10 Reasonably Priced Light Weight Mountain Bikes

Updated 30/06/2020:
Picking out an excellent lightweight mountain bike with suspension under £300 may seem like a painstaking call, but you will root out several with excellent systems, a few with distinct wheel dimensions and frame components, so your options appear to understand no closure here.

Typical front suspension mountain bikes come under one determinate marker just like street cycles, the kind and intent behind every bicycle can be diverse. In contrast to road, or even hybrid e bikes that are almost all ridden on the streets and do not modify form factor.

: NENGGE Full Suspension Carbon Steel MTB

Mountain Bike With Carbon Steel Frame

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: FloweWorld Lightweight Foldable Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike With Black Frame

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Novokart Mountain Bike With Shimano Gears

Mountain Bike In Black And Orange

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Several bikes include ample suspension front side and rear to address challenging tracks, but others have no suspension system whatsoever to be more rigid, lighter in weight and quicker on smooth paths. Some possess reserved suspension so that they can find the appropriate equilibrium among velocity and comfort.

Varieties Of Mountain Bikes Available

There are new variants of double suspension bikes, for example fat bikes dealing with fine sand, gravel and winter conditions. Every single bike may have varying head tube perspectives according to whether their particular emphasis revolves around controlling or steadiness.

: Flying Light 24 Speed Mountain Bike Shimano

24 Speed Mountain Bike With White Frame

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Dual And Full Suspension System

Cycles with a high head tube up to 70 degrees or so perspective offer considerably more reactive management - and are thought to climb substantially better, while a slacker can provide additional equilibrium at max speed.

Like the name has revealed, dual suspension systems or perhaps full suspension mountain bicycles possess a shock breaker in the front as well as the back of the bike. The suspension springs permit (travel) which is mountain bike lingo for the quantity of suspension system motion obtainable. Any suspension assists to draw in effect from the tracks, minimising the impact on the cyclist, enhancing grip and user comfort.

Gesix Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike In Black

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The suspension assists in keeping the wheels on the floor for footing, consequently, the harder the path, the greater suspension system requested. Ordinarily, travel will vary from 80 millimetres to around 200 mm front side plus back concerning the supposed intent behind the bicycle.

All downhill bikes by way of example are designed to go straight down sharp specialised tracks as quickly as possible, and so perform considerable amounts of travel to offer extra grip. By the opposite side, cross-country cycles have to be lightweight and successful to pedal, therefore will frequently attribute somewhere around 100 mm of travel quantity.

Qinyup Shimano Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike With Yellow Frame

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Various bike systems enable riders to lock the suspension, which usually successfully makes the shock sedentary, as a result lowering motion and making the bicycle more rigid, which can be considerably better for rising back up to the highest of the mountain or just for cycling on the street - see our womens mountain bike selections.

Front And Rear - Spring And Coil Types

The front suspension strategy is situated in the forks and is relatively straightforward compared to the back suspension supplied in various applications. Suspension for the fork is made available from a spring and coil, which turns open following pressure from striking a barrier on the trek.

The spring may be possibly air, coils or perhaps both equally. Air suspension springs are lighter and extremely flexible employing a shock pump system. Coils are being used on less expensive bicycles and also attribute on all downhill or perhaps gravity cycles.

ZTY Bike Tektro Brake And Suspension


  • Pro-Wheel Crank
  • Mud Guard With Kick Stand


  • None..

Mountain Bike With Black Steel Frame

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Created from mild steel, alloy or titanium, the coils are incredibly long lasting, offering a considerably more reactive experience as opposed to air springs on account of an absence of comfortable seal components.

Back suspension models come in various characteristics, but almost all make an effort to accomplish comparable objects, which is to separate the braking system and pedalling factors from your suspension behaviour.

The 4 bar strategy is arguably the most common and incorporates a chain-stay pivot, one at the rear of the underside bracket, as well as a pivot over the seat stay which can be attached to a shock.

