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Updated 18/03/2020:
Our 10 best double DIN head units configured for those who require the best of their stereo system. Maintain mobiles charged up when enjoying multi media using the USB power port plus smartphone connectivity. Use hands-free Bluetooth function for tracks or phone calls via Wireless.

: Sony 2-DIN Car Head Unit 6.2 Inch Bluetooth

2-DIN Car Head Unit With Phone

£217   Sony 2-DIN Car Head Unit Bluetooth - Get It!  

: JOYX Double DIN Car Android Auto Head Unit

Double Din Car Head Unit With Black Border

£199   JOYX Double DIN Car Head Unit - Get It!  

: Kenwood Double DIN DAB+ Head Unit Radio

Double Head Unit Radio With iPod Connect

£238   Kenwood Double DIN Head Unit Radio - Get It!  

: XTRONS Bluetooth Double Din Car Head Unit

Super efficient 2 din head unit operated by the smarter, quicker and much more effective OS Google Oreo so you are in for the easiest user experience on this head product. Using the on-board OctaCore processor chip and it is 32 GB ROM memory space, the system accomplishes very fast operating velocities.


  • Several Stations Pre-Programmed
  • Assists GPS Plus 4G WiFi And USB


  • No Cons Here!

The head unit includes a smooth and productive multi-task running capability, fulfilling perhaps the majority of technology knowledgeable end users. It incorporates a receptive and instinctive graphical user interface that's certainly straightforward to understand and tremendously easy to customise.

Bluetooth Double Din With Black NAV Screen

£145   XTRONS Double Din Car Head Unit - Get It!  

: EinCar Double DIN Head Unit In-Car Stereo

Double din head unit with the most current enhanced Windows technology, a 7 inch vehicle video recording player in dashboard car computer HD display screen.

Endorses 'HD TFT' touch display screen, which is more sensitive and additionally swift. Vehicle compact disc, VCD DVD undivided video formatting incorporated.

In-Dash Full HD Double DIN Head Unit With Remote


  • Hands Free Calling And Music Fun
  • Car CD, VCD, DVD And Full Video
  • 7 Inch Display GPS Sat Navigation


  • Issues With Radio, Now Sorted
  • Windows 8 System

Sub-woofer yield including adaptable frequency command. Easy to utilise command interface, input sound/video and production sub-woofer auxiliary MP3 music, MP4, motorcar tuner remote device control, USB power, SD card port. Head tool analog, iPhone Wireless Bluetooth for hands free phoning.
[Rating: 9/10]   £122   Get It → EinCar Double DIN Head Unit

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: Pumpkin Quad Core 2 DIN Car Stereo

7 inch 2 din car stereo with 1024 x 600 Android phone + operation mechanics, Cortex QUAD core system 1.6GHz, max 16GB NAND memory, a great deal quicker compared to dual core. Supports GPS piloting minus mapping card, SD, USB power support and integrated Wireless Bluetooth for hands free.

Mirror-Link Quad Core 2 DIN Car Stereo With Colour Icons


  • Integral Exterior Mic For Handsfree
  • Mirror Link Including Air-Play And GPS
  • Real Time Update And Codes From Car


  • None

DAB+ digital radio receiver where an additional DAB+ box is demanded. OBD2 extra mechanism involved, Wireless integral WIFI modem, 3G surplus unit expected, DVR extra gadget compelled. Supports vehicle models worldwide ISO lead.
[Rating: 9/10]   £169   Get It → Pumpkin Quad Core 2 DIN

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: NVGOTEV Double Din Head Unit GPS

Double din head unit with GPS that functions as if an Android mobile phone, however with much more characteristics. By the integrated Wireless chip, it will hook-up to iPhone or even Android mobile hot spot, enabling you web entry, or perhaps smartphone App downloads.

You can download virtually any GPS navigation software package you enjoy, for example Google maps, (Waze) plus extra through it's high powered hardware where it can easily function all Global Positioning System map apps.

Double Din Head Unit With App Buttons

This 2 din car stereo device can additionally support as much as 70 countries spoken language in the operating system. It's iPad computer corresponding but simply a no button concept, just pure simple touch option screen of 7 inch High Definition including a 5 point multi touch function.


  • Dual Function And Bluetooth Tunes
  • WiFi Integration Hot Spot Smartphone


  • We Love It!

Supports three-D game play and 1080P replete HD film playing. It can effortlessly mirror connect using your Android phone, other mobile phone or iPhone Air-Play etc. It delivers with Wireless Bluetooth for hands free telephone calls and come with a cost free comprehensive number-plate holder, night time visual modality recording camera.
[Rating: 9/10]   £169   Get It → NVGOTEV Double Din Head Unit

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: Atoto Double DIN Stereo Bluetooth Quad

Worldwide double din stereo Bluetooth device accommodates for the majority of cars with regular ISO 2 DIN, or perhaps acquiring a double DIN set-up dashboard bundle designated for your car.

