D illusion lights. The desk lamp has 3D effects lights specially designed to make your space just like a vintage car.

: Qiaodi Auto Seat Covers For Car Gift Set

These car seat covers are perfect for five seated cars because they are made of breathable non-woven, rebound, and wear-resistant backing sponge. The leather front auto car seat covers are smooth and comforting with an antibacterial texture. It is made of materials that make the installation fast and easy.

: Qiaodi Leather Front Car Seat Covers

Black Leather Car Seat Covers

£99   Qiaodi Leather Car Covers - Get It!  

: Several Extras Are Included

Covers are adjusted according to the seats and size of the car because it is retractable. It won't be easy to slide on and 'perfectly fits' the seat cushions, yet it is available in four colours with two versions.

The standard version of these seat covers comes with minimal features while the deluxe edition contains two extra lumbar support and headrests for more comfort - you can always find one that you love.