The faux strategy is nearly the same as the four-bar with pivots around the seat stay zones. A variant on this is the Virtual Pivot Point or VPP and the DW Link, which usually the two make use of double links to separate the back. A split pivot contains a rear dropout positioned in line with a back wheel axle, and it's practically similar to the Active Braking Pivot ABP etc.

Pivot MTB Suspension System

An individual pivot suspension is considered the most straightforward alternative featuring its swing arm and the one primary pivot based over and in front of the underside mount. Most of these solutions include pluses and minuses and is occasionally established by the maker as to which structure you'll receive.

Distinct mountain bicycle wheel dimensions present definite pros and cons as proportions of 26 inch are the recognisable MTB wheel extent, which is stable, perky and speedy to increase the velocity, nevertheless, is considerably 'sluggish' moving through difficult surfaces and any lightweight folding bike may be of some use here.

GHGJU 21 Speed Hardtail Mountain Bike


  • Disc Brakes Hydraulic
  • Carbon Steel Frame


  • None

Mountain Bike With Solid Frame

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The 26 inch are nowadays only available on bicycles designed for smaller sized cyclists - and also professional freestyle or gravity bicycles. 27-inch wheels are among the most wide-spread wheel specifications as it provides the proper equilibrium between quick rolling functionality and light controlling attributes.

We presume the speediest rolling wheel specifications over tough ground of 29 inches are perfect for hardtails, and they are well-liked by MTB racing enthusiasts.

They may be even less nimble compared to the various other wheel ranges. Small cyclists might find them a little bit awkward; therefore they are ideal for tall individuals. Several brands provide hardtails with 29-inch wheels in more significant magnitudes.

Fat Bikes Intended For Tough Surfaces

Fat bikes were created for travelling in snowing conditions, nevertheless are pleasing to journey on regular treks as well. The extremely high tyre range permits fat bikes to drift through harsh surfaces.

The ample rubber enhances the overall diameter of the wheel, which makes them quicker running over difficult areas, while likewise giving improved traction and drift. Be aware plus-size wheels cannot be applied to all standard MTB's as there is undoubtedly low tyre margin.

HXX Sport Lightweight Frame Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike With Black Pedals

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It's generally an issue of personal inclination as the saddles on most bikes are outstanding; nevertheless, it's essential the one you obtain accommodates you effectively - but everybody is slightly unique. The advisable thing is to give it a go. Remember that it takes many trips to get your physique accustomed to cycling.

Additionally, it is an outstanding thought to ride in biking pants, including a coating of cushioning in the crotch region to switch moisture content aside for ideal comfort.

Upon standard mountain bikes, you will find original pedals that are occasionally straightforward, flat, platform designs and at some point versions furnished with toe fasteners and bands. They are effectively sufficient and comfy for most general cycling.

Clip Free Pedals For Better Performance

Whenever you travel further or even more vigorously, clip free pedals will assist you to 'whirl the pedals' quicker - as well as set extra strength into your bicycling - which explains why on considerably better mountain bikes, cyclists choose those pedals. These kinds of pedals need bicycling shoes with cleats around the underside that fasten your feet whenever you put pressure on them supplying the best performance.

The concept of being locked into the pedals might seem hazardous, and it's as effortless to get your feet free from clip free pedals as it is getting located inside. Merely swing the heels aside to click out from the pedals and get the feet downward.

Novokart Country Mountain Bike Shimano Tourney


  • Tektro Mechanical Brake
  • Alloy Butted Tubing


  • None..

Light MTB With Light Blue Frame

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It requires a very little practice to grasp this action and getting out of the pedals, and we suggest training a lot standing up close to the bicycle before carrying out any significant cycling. When you have perfected the foot actions, we believe you will like the extra control and performance of pedals devoid of clips.

The exclusion of clip free pedals is if you're buying a dirt jumper and then consider performing plenty of tricks. Cyclists with this expertise are inclined to favour standard flat style pedals and regular shoes in the process.