Formulated grounded on Android phone 4.4 edition and accompanying numerous functions such as vehicle wireless tuners and video disc receiving system etc.

6.2 Inch Double DIN Stereo Bluetooth With Smartphone

Wireless Bluetooth hands free and optimised operating system allows Android technology to execute better within the vehicle, notwithstanding it's created for PDA. End users may set-up several accommodating Android phone Apps to better their drive encounter and append enjoyment in in the motorcar.
[Rating: 9/10]   £299   Get It → Atoto Double DIN Bluetooth

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: JVC Double DIN Touch Screen Car Stereo

GPS zone functionality double din touch screen car stereo with steering wheel control and integrated amplifier. 4 channel sub-woofer, sub-woofer 2 sound production, surround stereo system plus audio equaliser.

Integrated liquid crystal display time clock display functionality with auto-memory. Wireless Bluetooth and integrated microphone.

Car Stereo With Black Exterior

Supports Wireless Bluetooth MP3 music player feature, but may only be actualised whenever the smart phone supports audio frequency yield. Supports Bluetooth edition 2.0 or higher smart-phone connectivity. Can endorse soft drive, for example USB power flash drive etc.
[Rating: 9/10]   £99   Get It → JVC Double DIN Car Stereo

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Best Double DIN Head Unit Sat-Nav For Any Trip

: OCDAY Double DIN CD Player Stereo

The display screen of this double DIN CD player is 6.2 inches LCD with a mobile phone comparable capacitive touch display and top quality WVGA resolution 1080p HD.

Associate your particular MHL enabled gadget and deploy mobile phone features + Apps in real time. Answer telephone calls, read and pilot expending your phone GPS easily.

Multi-Colour Double DIN CD Player Stereo With Car On Screen


  • Mirror Phone HDMI MHL Included
  • Multi Coloured LED Light Options
  • Reasonable Price


  • Maps From EU And UK Only

Establish hands free telephone calls and wirelessly stream tracks from your mobile phone, along with additional Wireless Bluetooth operated gadgets. Receive as well as present supplemental data via broadcasters, for example channel name as well as music genre, road information and more.
[Rating: 9/10]   £89   Get It → OCDAY Double DIN CD

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: Pioneer 2 DIN Car Multi-Colour Screen

This particular automotive 2 din car audio unit is projected to play tracks stored on your particular mobile gadget. The front end instrument panel with lit-up power as well as AUX afford your iPod, iPhone, Android mobile phone, or USB orchestrated connectivity to the vehicle audio speakers.

DJ Type Bluetooth 2 DIN Car Audio With Big Front Dial

It's possible to play your most recent music from a compact disc or tune in to your favoured radio channels. It allows you to delight in your music at 4 x 50W of consummate, established MOSFET ability.

You are able to forever deploy the 2 RCA pre-out's to assemble a different stereo system element, just like a sub-woofer.
[Rating: 9/10]   £124   Get It → Pioneer 2 DIN Car Audio

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: KKmoon 2-DIN Bluetooth Car Stereo TFT

A 2-DIN Wireless Bluetooth car stereo including 7 inch big touch display as well as attractive UI conception. This particular multi-media system music player is the finest gadget for your vehicle entertainment, congenial with all automobiles.

TFT 2-DIN Bluetooth Car Stereo Showing Media Player

TFT coloured display screen panel and multi-media system double 2 din including direct touch command and high performance. Integrated FM AM radio receiver tuner is RDS endorsed. Effortless as well as accessible in operation, plus it includes a USB power interface.
[Rating: 9/10]   £77   Get It → KKmoon 2-DIN Bluetooth Car Stereo

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: Panlelo Double Din Car Stereo MP3

A double din car stereo system digital tuner and monitor will keep channels instantly. Digital tuning with 3 bands including power-off auto-memory save functionality under radio receiver or SD MMC USB power setting.

Hands Free Double Din Car Stereo MP5 MP3 With Broad Border


  • Digital Tune With More Than 3 Bands
  • Multi Purpose IR Remote System
  • Direct Input Reversing Perspective


  • Not Really!

DSP sound command and multi purpose infra-red remote device inside of 10 metres range. AUX input, unidirectional AV input and assistance reverse perspective. Surf pictures when hearing tracks, mute controller, 7 inch LCD touch display screen.
[Rating: 9/10]   £139   Get It → Panlelo Double Din Car Stereo

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A variety of double DIN head unit reviews. They are all top quality, offering superb usability. Including the expanded size, it's possible to acquire much more features.

Several devices directly incorporate touch display, APP radio receiver modality, display mirroring plus iPod and iPhone management. Excellent radio characteristics such as Wireless Bluetooth, (DAB), AUX plus.