Personal And Home Alcohol Breath Test Equipment

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Updated 21/05/2020:
The alcohol testing kits will rapidly inform of your degree of inebriation (if any). These home and workplace personal breathalyzer equipment alert when you're close to or over the UK limit, which means the accurate tools will determine if you are OK to drive a car, or otherwise.

: BACtrack Alcohol Breath Test Mini Keychain

Alcohol Breath Test On Steel Keychain

£34   BACtrack Alcohol Breath Test Mini - Get It!  

: VTIN Alcohol Testing Kit Foldable Rechargeable

Alcohol Testing Kit With Plastic Mouth Pieces

£26   VTIN Alcohol Testing Kit - Get It!  

: BACtrack Professional Alcohol Breath Analyser

Black Alcohol Breath Analyser With Pint Of Lager

£149   BACtrack Pro Alcohol Breath Analyser - Get It!  

: AnvFlik Breath Test Kit With 5 Mouthpieces

Breath Test Kit With Red Digit LCD

£15   AnvFlik LCD Breath Test Kit - Get It!  

: VicTsing Police Breath Alcohol Tester

This is the professionally designed police electronic alcohol breath tester. It's a top quality devices with high accuracy and reliability, plus it can react in around 5 seconds. Simple to use, lightweight and there is a free bag for it, making it convenient to carry.

Digital Police Breath Alcohol Tester With Blue Screen

The mouth pieces are in the rear of the tester, make sure you open up the rear cover to discover all of them. Superior flat surfaced alcohol detector with a substantial level of sensitivity. Reduced power usage and auto power-off. Fast detection outcomes and speedy reaction times.
[Rating: 9/10]   £14   Get It → VicTsing Police Alcohol Tester

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: AlcoDigital Breathalyser Electronic Display

This particular AlcoDigital breathalyser is a streamlined, precise and easy to utilise unit offering consumer calibration and 4 digit crystal clear, easily readable display. Individually confirmed, the 7000 has passed and bears approvals from the US Department of Transportation and has CE, RoHS accreditation.

AlcoDigital AL 7000 Breathalyser In Grey Finish

Absolutely none of these kinds of approval solutions are present inside the United Kingdom for non-police breathalysers, therefore low quality, less expensive products are frequently passed off as 'great quality'. Exchangeable sensor product, the AL-7000 offers you a sophisticated, precise and practical breath screening.
[Rating: 9/10]   £62   Get It → AlcoDigital AL7000 Breathalyser

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: ProFuel AlcoSense Home Breathalyzer Test

A top rank home breathalyzer test edition that generates dependable and precise interpretations, which could turn out invaluable. This impressive breathalyzer is one of the most reliable in elaborated consequences, in possible breath alcohol stages, and precise using a (do not drive) alerting system.

It alerts whenever more or less, or perhaps in excess of your selected limitation and approximated time period until sober using the non-compulsory alarm system to examine later on. 1.8 inch maximum colour TFT display screen including a back-lit blowing pipe inclusive.

Home Breathalyzer Test Using Slide Open Up

You will find a receptor for straightforward deployment in low illumination, plus USB power slot for revisions and advances. It delivers with 5 mouth components and is operated by 3 x AAA batteries incorporated in the container.

It comes with a battery power life-span of approximately 400 examinations, or 1 year in stand-by. Sector heading measuring time period of 12 months that prompts you to fine-tune the following 11 months, also small-scale case construction.
[Rating: 9/10]   £149   Get It → AlcoSense Home Breathalyzer Test

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: AlcoSAFE One-Touch Precise Breathalyzer

This 'professional breathalyser' is an efficient, exclusive accessory for the prime breathalyser industry, showcasing an easy-read Tri colour (Traffic Light Procedure) that permits you to understand when you're risk-free, close, or over the alcohol driving restriction.

One-Touch Breathalyzer In Dark Exterior

You cannot get it wrong with red, amber and green illuminations that compliment virtually any breath reading, viewable together with a clear electronic readout on a no-nonsense, easy to read display screen.

It functions innovative technologies to guarantee a precise consequence each and every time. Comes with a straightforward, 1-touch selection management.
[Rating: 9/10]   £79   Get It → AlcoSAFE KX6 Breathalyzer

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: Oasser Clear LCD Alcohol Breath Tester

Quick final result alcohol breath tester with sensor elevated semi-conductor strategy that guarantees your alcohol level is determined in just seconds, to be certain it's risk-free to drive your car.