Recognise that inside every bicycle design, and there are numerous models with huge variations. If you're buying a full-suspension MTB cycle, you will determine whether to choose one with short, moderate, or perhaps lengthy travel suspension system.

No matter if you choose lightness and ascending performance or maybe a sturdy frame and durable elements - then wheels to resist plenty of airtime period and tough landing action are perfect.

If you possibly could inform where and exactly how you intend to ride your brand-new bicycle, explain the critical variations and clarify why you may choose one above the several others. You wind up with many different mountain bicycles - but plenty of people accomplish this because they are all so exciting.

Mountain Bike Frame Components

Mountain bike frames lately are made of more than a few components. And then, you will find individuals that believe their own is the only approach to take. Nevertheless, avoid putting an excessive amount of investment in a single individual's judgment. All hardtail MTB frame components fluctuate, so we're self-confident you will find a bike you adore.

QU Mountain Bike With Front/Rear V Brakes

Mountain Bike With Orange Finish

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Many mountain bikes are aluminium designed, which is a tremendous resource for your needs. It generates excellent looking, inexpensive, reactive, lightweight and stable structures that will not corrode. You will discover diverse degrees of aluminium and various creation aluminium tubes, therefore, there are plenty of aluminium styles to select.

Lightweight Carbon And Titanium

Aluminium and steel alloy is typical bike frame components, but you can also get structures built of steel, carbon, as well as light titanium. From the three, steel alloy is among the most standard and least costly of materials. Producers still create steel structures since it keeps costs down while providing excellent attributes, realistic lightness and sturdiness.

Carbon and then titanium are expensive components, plus more challenging to build structures with; therefore they're available on higher priced bike versions. The carbon frames are occasionally referred to as composites since they are often composed of carbon tubes, aluminium pipes and unique components.

We recognise that carbon is, in reality, a textile that's soaked in adhesive and created straight to tube, which can be after that constructed into a frame. Frequently the carbon sheets are positioned in a mould and formulated into a mono system, which is effectively a single element frame.

YKMY All-Terrain 24/26 Inch High Carbon Steel MTB

26 Inch Mountain Bike In Blue

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Considering that carbon is a textile, it is possible to line in various techniques of the coating to improve the number of threads as well as incorporate several types of materials as well. All of these allow creators to substantially hone the full suspension jump bike frame to the user experience.

Types Of Cheap Mountain Bikes With Suspension And Light Frame

Cycling suspension significantly decreases the volume of hitting your physique, but if you are struggling from a rigid neck or perhaps sore back on trips, you'll be stunned by the improvement a suspension system creates. Bumps and jolts coming from huge hits are assimilated through shocks - and cannot throw your physique; therefore you finish trips calm and comfy.

Front Or Perhaps Full SUS Bikes

You will discover a few primary different kinds of good cheap mountain bikes with full suspension systems and those with front side suspension - referred to as hardtails, and the ones with front plus rear suspension known as full suspension. Add a Wireless cycle computer and you will never get lost on any mountain trek.

Determining which to buy is the bike planet's comparative of whether or not to acquire Android or iPhone OS system, although the full suspension is commonly the more preferred decision for the majority of cyclists.

Ride the entire mountain in your bicycle, but front-suspension mountain bicycles have been lighter in weight including a little bit more streamlined, which explains why hardtails manage the cross-country sporting landscape. Since loads have decreased and full sus bike performance has advanced, even professionals are taking out completely suspension bicycles for difficult modules.

Considering that front suspension bicycles possess only one shock, the frames are less complicated when compared to full-suspension versions, which implies they're lighter in weight and a little bit simpler to thoroughly clean and protect.

Additionally, virtually any pedalling performance dropped in the back suspension strategy is usually more than made up for in quicker 'downhill and flat' surface rates. You will also discover the back wheel staying with specialised climbs superior to the hardtail. And with these lightweight mountain bikes offering better suspension, you will have even more energy on lengthy trips.