DAB Radios For Car With Bluetooth For Diverse Music Taste

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Updated 15/08/2020:
Using our best DAB Bluetooth car radios, you can experience crystal clear sounding DAB+ radio stations inside your car. Your preferred channels with a Bluetooth DAB car radio imply tuners eradicate signal noise and ensure clear sound.

Why Switch To A DAB Car Radio?
Digital radio is a progressively common item of regular equipment in vehicles. Digital car radios, or perhaps DAB audio as its frequently regarded, gives many positive aspects over classic analogue FM, so even car makers are exchanging basic radios with DAB versions.

: FirstE Car DAB/DAB+ Radio Stereo Bluetooth

Black DAB/DAB+ Radio Stereo Plugged In

£35   FirstE Car DAB/DAB+ Radio Stereo - Get It!  

: XOMAX DAB In Car Music Bluetooth Hands-Free

DAB In Car Music Radio With Black Display

£57   XOMAX DAB In Car Music Bluetooth - Get It!  

: Sony DAB Radio Car Music Hands-Free Calling

DAB Radio Car Music With Big Dial

£99   Sony DAB Radio Car Hands-Free - Get It!  

: Blaupunkt DAB Car Radio Bluetooth Handsfree

DAB Car Radio With Black Push Buttons

£399   Blaupunkt DAB Car Radio Bluetooth - Get It!  

Bosszi DAB Bluetooth Car Radio Hands Free

DAB Bluetooth Car Radio With Blue Back Light

£55   Bosszi DAB Bluetooth Car Radio - Get It!  

JVC DAB Bluetooth Car Stereo Android iOS


  • Remote Via Smartphone
  • Vario Colour Illumination


  • None..

DAB Bluetooth Car Stereo In All Black

£99   JVC Bluetooth Car Stereo Android iOS - Get It!  

: Pioneer DAB+ Car Stereo iPhone, Android

This vehicle DAB+ stereo system enables you to appreciate perfect audio, powered by 4 x 50 Watts of MOSFET energy. Obtain much more power by linking an additional amp or a sub-woofer on the 2 RCA pre outs. You can even enjoy illumination effects in line with the beat and disposition of every tune.

DAB+ Car Stereo With Blue Dial


  • Play All Your CD's
  • Touch Screen Controls


  • None.

Tune in to the incorporated DAB+ tuner and acquire really clear reception to a large number of digital R/C. With automatic DAB tuning transmission disruptions are decreased as low as possible. The time shift functionality lets you go back, stop and continue the tunes as you please.
[Rating: 9/10]   £109   Get It → Pioneer DAB+ Car Stereo

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Bluetooth And DAB Advantage

DAB is known as Digital Audio Broadcasting and as the term advises, is a means of transmitting radio electronically instead of analogue transmission. The digital radio with Bluetooth and DAB present several rewards over old fashioned FM radios.

Wide Choice Of Music Channels

The most significant benefits of DAB Bluetooth car stereo is a better choice of channels. Its better than FM radio with regards to performance, meaning audio receivers can transmit additional stations. In this way, more choice is available whenever moving through channels on the car radio.

Car Radios With DAB And Sat-Nav

Where DAB transmission is most complete, you can frequently get much more than 'double the quantity' of car radio stations with a DAB radio in comparison to FM. DAB is simpler to implement and generally DAB/DAB+ car radios with Bluetooth and sat-nav are recommended etc.

Keep/Save Favourite Channel Presets

Radios help you keep channels in presets and then transition between them without needing to retune the radio, but you cannot save thousands. Using a DAB radio, swapping to a different station is usually with a single push of a key - all in differing levels of reception superiority.

Will DAB Offer Enhanced Sound Quality?

Touch screen car stereos with DAB radio offers the probability to provide it's audience greater sound quality as opposed to other radio. The more significant the bit rate, the acoustics level of a variety of channels is reduced, allowing additional channels to be covered at the same time.

Weak DAB Transmission Issues

Poor sound quality may very well be most apparent in cars with higher quality stereo solutions that are adequate enough to reveal the disadvantages of weak DAB transmissions, nevertheless for most, this simply might not be a concern.

: Kenwood CD USB DAB+ In Car Radio AUX Bluetooth

Kenwood's completely new in-car CD plus iPod management system currently incorporates state-of-the-art radio DAB+. Utilising the most recent electronic chip set, it indicates for initially hearing digital radio on the go is free from frustrating breaks or deformation.

Car Radio In Black With Red Light


  • Face Plate Safe Storage
  • Detachable Car Receiver


  • None.

The optionally available 'DAB antenna' is needed with this merchandise. This is an individually distinct window film aerial, preventing the necessity to bore an opening in the cars body - as formerly needed with less delicate devices. Intelligent, modern technology transitions easily from DAB to FM.
[Rating: 9/10]   £129   Get It → Kenwood CD DAB+ In Car Radio

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: Pioneer DE DAB+ Receiver CD Mp3 Tuner

Get genuinely connected with the vehicle DAB music system. It offers a superior direct power over your iPod, Apple iPhone and Android mobile phone for tunes play-back, plus more. Furthermore, it is possible to link an array of electronic resources to the front side Aux-In, or to the back USB slot.

DAB+ Receiver Tuner In Black Finish


  • Non-Stop Mix Library
  • DJ Inspired Illumination


  • None..