Following the last beverage, be sure to delay for quarter-hour and then ascertain your alcoholic beverage point. An intelligent alarm system that will establish you an alert by bleep acoustic, as well as converting the ambient illumination of the LCD display to become red whenever the outcome is higher compared to BAC criteria etc.

LCD Alcohol Breath Tester With Blue Screen

Effortless to deploy with 1 button where it's possible to additionally use with alternate devices. It can effortlessly automatic power stop in 3 minutes whenever there is no usage. Straightforward to take anywhere you like as it possesses small sized dimensions.

It delivers with 4 mouth components for you to interchange, plus battery powered by 3 AAA type which are incorporated.
[Rating: 9/10]   £22   Get It → Oasser Alcohol Breath Tester

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Alcohol Breath Test Kits That Provide Fast Accurate Results

: eLifeStore Blood Alcohol Breathalyser

This breathalyzer is a beneficial and personalised gadget which can help you, or perhaps somebody you are with make a good choice with regards to alcohol and driving.

This particular alcohol consumption sensor calculates your own blood alcohol consumption degree using a breath test whenever you 'have to know' if you are safe to get behind the wheel.

Digital Blood Alcohol Breathalyser On Key Ring

Counts your 'blood alcohol content' and a complete examination requires under ten seconds. Superior semi-conductor gasoline detector systems with high level of sensitivity used. User friendly and straightforward to read device with perceptible warning. Operated by 2 x AAA batteries, not provided.
[Rating: 8/10]   £5   Get It → eLifeStore Alcohol Breathalyser

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: AlcoSense Portable Breath Alcohol Tester

Fact: associated drink drive prosecutions occur the following morning. AlcoSense SE is user-friendly and uncomplicated. It continues to be created to be relatively easy to use.

To execute a breath examination, all you should do is switch the system on, watch for it to count right down to absolute zero, after which blow in until it 'beeps' - whilst keeping the 'blow key' straight down.

AlcoSense Digital Breath Alcohol Tester In Grey And Blue

Displaying clear and understandable outcomes, the AlcoSense SE exhibits your degree of inebriation in percent BAC (simply percent of blood/alcohol content) and demonstrates your reading in batches of 0.1.

The 0.8 restriction model for UK English and Welsh edition is acceptable to be used in England, Wales and Scotland because it shows your own alcohol consumption level in numbers as 0.3 percent BAC.
[Rating: 9/10]   £44   Get It → AlcoSense Digital Alcohol Tester

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: Aoxin Personal Breathalyzer Battery

This LCD personal breathalyzer is configured to approximate blood/alcohol capacity (BAC) with dependable, precise consequences which you are able to rely. It's a reasonably priced and easy to operate strategy to examine wherever you decide to go, facilitating you to make intelligent conclusions.

With the elevated semi-conductor sensor device, the breathalyzer offers your expert precision. Detecting of the blood alcohol meter supplies you a professed examination spectrum.

Compact LCD Personal Breathalyzer With Sensor

Amicable construction, it is just right for uses that require exact outcomes, however when the examination consequences are contributed, it is going to transmit alarm system indicators to assist.

Transportable and easy to operate by 3 AAA batteries, it's small sized and mobile therefore you will be able to take it anyplace and guarantee secure driving with the high accuracy semi-conductor sensing element.
[Rating: 9/10]   £24   Get It → Aoxin Personal Breathalyzer

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: Datech Portable Breathalyzer Test

Dependable portable breathalyzer test for individualised and expert use with exceedingly high reliability rate. It's the ideal alternative for anybody, from people and business organisations to white-collar groups.

It can be expended in hospitals, school houses - as a consequence several other commercial disciplines. It appraises B.A.C inside the individual breath through an accurate sensor device.

Portable Fuel Cell Breathalyzer Test With Black Exterior

It's highly robust and offers precise breath alcohol consequences. It generates not exclusively high precision, however additional dependability and equilibrium across any extended time period.

The farsighted term constancy of the sensing element entails it's possible to reckon on exact outcomes. The examiner recollects as much as 10 examination final results with the calculation time period. It delivers with 6 mouth components, a battery as well as a carry case.
[Rating: 9/10]   £83   Get It → Datech Portable Breathalyzer

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Self examine portable breathalyzer test gadgets that split thoughts and opinions. Many consider they motivate motorists to consume as far as possible, whilst remaining just inside restriction, as opposed to other individuals who see them as a protection system that ensures you do not drive if your reading is high.