Added to that, it lets you listen to tunes from a compact disc, stream wirelessly over Bluetooth and tune in to popular DAB+ digital radio stations. Whatever you decide to choose, the stereo's built-in amps provide superior audio power at 4 x 50W MOSFET.
[Rating: 9/10]   £93   Get It → Pioneer DAB+ Receiver Tuner

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: Kenwood DNX Radio DAB+ WVGA Nav Bluetooth

The multi-media receiver consists of 7 inches touch management display screen with Garmin European direction finding, DAB radio, Wireless Bluetooth hands-free phoning, SD card, iPod plus iPhone direct commands and DVD CD play-back functionality.

Radio DAB+ With Black Frame


  • Music Easy Pairing
  • 13 Band Equalizer


  • None

All this functionality is controlled with a simple to use 6 inches touch screen display. HDMI MHL input allows mirroring of your Google Android or Apple gadgets display. This implies play-back of applications, for example BBC iPlayer and so forth. Additional functions are USB for safe-keeping or iPhone association.
[Rating: 9/10]   £379   Get It → Kenwood DNX Radio DAB+

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DAB Coverage In The United Kingdom

DAB coverage continues to be fantastic in the United Kingdom. Still, there is lots of proof from DAB radio end-users to advise its not at all times conceivable to receive any DAB transmission, specifically in more distant destinations and outside of sizeable towns.

Super Channel Preference And Variety

Along with very much improved upon sound quality in terms of both tracks and the verbal name, DAB radios provide much more concerning channel personal preference and variety. Various DAB radios have arranged stations that are a little bit like the stations on the Television.

In-Car DAB Bluetooth Car Stereos With Music Stations

You don't have to invest time moving through different frequencies to access your beloved channel - simply scan if you want to obtain new stations and they'll set-up instantly. Picking out channels is a lot simpler to hear stations from everywhere over the UK.

New Stations Can Set-Up Instantly

Any good radio and CD player DAB system in your DIN head unit likewise supplies additional visible details like track/song name as well as the musician performing.

: Pure Highway DAB Bluetooth Car Radio With CD

This first-class digital FM AM DAB Bluetooth car radio using Wireless brings you virtually every thing you require at the contact of a push button, like great tunes, open hearted discussions from associates and even details of your nearest services etc. An impressive device that works superbly using your iPod or iPhone as well.

AUX DAB Bluetooth Car Radio With Round Dial In Black


  • Clear DAB Quality
  • 3 Years Warranty


  • None..

It comes with Bluetooth streaming functionality, in addition hands free telephoning with 'exterior microphone' using the iPod iPhone - along with USB power connectivity using maximum tracks command and charging up features. Agreeable with compact disc, MP3 USB power replay including book-marking, and perfect for hearing your music.
[Rating: 9/10]   £59   Get It → Pure DAB Bluetooth Car Radio

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: Kenwood DAB+ Car Radio Receiver iPod

The car CD iPod handling product consists of innovative DAB+, making use of the most recent electronic chip set indicates hearing electronic radio stations on the road is free of aggravating breaks and distortions.

Built-In DAB+ Car Radio With Blue Text

This device includes a DAB antenna, that is a discrete window film antenna staying away from the necessity to drill a hole in the car - as formerly expected with significantly less receptive receivers. Adjustable colour lighting signifies that complementing your cars dash panel colour is practically guaranteed.
[Rating: 9/10]   £139   Get It → Kenwood DPX DAB+ Car Radio

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: Pioneer 7 Inch DVD Media Player DAB+

Appreciate your own preferred films and DAB+ tunes from a big 7 inch touch-screen display and connect to an appropriate Apple iPhone or Android mobile phone.

All employing an individual USB wire to manage appropriate use out of your dash panel in a hassle-free and secure approach.

DAB+ Tuner With APPS on Screen


  • Selectable Screen Modes
  • Auto EQ Microphone


  • None..

The AVH performs your audio video content material coming from compact discs, DVD's and USB gadgets. Additionally, it includes a DAB+ receiver, so you are able to tune in to your preferred radio stations in digital audio quality - devoid of distortion.
[Rating: 9/10]   £558   Get It → Pioneer AVH DAB+ Tuner

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: Blaupunkt Car CD Player With Bluetooth

A 5 star car CD player with Bluetooth and hands-free phone call features, however due to Wireless working, the integral microphone along with the surviving automobile audio speaker comes with an aerial connector.

Since it's possible to sync the mobile telephone book with adequate to 1000 submissions, you'll forever determine straightaway on the screen who's phoning.

Car CD Player With Bluetooth And Black Round Dials


  • CD, USB And Bluetooth
  • DAB Window Antenna


  • None.

The high spot for all individuals who now and then never prefer to hear to any tracks when motoring telephone calls may be recognised even whenever it's turned off entirely. Once there's an inbound call, it instantly turns on automatically and the telephone call can be acknowledged in the customary style.

As soon as the phone call is completed, the gadget instantly comes back to sleeping modality - unless the following telephone call occurs. It can accommodate to even the most unfavourable set-up situations adopting the extra microphone connectivity on the back of the gadget.
[Rating: 9/10]   £109   Get It → Blaupunkt Car CD Player Bluetooth

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The car audio systems with DAB Bluetooth and elementary to high specification multi-line display versions - which include hands-free and streaming technologies.

These DAB+ car CD players get more channels per system simultaneously, leading to instant switching in between radio stations. Numerous consist of touch screen display and Wireless Bluetooth.